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  1. Continued Realistic Enhancements of the already great [GREUH] and [KP] Liberation. Latest Version: v1.01 (July 5th) [WarFighter]Dev Youtube: Watch [WarFighter] Discord: Join Download from GitHub: Download Previous releases: Download Steam Mods: Steam Collection 3cb BAF Mods: Download Overview Another small nation has fallen to enemy forces, and it is up to you to take it back. Embark with your teammates on a persistent campaign that will span several weeks of real time to liberate all the major cities of the island. Experience a massive CTI campaign with numerous settlements, cities, factories, ammo dumps, ambushes, static defenses, airfields and more, across the entire island, Use the older [GREUH] logistics where taking sectors increases your supplies automatically, Intelligence is never 100%, some sectors will not show up on the map until captured, Cooperate with other players, with a commander role and recruit-able AI troops to fill the gaps, Build your customized unit with troops and vehicles using available supplies, Build the FOB of your dreams with an in-game "what you see is what you get" system, Fight aggressive and cunning hostile forces who react and adapt to your actions, Watch the Enemy Fire Teams and Squads react to your fire and counter it tactically, Come under fire from sporadic and sometimes not so sporadic deadly mortar fire, static mg's and more, Learn that every window is a threat thanks to the enhanced custom urban combat AI, Experience house to house fighting to clear out built up areas, Accomplish meaningful secondary objectives that will benefit your progression, Never lose your progress with the built-in server-side save system. Our Presets and missions are crafted with care and tested to make sure you won't encounter problems. We spend a lot of time researching the presets and custom missions we make to be as authentic as ARMA and the addons we may use allows us. Bug reports - Issue Tracker If you encounter a bug and want it looked into, you should be providing: SERVER LOGS (rpt files), Client logs (rpt files - one is fine, more is better), Headless client(s) logs, if applicable, Version of the mission you've been using, Modifications you've made to the original mission files, if any, Mods you're using, if any, Screenshots showing the issue, if applicable, Reproduction steps, if applicable. The more the better, fixing broken stuff is easy, reproducing issues is tough, and that's where you can really help! Contributors "SCUD" for continued help trying to retrain my brain how to work with ARMA scripts and the Database Integration test we pulled off in record time that actually worked in [WarFighter] Liberation. "Luker", Col. J.C. and other members of the US Military and friends of ours for brainstorming sessions about logistics past, present, and the theoretical future. Clarkey for the use of one of his great scripts, modified by BI Forum users. FFAA Mod Team for great addons and videos showcasing their amazing work. RHS Mod Team for their flawless addons that help us all enjoy current world content. 3cb BAF Mod Team for their untouchable in excellence addons that inspired us to take up Liberation again. Psychobastard for his great scripts and taking the time to jab my eye out when I missed the obvious. Gemini for the use as a learning tool and integration of his great scripts from OPEX into Liberation. Reyhard for the permission to use and modify existing script from RHS. Wyqer for their continued development of KP_Liberation, great config changes, and the inspiration of working on Liberation once again. The fantastic and smarter than us, the guys at [GREUH] for creating and extending Liberation. Most of all, XTremeZ and the members of his community for testing, advice, hosting, inspiration, and friendship from our years in ARMA and long before. [WarFighter] Development Team: ChiefOwens - Developer "SCUD" - Developer, Database Integration constance68w - Lead Map Designer "Luker" - Military Aircraft, Navy Adviser Col. J.C. - Logistics Adviser Looking For Help - Scripter Looking For Help - Animator/Artist Testing Team: XTremeZ ChiefOwens Frigid Cybersol Recoil Dathnic Nurics Lorkus Niee Pen Tycho Mods Integrated: Advanced Towing by Duda Disclaimer and License: Current Release Information: * We recommend a dedicated server to experience the most out of Liberation.
  2. Late September or Early October Release - no required mods to play Fixed: Added medical system to non player controlled friendly ai. Fixed: Fixed Supply costs on all presets because ChiefOwens copies and pastes. Fixed: Suppressive fire now works both against the players and BLUFOR/OPFOR ai. Fixed: AI infantry and vehicles now return to their own sector when responding to calls to help and the player(s) location becomes unknown. Added: Broke Military Sectors out into Combat Outpost where appropriate based on the area, size and number of buildings. They do not show up on the map. Added: Broke static weapons to types (static MG, artillery, aaa, and sam sites) too allow for variety. Added: Added Chance to spawn OpFOR AI Static Mortars to appropriate sector types. Added: New spawn locations for OpFOR AI Battle Groups to spawn near OpFOR controlled Military Bases and large cities. Taking these sectors will reduce the ability for the OpFOR AI commander to send Battle Groups. Added: New AEGIS Preset - Us Forces. AEGIS adds new troops, weapons, aircraft and much more. This is how ARMA3 should have launched. Added: New Stryker Brigade Preset - US Forces. New preset without heavy tanks and more dependence on artillery and aircraft to get the job done. Added: New RHS Russian Tank heavy Enemy Preset Added: New RHS Russian VDV Paratrooper Enemy Preset Added: New AEGIS Enemy Preset - Aegis CSAT. New Artillery, remote controlled static weapons, and much more. Added: New Russian Enemy Preset - Russia 2035 Forces. Added: New Project OpFor Iranian Enemy Preset Added: New 3cb Factions Insurgents Enemy Preset Added: Civilians now react to combat near them in a variety of different ways. Added: Static Line Paradrop that allows AI in the players party to jump with you. Added: Support Provider for artillery, CAS, Transport and more for single and multiplayer use. This is tied to the Commander Slot. Updated: AI should preform more realistic in combat or as close as the engine allows. The enemy will call for artillery, radio other units in active sectors for help, and much more - Ongoing We have a couple test videos up on Youtube.
  3. I apologize in advance, but I could neither find the answer to this in google or youtube. I created some mobile air defense assets using items already in arma. I was able to create and pack the pbo and it has the bisign created for it as well thru Arma Tools. However, I do not have a server key after I packed the addon. My question is how do I create that server key or is it no relevant because the addon has only one pbo in it.
  4. sowens

