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Found 116 results

  1. Hi, I'm kinda new to the whole editing missions thing, so I've been using the RESPAWN ON DEATH option in all of my missions. I wish to improve that, so I wanna make it so SQUAD A could respawn on any of HIS squadmates, and SQUAD B could respawn on any of HIS squadmates, but SQUAD A can't respawn on SQUAD B. I found out how to let players respawn on other players but how can I restrict a player to respawn only at certain respawn positions? Thanks for any replies!
  2. Hello, I am using the following setup (see the image below) to create a mobile spawn point for human players in a multiplayer mission. Vehicle respawn module is synced to the MSE-3 Marid so that the vehicle will respawn if players will desert it or it gets destroyed. Respawn position is synced to the MSE-3 Marid thus creating a spawn position in the vehicle. This spawn position will also move with the vehicle. The trigger there is set to OPFOR (Present). With this there has to be OPFOR players inside the trigger area for the Respawn position to be available to players. Now, I would like this to be so that the trigger is attached to the MSE-3 Marid so that it would go everywhere where the vehicle is going. I know that I can achieve this easily by typing the following eg. in the Marid's INIT-field: toActivateOPFORPlayerRespawnInOPFORapc attachTo [OPFORapc,[0,0,0]]; Now the problem is that when the Marid gets respawned the trigger won't be attached to the vehicle anymore. How to make it so that the trigger would be attached to the MSE-3 Marid at all times (= would get reattached on respawn)?
  3. Alleged Accomplice

    Vehicle Respawn module problems

    I make a scenario, I make sectors, I make vehicle respawn points and I hide the vehicles with the show hide module connected to the vehicles and the show hide modules hooked to triggers if the side that is supposed to have those vehicles loses that sector, works fine. Except if someone is in that vehicle when the side changes, it still hides, which hides the guy and he has to respawn. What I really need is a way to make the respawn module only active for those vehicles if that side still owns the sector. Do I put something in the init of the respawn module? If that what? This has to be done on several different vehicles and groups of vehicles in the scenario.
  4. Hi. I need help with scripting dynamically spawned helicopters being synced to the respawn module. Manually syncing to the module works with respawn in Eden, but synchronizeObjectsAdd doesn't seem to work with script, guess it doesn't work that way. basically, 1. If mod exists, spawn that helicopter, else spawn this helicopter 2. then sync this or that helicopter to respawn helicopter, when it dies, at the position of where it was first spawned. Just want to add on that I want the Helicopter to spawn back where it got destroyed. Unless I have to use my own script that runs on an interval to do the checking for myself... which I can actually, but just curious if I can leverage on the current respawn module that I have already used.
  5. Hello, By default when placing a Sector module the Seize reward is set to 10. But where is that number supposed to be added when a side captures the said sector? To the current amount of respawn respawn tickets the side that captured the sector has? There's a small description for the Seize reward: "Score awarded to the side which seized the sector". Ok then, but what score? While testing this I created a simple mission with: two playable characters (OPFOR and BLUFOR) one sector module that I synced with OPFOR and BLUFOR side logic entitites respawn tickets module with 200 respawn tickets to both OPFOR and BLUFOR Testing with that configuration through in-game editor's multiplayer mode doesn't yield any results that would prove that the seize reward is working as expected. But.. I guess that's the thing that what is the actual expectation. Like what is supposed to actually happen when there's a number set in the seize reward field. Would someone else have any experience to share here whether the Sector module's Seize reward functionality is working as expected?
