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Found 161 results

  1. Hi. I want to make a squad get out of a vehicle when a script is activated, and make them get back in when another one is activated. Is it possible to do without scripting, just with triggers init? The unload, load get out and get in waypoints dont seem to work... Btw the squad consists of players and AI. If that is not possible, can i make the passengers and cargo dudes eject? I googled a bit and found something that makes cargo eject but its a btr 80 which means that most people sit on top.
  2. G'day all currently in the process of finishing off an ADF Hawkei. (come across a few snags, see link for details: https://www.reddit.com/r/armadev/comments/6mrb6b/need_some_vehicle_mod_help/) ^^^ TAN VARIANT ^^^ ^^^ 'Auscam' ^^^ needs a bit of work* ^^^ INTERIOR ^^^ *needs a lot of work, mainly just going through and re-UV unwrapping and texturing* current process: interior modeled, needs texture re-done (that can be done after i get it released) exterior modeled, tan done, 'auscam' needs work done in game: just gotta fix that problem stated above in the reddit link, and do the PIP for the mirrors Cheers, Yoilon *EDIT: Now released: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1100846946 (05/08/17)
  3. Ok guys so I have a blackfish named blackfish and inside this blackfish It's got an ATV in the back and I got a trigger set. So when this blackfish flies through the trigger it will eject the ATV as long as I am literally ON it. If I leave the vehicle empty the blackfish will not eject it. Inside the trigger activation : blackfish setVehicleCargo objNull; Anybody messed with this and managed to get it to drop empty vehicle cargo?
  4. Hello, I am offering my time to reskin cars for arma 3 to whoever needs it. It can be a law enforcement vehicle or a standard vehicle. All I request is that you give a bit of time (About a week just in case I am busy). If I cannot complete such request then I will quote you in the comment section saying so. -KNOW THAT THIS IS FOR LIFE MODS, IN OTHER WORDS I DO BUSINESS CARS, EMERGENCY SERVICES, ETC. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED DO THE FOLLOWING Comment below the car and include a link to download the pbo for it Be mature and appropriate, respect all suggestions below If there are a lot of comments, I may not get to you, that doesn't mean spam, I will try my best Put any idea you want or just say skin me a car that looks good Again as said above give atleast a week minimum Thank you for all interested and I hope you take advantage of this. Oh also I go by Sigma :)
  5. Hi. How can I make vehicles face a particular direction? (similar to how you order your units to face a direction, so that the vehicle does it willingly!)
  6. I'm having trouble with the visual suspension animations matching the actual suspension of a vehicle I created. To elaborate, it's a four-wheeled buggy with fairly big wheels for its body. When driving, the body overall reacts to the terrain as expected within the parameters of the wheel settings in the config. Also, the wheels turn properly in all ways they should (i.e.: steering, driving, and braking). The suspension, on the other hand, moves only very minimally, but it is indeed moving. I have set the maxDroop/maxCompression and offsets to a high value, but this only puts the wheels into the ground. I tried a low value, but then they are only hovering. With an offset value where the wheels actually touch the ground without sinking, it is only good while the vehicle is not in motion. When taking a corner, for example, the outer wheels sink into the ground and the inner wheels come up. There is a slight visual effect, but it is not enough to keep up with the physical effect. MODEL (p3d): I checked the named selections of all LODs in the model, comparing them to the vanilla BIS Offroad truck (listed via eliteness) as well as my own LM002 model, and everything in the new model looks in place. There are some minor discrepancies, though: In the buggy, the rear wheels are positioned a little lower than the front wheels. The body and all components are aligned to the horizon, with the intention of everything leaning forward once the wheels touch the ground. Another small detail is that the front two damper_land_axis are angled up and slightly rearward, while the rear two damper_land_axis are angled up and slightly forward. The front and rear wheels converge as they compress. I don't see how these minor differences would affect the visual suspension, but I mention them in case somehow they do. Also, when I tried the suspension paths strictly vertical, the problem remained. Leaning turn in the problem vehicle The script was borrowed and modified from another vehicle I made in which it was working: Leaning turn in the working vehicle The two vehicles together I'm including the scripts in the likely event that I overlooked something. Here's the config for the buggy: Here's the buggy's model file: Notes: Changing values of the wheel settings and damper settings in the scripts has an impact on the handling and stability of the vehicle (as expected), but very little impact on the visual performance (as not expected). The most noticeable change is from increasing/decreasing the range of the offsets and maxDroop/maxCompression. It will visibly raise/lower the wheels and steering parts initially, but when moving it's very hard to notice any animation.
