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Found 112 results

  1. I am very new to Modding on Steam and have just released my first scenario with Arma 3 only 2 weeks ago. Now I have worked tirelessly on this great campaign but I am haveing beginners troubles with getting my config file and my description file to work. I have scrounged the internet looking for every scrap of informaiton online to get my mod to do two simple functions. 1. Show My Custom Campaign under Campaigns in the Arma 3 menu. 2. To show my Overview.paa, Description, and not show my levels all at once. Currently I have only gotten them to work as scenarios but I have followed to the best of my knowledge the config and description.ext setups. Please anyone can you spare a few minutes to help me out with this? I would like to release the mod as a proper campaign. All the levels are finished and I already have a .pbo file. Here is my code in the config. /* Addon configuration */ class CfgPatches { // Directory under which all content contained in the PBO can be referenced ingame class Campaigns { // You can set up restrictions using these requirements units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] ={}; }; }; class CfgMissions { class Campaigns { // The campaign package class Campaigns { // Location of the campaign files. Note that it uses the defined directory in CfgPatches directory = "Campaigns\TCOE_MAIN\Campaign"; }; }; }; When I launch the game it comes up with an error stating... File SteamLibrary\steamapps\Common\Arma 3\Campaigns\TCOE_MAIN\config.cpp,line 15: '/CfgMissions/Campaigns/TCOE_MAIN.": '"' encountered instead of '=' Im not sure what I did wrong can someone please point it out to me in laymans terms?
  2. Some of you have already noticed, we have released public beta of the long awaited Resistance campaign. This thread will be dedicated to discuss bugs, new feature requests and to keep you informed about the updates. You can get the Resistance here. It is 1982, after the collapse of the coalition government and the betrayal of some party members, the Soviet army has invaded the island of Nogova. The majority of the inhabitants think that resistance is futile and resign themselves to their fate. A few, however, are ready to resist and bring freedom back to Nogova. They try to recruit Victor Troska, a former soldier in the British Special Forces, to lead their fight for freedom. Will they succeed and push back the Soviet occupiers. Or is the superiority too great and there is no escape? Witness how the confrontation between the Soviet Union and the partisans of Nogova develops. Welcome to Cold War Rearmed III : Resistance! As always, it took longer than expected, but we are happy to release a first public beta of this legendary campaign. But it was worth the wait, we spent a lot of time making the campaign more interesting, but without changing the original story. And without the following people it probably would have taken even longer: Lamasutra - The driving force behind the campaign, without him it would probably still be a mess CnotK - We used a small part of his Resistance campaign SHJ Studio - He reworked most of the cutscenes and intros Ataribaby - Tested first half of the campaign Palermo - Tested whole campaign before release Special Thanks W0lle - For the CWR3 and great support Bohemia Interactive - ArmA, we could not fly or dance in tanks. Ondřej Škaroupka, Nillers, Jan Libich, Marek Španěl - for help and permission to use original Czech dubbing in campaigns. Improvements We have added some improvements to the campaign. Configuration Options Addon Options / CWR3 "Unlimited" view distance. You can choose between the original engine limit of 5km or allow your settings up to 12km. Experimental rank system allows you and your units to be promoted and gain better skills. Victor can be a specialist. It allows defusing mines 😉 and satchel charges. You have to bring a toolbox. Victor can be an engineer. This skill is very OP, so it is enabled only on veteran skill and after you finish the campaign. It allows the repair of critically damaged vehicles. Cars, tanks, choppers. You have to bring a toolbox. You can choose your and your unit's language. English, Czech, Polish, French, German, Russian and Chinese languages are supported. For German you need at least Data Compatibility addon for Global Mobilization dlc. Enable Team Switch. This can help you if you unit is stuck, or just to have some fun. Do not left Viki too long, things can turn pretty bad shortly. (U key) Rank System Experimental system which allows units from your group to be promoted. How it works: Every unit gets points from kills (rating). If the unit gets enough points, it can be promoted. After promotion, the rating is zeroed. Here is a list of possible ranks and required rating for unit to be promoted: 500 CORPORAL 1500 SERGEANT 2500 LIEUTENANT 3500 CAPTAIN 5000 MAJOR 7500 COLONEL Every rank should have skill upgraded. PRIVATE 50% CORPORAL 65% SERGEANT 78% LIEUTENANT 86% CAPTAIN 91% MAJOR 96% COLONEL 99% Nogova heightmap hotfixes Thanks to deformer tool, we have managed to fix some issues, they improve gameplay and some cutscenes. Victor's house and shotgun We have added a preconfigured shotgun, which could be placed properly outside the weapon box. Victor's house is filled with assets. They were converted from the initial cutscene and saved as script, which is being initialized on every mission. Nerfs and boosts Boost RPG75, it is now more powerful Speed nerf of V3S and Urals. Nerf of ammo and weapon boxes. Weapon pool Yes, it is working, but the engine does not support backpack and chest rigs removal. We advise not to store those types of equipment. Tips If you want to stash weapons and items to the weapon pool, the car or crate has to be at least 150m far from your position during mission end. Some missions have