  6. Hello folks! I've encountered an issue which is making problems for my mission - and I think it explains former problems I’ve had also in previous missions I’ve made (multiplayer missions, hosted on dedicated servers - or local). When making missions, I at times use triggers to recognize that a specific group is either in a vehicle, or has departed a vehicle. To do this, I use the following codes. This one I use to link an entire Unit to a said "group", for script/coding purposes when it comes to triggers etc. <GROUP> = group this; This one I use to detect if said above named "group" has entered the vehicle. This particular one, checks group for "dead" people, so it will only count members still alive in the group. This is normally put into the triggers condition, to then activate the trigger. {_x in <VEHICLE>} count units <GROUP> == {alive _x} count units <GROUP>; This one is as the one above, just for detecting when said "group" has left a given vehicle. {_x in <VEHICLE>} count (units <GROUP>) == 0; In my latest mission, i've also added the "onPlayerkilled.sqf" and "onPlayerRespawn.sqf" files, to both save gear on death, and give it back once they respawn. onPlayerKilled.sqf player setVariable["Saved_Loadout",getUnitLoadout player]; onPlayerRespawn.sqf removeAllWeapons player; removeGoggles player; removeHeadgear player; removeVest player; removeUniform player; removeAllAssignedItems player; clearAllItemsFromBackpack player; removeBackpack player; player setUnitLoadout(player getVariable["Saved_Loadout",[]]); My problem is that when someone dies, they apparently lose their link to their "group" - which means that above triggers with "enter/leave" vehicle using the group codes - won’t work. Example: Helo Evac from a said location. The helicopter is set to land on location, and wait for the group to enter it. A trigger prevents the helicopter from moving on until the entire group is in the chopper. The problem is if we've had deaths in the group, who have then respawned. As the trigger used to check if the group is in the chopper, counts out dead group members - they are counted as "not being in the game anymore" by all concerns for the trigger once they have died and respawned. The respawn script does not "re-implement" them into the given group - and we get the case where the helicopter will take off once the "original group members" who never died during the mission is in the chopper, while leaving respawned members behind. Only way I’ve found to counter this so far, is to make sure that the "original members who never died", enter the vehicle last - but this is an issue, as this particular mission is going on the steam workshop soon, and it'll be tricky to get this through without giving away some hints on what’s going to happen, before it happens. I’m no script/code guru - but I’m quite a proficient "googler" and "forum reader" when it comes to finding codes/scripts I need to do what I want. I am however hoping that some of the script/coder guys in this community could help me out with this one - either by providing me changes to the respawn scripts, so that the players still will be counted as "part of the group" when respawning, or perhaps making changes to the trigger condition code so the group is still counted properly, despite deaths (while also counting deaths - as some might die during the mission - which has a set amount of respawns). Think you guys can see my predicament here
  7. Hi there, I am having an issue with zeus, where vehicles won't respawn at all. And which still happens after a fresh install of Arma 3 with no mods and removing all profiles :( Any help would be greatly appreciated Many thanks
  8. lawndartleo

