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  1. I should also add that @lilwillie's server is one of only two Fight for Freedom officially approved Arma 3 mod servers - the first one in fact. What makes them official? Mostly it's the fact that they are promoted in the Discord, and that I actually play on them. These guys put a lot of effort and thought into building comprehensive scenarios for using the FfF vehicles and characters. If you're in the FfF Discord server/channels just make a request to become a participant... well, just get over there and we'll help get you set up. There are complications with the "Comms Snake" helmet lights - some Arma 3 limitations, but hopefully there can be some kind of work-around. I've tried making first-person perspective helmets before, but they seem to animate differently than the player's view. You see, Arma 3 character animations are very fidgety, by default. You'll notice other characters move a round a lot, but you won't notice it as much from 1st POV because of the different virtual cameras used. To nullify the effect, BI have omitted the head and all the headgear from the 1st POV model. As I discovered the hard way, putting a helmet model in the 1st POV means that when the character looks at his shoe or whatever, you tend to see the ear padding of the inside helmet. Now imagine this when you have helmet lights on... they'd be shining everywhere because there's no military discipline in these characters whatsoever. HOWEVER, I did design the helmet with LEDs just in case there is a solution, so I hope to find one - even if it only sort of works. Time will tell. Side Note: The best solution would be for BI to take out all the fidgety animations and attach the camera to the actual head. If working helmets are super cool to you, then check out the Elite Trooper (the not-Viper). I've given their visors the ability to flip up like a motorcycle helmet so they can wear their goggles as NVGs. Also, the 61st JTF Tank Commander (a la Steeler) has NVG and Thermal modes, and I hope to add a rangefinder function to it. Lots of cool stuff, but it also alludes to even more cool stuff to come.
  2. Shot in the dark, but I wonder if your fix for preventing water damage could be applied to sea-planes and sea-choppers? I have some aircraft in-game that I really want to get them taking off or taxiing on water, but they tend to explode with the tiniest droplet if the speed is too fast. Is there is a config line that I'm missing in my mods, I wonder?
  3. @jandrews I still haven't implemented the specific characters, so it's still a build-a-soldier thing. A lot of the people who play it like to customize their characters (some jokingly call it Arma Barbie). There is definitely a need for specific characters, but I have yet to sit down and sort out exactly how to make those classes. Thanks for still playing! @zukov Thank you, very much! I hope you enjoy flying that thing. It is an odd little vehicle that has gained the favor of many players with sheer astonishment, even some that may consider themselves hardcore.
  4. It's been a while since anyone has posted here, but the mod is far from dead. In fact, it's better than ever and still improving. Major developmental issues have been addressed and fixed, even stuff that nobody was aware of on the surface. Still many of the same issues remain, but they are being eliminated in due time. How could it be going so well if it has been silent since February? The simple answer is that most of the people staying in touch with the mod have joined up on the Discord Server: https://discord.gg/SZtm46k. We are actively play-testing as a group most weeks, regularly on Monday nights (Autumn - US schedule) and randomly throughout the week in smaller groups. Come in, say hi, announce you're new, and someone will help you get all set up to join. Alternatively, you can just pop in to watch the comments and get occasional progress reports on the development. It's a great place to be, so get in there.
  5. They're not relevant, as I found out. AFAICT, they affect the direction any projectile would travel, but there's no commander weapon assigned to the commander "gun" which results in nothing. They are used for single barrel vehicle guns, whereas "memoryPointGun[]" is used for multiple barrels (hence the array brackets), or for a secondary gun. "gunBeg" and "gunEnd" might also have something to do with where the muzzle flash is and where the casing ejects. I had them in // before the video and just never put it back.
  6. yes because I was trying to see if that might fix the upside down prob. All it did was make the mouse controls go the opposite way.
  7. It's been almost a year, and I'm still having problems with my tank commander position. I had taken a step away from the tanks for most of that time, but now I'm revisiting them and hoping to get this resolved once and for all. To assist in the explanation, I've once again created a video explaining the problem, so please watch: config.cpp: model.cfg:
  8. Nope. All I could figure out was how to move a searchlight connected to a turret the pilot can move, and it was done using the pilot cam feature instead of hasDriver = -1;. Binding it to the TrackIR was kind of conflicting with normal head movements in other situations (non-pilot). If light is all you need to move, then it's kind of a cool set up.
