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Found 62 results

  1. I've set up a mission in Eden Editor where a plane or helicopter (using Blackfish currently) will circle around a target. I have everything set up correctly and the plane moves in a circle around the target. The problem is the gunner sight and where the gun shoots are very far apart. The plane is moving around counter-clockwise and when I shoot my bullets go far right of the main box/crosshair. I don;'t have this problem when moving straight, only when moving around. Help please! EDIT: Video link: https://imgur.com/a/U29Oa
  2. I created a vehicle init script a few months ago with the purpose of automatically making the plane auto-eject pilots when the damage to the plane exceeds a certain threshold while limiting the damage to .9 for a few seconds preventing it from blowing up instantly. After a recent arma update however the script stopped working so I'm hoping that maybe someone more experienced in arma scripting can help me out with it. My current revisions (seperated with a line) of the vehicle init with comments: https://pastebin.com/XSyXyES1 I'm trying to avoid using seperate script files to make this a simple copy-paste solution for everyone who isn't that familiar with mission editing.
  3. NoSirIamNotaLobster

    Problem Taking Off

    So i got this problem taking off where the plane would 'bump' (like hitting an invisible rock or something) on the runway when reaching certain speed making it impossible to takeoff. It occurs on RHS's Tu-95, TeTeTe3's Su-35 and PAK FA (forgot the author's name) but vanilla aircrafts doesn't seem to be affected including Jets DLC planes. I dont think its because of the runway terrain because i tried it on altis, stratis,and virtual garage all with the same result. Does anybody have the same issue or.. is it just me? P.S i dont know if this should go to mods category because the problem mainly occured on modded planes. Thanks guys, i appreciate every help
  4. NoSirIamNotaLobster

    Problem with taking off

    So i got this problem taking off where the plane would 'bump' (like hitting an invisible rock or something) on the runway when reaching certain speed making it impossible to takeoff. It occurs on RHS's Tu-95, TeTeTe3's Su-35 and PAK FA (forgot the author's name) , some Sabs' aircraft, HAFM but vanilla aircrafts doesn't seem to be affected including Jets DLC planes. I dont think its because of the runway terrain because i tried it on altis, stratis,and virtual garage all with the same result. Does anybody have the same issue or.. is it just me? Original https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/212258-problem-taking-off/ Decided to move it here from troubleshooting thanks to suggestions and how it affects only modded planes and i'm a noob in forums Thanks guys, appreciate every help.
  5. Hi all guys! First of all, I hope to be writing in the right place. Secondly, I must say that I'm totally new to writing a config on my own, I looked for tutorials and guides and I mostly "studied", let's say, on configs of other mods. Now, my intention is to create a new black wasp II very similar to the jets dlc's one, same model, textures etc. but with the anti radiation sensors of the wipeout, just to give sead capabilities to 2035 US Navy. I've succsessfully written the config for the vehicle. Now when i try it out, all works perfectly, i can detect enemy AA on the radar of the plane and I can also lock them on and shoot them. Nevertheless, while for example with firewill f-16 squares appear on the detected targets when looking through the targeting camera, this doesn't happen with vanilla planes and with my black wasp SEAD as far as i checked. Does anyone have any idea on what the solution could be? NOTE: I'm using SEAD missiles by VTI on vanilla planes and on my plane.
