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  1. GuyWithaJeep

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    The MX cannot use magazines for the Katiba, that's likely CBA doing that, when it very clearly shouldn't (and doesn't if you're running the vanilla game).
  2. GuyWithaJeep

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    There seems to be an issue with the Connector Tent (Cross) with regards to its collision geometry when you try to close off some of the doors.
  3. I'm encountering pretty regular audio pops in my left ear specifically when moving around Livonia, particularly when I get near forests. Environmental sounds also cut out completely when I travel over water.
  4. GuyWithaJeep

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    I'm only just now noticing it, but has the "rusted" version of the Czech Hedgehog introduced with the Malden DLC disappeared from the object list in Eden/Zeus? Searching for it only brings up the pristine version introduced with the Tanks DLC.
  5. All you have to do is place down an Edit Terrain module in Eden and you can remove wrecks, vegetation, or entire structures from the environment if it doesn't suit the need for your mission.
  6. GuyWithaJeep

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    The Hatchback and SUV have also been caught up in this broken audio issue.
  7. GuyWithaJeep

    Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    Removing the rail from the canopy obviously requires opening up the model and modifying it so that the rail no longer exists. I can't recall what BI's policy on physically changing the 3D model of assets from previous titles is, but my gut is telling me that's a no-go. (And I could be wrong on this, I admittedly haven't read up on that particular set of rules) Whether Night wants to go through that though (not to mention changing the 3D model requires a new UV unwrap which means an entirely new set of textures) is anyone's guess, but I'd be willing to bet it's more effort than it's worth.
  8. GuyWithaJeep

    [WIP] US Military Cargo Truck M35A2

    Oh it's just perfect! I really don't think there are any other words that can do it justice.
  9. GuyWithaJeep

    Laws of War DLC Assets

    Yep. Working as intended. (Although good luck reading the thing before it rear-ends/passes you.)
  10. GuyWithaJeep

    Laws of War DLC Assets

    Not sure if something like this could be added at this stage of development, but I think the Gendarmerie deserve a livery for the new vans, no?
  11. GuyWithaJeep

    Laws of War DLC Cluster Munitions

    Cluster munitions aren't displayed properly in the cockpit displays of Jets DLC aircraft. Black Wasp II Gryphon Shikra But are shown fine in vanilla aircraft. Wipeout Neophron
  12. GuyWithaJeep

    Laws of War DLC Assets

    It would be a nice addition if there was a version of the transport van that didn't have windows, or perhaps some improvised seating positions could be added to the cargo variant? I know I'm not the only one who sees the value in being able to hide multiple people in an otherwise inconspicuous vehicle without windows giving them away. (Does SOF Snatch and Grab pique anyone's interest?) Also, the center console switching to a backup camera while reversing is a very nice touch!
  13. GuyWithaJeep

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    If we're throwing out minor but longstanding bugs, I'm pretty sure the Black MX and MX 3GL have been this way since their introduction in the beta. If you get just the right angle with a light source, all the text is still there, it just happens to be the same color as the rest of the weapon.
  14. GuyWithaJeep

    Malden DLC 2035 - Official Feedback Post

    I'm pretty sure those bunkers are designed to stay perfectly level unless you rotate them around manually, same for the buildings, no one wants to live in a house with a crooked foundation. Unless there are other assets that aren't conforming to the terrain, I'd chalk that up as 'functioning as intended.'
  15. GuyWithaJeep

    BIS Aircraft Carrier

    The Freedom doesn't have any audio interaction with rain, standing on the flight deck away from any vehicles leaves you in complete silence. The Black Wasp II also doesn't seem to have any audio for being out in the rain.