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Found 177 results

  1. Description: This is a GUI that allows the person who executed the script to add/assign or remove/unassign Zeus to any specified player(s). Downloads & More Information: GitHub: link Pastebin: link * No download required! Video: link Steam Guide: link Curator Creator Version 1.0: (Check the GitHub for the latest version) comment "Script Title: Curator Creator (Create and Assign New Zeuses). < Current Version: 1.0 > "; comment "Credits: Created by J [WoLF] and M9-SD. "; comment "Description: - Creates new unique zeus module for specified players. - Assigns unique Zeus module to specified clients. - Automatically updates zeus interface with new objects. - Re-assigns zeus to player every respawn. - Re-assigns zeus to player upon reconnecting to the session. - JIP (join-in-progress) compatible. "; comment "Usage: - Copy entire script. Paste in debug console. - Execute on local client. - Exit the pause menu if open. - Wait for GUI to appear. - Select recipients of the Zeus Interface. - Choose to remove or add interface. - The selected players will now either be assigned or unassigned their unique Zeus module. "; comment "Distribution: - You may share this script with anyone you want. - Don't give this to trolls, please. - Give credit where it is due. - Enjoy :) "; [] spawn { comment "-----------------------------------------------"; if (!hasInterface) exitWith {}; waitUntil { !isNil { player } && { !isNull player } }; waitUntil { !isNull (findDisplay 46) }; comment "-----------------------------------------------"; systemChat "[JAM] >>> Zeus Helper >>> Initializing Curator Creator..."; JAM_fnc_createAndAssignZeus = { if (typeOf getAssignedCuratorLogic player != "") then { comment "do nothing"; systemChat "[JAM] >>> Zeus Helper >>> You already have a zeus interface."; } else { JAM_fnc_createAssignCurator = { comment "-----------------------------------------------"; if (!hasInterface) exitWith {}; waitUntil { !isNil { player } && { !isNull player } }; waitUntil { !isNull (findDisplay 46) }; comment "-----------------------------------------------"; _myPlayer = _this # 0; _myCuratorPlayer = _myPlayer; JAM_addZeus_UID = getPlayerUID _myPlayer; JAM_addZeus_superCuratorVar = ("JAM_" + JAM_addZeus_UID + "_superCurator"); JAM_addZeus_superCuratorPlayerAttributesVar = ("JAM_" + JAM_addZeus_UID + "_superCuratorPlayerAttributes"); _JAM_my_curatorInitText = ("" + "if (isNil """ + JAM_addZeus_superCuratorVar + """) then {" + JAM_addZeus_superCuratorVar + " = JAM_superCurator_group createUnit ['ModuleCurator_F', [0, 90, 90],[],0.5,'NONE'];" + JAM_addZeus_superCuratorVar + " setVehicleVarName '" + JAM_addZeus_superCuratorVar + "';" + JAM_addZeus_superCuratorVar + " setVariable ['text','" + JAM_addZeus_superCuratorVar + "'];" + JAM_addZeus_superCuratorVar + " setVariable ['Addons',3,true];" + JAM_addZeus_superCuratorVar + " setVariable ['owner','objnull'];" + JAM_addZeus_superCuratorVar + " setVariable ['vehicleinit',"" _this setVariable ['Addons',3,true]; _this setVariable ['owner','objnull']; ""];" + "unassignCurator " + JAM_addZeus_superCuratorVar + ";" + "objnull assignCurator " + JAM_addZeus_superCuratorVar + ";" + JAM_addZeus_superCuratorPlayerAttributesVar + " = JAM_superCurator_group createUnit ['ModuleCuratorSetAttributesPlayer_F', [2, 91, 91],[],0.5,'NONE'];" + JAM_addZeus_superCuratorPlayerAttributesVar + " setVariable ['curator','" + JAM_addZeus_superCuratorVar + "'];" + JAM_addZeus_superCuratorPlayerAttributesVar + " setVariable ['unitpos',true];" + JAM_addZeus_superCuratorPlayerAttributesVar + " setVariable ['fuel',true];" + JAM_addZeus_superCuratorPlayerAttributesVar + " setVariable ['respawnposition',true];" + JAM_addZeus_superCuratorPlayerAttributesVar + " setVariable ['respawnvehicle',true];" + JAM_addZeus_superCuratorPlayerAttributesVar + " setVariable ['skill',true];" + JAM_addZeus_superCuratorPlayerAttributesVar + " setVariable ['rank',true];" + JAM_addZeus_superCuratorPlayerAttributesVar + " setVariable ['damage',true];" + JAM_addZeus_superCuratorPlayerAttributesVar + " setVariable ['exec',true];" + JAM_addZeus_superCuratorPlayerAttributesVar + " setVariable ['lock',true];" + JAM_addZeus_superCuratorPlayerAttributesVar + " setVariable ['vehicleinit',"" _this setVariable ['curator','" + JAM_addZeus_superCuratorVar + "']; _this setVariable ['unitpos',true]; _this setVariable ['fuel',true]; _this setVariable ['respawnposition',true]; _this setVariable ['respawnvehicle',true]; _this setVariable ['skill',true]; _this setVariable ['rank',true]; _this setVariable ['damage',true]; _this setVariable ['exec',true]; _this setVariable ['lock',true]; ""];" + "[" + JAM_addZeus_superCuratorVar + ",[-2,-1,0,1]] spawn BIS_fnc_setCuratorVisionModes;" + "JAM_" + JAM_addZeus_UID + "_updateSuperCuratorEditableObjects = true;" + "[] spawn {while {(JAM_" + JAM_addZeus_UID + "_updateSuperCuratorEditableObjects" + ")} do { if ( ((getAssignedCuratorUnit " + JAM_addZeus_superCuratorVar + ") != objNull) && (alive (getAssignedCuratorUnit " + JAM_addZeus_superCuratorVar + "))) then { " + JAM_addZeus_superCuratorVar + " addCuratorEditableObjects [([] call JAM_fnc_getEditableObjects),true]; }; sleep 30;}; };" + "}; " + ""); [_JAM_my_curatorInitText,{ _initText = _this; _initCode = compile _initText; if (isNil "JAM_blacklistedObjectsArray_01") then { JAM_blacklistedObjectsArray_01 = [ "ModuleCurator_F", "ModuleCuratorSetCamera_F", "Logic", "ModuleHQ_F", "VirtualCurator_F", "ModuleCuratorSetModuleCosts_F", "ModuleCuratorAddPoints_F", "ModuleCuratorSetObjectCosts_F", "ModuleCuratorSetCosts_F", "ModuleCuratorSetCoefs_F", "ModuleCuratorSetDefaultCosts_F", "ModuleCuratorAddEditingAreaPlayers_F", "ModuleMPTypeGameMaster_F", "ModuleRadioChannelCreate_F", "ModuleCuratorSetAttributesPlayer_F" ]; }; if (isNil "JAM_fnc_getEditableObjects") then { JAM_fnc_getEditableObjects = { _allObjs = allMissionObjects 'all'; _editableObjs = []; { if ( ( not ( ( typeOf _x ) in JAM_blacklistedObjectsArray_01 ) ) && ( not ( _x isKindOf "Logic" ) ) ) then { _editableObjs pushBackUnique _x; }; } forEach _allObjs; _editableObjs; }; }; if (isNil "JAM_superCurator_group") then { JAM_superCurator_group = createGroup sideLogic; }; [] spawn _initCode; }] remoteExec ['spawn',2]; comment "JIP"; [[JAM_addZeus_UID,JAM_addZeus_superCuratorVar], { comment "-----------------------------------------------"; if (!hasInterface) exitWith {}; waitUntil { !isNil { player } && { !isNull player } }; waitUntil { !isNull (findDisplay 46) }; comment "-----------------------------------------------"; _curatorUID = _this # 0; _curatorVarStr = _this # 1; if (getPlayerUID player == _curatorUID) then { _curatorPlayer = player; JAM_my_curatorInitText = ("" + "waitUntil {(not isNil """ + _curatorVarStr + """)}; " + "_curatorVar = " + _curatorVarStr + "; " + "_curatorPlayer = _this select 0; " + "[_curatorVar,_curatorPlayer] spawn { _curatorVar = _this # 0; _curatorPlayer = _this # 1; while {((getAssignedCuratorLogic _curatorPlayer) != _curatorVar)} do { unassignCurator _curatorVar; objnull assignCurator _curatorVar; unassignCurator _curatorVar; _curatorPlayer assignCurator _curatorVar; sleep 3.5; }; };" + "JAM_" + _curatorUID + "_updateSuperCuratorEditableObjects = true;" + "_curatorPlayer = _this select 0; '[JAM] >>> Zeus Helper >>> You were given Zeus interface. To open, press [Y].' remoteExec ['systemChat', _curatorPlayer];" + ""); [[JAM_my_curatorInitText,_curatorPlayer],{ _initText = _this # 0; _curatorPlayer = _this # 1; _initCode = compile _initText; [_curatorPlayer] spawn _initCode; }] remoteExec ['spawn',2]; comment "re-assign upon death/respawn"; JAM_keepGivingMeZeus = true; if (!isNil "JAM_EH_autoReassignCuratorUponDeath") then { player removeEventHandler ["Respawn",JAM_EH_autoReassignCuratorUponDeath]; }; waitUntil {(alive _curatorPlayer)}; JAM_EH_autoReassignCuratorUponDeath = player addEventHandler ["Respawn",{ if (JAM_keepGivingMeZeus) then { [] spawn { waitUntil {(alive player)}; sleep 3.5; [[JAM_my_curatorInitText,player],{ _initText = _this # 0; _curatorPlayer = _this # 1; _initCode = compile _initText; [_curatorPlayer] spawn _initCode; }] remoteExec ['spawn',2]; }; }; }]; }; }] remoteExec ['spawn',0,JAM_addZeus_superCuratorVar]; }; _target = player; [_target] spawn JAM_fnc_createAssignCurator; }; }; JAM_fnc_deleteAndUnassignZeus = { if (typeOf getAssignedCuratorLogic player == "") then { comment "do nothing"; systemChat "[JAM] >>> Zeus Helper >>> You already do not have a zeus interface."; } else { JAM_fnc_deleteUnassignCurator = { comment "-----------------------------------------------"; if (!hasInterface) exitWith {}; waitUntil { !isNil { player } && { !isNull player } }; waitUntil { !isNull (findDisplay 46) }; comment "-----------------------------------------------"; _myPlayer = _this # 0; _myCuratorPlayer = _myPlayer; JAM_addZeus_UID = getPlayerUID _myPlayer; JAM_addZeus_superCuratorVar = ("JAM_" + JAM_addZeus_UID + "_superCurator"); JAM_addZeus_superCuratorPlayerAttributesVar = ("JAM_" + JAM_addZeus_UID + "_superCuratorPlayerAttributes"); _JAM_my_curatorInitText = ("" + "if (!isNil """ + JAM_addZeus_superCuratorVar + """) then {" + "JAM_" + JAM_addZeus_UID + "_updateSuperCuratorEditableObjects = false;" + "unassignCurator " + JAM_addZeus_superCuratorVar + ";" + "objnull assignCurator " + JAM_addZeus_superCuratorVar + ";" + "unassignCurator " + JAM_addZeus_superCuratorVar + "; sleep 0.1;" + "comment 'deleteVehicle " + JAM_addZeus_superCuratorVar + ";';" + "};" + "if (!isNil """ + JAM_addZeus_superCuratorPlayerAttributesVar + """) then {" + "comment 'deleteVehicle " + JAM_addZeus_superCuratorPlayerAttributesVar + ";';" + "};" + ""); [_JAM_my_curatorInitText,{ _initText = _this; _initCode = compile _initText; [] spawn _initCode; }] remoteExec ['spawn',2]; comment "remove JIP"; [[JAM_addZeus_UID,JAM_addZeus_superCuratorVar], { comment "-----------------------------------------------"; if (!hasInterface) exitWith {}; waitUntil { !isNil { player } && { !isNull player } }; waitUntil { !isNull (findDisplay 46) }; comment "-----------------------------------------------"; _curatorUID = _this # 0; _curatorVarStr = _this # 1; if (getPlayerUID player == _curatorUID) then { _curatorPlayer = player; JAM_my_curatorInitText = ("" + "_curatorPlayer = _this select 0; '[JAM] >>> Zeus Helper >>> Zeus Interface was removed from your client.' remoteExec ['systemChat', _curatorPlayer];" + ""); [[JAM_my_curatorInitText,_curatorPlayer],{ _initText = _this # 0; _curatorPlayer = _this # 1; _initCode = compile _initText; [_curatorPlayer] spawn _initCode; }] remoteExec ['spawn',2]; JAM_keepGivingMeZeus = false; [] spawn { if (not (isNull (findDisplay 312))) then { (findDisplay 312) closeDisplay 0; }; waitUntil {(not (isNull (findDisplay 312)))}; if (not JAM_keepGivingMeZeus) then { if (not (isNull (findDisplay 312))) then { (findDisplay 