  6. I Wanted to raise the question if the flight or air traffic simulators help improve aviation knowledge and could it benefit you in becoming a pilot? for example, there's this game I've discovered called (snip, -mod edit), its basically air traffic control simulator. i've linked the trailer below, let me know your thoughts:
  7. Reverse Thrust by Jack Ost What is it ? This script allows to simulate in a semi-realistic way the reverse thrust on a plane. It's possible to use pushback on any type of aircraft and to use reverse thrust in flight. Features Ground activation : Ground activation allow to simulate the pushback of the aircraft. It means that the plane back with low speed ,it's constant at 5km/h. It works for any aircraft. To turn back on , use the same button to roll left or right but in reverse order ( left-> right). The plane stops after disengaging the system. In flight activation :Use with a propeller aircraft ( registered in the module ) : Reverse thrust snaps directly, it has a role of brake for the plane and causes a very important loss of speed. This will slow down quickly to acquire a low speed or to make a short landing . To gain speed, you must disengage the system and speed up. Use with an airplane without propellers (switch mode deactivate): Reverse thrust does not engage directly, it wait, that is to say that once the landing gear touch the ground, system engage. It will slow down quickly to acquire a low speed and thus make a short landing. Skip to below 80 km / h the system deactivates itself; otherwise the system will stop when you disengage. Download French version : Here Now English version : Here Now Armaholic or WithSix Download below Guide French Guide : Guide en Français English Guide : English Guide Crédits Bohémia Interactive Jack Ost Special Thanks To Piolotepasvirtuel and Bee Gee from http://www.pilote-virtuel.com for informations and very useful documentation. To "Conflit de Canard" Coop Community for testing To Moon for helping me
  8. Flight Failures Mod by Jack Ost What is it ? This script allows to simulate the failures you can have in your plane or helicopter. It will stop a mechanic or electronic element like the avionic or your engine. For some reasons, only non critical failures have been implemented (so you can't loose your main rotor in helicopter). Features There is three module available in Eden Editor. Place the module that you want on your mission. This mod is server side, so you don't need to have it on client side. First module is to choose random system. The random system will give you one (only one) random failure during the mission, at any moment you can have it. It's depend on the probability that you have choosen on the parameter module (if you don't place it, it will be default parameters). So during a mission, you may not have any failure. Second module is to trigger a particular failure (or multiple) directly. You can synchronize it with a trigger to have the failure at a particular moment. For information, default parameters of the random version are :- you will have only one failure- 30% of probability for avionics- 10% of probability for one engine failure (not both if two engine)- 1% of probability to loose left rudder or right rudder OR left elevator or right elevator OR tail rotor- increase (in %) of probability as a function of the flight time (+25% in 2 hours of flight) NB : I can't test the random version perfectly, so i choose to add an option to having magic repair on your aircraft. NB2 : If your fps are lower than 10, the failure will be cancelled. Guide English Guide French Guide Download LINK here Crédits Bohémia Interactive Spyke (technical adviser) Jack Ost
  9. This version is discontinued, find the new one included here This version is discontinued, find the new one included here
  10. Hey guys i was wondering if its possible to place the jet catapult seperatly from the USS Freedome. I was trying to make a relay short runway so i thoght a catapult on a sperat runway on land would be cool. Fast help needed every answer could be helpfull :)
