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  1. cyborg111

    keyDown and keyDown issues

    (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["keyDown", { params ["_ctrl","_dikCode"," _shift","_ctrlKey","_alt"]; if (!_shift && !_ctrlKey && !_alt && _dikCode in actionKeys "NetworkStats") then {([] execVM "scripts\stats.sqf") spawn {waitUntil {inputAction "NetworkStats" == 0}; terminate _this}; true} }]; this may be a walkaround, not testet and to close dialogs a "terminate" is no option, but you can call a function or something else. the trick is (waitUntil {inputAction "NetworkStats" == 0}). should work, so God will^^
  2. cyborg111

    Drone used to mark opfor possible?

    _trg = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector",[worldsize,worldsize],false]; _trg setTriggerActivation ["ANY","PRESENT",true]; _trg setTriggerTimeout [0,0,0,true]; _trg setTriggerStatements ["!isNull getConnectedUAV player && UAVControl getConnectedUAV player isEqualTo [player,'GUNNER'] && (!isNull cursorObject) && (getConnectedUAV player distance2d cursorObject < 2000) && isNil {getConnectedUAV player getVariable 'ccg_spot_action'}","getConnectedUAV player setVariable ['ccg_spot_action',(getConnectedUAV player) addAction [format ['<t size=%1 font=%4 shadow=%2 color=%3>Spot Target</t>',str '1.1',str '1.5',str '#EEEEEE',str 'PuristaBold'],{['NONAME',cursorObject,1] call CCG_fnc_makeUserMarker;hintSilent 'Target is marked on map'},[],50000,true,true,'','_this == gunner _target && side cursorObject in [west,east,resistance]']]",""]; CCG_fnc_makeUserMarker = { params [["_name","NONAME",[""]],["_pos",[0,0],[[],objNull]],["_channel",3,[0]],["_global",true,[true]],["_color","ColorRed",[""]],["_alpha",1,[0]],["_shape","ICON",[""]],["_type","hd_dot",[""]],["_text","NOTEXT",[""]],["_size",[1,1],[[]]],["_dir",0,[0]],["_brush","Solid",[""]]]; private ["_dest","_mkr"]; if (typeName _pos == "OBJECT") then {_type = (format ["%1%2",(switch (side _pos) do { case WEST:{"b_"}; case EAST:{"o_"}; default {"n_"}; }), (switch (true) do { case (_pos iskindof "Ship"): {"naval"}; case (_pos iskindof "Plane"): {"plane"}; case (_pos iskindof "Helicopter"): {"air"}; case ((tolower (gettext (configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> (typeof _pos) >> "vehicleClass"))) == "menrecon"): {"recon"}; case (_pos iskindof "CAManBase"): {"inf"}; case ({tolower typeof _pos find _x != -1} count ["aa","radar"] > 0): {"antiair"}; case ({tolower typeof _pos find _x != -1} count ["arty","mlr","mrl"] > 0): {"art"}; case ({tolower typeof _pos find _x != -1} count ["med"] > 0): {"med"}; case ((tolower (gettext (configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> (typeof _pos) >> "vehicleClass"))) == "support"): {"support"}; case (_pos iskindof "Car"): {"motor_inf"}; case (_pos iskindof "Tank"): {"armor"}; case (_pos iskindof "StaticMortar"): {"mortar"}; case (_pos iskindof "Static"): {"installation"}; default {"unknown"}; })]); _color = (switch (side _pos) do { case WEST:{"ColorWEST"}; case EAST:{"ColorEAST"}; case CIVILIAN:{"ColorCIV"}; default {"ColorGUER"}; }); private _time = (daytime call BIS_fnc_timeToString) splitString ":"; _text = (_time # 0 + ":" + _time # 1); private _bear = getdir _pos; private _speed = speed _pos; if (speed _pos > 3) then {_text = _text + (switch (true) do { case (_speed > 50): {" fast "}; case (_speed > 10): {" slow "}; default {" walk "}; }) + (switch (true) do { case (_bear > 22.5 && _bear < 67.5): {"NE"}; case (_bear > 67.5 && _bear < 112.5): {"E"}; case (_bear > 112.5 && _bear < 157.5): {"SE"}; case (_bear > 157.5 && _bear < 202.5): {"S"}; case (_bear > 202.5 && _bear < 247.5): {"SW"}; case (_bear > 247.5 && _bear < 292.5): {"W"}; case (_bear > 292.5 && _bear < 337.5): {"NW"}; default {"N"}; })}; }; _global = (if (_global) then {""} else {"Local"}); _pos = (if (typeName _pos == "ARRAY") then {if (count _pos > 2) then {[_pos select 0,_pos select 1]} else {_pos}} else {[(position _pos) select 0,(position _pos) select 1]}); _name = (if (_name == "NONAME") then {format ["_USER_DEFINED #%1/%2/%3",clientOwner,(selectMin ([0] + (allmapmarkers select {_x find (format ["#%1/",clientowner]) != -1} apply {parsenumber ((_x splitString "/") # 1)})) - 1),_channel]} else {_name}); _dest = [_name,_pos]; call compile format [" _mkr = createMarker%1 %2; _mkr setMarkerSize%1 %6; _mkr setMarkerShape%1 '%3'; if ('%3' in ['RECTANGLE','ELLIPSE']) then {_mkr setMarkerBrush%1 '%4'}; if ('%3' == 'ICON') then {_mkr setMarkerType%1 '%5'}; _mkr setMarkerColor%1 '%7'; _mkr setMarkerAlpha%1 %8; if ('%9' != 'NOTEXT') then {_mkr setMarkerText%1 '%9'}",_global,_dest,_shape,_brush,_type,_size,_color,_alpha,_text]; if (_dir != 0) then {if (count toArray _global > 0) then {_mkr setMarkerDirLocal _dir} else {_mkr setMarkerDir _dir}}; _mkr; };
  3. may be this can help https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1652506957&searchtext=script
  4. may be this can help https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1652506957&searchtext=script
  5. Hi Folks, Yesterday we played a modded game, as usual, but we observed a mysterious phenomenon. If a object ownership was given from server to a client, or a client created an object, looking towards this object causes MASSIVE FPS loss, to all clients who are not owner of the Object? Does someone of you have an idea, what maybe can cause such phenomenon? Thanks greetings Cyborg
  6. old old code from OPF still ghosting in arma3. Ai cannot handle sructures above water because it thinks it is on sea level. Ai Boats have no object orientated pathfinding, so they ignore pier in Pyrgos for Example. Cars have a totally weired behavior if they try to brake a wall over and over in the same way instead of counting misstrys and change behavior randomly. After a while, the script stops to dont waste resources. but a town with life is flooded of corpses and wrecks after an hour, if you dont script against it.
  7. Thats not all, the AI is walking like in water. so the (issurfacewater getpos AI) has to be changed by ((issurfacewater getpos AI) && !((getposASLW AI) select 2) > 0) the second is, that the AI geting in formation with the Helicopter instead of mount. This behavior is caused by another position issiue. The ai "thinks" that the helicopter is in the air and hovering, but it stands on the deck next to the AI. Here a changing of (getPos AI distance getposASL vehicle to mount < x) to (getPosASLW AI distance getposASLW vehicle to mount < x) should help. This is nothing the Missiondesigner can fix by its own.
  8. cyborg111