312) closeDisplay 0; }; }; }; if (!isNil "JAM_EH_autoReassignCuratorUponDeath") then { player removeEventHandler ["Respawn",JAM_EH_autoReassignCuratorUponDeath]; }; }; }] remoteExec ['spawn',0]; [[],{}] remoteExec ['spawn',0,JAM_addZeus_superCuratorVar]; }; _target = player; [_target] spawn JAM_fnc_deleteUnassignCurator; }; }; JAM_curator_recipients = []; comment "check if player is Zeus"; if (isNil "JAM_fnc_getDisplay46or312") then { JAM_fnc_getDisplay46or312 = { comment "default"; _displayNumber = 46; if ((isNull (findDisplay 312)) && (not isNull (findDisplay 46))) then { _displayNumber = 46; }; if (not isNull (findDisplay 312)) then { _displayNumber = 312; }; comment "return value (display number)"; _displayNumber }; }; comment " - Define critical variables. > JAM_txtSizeNum > JAM_txtSizeStr "; JAM_txtSizeNum = 0.5 * safezoneH; JAM_txtSizeStr = str JAM_txtSizeNum; with uiNamespace do { JAM_txtSizeNum = 0.5 * safezoneH; JAM_txtSizeStr = str JAM_txtSizeNum; }; with missionNamespace do { JAM_txtSizeNum = 0.5 * safezoneH; JAM_txtSizeStr = str JAM_txtSizeNum; }; comment " ...Variables Defined. "; JAM_open_selectJAMZeusRecipients = { JAM_curator_recipients = []; _centerScreenPos = [0.494844 * safezoneW + safezoneX,0.489 * safezoneH + safezoneY,0.004125 * safezoneW,0.0055 * safezoneH]; disableSerialization; d_selectJAMZeusRecipients = (findDisplay ([] call JAM_fnc_getDisplay46or312)) createDisplay "RscDisplayEmpty"; showChat true; _ctrl_selectJAMZeusRecipientsTitle = d_selectJAMZeusRecipients ctrlCreate ["RscStructuredText", -1]; _ctrl_selectJAMZeusRecipientsTitle ctrlSetStructuredText parseText ("<t valign='middle' align='center' size='" + (str (JAM_txtSizeNum * 0.8)) + "'>ZEUS HELPER >>> CURATOR CREATOR<br/><t size='" + (str (JAM_txtSizeNum * 0.7)) + "'>(Create and Assign New Zeuses)<t/>"); _ctrl_selectJAMZeusRecipientsTitle ctrlSetBackgroundColor [0,0,0,0.77]; _ctrl_selectJAMZeusRecipientsTitle ctrlSetPosition _centerScreenPos; _ctrl_selectJAMZeusRecipientsTitle ctrlSetFade 1; _ctrl_selectJAMZeusRecipientsTitle ctrlCommit 0; _ctrl_selectJAMZeusRecipientsTitle ctrlSetPosition [0.427812 * safezoneW + safezoneX,0.313 * safezoneH + safezoneY,0.128906 * safezoneW,0.033 * safezoneH]; _ctrl_selectJAMZeusRecipientsTitle ctrlSetFade 0; _ctrl_selectJAMZeusRecipientsTitle ctrlCommit 0.5; ctrl_sJr_PlayerList = d_selectJAMZeusRecipients ctrlCreate ["RscListBox", -1]; { _pL_index = ctrl_sJr_PlayerList lbAdd name _x; } forEach allPlayers; ctrl_sJr_PlayerList ctrlSetPosition _centerScreenPos; ctrl_sJr_PlayerList ctrlSetFade 1; ctrl_sJr_PlayerList ctrlCommit 0; ctrl_sJr_PlayerList ctrlSetPosition [0.427812 * safezoneW + safezoneX,0.379 * safezoneH + safezoneY,0.061875 * safezoneW,0.22 * safezoneH]; ctrl_sJr_PlayerList ctrlSetFade 0; ctrl_sJr_PlayerList ctrlCommit 0.5; ctrl_sJr_recipientList = d_selectJAMZeusRecipients ctrlCreate ["RscListBox", -1]; ctrl_sJr_recipientList ctrlSetPosition _centerScreenPos; ctrl_sJr_recipientList ctrlSetFade 1; ctrl_sJr_recipientList ctrlCommit 0; ctrl_sJr_recipientList ctrlSetPosition [0.494844 * safezoneW + safezoneX,0.379 * safezoneH + safezoneY,0.061875 * safezoneW,0.22 * safezoneH]; ctrl_sJr_recipientList ctrlSetFade 0; ctrl_sJr_recipientList ctrlCommit 0.5; _ctrl_cancel = d_selectJAMZeusRecipients ctrlCreate ["RscButtonMenu", -1]; _ctrl_cancel ctrlSetStructuredText parseText ("<t valign='middle' align='center' size='" + JAM_txtSizeStr + "'>CLOSE<t/>"); _ctrl_cancel ctrlSetTooltip "Cancel the script and close this menu."; _ctrl_cancel ctrladdEventHandler ["ButtonClick",{ d_selectJAMZeusRecipients closeDisplay 0; JAM_curator_recipients = []; }]; _ctrl_cancel ctrlSetFade 1; _ctrl_cancel ctrlSetPosition _centerScreenPos; _ctrl_cancel ctrlCommit 0; _ctrl_cancel ctrlSetPosition [0.469063 * safezoneW + safezoneX,0.698 * safezoneH + safezoneY, 0.0464063 * safezoneW,0.022 * safezoneH]; _ctrl_cancel ctrlSetFade 0; _ctrl_cancel ctrlCommit 0.5; _ctrl_removeJAMZeusbutton = d_selectJAMZeusRecipients ctrlCreate ["RscButtonMenu", -1]; _ctrl_removeJAMZeusbutton ctrlSetStructuredText parseText ("<t valign='middle' align='center' size='" + JAM_txtSizeStr + "'>---------REMOVE ZEUS---------<t/>"); _ctrl_removeJAMZeusbutton ctrlSetTooltip "Delete and unassign unique zeus module for each player on the right-hand list."; _ctrl_removeJAMZeusbutton ctrlSetBackgroundColor [0.5,0.2,0,0.6]; _ctrl_removeJAMZeusbutton ctrladdEventHandler ["ButtonClick",{ if (count JAM_curator_recipients != 0) then { d_selectJAMZeusRecipients closeDisplay 0; { _recipientName = _x; systemChat ("[JAM] >>> Zeus Helper >>> Removing Zeus from " + (_recipientName) + "..."); { if ((name _x) == (_recipientName)) then { [JAM_fnc_deleteAndUnassignZeus,{ _code = _this; [] spawn _code; }] remoteExec ['spawn',_x]; }; } forEach allPlayers; } forEach JAM_curator_recipients; comment "[] call JAM_init;"; } else { hint "[JAM] : ERROR : You have not selected any players; Array is empty."; systemChat "[JAM] : ERROR : You have not selected any players; Array is empty."; }; }]; _ctrl_removeJAMZeusbutton ctrlSetPosition _centerScreenPos; _ctrl_removeJAMZeusbutton ctrlSetFade 1; _ctrl_removeJAMZeusbutton ctrlCommit 0; _ctrl_removeJAMZeusbutton ctrlSetPosition [0.432969 * safezoneW + safezoneX,0.654 * safezoneH + safezoneY,0.118594 * safezoneW,0.033 * safezoneH]; _ctrl_removeJAMZeusbutton ctrlSetFade 0; _ctrl_removeJAMZeusbutton ctrlCommit 0.5; _ctrl_addBtn = d_selectJAMZeusRecipients ctrlCreate ["RscButtonMenu", -1]; _ctrl_addBtn