  9. scotg

    Airplane PhysX Wheels

    I was re-reading this thread to see if there were any further developments, and because I reached out to you in a PM. That aside for this thread, I haven't been around much since using the Discord server more. I'm curious if you ever did the An-22, or any other plane with multi-wheel gear. Some larger aircraft have 8 wheels per main gear. The ones on the back end would teeter totter the entire wheel assembly before the gear suspension compresses on landing. Simply put, the way a (tricycle) plane lands on its main gear first and then sets down on its front gear, the row of wheels on one gear would behave the same way. On bigger planes, not showing this behavior would be ugly.
  10. Hey everyone, forgive my wordiness, but I try to be thorough. Read on... You're right about updates. There are more updates, but they're not available to the general public. The idea is that it would behoove the fans to show their support by subscribing and staying current with its development. I can't go into details about how to subscribe, but here's a little hint: fans would hardly notice it in their monthly budgets. I have a Discord channel set up for the mod, too. I just need a moderator/personality/host to liaison between me and the players during periods where I am concentrating on the artwork and stuff (but I will still interact with them as often as I can!). It's a matter of finding someone with the time and dedication, getting an NDA for him/her to sign (and he/she signing it), and then giving that person a fair degree of authority over all the media outlets - Patreon, Discord, Facebook, here, etc. If you have more questions on this matter, and you are 18 or older, please PM me. Hi @lilwillie! Welcome back to Arma, and I hope BI Studio ( @RaptorM60 ) is taking note that this fledgling mod has that kind of influence in their favor! It is still in development, and should be considered a preview, but yeah there are quite a few issues. I wouldn't regard the mod as a full-fledged, fully integrated fighting force until further development, stating "Full Release," or some such, is made clear. Right now, it's best for server admins and such to stay in planning and ponder the possibilities this mod can offer in the future, like what @Donnie_Plays is doing. I should note here that if anyone wants to team up for a dedicated, monetized server, then you should read that link and then PM me. The catch would be that it cannot be named GI Joe, but I've gone to painstaking lengths in naming the mod and its assets to stay in the legal clear. Getting to lilwillie's questions... 1. I'm not sure how AI handles the vehicles and their weapons. I've only tested these in 1st person, and the [Komodo]'s main guns are actually working. How they work will change in the future, but they are working. The missiles, as I recall, do not work (although they once did until I decided I didn't like how they were launching and gave that system a clean slate for future development). Also, I don't know if it affects how AI regards enemy targets, but [Vibora] forces have been designated Independent Forces on purpose so they can be opposed to BlueFor and OpFor, and perhaps other Indies as well. I think you might be able to set their allegiances in the mission, maybe? As an artist, I have to admit that certain things are beyond my abilities, atm. 2. I'm not sure why this happens. I've been getting reports lately that only certain vehicles do not work well in certain modes, like Zeus for example. I haven't updated the mod since its release in November, but I've only been getting such reports since mid-January. 3. Correct. Most of the mod is still very much in development, so this is just one of the more obvious examples. 4. The [Black Bear] is small, and that's intentional. It's based off of its real-life influence, the RDF/LT, which is a 3-man light tank. Also, many assume the Mauler MBT is a full-size Main Battle Tank, but it's labelled as a "manned" battle tank - which is subject to interpretation. I enjoy GI Joe a lot, but that box is just a small example of the silliness of the franchise. If you read the acronym with the full name of the toy, then you get "Mauler Manned Battle Tank Tank" - an example of RAS Syndrome (redundant acronym syndrome syndrome). Back on track (tank pun), it was often deemed a replacement for the MOBAT, but in reality it should have been supplemental. The Black Bear LT (Mauler) reestablishes this distinction so that the Kodiak (MOBAT) can exist on the battlefield at the same time. 😉 Of all the GI Joe and Cobra vehicles (the ones based on real life vehicles), most of them are under-sized for the action figures, which are almost 1:18 in scale. The MOBAT is more likely 1:24, and all the airplanes are probably 1:32 or smaller. The USS Flagg, at 1:18 scale, would be roughly the size of a full length tractor trailer. Compared to the other toy vehicles' scales, the Mauler MBT is an exception, being close to 1:18 just like the figures. Another part of the Black Bear LT being small is that the Komodo is larger than one might expect, so if you're comparing them side-by-side it accentuates the size differences. Enlarging the Komodo was necessary for its development, and it makes it seem like a more formidable threat. Putting this kind of intimidating equipment on the battlefield also helps make Vibora seem more like a force to be reckoned with.