    arma3 is so sick

  9. cyborg111

    arma3 is so sick

    Hi Folks, I am so sick of scripting in arma3... I do not understand whats in developers minds going on??? Task Framework for example SP all fine. MP everything is bullshit. I mean, where is the problem??? Player join, check if there is a task for his group, if yes its shown. if player change group, check, task is hidden??? what is so damn difficult to make that happen? if a task is created into framework its position can be [0,0,0] or objNull or [objNull, true]. but this works neither in SP correct. here a "[_taskID, _position] spawn {sleep 0.1; _this call BIS_fnc_taskSetDestination};" is necessary!? in MP its totally hopeless to expect anything. it is simple, totally simple i have nearly spend 10000 hours of programming and scripting in arma 3, i mean, there is no really secret i dont know, but i can not understand what the problem is to get this game to work. there is missionnamespace and 200 different ways to broadcast a stupid variable! local objects in dedicated environment spamming logs over and over. units who are created on clients in dedicated environment and forced to spawn in a group wich is not there configurated side sometimes spawn in underwear or in groups with more than one side? vehicles wich are created on the server refuse to follow there waypoints if their locality is given to an HC. Player can see units wich other players cant see, or sometimes even players cant see other players while another player can see both? I mean? What you are doing the whole day? searching for oil with a finger in your nose??? common, really!
  10. Hello, every time prepare FRIES and deploy ropes, the AI heli increase height ~5 meters and cut the ropes automaticly what i am doing wrong? FRIES broken??
  11. Hi folks, could you take a look at the Position Format (AGL/ASL) you used in the condition which detects vehicles with "ace_isrepairfacility" Variable on it? because over sea on the USS Liberty the Object is only caught by ((getPosASLW player nearObjects _radius) or (ASLtoAGL getposASL player nearObjects _radius). This should work over land as well. Maybe you used getposATL or getpos?? Can you fix that by the way? Thanks and good night.
  12. Hi Folks, for some reason the Mangusta Heli can not stand still on the Carrier Deck....its dancing all the time and makes noise like an old bed wich is... ? ...in use. great mod !!!
  13. Hi folks, for some reason the created object 'Land_AirconCondenser_01_F' is not listed in (entities "all")? entities can someone from BI keep this in mind for next update? thx
  14. Hi folks, the following three lines in the middle are part of a function and the function is set to {preInit = 1}. //begin true spawn { waitUntil{!isNull player}; .... systemChat "I am here"; // is shown on the map at briefing screen. player addEventHandler [ "Respawn", {systemChat "respawn"}]; // this code is completly ignored, no EH is added, no text shown on respawn??? player addEventHandler [ "Killed", {systemChat "killed"}]; // is shown when player dies. ... }; //end if i put the second line in debug console and press local, it works fine after respawn!! My first question is, where is the difference between "respawn" and "killed" EH? (except the known funktionality from the wiki) My second question is, is there a proper way to find out, if an EH was added and is not firing, or if it just was not added? thanks a lot