    respawn loadouts module

    Dabbling with the respawn loadout module. Dropped it in while playing mission, selected some of my loadouts, asked my guinea pigs to respawn and see if the loadouts I shared were available and they were. After selecting one of the kits I shared, when they respawned they just had some random kit. It's worth noting that we are using mods such as ACE and RHS. Is there something else I have to add to the mission structure to allow the loadouts to actually transfer (aside from the name of my shared loadouts being available in their list)? Running on rented dedicated server. Zeus Respawn Loadouts Saved loadout can be given to players as respawn loadouts by Zeus. Works only in scenarios with MenuInventory (CHECK) respawn template enabled. Save your loadout CHECK Play a scenario as Zeus CHECK Place Modules > Respawn > Loadouts CHECK Select side tab CHECK Expand Arsenal category CHECK Select the saved loadout. CHECK After confirming, players of the given side will be able to respawn with your loadout. NOPE!
  9. The issues is a follows. With ACE 3 running on a server. When a player is shot enough they can become unconscious, when this happens I believe it is ACE that changes that players "Side" over to a civilian from in this instance Blufor. On occasion when said player dies or re-spawns they are not always changed back to the original Faction they were with. Causing AI of an opposing faction not to engage them as they are still seen as a civilian. This creates a few problems resulting a misrepresentation of balance, AI difficulty, Medical system intensity, and a broken experience for players, both those who are now "Terminators" and those who die watching our "T1000" players push onward undieing.
  10. Hello! I am currently making a Coop mission for me and my friends and are setting up the finishing touches. But, I have some minor problems when it comes to the spawning and respawning-module. 1. I want my playable units for this mission to start inside a moving vehicle. But, when ticking the option "Select respawn posistion", the game will NOT start from where the playable unit is, and insted will force me to choose one of the made up respawn modules. 2. I want the players to unlock new spawnpoints as the game progress. This I know works with a simple trigger "player, present". But when I tick OFF the "Select respawn position" and only use triggers, then the game will not allow me to spawn at all. Does anyone know what I should do here? I've been googling and tubing for so long that i'm going crazy. Thank you so much in advance. - Whale
  11. hi guys! i've been plagued for many months now, by a really strange problem, that happens just sometimes, apparently at random times. here is what happens usually: i start the game, join a server, and when it should show the respawn menu, where you can select respawn position, the whole menu is not there! even tapping ESC key does nothing (usually it should show the game menu), and only way to exit from that situation is to ALT+F4 or if server close (being my dedicated, i tried shut it down, at that point i got an error aabout "connection lost" and from there i could open menu again). now after many months, for the first time, i got an error while in editor MP test, and the same symptoms as the ones usually happening on dedicated! i cant understand what that mean, but maybe someone can cast some light on this! thanks ! here is the error: https://ibb.co/fCh1XF
  12. I need help setting up roles and classes. I still keep getting an error that the roles are not loading up, and so its switching to the default. Things I've tried V https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Respawn:_New_Respawn_Screen And the only thing in my mission init is ... [missionNamespace,["WEST1",5,10]] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory;
  13. Ok. I will put this simply, I have a mission file, it has alot of different things on it. (Not going into specifics unless it actually matters) and I added both a script for earplugs and a script that adds a scroll menu action for holstering your weapon and taking it back out again (so you can run faster with your weapon on your back). As of right now, I have them set to persist after respawning with this: (this is in init.sqf) player addEventHandler ["Respawn", {[] execVM "holster.sqf"}]; and a very similar setup with the earplugs with some extra strings at the start so you dont get multiple identical scroll menu actions: (this is in init.sqf) terminate ep; //Terminate the script (to avoid duplicate actions) sleep 1; //sleep player removeaction epi; player removeaction epo; sleep 1; 1 fadesound 1; ep = [] execVM "earplugs.sqf";}]; So as of right now, I can get EITHER one or the other to persist after respawn, and if I get both working, the earplugs fill up the entire left side of your screen with the scroll menu action... Any help would be appreciated, I am pretty new to scripting (for arma) and would love to learn how to make these scripts execute via a combination of HOTKEYS as well, instead of relying on the duplication of scroll menu actions, either one will work. ALSO, quick note, the mission file is running "Liberation v0.923" Again, many thanks to any who can help me, I am open to giving details if necessary.
  14. Hi, I'm having a slight issue with my respawn setup. Specifically, the respawn of playable characters that are AI at the moment of death. For some reason, they respawn on the exact location where they died, instead of at the respawn module - it works correctly on listening server. There is one respawn module placed on the map called 'respawn_west' and in the description.ext, I use this: // Respawn type, see the table below respawn = 3; // Delay in seconds before playable unit respawns. respawnDelay = 10; // Respawn templates from CfgRespawnTemplates. You can combine any number of them together. respawnTemplates[] = {"Revive","MenuPosition","Spectator"}; // 0 to disable the score table (it can still be opened manually by pressing 'P' key). respawnDialog = 0; // When 1, the score table contains score of all playable units as opposed to players only. aikills = 1; respawnOnStart = -1; I hope there's a fix for this, as it's really annoying to have AI basically take over the map, dying 20+ times in the process.. As a temporary fix, is there a way to turn off respawn for playable characters that are currently AI controlled? or have a 'onRespawn' script for those?
  15. Hud Dorph