ctrlSetStructuredText parseText ("<t valign='middle' align='center' size='" + JAM_txtSizeStr + "'>Add<t/>"); _ctrl_addBtn ctrlSetTooltip "Add selected player to the target list."; _ctrl_addBtn ctrlSetBackgroundColor [-1,0.5,-1,0.6]; _ctrl_addBtn ctrladdEventHandler ["ButtonClick",{ _selectedItem = lbCurSel ctrl_sJr_PlayerList; _playerName = ctrl_sJr_PlayerList lbText _selectedItem; if (JAM_curator_recipients find _playerName == -1) then { JAM_curator_recipients pushBackUnique _playerName; ctrl_sJr_recipientList lbAdd _playerName; }; }]; _ctrl_addBtn ctrlSetPosition _centerScreenPos; _ctrl_addBtn ctrlSetFade 1; _ctrl_addBtn ctrlCommit 0; _ctrl_addBtn ctrlSetPosition [0.427812 * safezoneW + safezoneX,0.357 * safezoneH + safezoneY,0.061875 * safezoneW,0.022 * safezoneH]; _ctrl_addBtn ctrlSetFade 0; _ctrl_addBtn ctrlCommit 0.5; _ctrl_removeBtn = d_selectJAMZeusRecipients ctrlCreate ["RscButtonMenu", -1]; _ctrl_removeBtn ctrlSetStructuredText parseText ("<t valign='middle' align='center' size='" + JAM_txtSizeStr + "'>Remove<t/>"); _ctrl_removeBtn ctrlSetTooltip "Remove selected player from the target list."; _ctrl_removeBtn ctrlSetBackgroundColor [0.5,-1,-1,0.6]; _ctrl_removeBtn ctrladdEventHandler ["ButtonClick",{ _selectedItem = lbCurSel ctrl_sJr_recipientList; _playerName = ctrl_sJr_recipientList lbText _selectedItem; if (JAM_curator_recipients find _playerName > -1) then { _idx = JAM_curator_recipients find _playerName; JAM_curator_recipients deleteAt _idx; ctrl_sJr_recipientList lbDelete _selectedItem; }; }]; _ctrl_removeBtn ctrlSetPosition _centerScreenPos; _ctrl_removeBtn ctrlSetFade 1; _ctrl_removeBtn ctrlCommit 0; _ctrl_removeBtn ctrlSetPosition [0.494844 * safezoneW + safezoneX,0.357 * safezoneH + safezoneY,0.061875 * safezoneW,0.022 * safezoneH]; _ctrl_removeBtn ctrlSetFade 0; _ctrl_removeBtn ctrlCommit 0.5; _ctrl_giveJAMZeusbutton = d_selectJAMZeusRecipients ctrlCreate ["RscButtonMenu", -1]; _ctrl_giveJAMZeusbutton ctrlSetStructuredText parseText ("<t valign='middle' align='center' size='" + JAM_txtSizeStr + "'>------------GIVE ZEUS------------<t/>"); _ctrl_giveJAMZeusbutton ctrlSetTooltip "Create and assign unique zeus module for each player on the right-hand list."; _ctrl_giveJAMZeusbutton ctrlSetBackgroundColor [-1,-1,0.4,0.6]; _ctrl_giveJAMZeusbutton ctrladdEventHandler ["ButtonClick",{ if (count JAM_curator_recipients != 0) then { d_selectJAMZeusRecipients closeDisplay 0; comment "[] call JAM_init;"; { _recipientName = _x; systemChat ("[JAM] >>> Zeus Helper >>> Giving Zeus to " + (_recipientName) + "..."); { if ((name _x) == (_recipientName)) then { [JAM_fnc_createAndAssignZeus,{ _code = _this; [] spawn _code; }] remoteExec ['spawn',_x]; }; } forEach allPlayers; } forEach JAM_curator_recipients; } else { hint "[JAM] : ERROR : You have not selected any players; Array is empty."; systemChat "[JAM] : ERROR : You have not selected any players; Array is empty."; }; }]; _ctrl_giveJAMZeusbutton ctrlSetFade 1; _ctrl_giveJAMZeusbutton ctrlSetPosition _centerScreenPos; _ctrl_giveJAMZeusbutton ctrlCommit 0; _ctrl_giveJAMZeusbutton ctrlSetPosition [0.432969 * safezoneW + safezoneX,0.61 * safezoneH + safezoneY,0.118594 * safezoneW,0.033 * safezoneH]; _ctrl_giveJAMZeusbutton ctrlSetFade 0; _ctrl_giveJAMZeusbutton ctrlCommit 0.5; systemChat "[JAM] >>> Zeus Helper >>> Select players to give or remove Zeus Interface."; }; comment "close debug console"; if ( not (isNull (findDisplay 49)) ) then { (findDisplay 49) closeDisplay 0; }; waitUntil { isNull (findDisplay 49) }; sleep 0.1; systemChat "[JAM] >>> Zeus Helper >>> Spawning GUI..."; [] spawn JAM_open_selectJAMZeusRecipients; }; - Feel free to give me some feedback on this script, as I am sure there are some bugs to be reported with it, and I would like to improve it however I can. I might make an alternate version where it doesn't auto-add objects to the Zeus interface every 30 seconds.
  2. I do understand the use of the Virtual Arsenal. Testing stuff out. Looking through available stuff. But what use is the option for saving / loading loadouts in the vehicle section? I cannot load custom vehicle loadouts as Zeus to make these destinct. There are no vehicle arsenals where i could change the look of my car. Why is there then an option to save my grey Angara if i will never use it in a vanilla setting. Whats the use of it? There should be an option to load specific visual customization either as Zeus or as the player. I think there should be more stuff you should be able to save and customize. But sadly there is not even an option to use the vehicle loadouts.
  3. Does anyone have any idea how to use the function "BIS_fnc_isCuratorEditable" to kill curator editable units when they enter a trigger. I am trying to create a restriction zone around my map which kills the player and curator units when they enter the zone but will allow none curator units to pass through (so I can simulate reinforcements entering the region after a certain amount of time). I have been running some tests to get an idea on how the "BIS_fnc_isCuratorEditable" function works. I currently have four triggers around the map which tell me through a hint whether a unit is curator editable or not. I am now trying to work out how to change it from giving me a hint which is either true or false, to killing the unit if true or allow the unit through if false. Something along the lines of... Just can not seem to work it out. Also tried this to no avail...