a weapon pool in the V3S, you can freely take it with you. But you will shortly find out it is full and items cannot be stored inside, only take, so think about items you need carefully. Multi Dubbing Thanks to our own function library, we can use both english and czech dubbing in one campaign addon. The Czech dubbing is available only for Czech game language. We will be able to implement the same way in CWC campaign. ... and others, but we don't want to be boring 😉 Known Issues AI units can get stuck in objects / buildings, you can free them by using "force regroup" action. It's available only when no enemies are detected - area clear. Weapon pool does not handle chest rigs and backpacks very well, it can make some difficulties. Some addons can change CUP or CWR3 addons' behaviour and use their own profile for the Resistance campaign in ArmA 3 launcher. TODO Implement reward and punish cutscenes Fix some flaws in cutscenes
  3. mathiasstahle

    M.I.S.T – Global Manhunt

    M.I.S.T – Global Manhunt is a fast paced story driven campaign for ArmA III in seven interconnected episodes. You play as an undercover intelligence officer and will start out with a camera as your your primary weapon, gathering intelligence about three different targets. The action that follows takes place on five different ArmA III terrains where the missions will require stealth and planning as well as straight forward military assaults to complete. You will insert in jungles, deserts, mountains and higly populated urban environments. And of course there's a boss fight in the final episode. All missions are voice acted with cinematic cutscenes, and plenty of hidden easter eggs for a curious mind to discover. Steam Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2873533097
  4. Experience Captain Percy Freeman's mission to eliminate the elusive Colonel Bob Kurtz during the Vietnam War. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Heart of Evil for ARMA 3 is a -loose- fan recreation campaign of the classic single-player mod for Half-life released on 01 January 2002. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2861021603 STAND-OUT FEATURES: -Campaign spanning over 10+ scenarios -Original Heart of Evil voice acting -Prairie Fire music tracks -Specific scenarios offer replay-ability -Far less Barney-sitting -Comedy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Things to note before you play Dual Arms - Two Primary Weapons mod is recommended Extended Movement mod is not recommended Music is recommended to be turned on Most scenarios contain either an intro or outro. Your experience isn't over until that ARMA 3 "mission complete" message appears! Big THANK YOU to my small batch of fans for playing my ARMA 3 content! This it my largest project to date on the steam workshop. Please enjoy my many months spent further learning the editor and producing Heart of Evil for ARMA 3.
  5. Hello, I'm working on a few spin off mission from the East Wind Campaign and in order to recreate the first mission I created a similar ORBAT view. My only problem is that I cannot load the TF Aegis Helmet into the ORBAT Viewer. The file I am using is the original .paa file extracted from the img folder of the main campaign, and in the Text2View Editor it can be viewed properly. In the following Code example you can see that under "texture" i've added the .paa file which is in the same folder as the mission.sqm file. Furthermore the insignia "Aegis_background.paa" works perfectly fine ... class CfgOrbat { class TFAegis { id = 1; idType = 0; side = "West"; size = "Size1"; type = "HQ"; insignia = "Aegis_background.paa"; colorInsignia[] = {0,0,1,1}; commander = "MacKinnon"; commanderRank = "Colonel"; text = "Task Force Aegis"; textShort = "TF Aegis"; texture = "Aegis_icon.paa"; color[] = {0,1,1,1}; description = "A US-led joint NATO-AAF peacekeeping force stationed on Stratis, with a strictly limited mandate and combat capacity."; }; };
  6. Wrote a detailed PMC Tactical forums: ArmA 3 Campaign Hub topic about how to design these things. Would love to hear feedback. Dunno what it is about campaign hub style of campaign design but I just love to hang out in such hub base/camp/FOB location, rearm etc before going to patrol/scouting to keep the bad guys away 🙂
  7. Hi, this is the WIP-Release of the upcoming „My Mistake“ Campaign. The Story is about a grandfather, who is very sick and gets his family around him to tell them about a mistake he did in his life, which he wants to talk about before his death. He starts with the last few days before his mandatory military service where the player visits friends behind the Iron Curtain in East Germany. Then war erupts and the player is thrown into the fight to save his and his comrades lives and their country from an invasion with unknown intentions. After this the player experiences the whole military career of the grandpa and discovers what he meant with the words „I made a horrible mistake“... Current state of the Campaign: Currently in the WIP release there are 3 missions with more to come as they are created into a playable state. None of these are 100% finished, which I do besides finishing the other missions, but they should be mostly bug free and are only lacking some immersive touch on like more AI civilians or more ambient conversations... Remarks: The campaign is nowhere near finished, and I didn´t start with creating it from the first mission on as these are missions where big parts of Altis and Tanoa need to be decorated, which I started with, but isn´t finished and needs more time. Also for now I skip everything that happens before the conflict with the GDR (about 10 missions, mostly training and immersion focused) as this part of the campaign (the second part) is planned out completely and I used the first mission of it to experiment with some mechanics that I want to