  11. This is a preview release of the Mobile Aircraft Arresting System (MAAS). It is not finished yet and the releases primary intent is to find bugs and general problems with the system and the documentation. The MAAS has been created by TheSn4k3 and TeTeT. The MAAS helps to bring a landing plane to a full stop by using the planes tailhook and a wire between two trailers. It is often used by expeditionary forces on make shift landing strips. The system is currently abstracted in Arma 3. A single trailer is sufficient to deploy a complete system consisting of two trailers and the wire. The trailer can be sling loaded by a helicopter for remote deployments. The trailer does not move by itself. CBA is a hard requirement of the mod. Mirrors Being setup Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1130385734 Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=33242 PWS: http://withsix.com/p/Arma-3/mods/NeKhfgiZJE2QrnDL8CDk_w/MAAS Arma 3 base: tba Within the download a docs directory contains three files, describing basic operations, known issues and a todo list: README for the Mobile Aircraft Arresting System (MAAS) The system uses keyboard shortcuts to operate, not menu actions. A player that is close to a MAAS trailer can deploy or pack it with Shift-M. A pilot can utilize the MAAS via Ctrl-Shift-M to deploy a virtual or actual tailhook. Once hooked to the wire, a pilot needs to use Ctrl-Shift-M to raise the tailhook and become ungrappled. The keybindings are maintained by CBA and can be changed. The MAAS can be deployed as slingload of a helicopter. The wire model suppports three animations: ani_cable1_wide ani_cable1_long ani_cable1_high The trailer supports five animations: body_source rearPlates_source switchA_source - graphical problems switchB_source - graphical problems switchC_source - graphical problems Known Issues of the Mobile Aircraft Arresting System (MAAS) o It can be packed up while a plane is held by the wire o When deploying one MAAS trailer will actually spawn two trailers and a wire, for sake of playability o Multiple MAAS deployments have not been tested and will most likely not work or spam the system with scripts o Multiplayer and compatibility with dedicated servers has not been tested o No engine sound o Deployment animation is crude, especially the rear plates o Icon needs to be replaced o Artefact at the rear on the ground TODO for the Mobile Aircraft Arresting System (MAAS) o Animate the instrument panel o Create a realistic mode with two trailers and a rolled up wire, supported through some logistic mod o Replace wire with better looking model o Support multiple MAAS deployments on map o Add engine sound, probably make the trailer a carX o Add deployment sound o Replace setVelocity with addForce in ttt_maas_fnc_useWire o Evaluate using tailhook up animation for stopping to brake the plane Old content: A mobile aircraft arresting system, or MAAS for short, is a system that helps to bring a landing plane to a full stop. It is composed of two trailers and a set of arresting wires. The wires are tightened between the trailers. A plane's tailhook can catch the wire and the braking system of the MAAS will slow down the plane rapidly. In Arma 3 the system is currently static, it needs to be deployed on the runway from the editor. It can help landing on very short runways or alternative runways. The aircraft currently needs to be equipped with a tailhook and have a like named animation and memory point. With the extended tailhook the braking system will be started when a wire is caught by the tailhook. The plane will come to a stop within a few dozen meters. Vendor link for reference of the real system: http://www.scama.se/arresting-systems/aircraft/mobile-systems/ Some screenshots from testing the script with Huron containers instead of a MAAS trailer. Keep in mind that the final system will have just one wire, the four wire setup is legacy from the Nimitz :) Old Screenshots from the very first prototype:
  12. I have made Mission with a y-32 VTOL taking off from an airfield far away from combat. This plane has 2 groups set to safe in it: One with the pilot and the co-pilot and the other one only filled para troopers sitting in the cargo room. But now when I start the mission the para trooper leader orders 8 of them to leave the plane and then orders 3 of them to get back in again (the plane has taken off already) leaving 5 outside. Something similair occurd in my mission with filled up trucks driving in a convoy. Is this a known issue or is it because the vehicle is fully loaded and therefor trying to get rid of some passengers :). I appreciate any help. Nico
  13. AutoPilot Script by Jack Ost What is it ? This addon allow to simulate airplane autopilot in the most possible realistic way on arma3. It's possible to use autopilot on any type of airplane only. Features - Manage Speed - Manage Heading - Manage Altitude - Manage Gear - Manage Vertical Speed Download Here now Armaholic or WithSix Download below Guide French Guide : Guide en Français English Guide : English Guide Crédits Bohémia Interactive Jack Ost
  14. Single addon discontinued... Now part of my military aviation addon
