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  1. Hi everyone, I think I have enough content to present to you my first mod in Arma : SCMS [Seenri Complex Modular Structures] which is still a w.i.p at the moment. What is it ? It's a series of 3D assets made to enhance some parts of already existing structures by adding "rooms" to it The goal is quite simple : make modular structures that you can adapt ingame to suit your needs. How it works ? For now it's only interior parts that will be accessible via a teleport because thoses assets have no entrance from the outside. Thoses 3D model are not suitable as is (what i mean by that is that you can't just place it everywhere on the map because it has no exterior walls) The idea is to put them on the edge of the map, LODs are configured so it disappear after a short distance (as it is only interior you don't need to see it from far away) So it should be kind of invisible (still strugling with lights at night) from the outside. What has been done and what should come next ? At the moment I have done interiors for the "liberty" class destroyer (it is suitable for any other big ship). It is composed of crew quarters with a small mess hall and a generic room (which I intended to be a briefing room, but it can fit other purposes). There is also several other objects such as shield doors for the two boats bay on sides of the liberty, and some screens placeholder to put an image in already existing screens of the liberty ship. I plan to add a headquarters and maybe a medical bay, then it should be finish for the ship and I will then add other set of interiors for different purposes. A friend of mine @Cheitan has made a mod that place SCMS ship structures with teleports and others assets on the liberty destroyer ( i'll put a link in this thread as soon as both are finish). Some screenshots : Ship structures : Teaser 😉 There is still loads of work to do, I'll try to update as soon as i can Feel free to comment or leave suggestions