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  1. realZNorQ

    Respawn tents not working?

    I found another solution - skipped the respawn tents. However, I'm not sure if my solution is MP-proof, but I guess time will tell. Too bad about the tents. Thanks for the feedback, folks.
  2. realZNorQ

    Respawn tents not working?

    Sadly, it didn't work... :/ I'm going to try something similar, but not through the configs. However, I'm not certain it will work globally for all players...
  3. realZNorQ

    Respawn tents not working?

    I use "Respawn on custom pos" as well, and no options selected. I'm running dev. verison, 1.81.xxxx (todays).
  4. realZNorQ

    Respawn tents not working?

    Not sure what more info you need, but yes, it's in MP it is a problem. I use EDEN ofcourse to design the mission, and when I test it out in MP (only me as player though, and still within Eden), it is as stated earlier - won't move the marker when I disassemble/reassemble the tent. I've tried all three tents. I've tried the WeaponDisassembled, and I see I need the code to find the correct marker, find it and delete it. For that I guess I'm going to have to use allMapMarkers. To find the correct marker, I guess I have to use setVehicleVarName when assembling the tent so that I can easily find the correct on in allMapMarkers. It's been such a long time since I've scripted, so I have a lot to re-learn.
  5. realZNorQ

    Respawn tents not working?

    Can no one help me with this ? Or did I post it in the wrong section?
  6. When a (backpack) respawn tent have been assembled and then disassembled, it seems that the respawn map-marker will not be removed. Further, trying to re-assemble the tent does not move the map-marker, and only the previous respawn-position is available in the respawn menu. Anyone know if this is an engine bug, or deliberate? PS! I'm using latest dev. build.