  15. Antonov An-2 Annushka I present my first vehicle port for Arma 3! It is based on the Arma 2 OA APL files from BIS. Credits: special thanks goes to Gnat - much appreciated help with Sea Plane Version! Nevbox for making professional texture templates Aplion - for Arma2- Arma3 port tutorial Feint - HeadrangePlus - extended Track IR Support Lala14 - thanks for the help and input about interior Lights Himself and Uninamer - for testing /MP testing BIS for original Model/Textures (APL Sample Files) [Dust]Sabre - Arma 3 Port This addon comes in 2 parts: Antonov An-2 features the port from Arma 2 + Armed Versions for each Faction. Antonov An-2 Upgrade features the seaplane, snowplane and all the other liveries. Antonov An-2 Links/Mirrors: An-2 Source Files
  16. I'm inquiring as to how to give the c130 gunships from USAF mod ammo because when I use the ac 130 mode from the CAS tab, I could loiter and connect to the camera/guns, but get zero ammo. A console error led me to the file: mcc_sandbox_mod\mcc\dialogs\mcc_playerconsole3_init.sqf line 101. All i want to know is how to make ammo available for the ac130 mode under CAS tab and not the AC130 tab which spawns the blackfish...//AmmosetVehicleAmmoMCC_ConsoleACAmmo = [["20mm",_uav ammo "gatling_20mm_VTOL_01","4000Rnd_20mm_Tracer_Red_shells","B_20mm_Tracer_Red"],["40mm",((crew _uav) select 3) ammo "HE","240Rnd_40mm_GPR_Tracer_Red_shells","B_40mm_GPR_Tracer_Red"],["105mm",_uav ammo "cannon_105mm_VTOL_01","100Rnd_105mm_HEAT_MP","Sh_105mm_HEAT_MP"]];ctrlSetText [MCC_CONSOLE_AC_MISSILE_COUNT, ("20mm: " + str (_uav ammo "gatling_20mm_VTOL_01"))];ctrlSetText [MCC_CONSOLE_AC_MISSILE_COUNT2, ("40mm: " + str (((crew _uav) select 3) ammo "HE"))];ctrlSetText [MCC_CONSOLE_AC_MISSILE_COUNT3, ("105mm: " + str (_uav ammo "cannon_105mm_VTOL_01"))];
  17. VERSION 0.3 RELEASE -Better crew placements -New and improved shadow LOD -Adjusted CoG (Less wobbling on ground) -New interior and improved -New livery, "PT-17 Stearman Weathered" -Lowered get in points -New mod image -Added scripts -Moved PT-17 Rally and PT-17 Rally Rouge from BLUFOR and OPFOR to Civilian (sorry for any issues this may cause) -Better world model optimization -Couple other things I can't remember... *Expect an update soon, after Jet DLC is released and new documentation is added* OVERVIEW Over the past few months, I have worked on and off on a PT-17 Stearman for Arma 3. The amazing model was supplied to me by Helijah who had created it for the game Flight Gear, and, with his permission, was ported to Arma 3. With the massive amount of help by [Dust]Sabre, I was able to complete this addon. It was my first addon, so it took a while to make, but here it is! I will continue to work on it here and there, as I have a few projects I'm doing simultaneously, and try to fix bugs and issues that arise. TO DO/ WISHLIST -Add that wing walker version -Make some better textures -Add reflections, so it doesn't look so dull -Add Sabre's and my scripts FEATURES -Working instrument panel -Multiple Liveries -Custom engine sounds -Dual controls -Wreck Model -[Dust]Sabre's and my aircraft related scripts Current pictures of the model: If you would like to learn more about this awesome aircraft- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing-Stearman_Model_75 LICENSE The PT-17 Stearman for Arma 3 is released under Arma Public License(APL) The author of The PT-17 Steaman for Arma 3 gives no warranty. No commercial or military use etc.. DOWNLOADS (outdated) REQUIREMENTS Sabre's Aircraft Library Credits and Thanks: Hnchmc (Seymour Butz)- For bringing the model to Arma 3 Helijah- For his fantastic model and letting me use it! (Link to his Aircraft Hangar) [Dust] Sabre- For his tremendous ammounts of help (and his aircraft library)! Flanders25- Helping me with issues Alwaren- For his Blender tool box Bohemia Interactive- For their fantastic game! Class Names: "hnc_stearman", "hnc_stearmanN2S", "hnc_stearmanCanadian", "hnc_stearmanRally", "hnc_stearmanRallyRouge", "hnc_stearmanWeathered", "hnc_stearman_wreck" Last Update: April 2nd, 2017 Past Updates Change Log:
  18. I'm trying to make the superhornet plane into a VTOL by reading this: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/A3_CfgVehicles_Plane_class_config_reference#VTOLPitchInfluence So i have added VTOL=3 in the config and it works fine, but the plane is turning really slow in hover mode so i tried: VTOLPitchInfluence=500.0; VTOLRollInfluence=500.0; VTOLYawInfluence=500.0; That should in theory make the plane turn like CRAZY. but nothing happens once I'm ingame.. I tried changing the same parameters on the Apex VTOL and it works on that one (it turns like crazy) Can someone give me some pointers on why this is? Cheers!
