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  1. All the links seems to be down, can anyone upload it? Thanks!
  2. psrkallez06

    Advanced Sling Loading (MP & SP)

    Thanks for this! Does anyone know how i can change the "weight" limit of certain vehicles? For example let's say that i wanted the hummingbird to be able to lift a tank. What do i need to change for that? Thanks!
  3. psrkallez06

    Make any vehicle UAV Controlled.

    Update: So my goal is to be able to use a UAV control on a completly empty vehicle. (if that's even possible).
  4. I know that there are other threads about this, But i still wanted to open my own for simplicity. So this is what i have done. I took a normal hummingbird for testing and i added/edited this in the config: crew="B_UAV_AI"; isUav=1; And that actually worked. I can now control it with the UAV terminal. BUT since "crew="B_UAV_AI";" Makes it so that the pilot seats are busy with the invisible UAV personel. Which means that i can't sit there but only "ride in back" So my question is, is it possible to make it controllable + make the pilot seats empty so that i can sit there also? I don't know much about scripting in arma, but i know how to convert the config.bin to config.cpp, and then make it an addon but that's pretty much it. Thanks!!
  5. psrkallez06

    Advanced Urban Rappelling

    Best arma 3 mod ever! Does anyone know if it's possible to use this as a kind of "grappling" hook also? To be able to climb up to roofs etc?
  6. psrkallez06

    Arma 3 - Ropes and Climbing

    Any news about this? Or does anyone know a mod that does something similar like a "grappling hook"? Cheers.
  7. psrkallez06

    Enhanced Movement

    Well I'm carrying a LOT of stuff. As i said, i have made a backpack which can take pretty much anything.. So i have around 30 AT missiles, and like 10+ 200 RND mags (i just used that for testing) i don't actually play with that lol.. About the speed coef, do you know what file contains that? Maybe i can play around with it to make him always climb "fast"? This is what i found: Not really sure which one i need to change. Thanks for your answer! :)
  8. psrkallez06

    Enhanced Movement

    Thanks for the tip, i have already done that. But it doesn't help.. By fatigue you mean Stamina right? This is what i mean with slow motion: https://i.gyazo.com/c510e0c14e69330fc2bd59d9100156ec.mp4
  9. psrkallez06

    Enhanced Movement

    How can i remove the "slow motion" climbing when i have a lot of weight? I have made a mod so that my backpack can have a lot of stuff. But when i try to climb he's very slow. I tried changing: EM_weightlimits = [9999999, 9999999, 9999999, 9999999]; But that didn't work. Any tips on how i can remove the weight limit? Thanks!
  10. psrkallez06

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    Oh i see! I first thought that if i type something like "100000" it would say "you don't have that much". But that solves it, Thank you man! :D Is it possible to modify the time it takes to take cargo from FOB A to B? If so, which is the file i need to look in?
  11. psrkallez06

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    I have a small suggestion! Or maybe It's already in but i don't know how to use it. First of i love the logistics overview. to be able to send cargo back n forth. But 1. i would like to be able to access logistics overview anywhere (not only the FOB). Secondly is there some option like "take ALL the cargo from this base to another". Because atm i have to open production settings to look how many resources each base has and then write in the number. Any tips? Cheers! :D
  12. psrkallez06

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    Awesome! Thanks for your answer! :D
  13. psrkallez06

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    This is by far one of the best mods/scenarios i have ever tried.. But i do have one question. Since i mostly play single player (with mods that doesn't even work in multiplayer). I was wondering if it's possible to play this fully in single player? and with fully i mean how can i access the parameters to change difficulty and that sort of stuff? And btw, i have only tried this mod myself with local hosting. Thanks!
  14. This is exactly what i wanted!! Thank you very much!
  15. Thanks for your answer. I already have C2, it's a great mod which allows you to have more control over your AI. But it doesn't include any remote control function what I'm aware of?