use throughout the whole campaign and continued from there. What makes my campaign special is that it is a really realistic story that I develop in cooperation with a military advisor to keep it realistic on a strategic as well as tactical level so the player could be fully immersed into the life of the grandpa. I try to build as much randomness in the missions as possible, in one mission there are over 40 different possibilities how a conversation could unfold according to how a artillery barrage hits a target and that also changes the next mission on this point. Also there are often multiple possible ways to complete the mission. Because of this it takes long for the missions to be completed, but I think it´s worth it if the mission is better afterwards. Features: -Realistic and immersive campaign -Many random elements -Story changing corresponding to player and AI actions -Custom dialogues -Very long campaign (story spans over roughly 50 years) with potentially over 100 missions -Voice acting and cutscenes between and during the missions planned -Training missions to teach you what you need to know (coming in the future) -German and English localization (no english localization in the second mission, but it could come soon) I´m looking for your help finishing the campaign: Due to the massive scale of the campaign any help is greatly appreciated as currently I create this campaign alone with some help in testing, scripting and localization, but basically alone this would take forever to finish. Primarily needed is help in mission creation, scripting, testing, voice acting and localization in other languages. It doesn´t matter what you could do, if you want to contribute we find a role for you. If you find any bugs feel free to share them, so I could fix them. Also if you have suggestions for improvements please share them so I could implement them. I hope you enjoy this campaign. Requirements to play: - Global Mobilization Cold War Germany CDLC Workshop-Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2791570343 Contact: You could join the projects Discord Server here or contact me via PM or simply reply here, I will try to answer as fast as possible. Credits: Jaentzen for help, advice, tips, testing and English translation Zink for suggestions and testing Sturmhuhn for suggestions and testing Gonzka for help with scripting [101.JgBtl] Th3_Jock3R for help with scripting Alpha993 for help with scripting the artillery attack in Barmke StellaStrela for the templates in the package "Weferlingen - Border Crossing Point and Military Bases"
  8. Hi guys, I have a problem with weapon 3, when I try to start a mission of any campaign, the game automatically starts me the first mission of the Laws of war DLC. Instead the scenarios work perfectly. I tried uninstalling the DLC from the game by deactivating the installation from steam, but then I had problems starting arma 3, so I reinstalled everything with the steam file integrity check, but the problem persists. I also tried finishing all the DLC missions to see if the bug would go away, but no dice. I've already tried asking for help on the Arma 3 steam and reddit community but no one really answered me, I hope someone here can help me.
  9. So i am looking for a WW2 mod that requires arma 3 and Apex only . I only have bought arma 3 with Apex, Zeus , laws of war . I am looking for a mod that has a WW2 campaign mode . Does anybody know such mod ? I am also looking for any mod that feature a campaign where you are a simple soldier under someone else command . I usually find mod where you have to command your men which i don't like so that's why I am looking for any campaign , scenario or mission where you are a soldier that follows command only
  10. Hello! I'm new to the game, I just bought it earlier and I've racked in hours already just from the campaign. There are certain missions which are straight up frustrating and I've been seeing discussions about cheats FOR single player campaign. I'm wondering if it will get me into trouble for using it? I apologize if this is not the place to ask this or if it is a dumb question. I'm still new to the forums and the game
  11. Sulon480

    [sp campaign] Operation Fikoj

    Author: Sulon480 Version: 1.0 ChangeLog: 1.0 (current) Operation Fikoj is a simple campaign taking place on Malden. The plot is simple; As a Soviet soldier you most lead your men in 12 various missions and slowly take control of the island. Fun fact: I'm not a pro, just an OFP fan, been making missions for a few years but only for myself. My friend persuaded me to make a full campaign from several missions, so here it is. As I said earlier it's not comparable to the official campaigns for example (no fancy cutscenes) let's just say, that I just binded some missions together in chronological order. Features: 12 missions with briefings which connect to each other. Hope you'll have fun playing it! 😉 Known Bugs: no Required Addons: -none link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iyIiorHi54k5-os1YfEtrgg_5xT0xQlB/view?usp=sharing
  12. Climate change has brought famine and disease to Altis. The island republic stands on the brink of a devastating civil war, and NATO carrier group Freedom is deployed in the Mediterranean Sea to protect aid workers operating in the area. Your special forces team codenamed Alpha, stationed on the destroyer USS Liberty, must locate and apprehend an insurgent leader known as 'The Spartan'. G.R.U.N.T.S Mission Pack is a plot-driven cooperative multiplayer campaign for 1-4 players with a story that stretches over 8+ separate missions. All missions are designed to be used in hosted multiplayer without JIP. Finished (and playtested) missions: G.R.U.N.T.S 00: SITREP G.R.U.N.T.S 01: Casus Belli G.R.U.N.T.S 02: Si Vis Pacem G.R.U.N.T.S 03: Et Tu Brute G.R.U.N.T.S 04: Mare Nostrum To be continued ...
