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  1. Cool, Thanks. I'll give it a try tomorrow
  2. I have been tearing up the internet now for two days trying to find out how you would go about this. I have a prison facility within my main base. I want to disable a players ability to manually respawn while on the prison grounds and inside the building. I have haggled with a few older examples but have had no progress in getting them to work. I currently have no functional code to share but am looking for help and examples in order to meet my task.
  3. Ok, say for instance I want the door locked, but want the user to have to enter a code to open the door. Now with that, I want to be able to assign different codes to different doors in a particular structure in some cases. How would I go about making it ask for the code, and assign the passcode? I have been looking everywhere with poor results, and I'm not quite up to par with SQF as of yet, but do know some basics of programming with other languages.
  4. Col. Hoffy

    Tembelan Island

    I love the map. My group loves the map. I have a few changes to the airbase though I'd like to make for our use but have absolutely no reflection on how you have done things. I have been trying to replicate the same road texture you have for the taxiways at the air base but I do not seem to have them in my eden resources. Could you possibly point me to where I can obtain them. I want to make these changes for our use and have no intention of misrepresenting your wonderful work. I just don't want to throw something in to make due, I want to preserve the consistency. Thanks, Hoffy Administrative Commander 9th Marine Special Expeditionary Battalion https://9thseb.creativevisionmedia.net
  5. Col. Hoffy

    KLPQ Music Radio

    Could this be applied to say a radio object sitting on a table? or is it strictly vehicle based.
  6. I see faint glimpses through google searches of being able to have Zeus additions/changes saved and remain after a restart on my dedicated server. I see mention of the need for a MySQL database in order to make it work. but as I said there are only faint references but no definitive howtos or instructions on how to properly set it up. I have several Game Masters/sub-admins that want to be able to add or change our environment both long and short term, so the ability for these "hot" changes to save would be ideal. Any instruction or additional resources would be greatly appreciated. Steve "Hoffy" Administrative Commander 9th Marine Special Expeditionary Battalion https://pathfinders.creativevisionmedia.net