  19. I downloaded a psd texture of the A-164 (here). The file comes with 4 files (copies of each, 1 .tga and 1 .psd): plane_cas_01_ext01_co & plane_cas_01_ext02_co. ext01 is the main body / cockpit of the A-164 and ext02 is the wings and tail. I've edited both textures and have created a mission file and placed both .jpegs into it. I've used this script on the A-164 int: this SetObjectTexture [0,"plane_cas_01_ext01_co"] this SetObjectTexture [0,"plane_cas_01_ext02_co"] however only one of the textures loads on the plane, looking like this: I know I'm doing something wrong, and I'm wondering how I can get both the body (ext01) and the wing textures (ext02) to load on the plane at the same time? Any help is appreciated, Thank You.
  20. Hello my name is Duck and i have a problem. I have made a cool drone that inherits from the Darter drone which works fine but i need to animate the rotors and i have tried everything... i need help getting these rotors animated on engine start!
  21. I'm working on a plane which is supposed movable gunner camera (not modeled in, just acts like one), however no matter what I've tried the camera itself doesn't move. I've tried a lot of stuff from editing to the elevation points, changing between optic classes and adding x and y rotation points in the model and animating them in the model config but nothing has worked. Turret class: class Turrets { class mainTurret: NewTurret { startEngine=0; isCopilot=1; commanding=-1; primary=1; allowTabLock=1; body="camerax"; gun="cameray"; proxyType="CPGunner"; proxyIndex=1; animationSourceBody="camerax"; animationSourceGun="cameray"; minElev=-90; maxElev=+5; initElev=-30; minTurn=-360; maxTurn=+360; initTurn=0; maxHorizontalRotSpeed=+0.5; maxVerticalRotSpeed=+0.5; memoryPointsGetInGunner="pos_gunner"; memoryPointsGetInGunnerDir="pos_gunner_dir"; gunnerFireAlsoInInternalCamera=1; gunnerOutFireAlsoInInternalCamera=1; memoryPointGunnerOptics="gunnerview"; gunnerAction="Su34_Gunner"; gunnerUsesPilotView=1; gunnerInAction="Su34_Gunner"; gunnerForceOptics=0; castGunnerShadow=1; viewGunnerShadow=1; turretInfoType="RscOptics_UAV_gunner"; stabilizedInAxes=3; laserScanner=true; weapons[]= { "Laserdesignator_mounted", "Missile_AGM_02_Plane_CAS_01_F" }; magazines[]= { "Laserbatteries", "6Rnd_Missile_AGM_02_F" }; class OpticsIn { class Wide { initAngleY=0; minAngleY=-180; maxAngleY=180; initAngleX=0; minAngleX=-180; maxAngleX=40; initFov=0.46599999; minFov=0.46599999; maxFov=0.46599999; opticsDisplayName="W"; visionMode[]= { "Normal", "NVG", "Ti" }; thermalMode[]={0,1}; gunnerOpticsModel="\A3\drones_f\Weapons_F_Gamma\Reticle\UGV_01_Optics_Gunner_F.p3d"; }; class Medium: Wide { initFov=0.093000002; minFov=0.093000002; maxFov=0.093000002; opticsDisplayName="M"; gunnerOpticsModel="\A3\drones_f\Weapons_F_Gamma\Reticle\UGV_01_Optics_Gunner_F.p3d"; }; class Narrow: Wide { initFov=0.028999999; minFov=0.028999999; maxFov=0.028999999; opticsDisplayName="N"; gunnerOpticsModel="\A3\drones_f\Weapons_F_Gamma\Reticle\UGV_01_Optics_Gunner_F.p3d"; }; }; }; }; Model Config Camera Animations class camerax { type="rotationX"; source="camerax"; selection="camerax"; axis="osa_camerax"; memory=1; sourceAddress="clamp"; minValue="rad -360"; maxValue="rad +360"; angle0="rad -360"; angle1="rad +360"; }; class cameray: camerax { type="rotationY"; source="cameray"; selection="cameray"; axis="osa_cameray"; };
  22. Hello! I create a tiny little mod that does 2 things: * it adds laser designator (batteries included!) to all vanilla planes, with allows you to self designate targets for LGB * increases the allowed horizontal turn level in TGP view from -180, 180 to -720, 720 with lets you pan view freely. WARNING! if you lock on (using CTRL+T) it goes back to -180, 180, I couldn't fix that http://www.mediafire.com/file/cg7meve5epqzrc0/%40improved_TGP.zip
