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  1. Hey! How's it going. I wanted to see if anyone also is having troubles or have resolved a form to get backpacks rotated in Eden editor to stay as they are when the game launches? For example, I wanted to hang a backpack off a railing, the backpack once the game launches, drops to the floor as if it were dropped by a player. I've attempted to remove it's simulation, dynamic simulation, damage, showing it's model, and different combinations of each in an attempt to solve this. By any chance does someone have a fix to this or a script that can be used to paste into the init for the bag to keep it where it's at? Example photos at the Imgur link below. https://imgur.com/a/DJbB2r8 Thank you for your time! 😁
  2. Hey! I wanted to see if anyone knew if there was an issue surrounding the new Contact DLC (Platform) assets being marked as the entirety of Livonia? - For example, on my personal mission, I have an issue to where when I hop onto Hebontes and place down a single Contact DLC (Platform) asset, it locks the mission to any of my friends who don't currently own the DLC, kicking them out with the message saying the map took place on Livonia and it would auto kick them off. Was this meant to occur? Is it possibly something on my end? If it is meant to occur, does Bohemia Interactive plan to allow Contact DLC (Platform) assets to the greater Arma III community in the near future as they did with many of the Tanoa and Apex assets? Thank you for your time!