  11. I think that's wise. LOL I did warn everyone that it's still early in development. As such, FfF! is really more of a playable preview to what it could be. The mod concept is an ambitious project - but easily tamed with just a little help. A major part of why it's available during development is an attempt to find such help. I'm just struggling to find available, interested, and capable helpers, and meeting these criteria is a rare combination. To compound the issue, and the reason why this project should be done, is that many of the vehicles and gear require special functions that separate them from the vanilla game and most other mods. It's not the only mod to sport unique assets with outside-the-box functions, but it does have a lot of them (and even more to come!) in one package. However, players seem to love it (or at least the idea of it), despite it needing much work. The mod more or less came out of nowhere as far as most Steam users are concerned, and gained respectable popularity in a very short time despite its unexpected release. The great thing is they don't have to be GI Joe fans to enjoy it, simply because of the diversity it proposes to offer.
  12. Hi @Donnie_Plays! I have no idea about any of the server compatibility stuff. LOL. I haven't tested it even in MP, tbh. I'm obviously still working on the project, but it's at a slower pace. I've started another position working on vehicle models for a AAA game, so my time is divided. It's a situation that I couldn't avoid since this mod is gaining popularity, but barely any new patrons.
  13. Someone else had said it gets pushed back from firing the weapon, so I had to go back and re-test. Turns out that was an understatement. The push back is a more powerful force than the thrusters are. Holding down the fire button, it "pushed" me 10k meters high in a matter of 10 seconds. Also, the higher it goes the harder it is to fall; for some reason it just kind of floats even with engines off and no forward speed. Last thing I forgot to mention: it doesn't steer, and I don't know why. As I said I was making a last minute adjustment just to get it off the ground (it was worse than the Swamp Raider is now). It just needs better rudder control, and I don't understand what's causing it to fail. It seems I'm better at making the pretty vehicles than getting them to work.
  14. It's just pictures... maybe I can find the playable map. I'm not even sure what the file would be anymore. Have to dig.
  15. Good feedback. Documents and project information links are provided on the FFF! Workshop page, in the description. There is a "Known Issues" document, which covers most of what you've said. Common issues and whatnot are listed in its General Issues sections, and then some specifics are listed for each asset/vehicle/model. In addition to that, other players have also already posted most of the issues without checking known issues. This is true of all assets, in various degrees, so this basically sums up all the vehicles. The "Swamp Raider" airboat has the least amount of configs, rigging, and artwork on it. Feel free to report issues, but just keep in mind that most of the things people report were known before the release. I hope this saves people time and trouble. I can really appreciate the enthusiasm, so maybe it would be great for a list that has suggestions and requests only. Basically, I know all about how broken this Alpha Release is, but it's great to hear that you'd like civilian and 4-door versions. The Shock Hopper is RWD on purpose, but the other cars should be 4WD. They have better speed and force you to really use caution when driving, so if you're drifting, then maybe check your speed? That being said, I do need to work on the Puma's handling, as it seems to jump too high off burms and mounds. Support and contributions are excellent and much appreciated! I hate to sound like a broken record, but please see the Workshop page for skills needed and other ways to contribute. Lastly, here's a folder with old mods: Old Mods. The Cobra Island folder should be in there somewhere, but it might not be as exciting as you are hoping. I don't have the the Terror Drome in there - just a construction spot for it. It looks kind of like the quarry on Tanoa, but remember this was made ten years ago. What is does have is a cave in the marshes, with waterway access. The marsh area was deep enough for small boats, but shallow enough for vehicles like the VAMP (I was using real names for that mod). You could race a VAMP against a Water Moccasin in that portion of the island. I'm not sure if I have that mod anymore, and I definitely don't have that game or its mod kit anymore, either. I do, of course, still have my models used for the CryEngine mod, but my current models are far better looking. Feel free to browse the other folders; they have more vehicles for older game mods I've made (non-Arma). As for the females... I'm at a loss for that, for now. Besides the obvious visual differences, women move differently than men. A proper female representation would require all new animations, using female-proportioned skeletons, and it would have to be done for every weapon, every vehicle, and every item, in all possible stances. It's very likely that all gear would require new female versions for fit, as well. Mod devs with custom vehicles, like mine, should also do the same for vehicle positions. Once that's all been done, you now only have two human bodies, to be frank. Forget about height differences and gender-specific body type differences; those would all require new poses and animations for everything.