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  1. I've recently taken an interest in a few vehicles that i woud like to get working into arma. I have the models and the textures for them but thats where it ends. I dont know where to start and most of the tutorial's I've looked at arent really structured verry well and dont explain a lot of stuff. I use blender for a work environment btw. My main question is setting up all the LODS, memory modules, points, etc. What are they, how do they work, what determins them, how can i set them up in the best possable. Thanks.
  2. i have been working with the Spawn AI modules and such, and i have had moderete succsess with changing their loadouts in the expression field for custom factions using this line of code: spawnedGroup = _this select 0; { loadout = [_x, configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> selectRandom ["SUD_NATO_Soldier_TL","SUD_NATO_Soldier_AR","SUD_NATO_Soldier_AT","SUD_NATO_Soldier_GL","SUD_NATO_Soldier","SUD_NATO_Soldier_Medic"]] call BIS_fnc_loadinventory; } forEach units spawnedGroup; My question is this: Is there a way to do the same with vehicles? I mean spawning a custom vehicle for it to be used as a standart part of the group.
  3. I've been having quite some headaches trying to figure out how to make a sidemission generator Basicly what i want is via player input (like pressing a button via addaction) to be generated a side mission with custom units on either a few specified possitions or on a random possition. I think it will be simpler by using scripts, but if there is a stragiht up init would be nice aswell If anyone can help it would be appreciated
  4. I;ve setten up a basic sector controll gamemode with 7 sectors and 3 spawn points for AI for bouth factions. Infantry, Motorized/Mechanized and armored. Problem occures when they spawn. They dont get the waypoint to attack a sector. I have everything set uip all modules down including the Spawn AI: Sector Tactics and heres the weird part. When i test it from the Eden Editor or when im hosting the game it works fine, but when i send it to my server and set it as a mission on it, it doesnt work. I've tried changing the location of the Sector tactic module, connecting it to sectors, to spawn AI modules, leaving it as it is not connected ot anything, nut nothing. Is there a server setting that could be interfeiring with the module or is it something wrong with the mission? Thanks.
  5. I'm currently setting up a scenario in winter conditions with the IFA units and such, but they don't show up on the spawn AI menu aswell GEIST russian units. Only the standart IFA units are viasble in the selection Any ideas?
  6. I'm currently tring to set up a mission where a player activates an action witch activates a trigger that spawns units in a group. I have done the addAction and it looks like this: this addAction ["Spawn INF", {(_this select 0) setVariable ["GERinf", 2, true];}]; and the condition of the trigger: ((InfTrigGER getVariable ["GERinf", 0]) == 2) But i have trouble with spawning the units. So far i have done this: _group105=createGroup west; _unit2=_group105 createUnit ["fow_s_ger_heer_rifleman", getMarkerPos "GERinfspawn", [], 4, "FORM"]; I'm trying not to use an outside script and basicly only do it from the ingame init. If someone can help that would be awesome :)