  13. Hello! I would like to play the S.O.G Prairie Fire coop campaign together with my friends on our dedicated server and not on public servers or a self-hosted game. With the Apex coop campaign you only have to enter the missions in the server.cfg. Here is an example: class Missions { class TestMission01 { template = MP_Marksmen_01.Altis; difficulty = "veteran"; class Params {}; }; class TestMission02 { template = MP_End_Game_01.Altis; difficulty = "veteran"; class Params {}; }; class TestMission03 { template = MP_End_Game_02.Altis; difficulty = "veteran"; class Params {}; }; class TestMission04 { template = MP_End_Game_03.Altis; difficulty = "veteran"; class Params {}; }; }; another example: class MPMissions { class Apex { briefingName = $STR_A3_CoopCampaignName; class EXP_m01 { briefingName = $STR_A3_exp_m01_missionname; directory = "a3\missions_f_exp\campaign\missions\exp_m01.tanoa"; }; class EXP_m02 { briefingName = $STR_A3_exp_m02_missionname; directory = "a3\missions_f_exp\campaign\missions\exp_m02.tanoa"; }; class EXP_m03 { briefingName = $STR_A3_exp_m03_missionname; directory = "a3\missions_f_exp\campaign\missions\exp_m03.tanoa"; }; }; }; But how do I do it now with the S.O.G missions? Can someone send me a template for the server.cfg? I am looking forward to help!
  14. Download Campaign (STEAM) Download Campaign (Google Drive) ADDONS - - RHSAFRF - RHSUSAF - RHSGREF - CUP TERRAINS CORE - CUP MAPS - EDEN OBJECTS Civil war broke out in Chernarus. The country was plunged into chaos and divided into two parts. Take part in this conflict playing for the US Special Forces. The campaign is cooperative, and can be played either alone or with friends (1-4 players). Features: Dynamic cutscenes with animations from ARMA 2 Saving equipment during missions The ability to run a campaign in a co-op Ace Compatibility Lobby from APEX The Author Of The Campaign: DarkBall Voice Acting: DarkBall Hornet Ray PIONEER Vadim Pilyutik Rodion Campaign Tested By: DarkBall Hornet Ray Chignin Special Thank: Urun - USS FREEDOM Customization Vergessenen - Underground Base How to launch campaign? Just select it from the list of campaigns and click open. WARNING: Campaign is not supported for dedicated server, host only. At the start of the first mission, players may not be shown in the lobby. Have a good pass!
  15. To make it simple i want it like this Mission 7, tonk can survive or be destroyed Mission 8 only triggers if tonk survives (i know how to do this) Mission 8, tonk is either stolen or destroyed Mission 9 is triggered if tonk is destroyed (skips over mission eight) Mission 9, >>>tonk appears in mission, depending on if it was stolen in mission 8, or destroyed<<< that is my question please help thanks
  16. Hi! I found a program called "Flashpoint Campaign Wizard 1.0.1 by Miker Andrew" This was made as a tool to easily make a full ofp campaign. So I quickly tied two of my random Arma missions to see if it worked... It actually did so I just started making proper missions (with story, descripitons and music and such) so I could make some kind of campaign to my friends or to upload it somewhere idk. I already made like 8 missions, wanted to test it but for some reason it doesn't work. Maybe cause this program was made for ofp, and not arma? I mean those are the same games, only different versions... So anyway, is there any way a simple mission maker like me could easily put a campaign together? I mean I don't need them fancy cutscenes and stuff, just like 15 mission after one another you know... BTW I hope this is the right place to post this... lol
  17. Hi community, the first post after being registrated for 5 years. Why? I was a silent reader for years and forgot that I was registrated 😉 But now to my topic on hand. For the whole history of the Arma Franchise there is only one really great singleplayer campaign, Cold War Crisis. Remnants of War is also fantastic with a great storytelling (maybe even better than Cold War Crisis), but really short. All the other Campaigns were okay to solid, but none was as fantastic as Cold War Crisis and Remnants of War. My idea is that we combine the knowledge of everyone willing to contribute into one team to create a fantastic, long and immersive campaign of which the whole Arma-Community could be proud. Why should one modder do every job in campaign creation when it isn´t only much more efficient to do only what you´re good at, but also to