    Addon Server Key

    Thanks! That helped
  5. sowens

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    One of the most amazing addons for ARMA 3 just got better. Well done!
  6. I've been working on a static line para drop for awhile. When the aircraft reaches the completion radius of a waypoint, it fires a script to start a static line jump. Most of the time it works. Sometimes the helicopter flies in circles and never starts the drop. I am at the point where I am not sure what else to do as raising the waypointCompletionRadius does not fix the issue 100%. Thanks in advance. _newvehicle flyInHeight 75; _waypoint = _pilot_group addWaypoint [ _pos, 25]; _waypoint setWaypointType "LOITER"; _waypoint setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; _waypoint setWaypointBehaviour "CARELESS"; _waypoint setWaypointCombatMode "BLUE"; _waypoint setWaypointCompletionRadius 300; _newvehicle flyInHeight 75; [_pos] execVM "scripts\shared\functions\F_StaticLine.sqf";
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    Static Line ParaDrop

    Thanks I will look at that....and the 75 meters lol...
  8. New update coming this fall.
  9. sowens

    [Request] Counter-arty script

    Vcom AI 3.0 might be helpful.
  10. Soon as we get back in to town we will fix the bugs. Thanks for the input.
  11. 1 - its an ambulance 2- BluFor defense spawns when the sector is attacked. Usually they just die off to anything more than a few infantry. 3 - AIS will only work if you direct them to heal via commands. That's how it was designed with the new changes. It's a new version, but the older version will do what you are asking. The new version may get to that point as well. Me and Scud's dad died Friday so I will be offline for a week or so. Pardon us not being fast to respond but it was sudden and unexpected.
  12. 3cb should have an ambulance that works as a mobile respawn. We will have a 3cb BAF Heavy version that uses CUP BAF vehicles, we just haven't put it in yet. Thanks for the feedback!
  13. Not sure mate. We have had a fob up for a week and can pull up the arsenals. I will look again.
  14. Myself and "SCUD" are working on deploying remote sensors to the battlefield today. This is our first step into OpFOR AI reconnaissance for the more tech savvy enemies we have in ARMA 3. We just finished adding FFAA and AEGIS. If you haven't looked at those addons, you should. FFAA adds Spanish forces to ARMA3 and has some really great features. AEGIS extends NATO forces and adds Future British forces to ARMA3. It adds remote controlled weapons, new aircraft, and so much more that should have been in ARMA at release. The next release might make it this week, depending on if we can figure out how to randomly deploy the sensor via scripting. Still re learning ARMA... We changed the way Battle Groups spawn. They will now spawn near Large cities and Military Bases. Taking those sectors now reduces the OpFOR AI Commander's choices on where, and if, he can deploy his offensive groups. Currently we know about the pricing in the presets being wrong in some areas. We fixed those and it's my fault as I like to copy paste a little to much. The injury code in [WarFighter] Liberation breaks ACE. There is a work around listed on the front page. There are currently no other known bugs but I am sure they are there. Enjoy your week!
  15. West is already disabled in vcomai I'm not sure what you mean on line 2 But I will take a guess. Based on your selection of Preset, it loads the arsenal type used for those units. So Aegis-USForces has no arsenal, it just loads everything. 3cbBAF loads British equipment, weapons, etc.
