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  1. Hey guys, I am making a new model (one of my first ever) and I am trying to simulate a translucent red glass for the back lights on the car like in this picture. https://gyazo.com/c2b99acb7abae508fd05fdc3f085c798 But this is what I end up with. https://gyazo.com/03975503ee0f4826570086bbf157a1d0 This is the face properties. https://gyazo.com/1049b7a39af6a82d6ce3558685608f9e Any help would be appreciated as I am currently pulling my hair out. Thanks for reading!
  2. So, I'm new to modelling and made a test building. I got all the geometry, phys and shadow lods working nicely, but my object seems transparant? Here is a gif of what it looks like. https://gyazo.com/cbedb41b5a7a690b1345d6a3769dd7ae Help would be much appreciated, thanks.
  3. Hello guys, I am new to modelling here but I am having a problem with my geomtry lods. I made a basic model (PC case) and I am able to see it in game. BUT, My geometry lods don't work. I can drive, walk and shoot through my basic model. I followed a tutorial on youtube and made a basic shape that outlines the model (a cube). The shape has no non convexities and I did find compunents+ add a mass to the geometry lods. The author of the video says everything looks good, and that it should work, but it just doesn't and ends up like this. https://gyazo.com/6c88f9c9807626fa9f897edebfdae96c I used mikeroe's pboProject to build the PBO and also tried using addon builder. Still no luck. Here is a link to my files: http://www.mediafire.com/file/4yu6k1jixv43ixt/JAF_pccase.rar Any help would be appreciated as I am pulling my hair out right now Thanks for reading! EDIT: I got it to work ONLY when it is under CfgVehicles but it refuses to work under CfgMagazines? Could anyone please add to this?
  4. callmejaf

    Creating an island on Google Maps

    You can get real world terrain height field from http://opentopo.sdsc.edu/raster?opentopoID=OTSRTM.082015.4326.1
  5. Well, i wasted a lot of item manually doing the roads if I can do it with terrain processor..
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    Post New Thread Button missing?

    well, that answers my question haha
  7. Hi, long story short, I own a lakeside server and have no idea how to script, how should I add script that saves the vehicles in garage after restart?