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    I've been playing OFP for as long as I can remember back, I also got into modding and created Half Life 2 add-ons which I gave up on due to too much work on the loose ends like sound design and textures. And also hundreds of unreleased experiments. I'm right now working on a full mod with campaign which is based on System Shock 2 and TIE Fighter add-ons for both OFP and Arma 3. Now and then I even like to embarrass myself online in Arma 3 with my lack of aiming skills.
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  1. Too many hyphens in the title for my taste, but let's try this anyway. I'm trying to have a plane armed with a CannonCore based weapon with multiple tracers (this is a secondary issue since it might be solved with a bit of scripting) use a turret that is operated by the pilot. The goal is to make AI and players able to land a few hits without lining up for the perfect shot and never taking it and making me scream in frustration. I had something like this (YouTube) in mind.
  2. primaryWeapon can help out a bit there, but it only detects primary weapons.
  3. I demand the power of the dark souls to be brought unto me! On second thought, they make people insane, so maybe that's not the best idea... I get the frustration with some of the limitations. I have my own set of very specific things I'd like the engine to do - like pilot-operated turrets for fixed wing aircraft, something even Arma 3 doesn't do since I last checked.
  4. Mission Fail Conditions

    You could use simple counter for the group members and the civilians. Initialize those variables somewhere: DeadCounterGrp = 0; DeadCounterCiv = 0; And each unit could have a script attached which checks if they're dead: @!alive this DeadCounterGrp = DeadCounterGrp +1; exit The trigger would then have "DeadCounterGrp >= 3" in its conditions.
  5. Star wars: Hoth themed addons

    My children will soon have appropriate pilots that fly them! I love the work on the TIE pilot - the baked reflections look great, overall it's even closer to the movie version than many of the 3d models seen in older SW games.
  6. Where did everyone go...

    I have always been the type to rather lurk in the shadows, which has been alright online but not so much offline - those people with their stakes and crossbows can be pretty annoying. Personally, I really have just two major phases in project-driven online communication - moderate communication with unhealthy levels of productivity and burnt-out lurking -, so the scope of my view on the topic is limited by that. But there are definitely some differences between interactions in let's say the good old OFPEC.com days and Arma 3 topics in the here and now. With the smaller groups such as the undying OFP section on here, the discussions are usually focused on the projects or issues at hand, where most people seem to realize that they are simply trying to play / mod a game that's almost old enough to drink the good stuff. In the Arma 3 sections, there's a lot more opportunity for interaction between modders and 'pure' players. And some of the latter strongly remind me of certain personality types I used to encounter in the bad old days of customer service, namely the angry middle-aged woman who wants to speak to the manager and the entitled SME executive who doesn't really seem bright enough to be an executive. Not sure if it's the reach the game has because of its popularity, or a certain culture among some gamers which makes them perceive modders as customer service representatives. All I know for sure is that I don't like it very much, and it might even discourage fruitful discussions or any sort of somewhat meaningful interaction. It truly is hard existing, with all their individuality, or whatever insipid, short-lived social construct is currently the governing instance of their self-perception and behavioral oddities... none of that could possibly elevate the rotting bag of meat they call a body above the perfection of the digital. That reminds me, I have to finish that other project. To be honest, I've also been pretty lazy since I've fallen into the bottomless pit known as Unity and replaying Dark Souls 2 (which caused a whole new set of mental disorders all on its own.) I will enter the next regeneration cycle around Christmas, maybe I'm useful again after that. And I haven't heard of Discord yet, although I am indeed a Discordian Pope - the most exalted one of them all, even - but personally I'm not really good with instant communication when it's about a somewhat complex project or topic. Anyway, that was my nine jumbled cents, and since I, as a general rule, never use more than 450 words a day, I will now end the comment right here.
  7. TIE Fighter addons

    Thank you! I've been rather absent the last weeks, but I'm hoping to continue with the System Shock project sooner or later. I already have the beginning and end of the campaign, so I can't just not continue.
  8. Star Wars - TIE Fighters

    I've finally begun work on the A3 version of the pilot, too. The 3d model of the helmet is done in Blender, I'll see tomorrow if the specular map translates well to the game. I'll wait until I have a few days which don't require me to have any sort of human interaction to get started on the uniform and vest, since that might take a while.
  9. Star Wars - TIE Fighters