  4. Hi all, I am currently making a map which requires a Curator Editing Area to follow the player around the map. I would like it so that if an enemy of the player enters the Curator Editing Area, the Curator Editing Area is disabled (to stop him spawning stuff on top of the enemy). I have managed to write a script which has the Curator Editing Area follow the player... //init.sqf [] spawn { while { alive t1 } do { myCurator addCuratorEditingArea [ 0, position t1, 50 ]; sleep 0.05; }; }; How this works is by creating a Curator Editing Area at the position of the player every 0.05 seconds. The interesting part is that you keep the ID of the Curator Editing Area, this means that it deletes the old Curator Editing Area when the new one is created. (Curator Editing Area ID being 0 in this case). The problem I have is temporarily disabling the creation of "new" Curator Editing Area 's while an enemy is within range. So I need to be able to temporarily disable the script (which I do not know how to do).
  5. Hey guys, I am in need of a clever explanation of what I'm seeing and a helpful hand with fixing it. I have created an action that calls for a chopper from a nearby location and makes it move and land in a different location. The script works locally without issues. The script works in multiplayer when called using the Zeus code module option. The script does not work when called by addAction (either attached to a player or a static object). By "does not work" I mean the helicopter does receive the cargo (which means it is recognised) but the chopper just sits there forever. ["Land_PaperBox_01_small_closed_brown_IDAP_F", helicopter1] call ace_cargo_fnc_addCargoItem; ["Land_PaperBox_01_small_closed_brown_IDAP_F", helicopter1] call ace_cargo_fnc_addCargoItem; ["Land_PaperBox_01_small_closed_brown_IDAP_F", helicopter1] call ace_cargo_fnc_addCargoItem; ["Land_PaperBox_01_small_closed_brown_IDAP_F", helicopter1] call ace_cargo_fnc_addCargoItem; hint "Friendly chopper incoming"; helicopter1 move (getPos heli_landing_pad); sleep 15; while { ( (alive helicopter1) && !(unitReady helicopter1) ) } do { sleep 1; }; if (alive helicopter1) then { helicopter1 land "LAND"; while { ( (alive helicopter1) && !(unitReady helicopter1) ) } do { helicopter1 engineOn false; }; }; For the love of me, I cannot understand why it keeps happening. I even called the helicopter1 move part individually from the zeus interface and it did work. Thanks a lot, Adam
  6. I'm hosting a Zeus mission in the future and I want to allow players to be able to respawn. However, I don't want a timed respawn and I want them to respawn as a group. I don't want them to respawn individually. The reinforcements would respawn back in the base whilst the rest of the unit is fighting. The reason I want to do manual reinforcement respawns for my players is so that I can wait for an appropriate amount of players to die before respawning all of them at a time that's convenient. How could I set this up to where I could perform a reinforcement respawn whilst playing as Zeus? How can I do this?
  7. Zeus Enhanced Requires the latest version of CBA A3. Zeus Enhanced, also known as ZEN, is an Arma 3 mod aimed at improving and expanding the functionality of the Zeus real-time editor. Zeus Enhanced is built with communities who use Zeus as their primary mission making tool in mind by enabling curators with powerful tools to create dynamic scenarios in an efficient manner. For an in-depth breakdown of the features and frameworks please visit the website. This mod is built using the same foundation and design standards as the ACE3 Project. Special thanks to the ACE3 Team for their open source nature and permission to use their systems, without their work this would not be possible. You can download Zeus Enhanced from: GitHub Steam Workshop Features A lot of new and improved modules Extended attributes displays Settings to customize the editor display Context menu providing easy access to common actions Various bug fixes for the Zeus interface Rewritten vehicle garage specifically for Zeus Rewritten, faster remote controlling of units Contributing You can help out with the ongoing development by looking for potential bugs in our code base, or by contributing new features. We are always welcoming new pull requests containing bug fixes, refactors and new features. We have a list of tasks and bugs on our issue tracker on GitHub. Please comment on issues you want to contribute with, to avoid duplicating effort. To contribute something to ZEN, simply fork this repository and submit your pull requests for review by other collaborators. Remember to add yourself to the author array of any PBO you will be editing and the AUTHORS.txt file; including a valid email address. Submitting Issues and Feature Requests Please use our Issue Tracker to report a bug, propose a feature, or suggest changes to the existing ones. License Zeus Enhanced is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPLv3).
  8. So, I have recently setup a Zeus mission, everything is great, it works well. But, with a editing area set (In this case around the airfield of the zeus' team so they can only spawn in stuff on the airfield) I have now lost the ability to middlemouse teleport my camera around the map. Is there any solution for this, any work around?
  9. I want to make a Mission with multiple Zeus. But when I place two virtual Zeus units and sync them with a Game Master Module each and sync these GameMaster Modules with the GameMaster Module (the one from Gamemodes) the second Zeus cant place anything exept for Markers. Is this a bug or is there any way to fix this? Both virtual Units have a different variable name and are set as owners of the two GameMaster modules.
