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  1. Just wanted to add for anyone who uses this. The doTarget works fine if the unit isn’t in the Spotlight vehicle, like perhaps you want a unit looking around with flashlight. For some reason I had to use lookAt to get them to break loop while in the spotlight. Just wanted to mention that in case you wanted to use in a different way.
  2. If you force the engine on it's wheels spin during the playback, but yeah, it's def not smooth from my experience. Tried a lot of different framerates with not a lot of good results. It looks decent on air, but everything else looks kinda weird. Tried it on infantry and he just kinda floated around with his knees bent up like he was jumping.
  3. Does that setDriveOnPath make the convoys move together more realistic? Let me know how that goes.
  4. I'll have to check that out, still learning myself.
  5. You could also try https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_stalk itll make the ai run directly towards them. Set the first vehicle as the unit to stalk. Was messing with it last night trying to make my own suicide bomber script. Looks like it has to be a group not object but I’m sure you can make it work if the first vehicle is closest to them
  6. I noticed they’ll not try to go around things if they are in Combat mode. They’ll just plow through most the time. Could try that. I’m sure you tried playing with the distance. Could also try it with some AI modes turned off on the bomber (using ai mode module or something)so maybe he doesn’t pay attention to the vehicle and just runs out. I’m not home or I’d test it.
  7. Okay, so it looks like the lookAt command panther suggested did the trick. This works well. nul = [] spawn { _array = [spot_1,spot_2,spot_3,spot_4,spot_5]; while { isNull (gunner1 findNearestEnemy gunner1) } do { { gunner1 lookAt _x; sleep (random [5,10,15]); } forEach _array; } };
  8. Thanks, that conversion chart is handy. I learned all that sqs syntax working with camera scripts years ago. Oddly enough my script works well, but I did want to use the correct syntax.
  9. Is he treating the logics as an enemy when he breaks or something? No rush on replies or anything, just trying to learn the right way to do things. Mine works perfectly and will probably suffice for a SP mission, but not sure how that kind of scripting works in MP environment.
  10. It seems to break now, but he just stops and looks one direction, doesn't scan around. He has a teammate up there too who definitely knows when I'm shooting. Also doesn't seem to break unless I fire, he doesn't notice me in the light.
  11. I'll let you know how that works. Thanks
  12. The ai wouldn't break out of the loop this way. Unloaded in his vicinity and he kept on doing his turns. Not sure if it has to do with distance. He's high up in a tower. So far my version is working the best, I don't even have to shoot, if he catches me in the light he'll break out of the loop, but it's an ugly script 😛 Any ideas? Tried some other conditions without luck.
  13. How would you make it so it stops script when gunner1 detects an enemy? Noticed he just kept on turning no matter what. I did get it to work well using my original idea and doWatch instead, then when he detects enemy he stops targeting the logics with doWatch objNull and he'll look for the enemy. But I figure there's a way to do it with your loop, plus I couldn't get the random sleep to work along with my idea. Tried a lot of things with while and if/then but wasn't having luck doing it your way. Plus your way could go in an init if I recall correctly, and I have to call mine from a script. this exec "scripts\searchlight.sqs"; #searchlight gunner1 doWatch spot_1; ~ 10 gunner1 doWatch spot_2; ~ 10 gunner1 doWatch spot_3; ~ 10 gunner1 doWatch spot_4; ~ 10 gunner1 doWatch spot_5; ~ 10 gunner1 doWatch spot_6; ~ 10 gunner1 doWatch spot_7; ~ 10 gunner1 doWatch spot_8; if (gunner1 call BIS_fnc_enemyDetected) then {goto "stop";}; goto "searchlight" #stop gunner1 doWatch objNull;
  14. That works so much better, thanks again.