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  1. To further add, I found out about respawnTemplates to be able to do separate things for each side. It sort of lead me in the right direction... however the OPFOR unit still respawns and ends the spectate. So not good :(
  2. JasonO99


    If the laptop does have a texture you can change then you just need to use setObjectTexture on it. _laptop setObjectTexture [0,"your/path/to/texture.paa"]; This will run locally on all those who run it. If you want to ensure all players see the same, add Global after Texture (as per example earlier in post) and ensure it only runs on server (or one client).
  3. Hello all, I'm doing a survival mission where OPFOR are 'on the run' and are being chased by BLUFOR players. The setup I want is that BLUFOR have respawn and respawn at their base. I currently have this setup as a BASE respawn with a respawn_west marker. This works fine. However, OPFOR once dead I don't want to respawn. There are only at most two players on OPFOR. So, desired outcome for OPFOR is; - If another OPFOR player is alive, launch spectator mode and spectate that player. Disable chat/von for those who have died. - If all OPFOR are dead, then mission end is triggered as both have been killed (of course, if there was only one player this would trigger on the players death too) Currently, I have a piece of code in onPlayerRespawn.sqf. The west one just relaunches the marker script I have and no issues here. It's the east case that's my issue. switch (playerSide) do { case west: { [_this select 0] execVM "police.sqf"; }; case east: { if((!alive s1) && (!alive s2)) then { killersDead = true; publicVariable "killersDead"; } else { 1 enableChannel [false, false]; 2 enableChannel [false, false]; 4 enableChannel [false, false]; 5 enableChannel [false, false]; ["Initialize", [player, [east], true]] call BIS_fnc_EGSpectator; }; }; }; Now the issue I have is because the two OPFOR players (s1 and s2) respawn, ultimately the check if both have been killed won't work so I've been trying to think this but I wonder if there is a better way to manage the respawn? Additionally, the spectate script lets you spectate your respawned player and see them on the map. So perhaps I'm going the wrong way about it. All players will be human controlled. None are played by AI. If anyone can suggest a different way to manage the respawns in this situation that would be great. Not necessarily asking for someone to write the code but I suspect that since I done any proper development in ARMA (as in the first one) things like respawns have improved. I've had a look at the biki but nothing stands out as being better? Regards, Jason
  4. JasonO99

    Annoying with vanishing particles

    I come back to ARMA3 and started noticing smoke being patchy. I was being a bit of a mod wh**re so thought I've probably got a conflict. Going back to vanilla and noticed it a bit more. I guess before I didn't pick up on it being too immersed in a situation, but now that I've picked up on it I notice it all the time. I just blew up an enemy AA post and was waiting for a helicopter. A green smoke went down and as I was moving around waiting for the helicopter to arrive, there it was. Particles disappearing, then looking back and the smoke's gone thick again; both from the burning fire and the smoke grenade. It's interesting that it was discovered that there is a difference between the 32bit/64bit application and perhaps this will help BIS locate the issue. I do think just an acknowledgement on the issue would be a good place to start. I trust BIS do fix issues as best as possible but we're all twiddling thumbs here not sure when (or if) anything is going to happen.