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  1. Can the glass doors be broken?🤔
  2. Berntsen

    [FOX] Advanced Urban Zipline

    Sweet! This looks pretty awesome. Only thing missing now would be able to shoot grappling hooks as well :D
  3. Berntsen

    DWAR MP mission (COOP/TvT)

    Pretty cool mission man, bit weird that a civilian will spawn ~3m in front of your MHQ as you land it on a rock in the water, then said civilian will run towards you and blow you up like the suicide bomber he is... I love it. Only getting one error when starting it, something to do with the variable "gmoold", doesn't seem to affect anything though.
  4. Berntsen

    [MP] co40 Domination!

    \o/ That means I don't have to do it myself :D Sweet man. Thanks for that :)
  5. Berntsen

    [MP] co40 Domination!

    Well, it's better than nothing! :)
  6. Berntsen

    [MP] co40 Domination!

    Wooo! \o/ I don't know how I missed this man, but seeing this made me incredibly happy! Thanks xeno! :D Edit: And after downloading it and seeing that it's ready for IFA3, made my week. <3
  7. Berntsen

    [CTI,TvT,CooP] Dissension

    First: Not sure if it's intended or not, but when trying to run it with IFA3, you can hire German AI, but purchase more US vehicles than German ones. Thought I'd mention it. Second: Would it be possible to limit the arsenal depending on which mods/factions are used? (Also related to the above feedback, as we could get any weapons from the arsenal) Third: We've also experienced the parachute issue, froze our server a couple times for 30-50 seconds. Besides that, it's a really fun mission when playing vanilla w/ TFAR, love the dynamic battles, and how it doesn't actually lag clients that much. Great job! <3
  8. This is still awesome. Just wish the carrier was classified as a boat, that would make it easier to capsize it :D E: Might have necroed this. Sorry.
  9. This is pretty damn awesome.
  10. Berntsen

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    You should be fine running it as a servermod, or as a script from the mission. Clients nor headless clients do not require the mod at all, i think.
  11. in the ui\playerStatsUI.hpp, try changing the w = 0.06 * safeZoneW to a larger number, see if that works. If not, I'm not sure. class playerRank { idd = -1; fadein = 0; fadeout = 0; duration = 1e10; class controls { class rank : RscText { x = 0; //change this to position text on screen y = 0; //change this to position text on screen w = 0.06 * safeZoneW; // Try increasing this to 0.12 <------------------------------- (sorta like 'w = 0.12 * safeZoneW;') h = 0.02 * safeZoneH; text = "Rank: "; onLoad = "uinamespace setVariable [ 'playerRankText', _this select 0 ]; _this select 0 call TAG_fnc_updatePlayerRank"; }; }; };
  12. Berntsen

    KLPQ Music Radio

    Can confirm, happened to me as well. Turns out a file didn't get converted, and had a filesize of 0kb. Do you know why this doesn't appear to work with Exile?
  13. Awesome. Just awesome.
  14. Berntsen

    Nord, Arctic circle map II

    Sorry to hijack the thread here, but are you perhaps one of the devs of Kobbsvatn?
  15. Berntsen

    Nord, Arctic circle map II

    That would be the main island progress, he's putting a lot of work into it.