shorten development time and increase the quality of the finished product? I have seen some really good community made missions, so the talent is clearly there. Sadly I have also seen over the years, that popular topics (Operation Neptune Spear, Operation Gothic Serpent, Operation Overlord) are done many times and there is little to no difference between the versions, that is collectively viewed just wasted time, in which a different scenario could have been created. In my imagination everybody could help. You have no idea of the editor but could write a great story or a believeable and deep biography of a character? Great, that is needed! You speak two or more languages? Great, a localizer is found. You´re an editor nerd who didn´t have a good story in mind? Great, also needed! You can´t help in editing but you would give your voice for a character? Great, also needed! You have features or scenarios in mind that you want to see in the Campaign? Great, ideas are welcome as well. You could help solving editing problems? Also needed! You want to help test the finished campaign and iron out bugs? Also needed. Maybe we could also create needed mods if there is something missing. Yes I know that it is very broad and nothing specific, but I wanted to write this to you all to read if there is interest on such a community campaign. Also I imagine of the establishment of easy and fast help with your own problems in editing in a way that is both convenient and efficient, but by now I have no idea how that could be done. Maybe there is a pool of experts for every problem area which you could send your missions and they fix the problem for you in exchange for your expertise on their problems. If you have questions or an opinion on the topic feel free to communicate that, I would be happy if I could read your opinions. Greetings
  18. TvT/PvP Campaign Framework (TvTCF) 1.08 by Engima Overview This is a framework that makes is easy for anyone with some scripting experience to create beautiful, story-driven, exciting, light weight and well working multiplayer (TvT/PvP) campaigns in Arma 3. The first campaign built on this framework is Operation Shoe Lace. Features Multiplayer 1-40 players. Supports creation of TvT/PvP, COOP and SP campaigns. As many missions as you want. Missions are 30 minutes long (as maximum) Missions can have primary and secondary objectives (and a "return to base objective") All missions begin with an insertion into an area of action. No revive! Spectate on death. Campaigns are dynamic. Missions can affect each other, and order of missions can be altered, during the campaign. Score. Successful objectives and players kept alive earns score for their team. The team with the highest total score when the campaign ends wins. AI bots can be used on both sides (useful when playing e.g. one vs one). Easy to get grip of. Full documentation about mission mechanics in dialogs and briefing. How it works A TvTCF campaign is actually one Arma 3 mission that is divided into different episodes (TvTCF missions). The mission "resets" itself between each episode, which makes it possible to create a campaign story in which each mission is independent and executed one by one by the "campaign engine". How to use This five parts tutorial covers everything, from a newly installed Arma 3 instance (in Windows) until the campaign is played. TvTCF Video Tutorial Part 1 List of all the videos Part 1 - Intro Part 2 - Installing The TypeSqf Editor Part 3 - Adding The Files Part 4 - Creating The First Mission Part 4 - Creating The Second Mission Useful Links TypeSqf Editor TvTCF framework files (downloaded using the CPack Console in the TypeSqf Editor). TvTCF on GitHub (including the Operation Shoe Lace campaign) Licence MIT plus minor addition. (See the file TVTCF_LICENSE.txt.) Dependencies Arma 3 Compatibility Works on hosted and dedicated server, and is JIP compatible. Version History Version 1.08 Check objective methods dependent of each other did not work in both directions on mission end. Version 1.07 Changed method name Mission.AddBriefingInfoForActing to AddBriefingActing (and the same for opposing). Improved the insertion behavior. Added easy access to all common soldier units (in the soldier dictionary). Added easy access to all common vehicle units (in the vehicle dictionary). Changed the vehicle alias "MRAP" to "CAR" in the vehicle dictionary. Version 1.06 First version published.