    Zeus respawn issue

    Hello - Zeus issue - if i on my server use zeus to create an empty vehicle i cannot set respawn for it. If i push the "respawn on current position" button it seems to apply, but after clicking ok and reentering properties the respawn button if off again - its been like this for some time now - testet ofc with no mods - can anyone confirm/ deconfirm issue. Edit: Wow seems like its reported on 18may and still here :( https://feedback.bistudio.com/T124864
  16. My Zeus Game Master mission works near flawlessly, except for some reason all the virtual entities die when the mission starts. I will select the Zeus virtual entity at the start screen, and when it goes to the briefing it shows "No Signal", then starts with the screen pointing up and it shows me the death screen. Why is this happening? The Zeus can work if being used by a regular unit, but that causes strange re-spawning bugs. I want a normal virtual Zeus entity to be the Game Master, but that is impossible if it dies for no reason. Am I missing something for my virtual entities to be dying? I am using version 1.56 for the Eden editor, is that the cause of this strange bug? Description.ext author="Smash Balls"; onLoadName = "Overlord 42+1 Master Altis"; OnLoadMission = "There is an almighty Overlord of which I wouldn't disobey! The NATO faction has a starting desert HQ with a handful of starting assets to use."; loadScreen = "overlordCastle.jpg"; overviewText = "Our lord of death and destruction has arrived!"; displayName = "Overlord 42+1 Master Altis|Preset Base(NATO)"; respawnVehicleDelay = 30; respawn = "BASE"; respawndelay = 15; respawnDialog = 1; respawnTemplatesWest[] = {"MenuPosition","MenuInventory"}; respawnTemplatesCiv[] = {"MenuPosition","MenuInventory"}; respawnTemplatesVirtual[] = {}; respawnOnStart = 0; disabledAI = 1; joinUnassigned = 1; aiKills = 1; class Header { gameType = ZGM; //DM, Team, Coop, ... minPlayers = 1; //min # of players the mission supports maxPlayers = 43; //Max # of players the mission supports playerCountMultipleOf = 1; };
  17. Hi there, I'm currently making a WW2 airborne style mission for me and a couple of friends, but I've run into a problem. After struggling with the respawning inside of a vehicle for a while I've finally managed to do it with the help of a trigger, but now I've run into a new problem: the vehicle they're spawning in is a C-47, but because the AI can't keep them in the air for long I've had to disable the simulation so that they don't spawn inside a crashed airplane. The problem with that is that when simulation is disabled, they are unable to move around inside it, and can't jump out. So I'm stuck with a respawn that is either a crashed plane, or a static plane they can't jump out of. Does anyone know of a way of making the plane stay static in the air but still being able to get out/getting kicked out as soon as they spawn inside it? Or is there a way to make the AI fly around the AO for a undetermined amount of time without it crashing? Any help would be appreciated!
  18. Hello, my question is : Is it possible to delete a respawn point OPFOR when a BLUFOR go into a trigger, I know how to create a respawn point with a trigger but I don't know if it's possible to do the reverse Thx for your help, And sorry if my English isn't good :/ PS: A second question : How to reserve a radio to the BLUFOR et an other to the OPFOR (For example; Alpha for BLUFOR et Beta for OPFOR) In other words I don't want that the Opfor use the radio of the Blufor ^^
  19. I just loaded up the 3D editor, and have been experimenting with the new objects. One of them is a Respawn Position object, which can be found under Systems > Modules > Multiplayer on the right side tab. I thought that maybe finally i'd be able to set up unit respawns without having to manually edit the description.ext. I placed one down, and synced it to the player unit, but there was no option to respawn when I killed myself in the mission. Even if I launched it into multiplayer from the editor. What are the purpose of these objects, and can I use them to make unit respawn locations?
  20. hello! i have a situation where i need to create a respawn marker, make all players and A.I. respawn, then delete the marker, so no more respawn are allowed. it works on players, but A.I. bots (all playable units) keep respawning also without a marker!! please help me stop this madness !! thanks !
  21. hello guys ! i searched all the forums and googled a lot, but still cannot find a solution to a very simple problem: i need to respawn players and A.I. on command (trigger or script). the goal is to have a sort of 1-life round (where if you die you go spectator), but when objective is achieved, all must respawn (both friendly and enemys, both players and A.I.) ...i tried "respawn in waves" but its not working like this.....any idea how achieve this ? thanks guys !!
  22. I've made an addon that adds a texture to the texture list in "edit Vehicle Appearance" on the gryphon, but I can't figure out a way to keep the vehicle appearance and the pylon settings for the jet after respawn. Any ideas?
  23. Hello. I have following problem: I made mission. It should be without respawn. In Description.ext I tried respawn = 0 and even to not define respawn. The problem is that I don't want that Init.sqf executes if someone joins in progress. He should be a seagull if he joins in progress (respawn = "BIRD" not worked, init.sqf executes anyway) and Init.sqf should not be executed on his machine. Is there some way to prevent this?
  24. I'm not sure if this is where this goes but Iv been searching for the past two days and I cannot seem to find an answer. Is there a way to make weapons respawn on the position they were placed after they have been picked up? Either with a timer or event or something, anything at all? Thanks in advance.
  25. Hey all. Perhaps you can help me with a problem. I've used the setObjectTexture command to great success on vehicles placed in EDEN, placing them and then putting something like setObjectTexture [0, "textures\police_heli.paa"]; in their init field. Bingo, the (in this case) helicopter is there, and it is wearing it's appropriate skin/texture. The problem is respawning. When the vehicle is destroyed, it respawns just fine (I am using the BIS respawn module in EDEN, linked to the vehicle in question). The problem is, that when the vehicle respawns, it respawns with a random skin/texture. Sometimes it's black, sometimes it's tiger-stripe, etc. I've searched the forums and google to no avail to try to fix this. All I want, is for when the vehicle is respawned, to have the same (custom) textures it started with.