  7. Hi. How can I change a vehicle's variable when it's empty? (dynamically through the mission)
  8. I am making a mission where I have 2 AI + the player himself in a boat driving towards the shore. When at the shore I need them all to board a hatchback. Whatever I try I can't get this stupid AI to do the right thing. I've tried the most common option: unit1 assignAsCargo [car1]; unit1 orderGetIn true; Unfortunatly this doesn't work. The AI just keeps sitting in the boat. If I add the orderGetOut command first they DO get out of the boat but then just walk a bit around. When I make one of the AI's group leader, they hop out of the boat, walk around and then order me to get in the boat instead of the car. I also tried it with waypoints but that gave the same results. Does anyone know how I can get this to work? At the moment I am so frustrated of the AI that I just want to teleport them in. But that would not look very nice.
  9. Hello again! Tis' I, here again with another ridiculous addon. I want to get my thanks out of the way first and foremost. First to @Nirrti for his extensive field testing and constant pushing to make everything correct, he is also responsible for this piece existing, so you also have him to thank for that! Also a shout out to @laxemann for helping me iron out the sound issues I've been having, huge help and wealth of knowledge, thanks bud! With that out of the way, let's get down to it. "The 25 KKiv 2035 rifle is a 25mm payload rifle designed for sabotage and long range operations where you need the accuracy of a 12.7mm or comparable caliber, with the capabilities beyond the characteristics of such calibers, falling in between the niche of 12.7mm rifles and light anti-tank weapons. Being lighter than it's contemporaries (M320 LRR .408 and GM6 Lynx), and being able to reach comparable ranges with its 25mm payloads, the rifle is capable of firing two different rounds; the HEDP rounds are useful for soft targets and infantry, while the APFSDS rounds are designed to punch through hard targets such as armored cars (for example Hunter, Ifrit, or Strider), or even IFVs (like the Gorgon, Marid, or Marshall), though care and foresight must be applied when targeting such vehicles, as shots must be carefully placed into weak spots, such as engine or fuel tanks. Some rumours circulating among the men is that it might even be capable of damaging Main Battle Tanks, though through testing these rumours have been found unsubstantiated." If you would like to try this beast out for yourself, click the rifle below! Alternatively, grab it from the Steam Workshop: NOW WITH CBA - JOINT RAIL SUPPORT NOW WITH ACE3 SUPPORT If you prefer not to use steam, you can grab the CBA patch on dropbox here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lpemwmss7b7dlpt/%40Kio_KKiv_CBA.rar?dl=0 And you can grab Ace3 patch here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8vh38hbmdbotgu3/%40Kio_KKiv_Ace.rar?dl=0 Please report any issues you encounter with the rifle here and I will try my best to fix them ASAP! Here's a couple of promo shots showing it off in game: Sorry if the images are too big. I am also available for modelling commissions as well, serious offers only, no charge for Arma III implementation if required. Thanks for taking the time to check out this mod, if you find value here, consider throwing me a few bucks, it won't kill you and it certainly will help me.