    The exterior is finished, I'll just have to bake the three texture segments into one big file with a new UV and create some lower res LODs. LOD 1.0 will need a new shadow volume too, the lighting in the external view cockpit is off at the moment. The View Pilot part will be a bit of a headache again, but at least I've got a good idea on how to do what. I'll hold off on scripting any blinking lights so far, though. I'll see what I can do with object animations first (engine on state, damage states.) Although bone parenting in c++ isn't the most intuitive feature, I managed to fully animate the engine jets using aileron, elevator and rudder animations and speed-dependent translations for the glow. The AI is pretty alright at hitting targets, I couldn't land a single shot against CSAT planes. Dodging AA missiles is feasible, though.
  10. Star Wars - TIE Fighters

    Since A3 can handle a bit more, I adapted most of the View Pilot cockpit section to fit into the external LOD too: I might as well put the red lights in once I've finished the actual View Pilot LOD (provided there's no transparency issues). I've also managed to put together some basic python scripts to convert grayscale AO/specular maps to their A3 formats quickly. Yay for automation.
  11. The complete workflow can be a bit complex and varies depending on the project's specifics or my own volatile degree of mental capacity. I'll try to provide a short overview. There's a few things to keep in mind also: make sure you're using the Blender Render engine (Cycles has a different set of features which don't work well for A3) and don't rotate, scale or move anything in Object Mode (this will generally cause problems with scale and alignment). Basic UI: Object Mode lets you create new objects, it's where you apply the Arma Toolbox settings - you could make 4 objects for 4 LODs, one for fire geometry, etc., etc. Edit Mode is where you manipulate the separate objects, assign materials and edit the UV maps. Material Tab is where you add and edit the materials which contain the textures in Blender and also the paths to the textures and rvmats in A3. Textures Tab is where you add the texture files to a specific material (diffuse, specular, AO and bump are all you need for A3) - don't use Blender's Normal Map feature (wrong color channels), rather convert a black/white file later. Workflow example: Open new project and delete everything with A (select all) and X (delete selected) Create a new cube in the Create Tab on the left, press TAB to enter Edit Mode Edit the model (there are many basic tutorials on YouTube) Enter the Material Tab on the right and name it / assign it (the path on the bottom only describes the final A3 addon path, not the actual file you'll see in Blender) Do the UV unwrapping and apply the textures (best search for "blender render material and texture tutorial" and "blender render UV unwrapping tutorial" - there are many approaches to do these) You can bake ambient shadows, or even re-bake textures from one UV map to another, check for tutorials again. Save the texture files for further processing. If you need to, you can create and assign Vertex Groups in the Data tab on the left - those will be the named selections in A3. For the geometry LODs, I usually use Object Builder (Structure/Topology/Find Components...) Save and export as .p3d, open with Object Builder and press F5 just to make sure the normals are okay. If you're only using diffuse textures, just convert the texture file into uncompressed TGA and convert it to .paa or .pac using TexView 2. If you're using the super shader ... I hope this is a somewhat useful overview for an example of a workflow. It should be effective in conjunction with all the video tutorials that show only bits and pieces of the whole process.
  12. I've used Blender quite a bit for OFP and now Arma 3. With all the additional tools it's definitely the better option for me - you can add and edit materials, textures, unwrap and edit UV maps, and so on and so forth. The thing is you have to invest a good deal of time in learning the most important shortcuts and navigation. The Arma toolbox is easy to use. Import and export function are done via the 'file' menu just like saving, applying options for LODs is done via the little menu brought up by pressing N while the object is selected. Vertex groups are exported as the named selections for Arma. You might have to normalize (F5) the model in O2, but I don't recall if this was just an OFP issue. I'd suggest looking up a few basic and Arma 3 oriented tutorials on YouTube.
  13. A wishlist. Sort of....

    The Ghost Recon idea sounds cool, though I'm not much of a mission making person myself either. I've started up SWAT 4 again a few weeks ago and thought this would go well in OFP, too. This would require a lot of scripting, but I'm kind of into that anyway. At least once I've mustered the motivation to finish the outstanding projects...
  14. Reuploaded the demo to dropbox, the links seem to love expiring.
  15. Star wars: Hoth themed addons

    I'd be in. I believe there's at least 2-4 of us willing to help out, enough to get a good GPU.