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  1. Looks like an typo in your description.ext, as it says: a symbol instead of = at line 28.
  2. To be able to understand what doesn't work, you'll have to provide more information. What doesnt work, what shows up? What have you tried? Is there an error message?
  3. Solved this with taking the code in quote, and placing it in a seperate trigger. Condition on trigger: !alive (name of intel) On Activation, code in quote. Worked perfectly.
  4. When launched in LAN, it creates the markers, delete the respawns for OpFor, and deletes the respawn for BluFor, and each side gets a sideChat msg from HQ. But, when uploaded to our rented server, the only thing that happens is that the map opens, the intel appears in the Diary - but nothing more.
  5. Hi I have an intel based on https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_initIntelObject Works perfectly, until launched on the server. Now nothing happens at all, nothing from the scripted events will fire. How to make this happen on all clients?
  6. Hey, thanks. That worked perfectly! Now, I'm trying to keep my initplayerlocal clean, so I thought I could execute that in a separate script from InitPlayerLocal. So I copy/pasted into a seperate script, and called it zoneRestrictor.sqf. In Initplayerlocal, I added the line But now, nothing happens. 😅 If I keep the whole text in initplayerlocal, it works though.
  7. So I'm trying to make a zone restriciton area with this script: https://www.tacticalgamer.com/forum/simulation/armed-assault/arma-development/script-bin/1797607-zone-restriction-version-2 zoneRestrictor.sqf: I have a trigger with conditon and on activation It works perfectly for infantry. But whenever I drive a vehicle or a helicopter in the zone, it wont activate. I've tried changing the condition to "this && (vehicle player) in thislist" but that didn't to the trick at all.
  8. Should not matter. TFAR should launch without the module present in the mission itself. I've contacted the developer of TFAR, he had trouble finding errors in the RPT. I'm trying to reinstall the server form scratch now.
  9. Managed to clean up the server load. Still get the same error. Serverlog:
  10. It's a rented server service, cant change that. Tried without having it in server mod, makes no difference
  11. Trying to set up TFAR on my mission. I have had no issues with it in the past. Suddenly, I get this error message: "No task force radio deployed on server!". Still, I get put in the TFAR-channel in TeamSpeak, but nothing happens in game. What am I doing wrong?
  12. I solved it, it was an error in onPlayerRespawn.sqf. Wrong code: switch (_playerRole) do { case "Rifleman"; // Should be a colon, not a semicolon { _loadoutPlayer = [player] execVM "loadouts\Rifleman.sqf"; player setUnitTrait ["medic",false,false"]; // The quote after false" is a quote too much. }; Correct code: switch (_playerRole) do { case "Rifleman": { _loadoutPlayer = [player] execVM "loadouts\Rifleman.sqf"; player setUnitTrait ["medic",false,false]; }; And now it works perfectly!
  13. The "3" is a limit for the selected class. It means you can only have 3 players playing that role at the same time. I'll check out the extra commas, and try without the limit anyway. Thanks!
  14. Tried another method! Stuck on another issue now.
  15. Hi, I'm trying to set up a mission with a custom respawn loadout. For some reason, when I try to respawn, I can only choose one kind - and that is the rifleman. I've made multiple classes, but they wont show up. Can anybody help me? Thanks Description.ext LoadoutClasses.hpp onPlayerRespawn initserver.sqf Loadouts https://www.dropbox.com/sh/f34n6uds2zm29yr/AABXmmVXATR_QP8bAJpzfzTba?dl=0