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    Is there a way I can have the collection show on the Arma launcher? If there are members subscribed to more mods than the collection they'll have to go through manually and select the specific ones
  2. I host a private server for me and a few friends, and we chop and change between what mods we use on it quite frequently. Is there a way I can create a modpack which they can subscribe to and I can update that means I wont have to keep sending them updated mod presets each time we want to change the mods? Possibly looking at creating a mod on the steam workshop with dependencies that I can update.
  3. So I think it was a mod issue, I've removed some mods and it now works, although I now get a bit of a different error, whilst in the zeus interface I get a strange glitchy sound and flicking textures, like this This only happens in the slot zeus, if I login as admin this is not the case, so I'm guessing it is an issue with my virtual interface I have?
  4. Hi @Melody_Mike, Thanks for your help, I don't I've explained my issue that well. I understand how the Game Master module works and as mentioned I have 2 of those set up, each linked to a virtual curator These are how they are set up But when connect into one of the 2 slots in the MP lobby, I get presented with this And when I press Y, I just get a Zeus ping, not moved into the Zeus interface. Thanks in advance!
  5. I've created 2 virtual curator objects linked to 2 game masters with the variable names of zCreator and zCreator2 respectively and the game master owners of zCreator and zCreator2 . When selecting either of the slots on the lobby and then loading in, I cannot open the zeus interface, pressing Y just pings zeus rather than opens it. I've created a third game master with the name of #adminLogged and when I login as admin, I am able to use that slot. How can I fix this issue so I can use zeus as a non admin?