  10. Hey guys, as i bought the Creator DLC, i first edited the new Wefelingen map in the EDEN Editor for a little nice base for my ZEUS missions. When i had it finished, i uploaded it to my Nitrado Server via FileZilla. As i joined in the lobby, the lobby started "flashing" with errors in the bottom left corner. I already put the "-mod:gm" in the modification field. And i tried it again with no assets or other buildings. I simply have the spawn and the roles on the map. I tried it with the winter map and the normal map. As i cant edit the files i dont know how to fix it. The only mods i have loaded are: - Achilles - CBA_A3 I hope you can help me 🙂
  11. 2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment About Us Sometimes referred to as 2PARA we are a Arma III MILSIM community that believe in having fun while getting the job done. We believe that Military Simulation can be done without certain aspects of the real military such as addressing people by their rank or calling them “Sir”. We aspire to create a fun Milsim environment for new or seasoned Milsim players from around the world, however we are Australian based and look after our Aussie members before our international members as the largest part of our community is Australian. Our Structure Applications are open in all air and ground sections. 2nd Battalion, Parachute Regiment - Alpha Company | Infantry - 1 Section - 2 Section - 3 Section - Bravo Company | Support - Armoured Section - Engineer Section 4th Battalion, Parachute Reserves - Reserves - Recruits No. 2 Squadron - Rotary Section - Fixed Wing Section Requirements: You must be of ages 16+ (unless vouched for by someone currently in the unit) You must have a microphone to be able to join! You need to be respectful to all members. You must have Teamspeak 3 installed. You must have a legit copy of ArmA 3. You must be able to follow orders from superior officers. You must be able to attend our weekly main operation Time Schedules Training Friday at 1800 AEST Operations Main Campaign: Saturday at 1800 AEST Fun op Sunday at 1800 AEST How To Join Us: If you are interested please join our teamspeak and wait in the Waiting For Recruiter channel and a recruiter will be with you shortly. Teamspeak: ts3.bris.wombatserve.rs:10100 Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/2ndBattalionParachuteReg ORBAT: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10p_V0SNjIOX-zkb1QSv4fxul_z3u2eqzYDUCA2xgwLw/edit?usp=sharing Discord: https://discord.gg/48WVMhC
  12. Hi guys this is my project i recreating the Call of duty 4 missions on Arma 3 from the " Crew Expendable" operation to the "hunted" mission playable in multiplayer with the help of an excellent zeus i tried to recreate the settings in the greatest detail that Arma can offer But as you will know, for many things it sins I'm looking for a good guy who knows how to recreate various objects for this MP campaign (ex cargo ship) to then publish it on the workshop to make everyone participate in this fabulous campaign Because you also know that when we talk about the MW campaign, a small part of us gets excited once again For now I leave you only the screens of the environments but in the future I will provide you with a nice video dedicated to all this Please comment and have your say and why not if you want to join the project 😎 MORE SCREEN AND VIDEO INCOMING
  13. okay, here is the problem, i have my own RP mission that was made for ravage with some mods in it: also running everything on dedicated server, here is my server: so the problem: after 1 hour and 6 minutes the zeus become almost broken, i can still place units and objects on map but modules dosen't work (like smoke and other) when i place them nothing happens, the icon stays on the map and that's it, only restart is helping... no RPT errors, only this one when i trying to place module 22:50:09 Cannot create object 10:313 with type[AIUnit], param[unit], NMT code[113] (not even sure if it zeus problem or note) server fps is staying on 46-50, client fps is 60+ i also tried to test the problem on vanilla map, still the same... can someone help or tell me how can i fix it? because i can't play without modules, maybe i can restart the zeus somehow? via script maybe? because i also have infistart on my server so i can run scripts via console. Maybe it's because ravage zombie module spawning a lot of zombies, i have some people who are playing on my server 6 right now and the zombie module is set to 20 zombies per player and the max amount of them is 10000 but they are despawning anyway when the player is away from the cites and other places so... not really sure. or maybe VANDEANSON APOCALYPSE is causing the problem because it's spawns a lot of assets... but i can't play without that mod because its bound with my mission, so the question is it possible to reset zeus without restarting the mission?
  14. Direct download : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XqYe2BydiXoGRWNWDPY2cjtTz7-67KPj Steamworkshop : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1711959480 !!! Mission for dedicated server!!! Video exemple : Description of the game mode : Sandbox game mode with the CSATs, the base of the mission is quite simple, enemy occupied areas (NATO) are generated randomly, once the secure area a new one will be generated randomly. Incidentally there is a small playable NATO team (5 slot) to oppose an additional resistance, thus creating more difficult and unforeseen situations. Configuration of the mission : CSAT : -Main base or all CSAT vehicles are available. -Recruitment of up to 10 AI per player. -Vehicle maintenance area. -Aircraft Configuration Zone (Pylon custom). -3 box F.O.B (fortification construction, static weapon, light vehicles, AI recruitment, arsenal, respawn point), note that the F.O.B are brand so that opposing players can know where they are located, in order to create conflicts around the F.O.B CSAT. -HALO Jump. NATO : -Rudimentary post, only light vehicles and light helo are available (transport, combat), heavy vehicles will need to be requisitioned from NATO IA. -Recruitment of up to 10 AI per player. -1 F.O.B crate (fortification construction, static weapon, light vehicles, AI recruitment, arsenal, respawn point), take note that the NATO F.O.B will be invisible in order to give an advantage to NATO players who are 4 times fewer in number. Globale content : -Approximately 80 operating areas. -Dynamic IA activity that adapts to the actions of players such as setting up mortar camps, S.A.M, land and air patrol. The zones where the AI are setting up installations are not indicated on the map, so as NATO gradually tries to block you with barrage shots or to defeat any air action. -Engineers can build sandbagwall (need a tool kit in inventory). -Zeus interface for server admin. -The group leaders of each faction have the automatic support (C.A.S, transport, ammunition drop). -Cleaning system (performance manager) every hour empty vehicles, body, stuff on the ground are removed to keep good server/client performance over the long term, players will be notified 2 minutes before the cleaning sequence. Script : !!! Be careful not to use the modes already included in the mission !!! -!!! NRE Earplug !!! -!!! Outlaw mag repack !!! -!!! Advanced sling loading !!! -!!! TAW view distance !!! -!!! AIS medical system !!! -!!! ZBE Cache !!! -Bon recruit unit -AI spawn script pack -R3F logistic -Virtual vehicle spawner
  15. Hi, I have close to 800 hours in ARMA myself but here's the situation: We're having a little LAN at work and to my surprise ARMA3 is getting some votes in the game selection (#2 just after Overwatch). This raises the challenge how to run ARMA as a one-shot thing with people who likely are completely new to the game. The Bootcamp can be great in introducing the very basics but we're talking of quite busy people who might not have the time to go through anything like that on their own. They are more or less gamers and generally bright people so they might pick up things quick on the go - most of them I don't know that well however to assess their exact capability. Everybody being in the same room and focusing on the game can help too. Was thinking of writing a little info blurb with just a few pointers how this game is different from your regular shooter and pointing them to the Bootcamp so some at least can pick up things beforehand and educate the others. Also making it co-op removes much of the skill gap and can provide for a nice change of pace in the LAN. Keeping it simple is a must, then again multicrew vehicles is something where ARMA shines and just driving and fooling around in a ground vehicle is quite easy and fun to do. I would think Zeus mode, or can I find fun missions that are easy to set up and easy to play for total newbies? Zeus would provide the advantage of adapting on the fly and setting both the content+challenge level to group specifications. I do have experience with the editor but I'm new to Zeus myself, I've been glancing at it and thinking it's a great tool - I used to play it while I was new - but the time to prepare is very short now. We could make it a simple scenario in semi-open terrain + towns, most probably Altis as that's the map most familiar to me and it's commonly played, also very different locations available. Assuming 7-8 players I'd break it into 3 fire teams: motorized recon (1-3 experienced players), an armored component (eg. tigris, MBT, APC with 2 or 3 people), motorized rifle squad (everybody else, mostly newbies). There's probably around 2-3 hours we can spend on the whole experience. Running Zerty's Mod with the right settings could be an idea, as I'm familiar with the mode and it exposes much of the game. We'd be taking over one town after the other and building our force. The enemies mostly would be stupid bots with some vehicle support (they would have APC etc). This way everyone would get to play and there would be a challenge to rise to, the experienced players would pull more of the game though. The challenge wouldn't really scale up but it's a short exercise anyway and in just a couple of hours we could get to running around with various ground vehicles or even commanding bots (it gets tricky in this territory though). Zerty's has a couple of its own mechanisms like factories with build queues, town mechanics, economy and bases so some people involved could get bogged down by those (IMO you could mostly just ignore them and tail the rest of the group). In terms of training, I think we need to cover: The basics of handling the game (gear selection, context menu, what to expect) How to operate with infantry (using cover, stances, locating enemies or rather the difficulty of it) How to hit things with firearms (eg. holding shift, selecting your engagement range, weapon types, bullet drop/zeroing, short bursts) Any special roles people want to try out (sniper weapons, ATGM, vehicle gunners) I will need to have another look at the WarMachine mode as that might provide just what we need, but in a more simple format. Any other ideas, concerns or suggestions?