  10. I have made Mission with a y-32 VTOL taking off from an airfield far away from combat. This plane has 2 groups set to safe in it: One with the pilot and the co-pilot and the other one only filled para troopers sitting in the cargo room. But now when I start the mission the para trooper leader orders 8 of them to leave the plane and then orders 3 of them to get back in again (the plane has taken off already) leaving 5 outside. Something similair occurd in my mission with filled up trucks driving in a convoy. Is this a known issue or is it because the vehicle is fully loaded and therefor trying to get rid of some passengers :). I appreciate any help. Nico
  11. Hi we play in a group using ACE3 and ALiVE, Sometimes someone is badly hit, he is in stable conditions but still do not recover the conscience and the medic has run out of Personal Aid Kits or Saline bags to fully recover the player. We want to call a medevac (generated by ALiVE, so the chopper does not have a "name" we could use), evacuate the casualty to base, and as soon as the medevac chopper helicopter lands in the medic helipad, cure the injured running a function. in the code that is ran on the Alive Helicopter is : this setVariable ["ACE_isMedicalVehicle", 1, true]; so the injured stops bleeding. the trigger at the helipad has the following condition _x isKindOf "air" && isTouchingGround _x && player in thislist and on activation : {[_caller, _target] remoteExecCall ["ACE_medical_fnc_treatmentAdvanced_fullHealLocal", _x, false];} forEach thisList; Well, we have been unable to make it work and heal people inside the chopper. For example, changing condition to "this" allows anyone who gets out of the chopper and step on the helipad (where the trigger is) to get instantly healed. The problem is that most of the guys in the helo are usually unconscious, therefore, are unable to make any action to get out. or use an "addaction" which would solve the problem. We thought: wait a minute, if we kick them out of the chopper and fall on the helipad they will be instantly cured! so we have tried adding another trigger on top of the healing one to eject players out fo the chopper, but it does not work. We have tried with Getout: unit action ["getOut", targetVehicle] we have tried with eject: unit action ["eject", vehicle] none worked, we assume that the problem was that the players in the back of the chooper count as cargo, Please, Note that we are playing with an helicopter generated by ALiVE, so it has no name to refer to, and ACE3, so solutions such as "set damage 0" will not work. Any idea how to solve this? Either healing them when the chopper lands on the helipad or alternatively, with another trigger to kick players out of the chopper after landing so they fall on the helipad. The trigger must work in multiplayer, either on dedicated servers or on hosted server. Our programming skills are very limited, so if you post a solution that we can just copy and paste it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.
  12. I'm trying to make a scenario for my unit. We are a PMC and we use expendable vehicles. I'm trying to give us some light armor that we can use but I'd like to make all of our vehicles black like they normally are and, I can't seem to find a way to make the BTR-80 black without using a mod that has ISIS symbols written all over it. I was wondering if anyone here knew how I can personally edit the vehicle in any way to maybe either remove these ISIS symbols or color my own. If possible I'd like to keep this within Bohemia's parameters and not have to use a personal mod, but if need be I can. Thank you in advance! ~Balthasaar
  13. Hello guys, I try to use the function "Vehicle in Vehicle Transport" for one of my vehicle but i'm stuck when i want to set many areas. If I set only 1 area it's work but if i want to set more than one, thats not work :/ What I do : https://hastebin.com/esimuhunek.rb Wiki: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Vehicle_in_Vehicle_Transport What i have to change, or can i define many area in CargoBayDimensions ? Thanks for your help !
  14. Hello guys, I try to use the function "Vehicle in Vehicle Transport" for one of my vehicle but i'm stuck when i want to set many areas. If I set only 1 area it's work but if i want to set more than one, thats not work :/ What I do : https://hastebin.com/esimuhunek.rb Wiki: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Vehicle_in_Vehicle_Transport What i have to change, or can i define many area in CargoBayDimensions ? Thanks for your help !
  15. Hello guys, I try to use the function "Vehicle in Vehicle Transport" for one of my vehicle but i'm stuck when i want to set many areas. If I set only 1 area it's work but if i want to set more than one, thats not work :/ What I do : https://hastebin.com/esimuhunek.rb Wiki: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Vehicle_in_Vehicle_Transport What i have to change, or can i define many area in CargoBayDimensions ? Thanks for your help !
  16. Hey all. Perhaps you can help me with a problem. I've used the setObjectTexture command to great success on vehicles placed in EDEN, placing them and then putting something like setObjectTexture [0, "textures\police_heli.paa"]; in their init field. Bingo, the (in this case) helicopter is there, and it is wearing it's appropriate skin/texture. The problem is respawning. When the vehicle is destroyed, it respawns just fine (I am using the BIS respawn module in EDEN, linked to the vehicle in question). The problem is, that when the vehicle respawns, it respawns with a random skin/texture. Sometimes it's black, sometimes it's tiger-stripe, etc. I've searched the forums and google to no avail to try to fix this. All I want, is for when the vehicle is respawned, to have the same (custom) textures it started with.