  19. Well, I'm disappointed. I thought I would be able to make an addon that would enable team switcher in the single player campaign (or any single player mission). Apparently not. Firstly, I started the Fait Accompli mission as specs ops in ArmA 3's Stepping Stone mini-campaign. The team switcher key (default is U) is disabled, the team switcher window does not show up. Secondly, using the Simple Single Player Cheat Menu, I ran: enableTeamSwitch true; The team switcher now works! But there are no soldiers in it. So let's select a team member: _units = units group player; // [BIS_SpecialPlayer,B Pariah:2,B Pariah:3,B Pariah:4] _unit = _units select 2; // B Pariah:3 So close, now let's make him switchable: addSwitchableUnit _unit; Aaaand nothing happens. Weirdly, when I press the team switcher button it is now disabled (nothing shows up). Even if I run enableTeamSwitch true again it remains disabled, almost as if it knows I'm trying to hack it. Does anyone know why this is? Anyone have any solutions? I'm a fan of the Arma 3 single player experience and a addon that would enable team switcher in the single player campaign would be brilliant! It would give missions a GTA V feel where you can switch from a sniper you've put on a hill instantly to a HMG operator in the middle of the action... 😞 seems to be locked off though. Any ideas, it is a bit of a hack so I guess it might not be possible. Update, I can manually switch player doing this, so I think it's just a matter of creating my own team switcher window: _gang = units group player; _target = _gang select 2; selectPlayer _target; Still if any BI staff or geniuses have any tricks to 'properly' allow the team switcher in a single player mission I would be interested! Update and TLDR, once enabled, team switch works perfectly in all sp campaigns. It's ONLY Stepping Stone that aggresively shuts down Team Switch. Why is this?
  20. Operation Shoe Lace v1.05 by Engima Description Tensions arise, and two special teams on two different sides fight for victory in this operation about navigating through many of the challenges in modern warfare. This is a Team vs Team campaign divided into seven short missions, playable for 2-10 players. I’m really proud to present my third large project after Escape and Intrusion. I realized that Bohemia do not support MP custom campaigns, so I created a solution for it. I hope you will like it! Features Multiplayer 2-10 players. Team vs Team. Two teams fighting against each other. Campaign divided into seven missions, each with a maximum length of 30 minutes. Storyline adapting to the teams’ achievements. No revive! Dead is dead until next mission starts. Score. Successful objectives and players kept alive earns score for their team. The team with the highest total score when the campaign ends wins. AI bots can be used on both sides (useful when playing e.g. one vs one). Easy to get grip of. Full documentation about mission mechanics in dialogs and briefing. Campaign assumes players on both sides Note that this campaign/mission assumes that there are human players on both sides. It is not intended to play COOP vs AI. All humans on one side and AI on the other may result in strange behavior like skipped missions and prefulfilled objectives etc. That said, you can start it alone with AI enemies if your goal is just to test the concept to see if it is something for you and your friends. Download Direct download at OneDrive: Operation Shoe Lace v1.00 Operation Shoe Lace v1.01 Operation Shoe Lace v1.02 Operation Shoe Lace v1.05 At Steam Workshop Operation Shoe Lace Licence MIT plus the following addition: The text "Built upon Engima's TvT Campaign Framework (TvTCF)." shall be visible to all participants in a multiplayer game, either during mission load time, or when the mission/campaign is starting.". Dependencies Arma 3. Compatibility Works on hosted and dedicated server, and is JIP compatible. Version History Version 1.05 -Made insertion areas black instead of blue. -Further improved the insertion behavior. -Increased base size from 100 to 300 meters. -Minor fixes and improvements. Version 1.02 -Improved insertion handling by making it simpler and more intuitive. -Added parameter to randomize missions. -Fixed: spectate camera did not work well in all situations. -Fixed: Performing insertion with more than one vehicle could explode the vehicles. -General fixes and improvements. Version 1.01 -General fixes and improvements. -Added parameter to control the campaign's maximum time. Version 1.00 -First version. Some Of My Other Missions Escape Tanoa by Engima (built on the original Escape Chernarus branch from Arma 2) Intrusion Malden Operation Broken Arrow Night in July
  21. >STEAM WORKSHOP DOWNLOAD< >ARMAHOLIC DOWNLOAD< >GOOGLE DRIVE LINK< SUMMARY Nirvana is a science-fiction story set in the year 2156, around the slow economic collapse of an attempted Utopian society called the United Nations of Earth. As the tensions between the four planetary Constituent Nations of the UNE continue to rise, a project that could change Humanity's future forever develops in the shadows. Conceived as a love-letter to science-fiction stories such as Mass Effect, the Expanse, FreeSpace 2, Blue Planet, and more, Nirvana follows Lieutenant Christopher Graham as his life becomes intertwined with the greatest and bloodiest turning point in Human history. Featuring eight fully voice-acted missions and several cutscenes, Act 1: Eventide is the humble beginning of an increasingly ambitious journey. FEATURES Eight fully voice-acted missions including a mission on the Lunar surface Four fully voice-acted training missions Several fully voice-acted cutscenes Custom "menu/hub" mission with mission selection, database and credits Deep lore with an integrated database for reading Custom futuristic HUD with integrated compass, ammo/health tracking and more Animated briefings before missions Many interesting fiction pieces such as articles, audio files and more sprinkled throughout missions Carefully selected soundtrack by