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    I've been playing OFP for as long as I can remember back, I also got into modding and created Half Life 2 add-ons which I gave up on due to too much work on the loose ends like sound design and textures. And also hundreds of unreleased experiments. I'm right now working on a full mod with campaign which is based on System Shock 2 and TIE Fighter add-ons for both OFP and Arma 3. Now and then I even like to embarrass myself online in Arma 3 with my lack of aiming skills.
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  1. Free Games

    Okay, this is a good one - Outcast: Second Contact free (and DRM free) on Humble Bundle: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/outcast-second-contact
  2. Free Games

    I'm not usually into multiplayer kinda things, but Murderous Pursuits is free on Steam right now: https://store.steampowered.com/app/638070/Murderous_Pursuits/
  3. Free Games

    Shadow Warrior 2 is now free on GOG ... a week after I bought it. https://www.gog.com/game/shadow_warrior_2
  4. Do you have any pets?

    Cats, by proxy. They own the place, the flatmate and I live in it and provide for them.
  5. Free Games

    Layers of Fear is free on Steam right now - I don't know the game. But it has layers, and fear - two of my most favorite things. Ask my mother. https://store.steampowered.com/app/391720/Layers_of_Fear/
  6. Free Games

    Unreal is free on GOG for another 22 hours: https://www.gog.com/#giveaway Also on Steam, but I don't know for how long: https://store.steampowered.com/app/13250/Unreal_Gold/
  7. I agree 100%. Not just because I wanna feel safe in my dead trees...
  8. I'm in a bit of a turret experimentation/research/despair phase right now, too, I got up to two turrets to function. Here's the things that caught my eye: In CfgVehicles the MainTurret is just fine, the secondary turret needs specific, hardcoded animation sources: body = "mainTurret2"; gun = "mainGun2"; animationSourceBody = "mainTurret2"; animationSourceGun = "mainGun2"; I'm not 100% sure about the next one, but my two turrets only started working once I used the Czech names for skeletonBones[] in the Model.cfg: "otocVez", "", "otocHlaven", "otocVez", "otocVez2", "", "otocHlaven2", "otocVez2", In CfgModels - p3d Name - Animations you should also define the animations for both turrets like this (axis, selection and source probably being the hardcoded parameters) class MainTurret { type="rotationY"; source="mainTurret"; selection="otocVez"; axis="osaVeze"; animPeriod=0; minValue="rad -360"; maxValue="rad +360"; angle0="rad -360"; angle1="rad +360"; memory = 1; }; class MainGun: MainTurret { type="rotationX"; source="mainGun"; selection="otocHlaven"; axis="osaHlavne"; }; class MainTurret2 { type="rotationY"; source="mainTurret2"; selection="otocVez2"; axis="osaVeze2"; animPeriod=0; minValue="rad -360"; maxValue="rad +360"; angle0="rad -360"; angle1="rad +360"; memory = 1; }; class MainGun2: MainTurret2 { type="rotationX"; source="mainGun2"; selection="otocHlaven2"; axis="osaHlavne2"; }; And don't forget renaming the turret body (otocVez) and gun (otocHlaven) in the p3d file. Bit me in the behind a few times...
  9. AC130 and question

    On the topic of attaching the virtual gun to the correct position - there is a dirty way of referencing memory points in OFP via particle arrays. It only works with models that aren't animated and it has to be executed on a frame by frame basis, so it would probably screw with the CPU. The first component is a sqs or sqf using an array like this, referencing a named selection in the 3d model's memory LOD: drop ["koulesvetlo", "", "Billboard", 0, 0, "memoryPointName", [0,0,0], 0, 1.275, 1, 0, [1], [[1,1,1,1]], [1], 0, 0, "", "\path\scriptDoingThePositioning.sqs", _unitWhithTheMemoryPoint]; Part two is a script which is called by the drop array: _pos = _this; // [x, y, z] position of the memory point. ... blah blah setPos I'd only really advise using this for one-shot solutions, not constantly executed code. But there's something I haven't tried out yet - while almost every command in OFP uses world space, maybe camSetRelPos could be used to make continuous evaluation of a certain position easier. You could create a new camera via the plane's init script, assign the plane as the target, set the relative position to a value you know to be the right position of the gun barrel, then loop camSetRelPos and setPos the virtual gun to the camera object. There's probably a few downsides there, but it's just an idea.
  10. Thank you! Two birds with one comment.
  11. Too many hyphens in the title for my taste, but let's try this anyway. I'm trying to have a plane armed with a CannonCore based weapon with multiple tracers (this is a secondary issue since it might be solved with a bit of scripting) use a turret that is operated by the pilot. The goal is to make AI and players able to land a few hits without lining up for the perfect shot and never taking it and making me scream in frustration. I had something like this (YouTube) in mind.
  12. primaryWeapon can help out a bit there, but it only detects primary weapons.
  13. I demand the power of the dark souls to be brought unto me! On second thought, they make people insane, so maybe that's not the best idea... I get the frustration with some of the limitations. I have my own set of very specific things I'd like the engine to do - like pilot-operated turrets for fixed wing aircraft, something even Arma 3 doesn't do since I last checked.
  14. Mission Fail Conditions

    You could use simple counter for the group members and the civilians. Initialize those variables somewhere: DeadCounterGrp = 0; DeadCounterCiv = 0; And each unit could have a script attached which checks if they're dead: @!alive this DeadCounterGrp = DeadCounterGrp +1; exit The trigger would then have "DeadCounterGrp >= 3" in its conditions.
  15. Where did everyone go...

    I have always been the type to rather lurk in the shadows, which has been alright online but not so much offline - those people with their stakes and crossbows can be pretty annoying. Personally, I really have just two major phases in project-driven online communication - moderate communication with unhealthy levels of productivity and burnt-out lurking -, so the scope of my view on the topic is limited by that. But there are definitely some differences between interactions in let's say the good old OFPEC.com days and Arma 3 topics in the here and now. With the smaller groups such as the undying OFP section on here, the discussions are usually focused on the projects or issues at hand, where most people seem to realize that they are simply trying to play / mod a game that's almost old enough to drink the good stuff. In the Arma 3 sections, there's a lot more opportunity for interaction between modders and 'pure' players. And some of the latter strongly remind me of certain personality types I used to encounter in the bad old days of customer service, namely the angry middle-aged woman who wants to speak to the manager and the entitled SME executive who doesn't really seem bright enough to be an executive. Not sure if it's the reach the game has because of its popularity, or a certain culture among some gamers which makes them perceive modders as customer service representatives. All I know for sure is that I don't like it very much, and it might even discourage fruitful discussions or any sort of somewhat meaningful interaction. It truly is hard existing, with all their individuality, or whatever insipid, short-lived social construct is currently the governing instance of their self-perception and behavioral oddities... none of that could possibly elevate the rotting bag of meat they call a body above the perfection of the digital. That reminds me, I have to finish that other project. To be honest, I've also been pretty lazy since I've fallen into the bottomless pit known as Unity and replaying Dark Souls 2 (which caused a whole new set of mental disorders all on its own.) I will enter the next regeneration cycle around Christmas, maybe I'm useful again after that. And I haven't heard of Discord yet, although I am indeed a Discordian Pope - the most exalted one of them all, even - but personally I'm not really good with instant communication when it's about a somewhat complex project or topic. Anyway, that was my nine jumbled cents, and since I, as a general rule, never use more than 450 words a day, I will now end the comment right here.