  23. Hello all, A few days ago I began work on creating a Junkers Ju 87 Sturzkampfflugzeug, or more commonly known as the "Stuka dive bomber" or "That plane that has that siren". The Ju 87 Stuka was a WWII dive bomber used in the Second World War by Germany. This aircraft is something of a unique one. On the wings were miniature propellers that powered the Jericho Trompetes (or Jericho Trumpets), which created that unmistakable screeching sound of the Stuka. The great model is of the work of Helijah. More of his aircraft for flight gear are here It should be noted that I have no experience with weapon cfgs, and that [Dust]Sabre, the person who always answers my stupid questions, is away. Therefore, the development of this aircraft will not be the fastest. As well, I have two other projects on the side, and I try to divide my time between all three. I'm trying to learn the most I can of weapon cfgs, and hope to have a working, in-game version by next week. Plans for the Ju 87 Stuka -Working tail gun -Custom bombs, a 250 and 50 kilogram bomb -Working Jericho Trumpets -Fully working instrument panel -Two sliding canopies. One for pilot, other for gunner. -Dive brakes/Automatic dive recovery system (Maybe..) -Second Version, Ju 87G Anti-Tank aircraft, with Anti-Tank cannons -Static wreck model, able to be placed in 3DEN -Possibly an arming menu (POSSIBLY) Progress of the Ju 87 Stuka Exterior - 100% Interior - 90% Instruments - 20% Tail gun - 0% Bombs/Armaments - 0% Model cfgs - 95% Animations - 90% Jericho Trumpets - 0% LODS (Memory, Shadow, Geo) - 80% ^ Please note that the list holds no order of importance ^ As always, any and all help is GREATLY appreciated by some of the more veteran mod makers out there. Enough about the issues, some pictures of the current model in bulldozer The addon will require Sabre's aircraft library, as it uses some materials. Big thanks to the following -Helijah for the awesome model and textures -[Dust]Sabre for his sample models, and everything he has taught me -Flanders25 for his major help, guidance, and second set of eyes when I miss something That pretty much sums it all up. I will update the thread as work progresses.
  24. Hi. I placed a jet and gave it waypoints etc. Now when it gets shot down i want it to respawn after 30 seconds or so. I want the AI to have a 100% skill level and have it circle close to the center of the map. Any jet will do, a random one out of the 4 would be very good though. I tried a little bit but it didnt work. And i do not want to google for five hours, did it 30 mins and found nothing which is why im asking here. Help would be appreciated!
  25. Hello all, I figured I had come far enough to share the W.I.P. images and information about one of my many projects, the Curtiss P40 Warhawk/Tomahawk/Kittyhawk. I figured I should post this W.I.P. thread before someone else beats me to finishing this aircraft. This is my first armed aircraft that is at this stage of development, and is really an experiment with weapon cfgs for the Ju-87 Stuka. The model is by Helijah, who kindly gave me permission to port to Arma 3 Without further ado, the Curtiss P40 Warhawk (Ignore the muzzle flashes, that was an accident :P ) (Some more images) Currently the aircraft is in the final stages of development. I'm just touching up some things, and testing out the weapons. As well, I still need to complete the instruments in the cockpit and set up the sights. Should be released soon. Weapons as of now: -6x .50, three in each wing I plan to add fuel tanks and a bomb, just to give variety, and some practice for me. In case anyone is wondering about what liveries there currently are: -Flying tigers high definition -Flying tigers standard -Red tails -RAF -RAAF -Captured Warhawk (Japanese) -Munda -Desert -Umnak -2 Lt. George Welch's P40, Colours of the attack of Pearl Harbour -2 Lt. Ken Taylor's P40, Colours of the attack of Pearl Harbour Thanks to Helijah for letting me use his models, and thanks to [Dust]Sabre for answering my questions! Any information, or suggestions that may help with the addon, is more than welcome :)