Lorn and several others INSTALLATION Simply subscribe to the campaign and load it as you would a mod, alongside the required modset. Once in-game, go to to Singleplayer -> Campaigns -> NIRVANA: EVENTIDE and play the menu mission. It is recommended to always go to the menu mission and start/continue the campaign from there. MOD COMPATIBILITY It is strongly recommended that you play only with the required mods as any other mod may break the campaign or introduce unwanted behavior. The only exceptions are mods such as JSRS or Blastcore as these do not alter base gameplay. FUTURE PLANS Nirvana: Act 1 - Eventide is the first act out of a planned total of four. Production has already begun on Act 2 - Kindling, with an even more ambitious total of fourteen main missions and six hub missions. Act 2 will possess a fully-realized conversation system similar to Mass Effect's, where your decisions and interactions will affect the future result of the story down the line. KNOWN ISSUES Cutscenes may be obscenely loud for unknown reasons. Currently looking for solutions. The custom HUD was designed before I had full knowledge of the Pixel Grid system, so the interface may not work properly unless you have your interface size set to 'very small.' This will likely be addressed as development on Act 2 continues. Due to Nirvana using Arma 3 in ways it was perhaps not intended for, it is likely that some things may break or behave unpredictably as time goes on. Please do not hesitate to point out these issues so that they may be fixed ASAP. The overview picture for the campaign in the Campaign menu may not show sometimes. SPECIAL THANKS Jori Villaveces for revising and playtesting Act 1 and helping co-write the following three Acts. Justin T. Rico for playtesting and providing exhaustive QA notes. All our friends who kindly provided their voice talents. Bohemia Interactive for providing such an infinitely-customizable sandbox experience. Volition for creating FreeSpace 2, which served both as inspiration and a platform to create Nirvana's space-based cutscenes. The FreeSpace 2: Blue Planet team for creating one of the best user-made stories ever and serving as the main inspiration for this campaign. Adobe for providing the tools I used day in and day out. Article 2 Studios for Operation: Trebuchet. The Opposition Team for ME: Opposition. Polpox, Bushlurker, Goschie and Alias for their helpful mods, maps and scripts, respectively. SCREENSHOTS
  22. 5th Special Forces Group Semi Realism Unit 5th Special Forces Group AKA 5th SFG is a Milsim unit for Arma 3. Our unit is modeled after the real life counter part with certain adapted for gameplay. Ranking structure at 5th SFG is set up on a battalion level with attachments from 160th SOAR(A) and 75th FS. 5th SFG is composed of a group of like minded individuals with some that have served in the US Army and USAF. We try our best to emulate special forces operations with combined arms elements. Here at 5th SFG, we maintain a fun but professional attitude when it comes to unit events be it trainings or OPs. We are laidback and semi-realistic in terms of Arma 3 units. At 5th SFG, we practice radio etiquettes, squad tactics, room clearing, and many more. Our OPs are based on HVT eliminations/rescues, checkpoints, reconnaissance, asymmetric warfare, airborne and air assault operations, and many more. Our trainings are revolved around squad movements/tactics as well as procedures for air transportation, and CAS strikes. 5th SFG is supported by 160th SOAR(A) and 75th Fighter Squadron elements to provide transportation and CAS. Training Times: Fridays, weekly at 2200 Eastern Time Operation Times: Mondays and Saturdays, weekly at 2200 Eastern Time Discord: https://discord.gg/kkWRxH9 TeamSpeak: Signed, MAJ E. Huang
  23. I am trying to figure out how to script AI to open a gate in a mission. A basic security checkpoint gate that is part of the map (NOT a spawned object) keeps getting smashed by my HMMWV instead of it being opened and driven through. Can anyone help?
  24. Codename Phalanx Version: 1.01 Overview Singleplayer Mini-Campaign revolving around a group of KSK survivors around Oberleutnant Wolff. Events are taking place in parallel to the official "East Wind" campaign. Story CONTAINS SPOILERS - It is strongly advised to play through "The East Wind" prior to this campaign! After almost two years into a difficult and yet unfruitful counter-insurgency training campaign, long growing tensions with the AAF result in a team of KSK instructors forced to drawdown prematurely with their job half done. But on the morning of their withdrawal, one last opportunity arises. Follow Oberleutnant Wolff on his covert mission directly tied to the events of "The East Wind". Features Story-Driven Singleplayer Mini-Campaign Special Forces & Guerilla Style Gameplay Three Missions Player Decisions Affecting Mission Flow Available in English & German Basic Requirements Arma 3 Marksmen Arma 3 Apex Arma 3 Tanks (Recommended) Arma 3 Laws of War (Recommended) KSK 2035 (https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/191797-ksk-2035/) How to Install Standard mod procedure. Just subscribe on steam or manually download and unpack the @KSK_Codename_Phalanx folder to your Arma 3 directory. Then launch it with BI's or a custom launcher. Changelog 1.01 - 08.02.2020 ADDED: Close Call, bypass for players who do not own the Tanks DLC. ADDED: Asymmetric Warfare, hints for players who do not own the Laws of War DLC. Known Issues Download Dropbox v1.01 Steam Workshop v1.01 Contact You can reach me on the BI-Forums: http://forums.bistudio.com/member.php?53386-IndeedPete Or on twitter: https://twitter.com/IndeedPete Or feel free to add me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/IndeedPete/ License Content created by IndeedPete is published under the "Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA)". You are free to take or change anything you can use, just give me a mention in the credits. Credits & Thanks Bohemia for the splendid game that is Arma 3!