  16. Version: 1.01 Released Fixed: VCOMAI and building defenders code clashing. Fixed: CSAT Preset forces were acting up. We taught them to behave. Added: New Sectors are now explained in the tutorial available at your starting base. Added: Randomized AI calls for Artillery Support to simulate calls for fire support - ongoing modification. Added: Created randomized OpFOR AI Fire Teams for use in sectors that doesn't require larger OpFOR forces. Added: Parameter to enable ACE scripts within Liberation. If you run ACE, set this to yes. Changed: Added new/moved sectors on the LYTHIUM map. Removed: Changed Friendly AI at FOB Martin to Default ARMA 3 AI to remove dependency for those not use 3cb BAF. Download link on Page 1 of this thread Known Issues: You have to disable items in description.ext to get ACE to work. We forgot the mortars...OpFOR AI Artillery should be enabled next release.
  17. It's actually in fn_preinit.sqf. There is a line that should exit the script if it detects ace but something isn't right, of course. The new parameter will take care of turning on different areas of the scripts that the config file now initiates. if (isClass (configFile >> "CfgPatches" >> "ace_main")) then {
  18. Still looking for a fix. It's not as simple as adding a parameter. Disabling the below in description.ext will enable ACE interactive keys within the mission.pbo if you want to use ACE while you wait for a fix. #include "AIS\Effects\BarDlg.hpp }; class CfgFunctions { #include "AIS\cfgFunctions.hpp" };
  19. I can confirm this is indeed happening. Here is the report I have: I am having some issues with ACE compatibility. It seems like ace is deactivated by the mission (no windows key context menu), but the default medical system does not activate even with ace not working. I still see the ace bandages but am not able to use the medical menu or the context menu to check/bandage players. If I disable ace medical the default scroll wheel med system works again. This is on a dedicated server with no headless clients. I will grab the rpt file tonight when I get back from work but just wanted to check if this was a known issue or I am missing something in the config files. Disabling the below in description.ext enabled ACE interactive keys within the mission.pbo. #include "AIS\Effects\BarDlg.hpp }; class CfgFunctions { #include "AIS\cfgFunctions.hpp" };
  20. It is a reported bug and I believe we will add an ACE Parameter so you can disable to the medical system. That should be a temporary fix for now.
  21. constance68w has joined the team and will be handcrafting [WarFighter] Liberation maps for the community. We also have a new release coming out later today that correct a bug with OpFOR AI either not entering or leaving buildings before the should. We also increased the randomization of OpFOR AI calls for fire missions (if artillery is available) to simulate calls for support. With that comes the inclusion of static (mortars only) to some sectors. We also broke down some squads in some sectors into fire teams of 4 OpFOR AI. This allows us to use far less AI in some sectors that wouldn't really call for the full court press by the OpFOR AI commander which furthers the realism we are heading towards and is the first step in CQB enhancements we are trying for in built up areas of the map.
  22. No problem glad to help fix the issue mate
  23. sowens

    Arma 3 Aegis

    Are the Police/Gendarmerie faction getting their own vehicles as well? Thanks in advance!