  16. I am trying to put together a trigger which gives Zeus points every time a truck goes between two points on the map (Like a supply line). If one Zeus is playing as the OPFOR team, they must spawn a Tempest Ammo truck and tell it to Cycle between two points (Point A and Point B). If the truck is spawned at Point A, the Zeus must order it to go to Point B, once it reaches Point B it must then be ordered to turn around and go back to Point A before Zeus points are added to that team. The Zeus can have multiple trucks going back and forth to add up Zeus points more quickly. I have managed to work out how to make the triggers active when a certain Vehicle type has entered the trigger, but I am having trouble working out how to get the supply point triggers working properly.
  17. Fireteam raven founded by veteran players looking to create a welcoming environment for new players as well as explore a vast variety of game modes in a relaxing mil-sim style with out pointless walls like signups and bcts Our Discord: https://discord.gg/N3xswQk Teamspeak will be provided when you join!
  18. There are a few known issues with Public, Official Zeus servers (And also the overall zeus interface), that I hope can be addressed by developers: 1. (Semi-Significant, brought up a lot) The USS Liberty, or any static DLC Ship is impossible to spawn through the Zeus interface. This negatively impacts gameplay as an Official Zeus cannot expand upon the usage of DLC content. 2. (Significant) Server stability is extremely bad, with every server needing a full restart once every 3-4 hours or endure terrible performance and possible crashes. Nothing the Zeus does can fix performance at this point, no matter what is deleted. 3. (Minor) After a vehicle has been used by a player, the Zeus is unable to rotate it. 4. (Semi-Significant) There is no way (at least from what I've gathered), of effectively rotating an object so that it remains even with other objects. An option to rotate by specific degree amounts would be much appreciated. 5. (Significant) Vote kick requirements are way too extreme. It can be nearly impossible to kick griefers or well-known trolls if a few members of the server do not understand how to vote kick properly. Another solution that I propose is to have a better indicator of how to participate in the vote kick when it is started. 6. (Significant) There is no way for an admin to at least temporarily ban a certain player from rejoining the game. This means that especially determined griefers can continuously rejoin the game over and over in order to take up time from the game. A temporary ban option (from that specific server) would be highly appreciated. That's all I've got for now, there's more, but I cannot recall it all at this time. I will be making additional posts as more issues are discovered.
  19. JimHawkins

    Looking to join a zeus op?

    Greetings Arma 3 players! My name is Hawkins1999 and recently I have fallen in love with zeus ops. I am looking for players who are down to join in my ops and help me grow in my zeus knowledge. I will be setting up a discord for my ops and look forward to giving you guys great scenarios from halo all the way to zombies and warhammer! Some basic requirements for joining are: 1. you have to be responsible. No trolling ?, dont kill allies for the "fun" of it. Everyone is just trying to have a good time. 2. You have to treat other players with respect. No harassment of any kind. Some table talk is ok but dont take it too far... 3. Your gona need arma 3 Apex as most zeus ops require it for you to be able to join. 4. You must register on the discord with a simple ign, type of player you are, time zone, type registration. 5. Be patient as I dong have much experience zeusing but I know enough and I've taken a hell amount of notes. I will update this when I get the link for the mods needed as well as the discord set up. Stay tuned ETA 5-6 hours for update Update- https://discord.gg/suZAQ4 is my discord. please keep in mind this is just getting started so don't be disappointed if there is nobody in the discord yet. Mods required- Ravage Zombie mod- https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1376636636&searchtext=ravage Halo Operation trebuchet mod- https://www.dropbox.com/s/1u9pm2u85yks19x/OPTRE_HALO_Liru.html?dl=0 Warhammer mod- https://www.dropbox.com/s/9z306fxrdy7y9l4/TSBWarhammer.html?dl=0Updated Task Force Radio video below \/ \/ \/
  20. White Fox Assault Regiment GENERAL INFORMATION Discord: https://discord.gg/8uNcKed SteamGroup: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/WhiteFoxAssaultRegiment Teamspeak : Email: whitefoxassaultregiment@gmail.com About The Unit The White fox Assault Regiment is a milsim unit showcasing modded, Zeus operated campaign missions based around an Infantry unit but with branches in Recon and Aviation. We are based in both the EU, US with an average of 50 active members attending the main weekly Campaign operation and with around 15-20 attending any mini missions hosted by any of the players who want to run as Zeus for the night. We give new players and old players the same chance to host the mini ops so if you want to play on the ground and as the Zeus then you are more than welcome! We strive to not only set up the foundation for an outstanding Milsim experience but a brotherhood of gamers that can span into a variety of other games outside of Arma. If you like videos such as Liru the Lance Corporal or Karmakut then we aim to provide an excellent mix of the both, providing a true milsim experience whilst maintaining the casual gameplay aspect. No one is required to have 100% attendance, you just let us know when youre free for a mission so we can add you in. Requirements: Working microphone Your own, legal copy of Arma 3 Age requirement of 16+ (younger applicants are subject to moderation) To have a minimum of 20 hours logged in Arma 3 or Arma 2 Must speak English to a passable, coherent level Must have Discord No DLC required! When you join the Discord message either SFC K.Velez, SSG M.Jewsbury or any of our SGT's and we can set you up
  21. I made two missions that allow me to see and edit players and models that other Zeus spawn in real time without having to add-editable-objects every time with Achilles. Each Zeus can also see each other's players placed in the editor. To do I simply placed four players, four game master modules, and set each player as the owner of a module - I also put in a respawn point - and it worked. However, when I tried the same thing later for another map, it did not work. Each player was a Zeus but could not collaborate like in the other missions. Also, the Zeus could no longer see their player models placed in the editor. I found a video, and it solved not being able to see the player models but it did not answer the main problem. I also have tried this, but I cannot seem to get it to work. Why can multiple Zeus collaborate in the first two missions I made, but not when I do the same exact thing on other maps? Also, is there a sure way of making a multiple collaborative Zeus mission that works every time?
