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  1. Thanks for your time, that's actually helped me sort out another problem I had. Although it doesn't really explain why I can respawn on the markers but team mates (in coop game) cannot. We are all on the same side. However, I seem to have solved it by accident. Deleted one of the markers and replaced it with a new one. The new clear markers are now purple colour and they work for everyone. The previous ones I placed were green colour. I cannot even find those in the markers list any more. I don't know what changed or what the different colours mean for markers but the purple ones are working properly.
  2. an empty marker I've read something about local markers only appearing on the PC they are used on which could explain why I am the only one to spawn there. That info was over 4 years old so not sure if its still true but could the empty marker be local? If so how would I make it global?
  3. I thought that was to indicate which team to respawn there. Like respawn_east and respawn_guerrilla? Have I got that wrong?
  4. I'm a bit stuck with with a spawn point problem. I've set up triggers to activate markers as spawn points and they are working okay for me but none of my team mates in a coop game would spawn at the markers - they just spawn where they died. I can't find any setting to make spawning different for individuals, only ones that affect the markers or the triggers or the whole game so I'm not sure where to look now. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks. An e.g. of the activation string I'm using is : respawn_west setPos (markerPos "base01"); So I think this should trigger marker 'base01' to become the spawn point for everyone in my team when the conditions are met. It works... but only for me!?
  5. I'm new to editing missions. I've found lots of information about how to create triggers and even triggers with different conditions attached but I would like to make a trigger fire when two (or more) conditions are met. A simple one I am trying to do is to have both Blufor absent and any player present. I just can't work out what script to use.