  17. I have been working on doing some retexturing of some Arma 3 vehicles for a MillSim unit I am a part of since we are thinking about using them in our operations. I’m getting close to being done with a few of the textures and will be starting on writing the configs for the texture pack soon. Being new at modding in Arma I have a question when it comes to writing the configs. From all the tutorials I can find it seems like the “standard” way to do this is make a new vehicle that uses the same configs and model that the vehicle I am retexturing uses, but just with my new textures. I kind of don’t like this Idea as I would much rather just add the texture to the list of available camouflage options for the existing vehicle instead of having a full new vehicle. Does anyone know how I can add my new textures to the list of available textures for that vehicle so it can be changed in 3den, or can point me to some resources that can help? Or is there a reason that I should make each one a new vehicle? Thanks for the help in advance.
  18. Hello. I have following problem: I put AI into vehicle with moveindriver command. After some event he should leave it by: unAssignVehicle sct1; [sct1] orderGetIn false; sct1 action ["GetOut", vehicle sct1]; And after some times he should enter another vehicle by: [sct1] orderGetIn true; sct1 assignAsCargo EscapeBoat; but that ass go back to the first vehicle and enters it. I tried 'allowGetIn false' command. But after I write allowGetIn true, he goes back to the first vehicle. I don't know whats wrong with that vehicle-crap... He just goes back to the first vehicle and enters it even after unAssign commands and other...
  19. Hello, I've been succesfully using this "safezone.sqf" script to restrict small arms fire, throwing grenades and placing explosives inside a "spawn protected area" which essentially is a trigger area. I assume the script itself is an evolution of grenadeStop.sqf by Bake or it could be from completely different origins who knows. In short what the script does is that it will delete the fired projectile, thrown grenade or placed explosive and display a message that can be customized freely with #define MESSAGE "Type your message here" To add the restriction to certain projectile, grenade or explosive the classname needs to be typed in the SPAWN_Restriction = -field I was trying to use the aforementioned script to also restrict vehicles from firing their guns inside the spawn protected area but it is so that declaring the ammo classnames (that are used in different vehicles) in the SPAWN_Restriction = ["insert ammo classname here"]; is not enough to get the job done. The question here would be that: whether the safezone.sqf can be adapted in a way so that using vehicle guns (or "turrets") to shoot inside the spawn protected area would also be restricted? (if so, any suggestion on how-to?) OR if I should start looking for a completely different approach with the issue at hand (if so, any suggestions what should that approach then be)? There weren't too many discussions available that did share somekind of similarity with what I'm asking here. I actually only found this and this but well, for me those didn't give the comforting "I got this and I know I can do this" feeling. Thus here I am, asking questions. Greetings Asmodeuz
  20. Ok so i'm creating a mission on Tanoa where i need to have players load 2 prowlers into a blackfish, once the vehicles are loaded i need that to signal the pilot to take off and air drop at designated location. Now taking off and air dropping i've got working but how do i make it signal the AI pilot to waitUntil the 2 prowlers are loaded. For the waypoint i have this doMove (getMarkerPos "DropPoint");
  21. Hello, I'd like to have a protection zone (spawn protection) for both human players and vehicles (empty or not) inside a trigger area. This should work in dedicated server environment. I've tried two slightly different approaches and neither of them work well enough. The most current I'm trying to get to work is one where I placed a trigger for Independent side with the following attributes: Type: None Activation: Independent Activation Type: Present Repetable [Yes] Server Only [No] Condition this On Activation {(player) allowDamage false} forEach playableUnits; hint "Spawn protection enabled"; On Deactiavation {(player) allowDamage true} forEach playableUnits; hint "Spawn protection disabled"; While testing this works quite nicely. Leaving the trigger area on foot makes the player vulnerable to everything that can actually kill the player. But as long as the player stays inside the trigger area he/she will be invulnerable. Pretty basic stuff I guess. But there's a catch: if the player spawns a vehicle inside the trigger area, jumps in the vehicle for a short moment, then jumps out and leaves the trigger area on foot and as long as the vehicle stays inside the trigger area the player will be invulnerable. Why is this happening and how would I go on to fix it? Earlier I was trying to use another approach to this: Type: None Activation: Independent Activation Type: Present Repetable [Yes] Server Only [No] Condition ((vehicle player) in thisList) On Activation {(vehicle player) allowDamage false} Foreach thislist; hint "Spawn protection enabled"; On Deactiavation {(vehicle player) allowDamage true} forEach [allUnits, vehicles]; hint "Spawn protection disabled"; This worked as well as the first one: when the player moves out of the trigger area on foot he/she will become vulnerable. But as with the another approach spawning a vehicle and getting in produces awkward result: now even if the player drives out of the trigger area he will be invulnerable indefinitely. So all in all neither of the two approaches work well enough. Also both of the alternatives don't make vehicles invulnerable at all when situated inside the trigger area. Any pointers how to achieve player and vehicle invulnerability at the same time using a trigger?
