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  1. Hi, So I'm making a setup for a MP campaign. I have an idea that the players could select their loadout when they respawn. I'm using ACE, so I want my classes to have the ACE trait for their class. E.g. the Engineer gets ACE Engineer, the medic gets ACE Medic, and the AT, rifleman and so on doesn't get these traits. I've made this LoadoutClasses.hpp: Now, how can I make the onPlayerRespawn.sqf? I though of something like this: But I'm not sure it would work, I'm not sure the code is correct. Could you guys help a poor fellow out? :)
  2. Thank you for your reply. No, I'm not sure that I need it. I'll guess I'll just test it first with the server, and see if the server alone can handle it. But if I want a another PC to be a HC, do I also need to buy a second copy of arma 3 for this to work?
  3. I have a beginner question about headless clients. I've tried reading the HC-guide by Monsoon, but I still have some questions. My clan and I are renting an online server where we play out or missions, so the server itself is per se considered headless. And I understand that a headless client is just a computer that connects to the server, but itself is not a player. Is it necessary with headless clients on an rented online server? If so, is it possible then to use the online renting service as headless clients? I've noticed that some server rental sites rents out additional "headless clients", but is this necessary? Or is it easier (or even possible) to I set up a headless client on the same computer I use for playing arma 3, and make it connect to the online server as an HC? Thanks in advance.
  4. Have anyone experimented with Warlords and Zeus as commander? Thinking of creating a Warlords mission using the official guide. On each team I also want to have a "commander" which have Zeus privilege. The Zeus can only see his own teams units on the map, and can only spawn units belonging to its respective faction. Maybe he also only can spawn units in a defined area around the start base. Zeus have to be resource restricted, so he can't spawn a million tanks. Before I invest hours in this project, I just wanted to hear if the gurus on these forums think it's possible? Do you also have a link to forum posts/guides to help me? I searched for Faction Specific Zeus, but couldn't find much helpfull.
  5. Thank you very much! :) That was really helpful, and it works!! First I tried to only load it under "serverMod" command line, didn't work. Loaded it under "mod", and it works. Thank you so much for your time!
  6. In my self made missions, yes. In the official missions from BIH, the escape missions, Warlords, End Game and so on, it seems to be disabled. I can't seen to find all the official pbos. Awaiting Mr Hs guide so I always could have it enabled.
  7. And how do I put it in an add-on? I'm new to server management and I have never created an addon. I want the script to run server side, all the time on all of my missions, including official ones. For now, I've included it in "InitPlayerLocal.sqf" in the mission folder, but I cannot do that for the offical missions (Warlords, Escape and so on). I can't open the debug console on these official missions either, and I cannot seem to find out how I can fix that.
  8. For some reason, the Debug Console wont show up when I'm logged in as admin on the server. Any idea how I can fix it?
  9. Is there a way to globally execute a script on a server without adding it to the mission init? Could I use the debug console as server admin? Let me clarify with an example. In my missions I use HallyGs 3rd person limit script, that force players into 1st person mode if they are on foot, and allows it when they're in a vehicle. But, if I start a vanilla mission, e.g. "Escape Altis" or "Warlords" - how do I execute this script in these missions, without digging for the .pbo file and adding it manually?
  10. Pierre, with this script - does every vehicle placed in 3den or Zeus, respawn? I saw your YT-video on that post, and could not see an option for disabling respawn for vehicles?
  11. I've tried with the virtual artillery support again, without linking it to any vehicles. It wont f**king fire jack sh*t. Does not matter what kind of artillery I use, or what kind of shell I choose - I get "Rounds complete" - and then nothing at all. I've tried using the laser designator, the remote designator, AR-2.. nothing happens at all. I've tried different locations, different maps, in SP and MP - nothing, nada.
  12. Now I've tried that too. I don't know what's wrong at all. Tried removing the code again, and the artillery won't fire whatever I do. Could it be something with ACE3, or ..?
  13. Tried that to. Will try again though. Thanks pierremgi, you're a lifesaver these days.
  14. Hi, I'm trying to set up a mission where the players get an artillery support from the M4 Scorcher (or something like it). The thing is, I only want them to have the laser guided shell. When I remove the other magazines in the init, and start the scenario, the only thing that's showing in the support field, is the laser guided shell (as it is supposed to). Problem is, the artillery wont fire. When I remove the code from the init - I get all the magazines, and the artillery fires. *sigh* Steps to reproduce: Place a player (with laser desginator + batteries) Place "Support Requester" module Place "Support Provider Artillery" module Place M4 Scorcher w/crew, name vehicle "arty" Sync player with "support requester module" Sync "support requester module" to "Support Provider Artillery" module Sync "Support Provider Artillery" module to M4 Scorcher. In init of vehicle: Also tried with Support Provider: Artillery Virtual. In "Vehicle init" in "Attributes" of module, I have this: Same result. To be clear, in side channel I get "confirmation" that "Coordinates is recieved, artillery is inbound" and "Rounds complete" - but nothing more.
  15. Hi. Is there a simple way to copytoclipboard e.g. an helicopters inventory? I've placed a helicopter, and I've made a custom inventory that I want to keep when it respawn. In the respawn script, I have to add each item manually by it's ID. So far, I've found the IDs by using searching in the Ace Arsenal. Is there a function that could do this easier for me? I've tried to paste this function: "copyToClipboard [this, "init", false] call BIS_fnc_saveInventory" into based on this forum post, but that didn't work. I get the "Type array, expected string"-error. Any suggestions? :)