  22. Description LRG Fundamentals is a complete mission makers tool, used to create complex missions with ease. Using the huge Library of functions, settings and modules you can create almost any type of mission. LRG Fundamentals is designed to be entirely modular, meaning you can use as much or as little as you want. By default, the master switches are set to off so only what you want to use will be used. See the Key features below for further details. LRG Fundamentals has been used by the LRG in one form or another for nearly 3 years. At the turn of 2019 we decided to publish our work and make all our files open source. That means your free to download, edit, change and create your own work, based on what's we've already made. Download Links Version 1.5.6 Released 01/10/19 Key Features AI Spawn LRG Main LRG Channels LRG QS Icons LRG Weather Player Attributes Safe Zones Vehicle Loadouts Equipment Loadouts Vehicle Servicing Medical Facilities Zeus Configuration Functions Library Third party Features More information on available functions and features as well as our functions library, our Wiki is available here. How do I get in touch? If you want to find out more about LRG Fundamentals or about the community itself, the best way to get in touch is to join our Discord Server. Issues/Suggestions/Faction Requests If you come across any issues, have an idea for an improvement or simply want another faction added to the AI Spawn module, please submit your request here. Changelog v1.5.6 AI Tweaked - Spawn AI module group count Explosives Fixed - fn_IEDVehicle Fixed - fn_MakeIED Fixed - fn_SpawnExplosives Interaction Fixed - AddHoldAction error Main Added - Option to lock third person camera in vehicles Fixed - VanillaFatigue error v1.5.5 Equipment Added - Additional selection for Ammoboxes Tweaked - Selection and function titles renamed and matched. Vehicle Removed - Vehicle specific loadouts - Merged with Equipment settings. v1.5.4 AI Added 16 Factions from @3CB Factions (see Factions list below) SafeZone Permanent value changed from -1 to 0 Default value changed to 0 v1.5.3 AI Added 3x @IFA3 Factions Main Added - Flip Vehicle AddAction Tweak - AddAction Order Tweak - Arsenal Save/Load defaulted to Enabled Tweak - Earplugs changed to Hold AddActions Tweak - Earplugs - Added duplication check. Tweak - Repack Mags changed to Hold AddActions Tweak - Loadouts - RHS Warlords removed from LR_fnc_Loadouts Tweak - Backend Postinit functions replaced by CBA_Settings call. Warlords Added - Persistent Credits Added - RHS Asset Vehicle Servicing Pods Tweak - RHS Apache price to 10,000 Tweak - RespawnTemplate to Respawn on Start Weather Fix - Time Acceleration Tweak - Reduced Random chance of rain by 50% v1.5.2 Equipment Added Warlords Loadouts for Vanilla and RHS factions Main Added QS Mag Repack Function Added Voyager Compass scripted Function QS Icons Added AI Names CBA Setting Added Faction Only CBA Setting Warlords Updated Warlords Respawn template Removed Warlords specific Loadout Script - Handled by default LRG function LR_Fnc_Loadouts called upon Respawn v1.5.1 AI Fixed number of units spawning for all types (values falling above max defined value) Fixed Heavy Vehicles not spawning independently Fixed Light Vehicles not spawning independently Removed GarrisonedGroup Exact value Added GarrisonedGroupMin value Added GarrisonedGroupMax value Added Error checking step for Garrisoned Groups v1.5.0 AI Backend rewritten to be easier to update in future Added AI Spawn Module Description Removed redundant AI Settings Module CBA Settings Added CBA Settings to Repo (no effect on mod) Channels Removed Redundant Channels Module Main Removed Redundant Main Module Removed unused YAINA Commands Medical Facility Removed Medical Facility Attribute Replaced with Medical Facility Module Added Module Description Included new Medical Facility Icon QS Icons Added Option to Show/Hide AI Added Option to Show/Hide Rectangular Group Icon on Map Added Option to Show/Hide own Group only. Safe Zone Added Module Description Warlords Added Warlords Specific Respawn Template Added Warlords Params Added RHS and RHS Pacific Faction Preset Added Function to set custom loadout on joining YAINA Earplugs Changed Default to out. Vehicle Servicing Changed to use Object Bounding Box for Servicing area instead of being defined. Added Module Description
  23. Weirdly, Zeus cannot spawn the USS Liberty static ship added on the Encore update, it's not even listed on the Static Ships section, only the HMS Proteus shows up. This has been an issue ever since the Encore update hit. Could we get a fix or a reason as to why we cannot spawn it? I'm not even sure if the devs are aware of this issue.
  24. Hello, I am working on a mission and having some difficulty: some time into the mission, every player who has a zeus slot assigned will find their game crashes with the following: 0xc000005 STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION I'm kind of at my wit's end trying to debug this issue, as it makes administering the mission a bit problematic if the admin users are being kicked every 20 minutes or so. The mission begins fine, but as units spawn and the player count rises, the odds of the kick happening increase. The interesting thing is it doesn't isolate some users: it's all users that have a zeus module assigned. My initial approach was the dynamically create zeus modules and assign admin users to them, but then I went back to a standard pre-placed module approach, with UIDs as the assignment, to see if that was the issue. Both methods produce the same results. In the .rpt, we get the following: 2018/12/19, 21:11:01 Client Username - client's ticket has become invalid. Code: 6 2018/12/19, 21:11:01 NetServer: cannot find channel #264769362, users.card=45 2018/12/19, 21:11:01 Message not sent - error 0, message ID = ffffffff, to 264769362 (Username) and that happens every second until every Zeus user has crashed. I've tried to be very efficient in the coding of the mission, but there are some loops that run for various reasons. I've used diag_tickTime to clock how some of the longer scripts are performing, and nothing goes over 0.52ms... there were probably around 300 units running in the mission at the time. Any ideas, or suggestions of what to check? I'm at a loss. - Ryko
  25. 501st Chairborne Division We are a small ARMA group of around 10-15 people wanting to expand into the public and welcome anyone who might be interested in playing in an immersive, mature environment, while having quite a few roleplay aspects (interacting with locals to provide intel, talks and story among fellow troops, etc.) We're rather easy going and are open to any questions and ideas. Ops are run every Saturday, Australian Eastern Standard Time. Game Modes/Ops/What we do: Currently we're focused solely on having a Zeus or two write campaigns and script missions to make it as immersive and hands on as possible. We have Ops that have great diversity, such as infiltration, extraction, armoured assaults, sea invasions and much more. We don't stick to one specific time period and we move onto different campaigns and scenarios when the players express interest in change. Thus far, we've done a PMC campaign that was in Africa, 7th Cav in Vietnam and we're currently playing a multinational Special Forces group that is currently stationed in Iraq. Contact Discord Democracy#2496 Exe#9871 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/executeable/