  22. Hello, I would like special vehicles store in garage system and cleaner. Altis Life v5. Garage system: When vehicle storing to garage and if vehicle is not empty (any loot or resource in trunk or vehicle inventory) it must be stored in this garage and not allowed to retrieve it from another garage. Cleaner of left things: Every 15 min. server makes list of loot and vehicles on the ground (left players objects). If after 15 min. the inventory item or vehicle was not picked up or there was nothing players around 150 meters: -loot delete -vehicles goes to nearest owner garage This cleaner could save fps of servers. I would be very grateful if you could write a script or link to similar project. Thank you.
  23. Hello, I primarily do scripting and map work but recently wanted to try to make a vehicle. I have a vehicle in game and working, only problem is the vehicle will only go 42 km/h on all maps except the VR map. I know that it has something to do with the ground material but i'm not sure what to change since this is not my area. I tried to look up the problem but found a bunch of unrelated problems. Thanks for any help I can get. EDIT: I'm a idiot I knew that terrainCoef would change its interaction with the ground but for some reason I didn't think to edit it.
  24. Edit: Nvm close this please. i just fixed the dedicated server issue (forgot to do an isDedicated check) so now putting the script in the vehicle init isn't required. Hey guys, i've been away from the ArmA scene for a while but it's all coming back pretty quick. I feel like ArmA is lying to me; in the init of a vehicle i have the following: nul = [this] execVM "scripts\mhq\respawnmhq.sqf"; and the first two lines of respawnmhq.sqf are: _mhqveh = _this select 0; _vehiclepos = getPos _mhqveh; So then when i launch the mission to test in the editor it has the gall to say respawnmhq.sqf has an: "Error getpos: Type Array, expected Object,Location". Correct me if I'm wrong, but there is no damn array in there right? [this] is an array with a single item from what i know but it's in the vehicle init not the script, _mhqveh is defined as the 'this' from within the array so is that causing it to think _mhqveh is an array? If so is there another way to execVM that script from the vehicle init? I'm doing this to avoid putting this script in the Init.sqf because really it doesn't need to go in there and if i do that it activates twice on dedicated servers but that's another issue entirely (which I'm pretending doesn't happen).
  25. Hello everyone. I am trying to make a Multiplayer mission where people have to get teleported into a vehicle. I got a Blackfish called "unit1" flying, and I want every player in the server to be teleported into that vehicle. I have tried many different command but nothing seems to work. I thought "moveInCargo" should work, but that only works on local units, not remote units. Things that I tried: {_x action ["getInCargo", unit1]} foreach allPlayers Player1 moveInCargo [unit1, 1]; Player2 moveInCargo [unit1, 2]; Player3 moveInCargo [unit1, 3]; Player4 moveInCargo [unit1, 4]; Player5 moveInCargo [unit1, 5]; Player6 moveInCargo [unit1, 6]; Whatever I try, only me (The host) gets teleported into the vehicle. Other players don't. Does someone know how to make this work?