  25. Hello everyone! It's been quite some time. I guess most people here won't recognize me nor should they. I'll go straight to the point: I am going to stream the whole ArmA 3 campaign and scenarios from all DLCs, to raise funds for charities and causes you and I believe in. I work with a bunch of very talented people here in Berlin. This startup I am in features some incredibly selfless and resourceful people that are willing to make some change happen in the world. A couple of months ago we brainstormed a new project that - on the side - involves video games and streaming. We are all gamers in the team but our work does not directly relate to games, although some of the people in the team (myself included) do work to develop content that ends up being used for companies, outside of said startup. It took my friends more than one Moscow Mule, a trip to Praha for some good beers and maybe some Bratwurst (you can't just drink, right?) to involve me in the project. Each one of us has a game that got picked by others.. and they picked ArmA 3 for me. Now, it took them time to persuade me because after my long-term and passionate involvement with ArmA 2 and Operation Arrowhead, I took a massive break from gaming and ArmA in general. I've never - don't laugh - even watched a video about ArmA 3.. maybe 20-30 screenshots to this date, in general. Even if I had ArmA 3 gifted to me as soon as it came out. I guess I needed some time off, in addition to my life taking some pretty big turns. Anyway now, driven by some not-so-happy happenings in the life of a dear couple friend of mine, we decided to act and so.. I said yes. I've spent the last couple weeks building my new rig and - with the help of @Groove_C @oldbear @Tankbuster @HaseDesTodes in here and many other people who wrote me on Reddit and privately... I am *almost* done. I must thank my colleagues and the people "from the upper floor" as they provided me with hardware that, honestly, would have not been so quick to acquire. You can take a look at the rig and my battle station, here or below.. https://imgur.com/gallery/FQB3T4x What are the specs of your rig? I started with this rig: And then I had the opportunity to change the motherboard and CPU, not because I had to but because a friend/colleague who was streaming a different game asked me if we could do the swap.. his game would benefit from the multi-core AMD and he told me ArmA 3 would be equal if not better on the Intel.. so my rig was updated to: (I highlighted the components that changed) If you are interested, I did benchmark the two rigs to compare how they did on ArmA 3: How to watch/follow the stream: Get on Twitch and follow me on Twitch.tv/OperatorReezo (Replays will be available in the future) What to do, when to do it: You don't have to do anything but it will be great if you join and actively participate. I'll be playing the campaign and I have NEVER seen it, even launched it once. So that's gotta be pretty funny indeed. We'll talk about tactical decisions, lore, context, back-story, role-playing, AI, glitches, bugs, things I will do really wrong and so on and so forth. It should be fun and also ArmA is so unpredictable that it won't be like many other streaming sessions around. How I would like to expand this, in the future: If this project takes off, I'd be happy to stream bigger scenarios with people online, recording everything from multiple "helmet cams" and then doing a post de-briefing analyzing what happened and how. We can join forces with fellow map makers to prepare missions that allow one "eye in the sky" to gather data that can be used for the de-briefing, plus all the recordings from players (their "helmet cams"). The way I see it in my head.. it's gonna be pretty cool! Why today? It's been exactly 10 years since I joined this forum. That's why. Do you have a Twitch account as well? Let's follow each other! I am totally new there.. I can use friends! Are you going to talk about your rig and discuss PC builds as well? As a geek, you bet I'll do it. We might swap some parts together and see how things explode.. I mean, work for the better! You play war games and then raise money against war? I do. I am a very peaceful person and believe that this world could be much better, without much effort. Unfortunately the simplest things are the hardest to achieve and even if I am very lazy, I gotta admit the past few years made me get out and do more. I am not a hero in this world nor am I a role-model for anyone, I don't pretend to be one but I know I am going just a bit further out to make this world a better place than it is now. I am a Star Trek fan, that also probably plays a part in how I've always seen things. Where to find more info on this initiative and gifts for supporters: Patreon Twitch Twitter How to donate: Using this PayPal link Through the patreon.com/vto Using this QR Code