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  1. Omg, after hours and hours and hours - I found the problem. Seems I have to specify what file types that "ArmA3 Addon Builder" will put in to the pbo... To me, that sounds strange, but I guess there is a good reason for it.
  2. I created a simple add-on which will contain a few resources such as scripts and images, and I'm using "Arma 3 Tools" -> "Addon Builder" to pack into a pbo-file and add it to the game. Game loads add-on, no problems. Lets say the directory structure is as follows; NSF4Resources - img - sqf The "NSF4Resources" folder is the highest level which "Addon builder" uses, so the add-on will become "NSF4Resources.pbo". Under img and sqf there are various files that I want to use during a set of missions I'm making. The problem is when I'm trying to reference to the files - I can't reach them. Let's say under img there is a file called "overview.jpg" - what would the path be? PS! The actual finished pbo is placed under a folder called @nsf/addons/NSF4Resources.pbo, and I use "ArmA3Launcher" -> "Mods" -> "Local Mod" to add it to the game (and yes, I make sure that the mod is also in "loaded mods"-list). Oh, and I've also experimented with the "Addon Prefix" (putting in "nsf4" ) in the "Addon Builder". I've tried to find documentation on this - but all my search attempts just ends up on a discussion on where to put the acutal pbo-file. Kenneth aka ZNorQ
  3. I'm so sorry, just as I've given up - I remembered the description.ext-section in the Wikipages - and I found it. ** SOLVED **
  4. When you create a new MP game, you select the island and then there is a list of the missions you can select. My missions are shown as the filename, but I'd really like to set my own name; can anyone tell me how I go about doing that? I've tried looking for clues to how I go about this, but in vain... regards Kenneth aka ZNorQ
  5. Thank you for your suggestion, I will try this out too! 🙂
  6. Thanks killzone, I'll try this solution out - try to stress-test it :)
  7. I see, but could it be that there is a small gap where new leader hasn't been assigned in time and the trigger gives a wrong result?
  8. Hmmm, just thougth of something; instead of all those variables to track counts, I'm thinking I'd rather just count how many are alive in the group when-ever one unit is killed....
  9. But wouldn't that just check if the leader is dead, and not the whole group? I'm trying out the following code ... All groups I want to check if all units are dead have the following code in the group-init-box in 3DEN; this setVariable ["checkAllDead", true]; The following code creates an eH for each unit in all groups that contain a variable "checkAllDead"=true false spawn { systemChat "starting eh"; { systemChat format["Testing group %1", _x]; if ( _x getVariable [ "checkAllDead", false ] ) then { _x setVariable [ "Total", count units _x ]; _x setVariable [ "Dead", 0]; _x setVariable [ "allDead", false ]; systemChat format["Setting variables for %1!", _x]; { _x addEventHandler [ "Killed", { params ["_unit", "_killer", "_instigator", "_useEffects" ]; private _unitsGroup = group _unit; _unitsGroup setVariable[ "Dead", ( _unitsGroup getVariable "dead" ) +1 ]; if ( ( _unitsGroup getVariable "Total" ) == ( _unitsGroup getVariable "dead" ) ) then {_x setVariable [ "allDead", true ];}; systemChat format[ "%1 died, shot by %2 (%3, %4)", _unit, _killer, _instigator, _useEffects ]; } ]; systemChat format["Added eh to %1", _x ]; } forEach units _x; }; } forEach allGroups; }; What happens; Every time a unit gets killed in the flagged group, it adds to a death-counter "Dead" for the group that the unit belongs to. It then matches against "total" - how many in was part of the group initially. If the death-counter " and "total" is same, "allDead" is set to true. I'm not a very good coder - and it's been YEARS since my last sqf-endeavor- so be gentle in the critique! :P PS! I'm testing it out as I write this, so I'm not sure if it even works... PS2! systemChats shall be removed, of course. Kenneth aka ZNorQ.
  10. Maybe add this in the group init-box; { _x addEventHandler [ "Killed", { params ["_unit", "_killer", "_instigator", "_useEffects"]; // some code counting how many died...? } ]; } forEach units someNamedGroup;
  11. Sounds like a hassle to implement, or am I wrong? When I create random groups I want to check, how would I go about doing that? I'm guessing you're refering to this; this addEventHandler ["Killed", { params ["_unit", "_killer", "_instigator", "_useEffects"]; }];
  12. I'm creating a few triggers that contains the following code (count units group someNamedGroup) == 0 However it took for ever for the engine to register that the group was empty, so I changed it to ({alive _x} count units someNamedGroup) == 0 I suspect this may be an inefficient way to do it? What if there are tons for groups that I want checked... Are there better ways? Regards Kenneth aka ZNorQ
  13. realZNorQ

    Respawn tents not working?

    I found another solution - skipped the respawn tents. However, I'm not sure if my solution is MP-proof, but I guess time will tell. Too bad about the tents. Thanks for the feedback, folks.
  14. realZNorQ

    Respawn tents not working?

    Sadly, it didn't work... :/ I'm going to try something similar, but not through the configs. However, I'm not certain it will work globally for all players...
  15. realZNorQ

    Respawn tents not working?

    I use "Respawn on custom pos" as well, and no options selected. I'm running dev. verison, 1.81.xxxx (todays).