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Found 31 results

  1. Who Are We? The British Foreign Legion (BFL) is a group of semi-casual Arma 3 milsim players hailing from North America and Europe. The existing community has been around for five years and gone through many facelifts, during which time we've learned what works and what doesn't. We are now seeking to expand our ranks in order to field a much larger unit during operations. For more info, check out our Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/BritishForeignLegion Training Training sessions are held at the discretion of the CO. An announcement will be posted at least one day in advance, and more often than not two days. If you can't make it, that's fine, but remember that you must attend training to advance in the unit. Operations Operations are generally made in-game with Zeus, however editor-made missions are used semi-frequently as well. Operation types include COIN, urban assault, parachute ops, recon, and HVT/hostage extraction. No operation is completely mandatory, as we realize that people have lives outside of video games. Mods The unit has a modpack, which is a compilation of mods that we deem excellent and beneficial to our gameplay. Age/Required Items You must be 15+ to apply to the BFL, own Arma 3 and Arma 3 Apex, and must have a microphone. Failing to meet these requirements will result in your application being dismissed out of hand. If you are interested in applying, please contact us at britishforeignlegiona3@gmail.com. Regards, Lt. Ryan, BFL Acting CO
  2. Good day, everyone! We are young ukrainian team called Chervona Kalyna Studio and we want to introduce the offical page of modification for ArmA 3 - Armed Forces of Ukraine. We know that there are so many same name modifications, but without serious approach. WEAPONS: Fort-12 (pistol) AKS-74F (modified older AK-74 assault rifle by Fort) AKS-74F/GP-25 (modified older AK-74 assault rifle by Fort with underbarrel grenade launcher) Fort-221 (5.56x45 mm assault rifle) Fort-221/Fort-600-1 (5.56x45 mm assault rifle with underbarrel 40 mm grenade launcher) Fort-227 (5.56x45 mm assault rifle) Fort-227/Fort-600-1 (5.56x45 mm assault rifle with underbarrel 40 mm grenade launcher) Fort-229 (7.62x51 mm marksman rifle) Fort-301 (7.62x51 mm marksman rifle) Fort-401 (5.56x45 mm light machinegun) PKM (modified older PK machinegun by Fort) VPR-338 (.338 Lapua Magnum long range bolt-action sniper rifle) SVDM (modified older SVD 7.62x54 sniper rifle by Fort) RPG-7 (anti-tank rocket launcher) RPG-26 (anti-tank rocket launcher) EQUIPMENT: Ukrainian Field Uniform (camouflage - Varan) Kaska M-2 (helmet, empty version, camouflage - MM14) Kaska M-2 (helmet, raised up glasses version, camouflage - MM14) Kaska M-2 (helmet, raised up and closed glasses version, camouflage - MM14) Korsar M3m-1A-6 (modular vest, empty version, camouflage - coyote) Korsar M3m-1A-6 (modular vest, rifleman version, camouflage - coyote) Korsar M3m-1A-6 (modular vest, grenadier version, camouflage - coyote) Korsar M3m-1A-6 (modular vest, machinegunner version, camouflage - coyote) Korsar M3m-1A-6 (modular vest, officer version, camouflage - coyote) Korsar M3m-1A-6 (modular vest, crew version, camouflage - coyote) Backpack (backpack, empty version, camouflage - coyote) Backpack (backpack, engineer version, camouflage - coyote) Backpack (backpack, paramedic version, camouflage - coyote)
  3. Who are we? Black Tails is an European, casual milsim Arma unit. We have been playing together since early Arma 2 days. Are you interested in a casual and friendly community? We're recruiting! What do we do? We play PvE and PvP, casual milsim missions on Sundays at 20:00 GMT+1. Anybody can select any available role that they want, as long as they fulfil their role and don't go running off on their own. We occasionally also run training missions for those who want to learn more about Arma. Do you use mods? Yes. We mainly use mods like ACE3, ALIVE and TFAR, for added immersion. We also use weapon, unit and map mods when needed. But we keep the number of mods and file sizes to a very reasonable level. What do we expect? The only real requirements we have is that members are nice to each other, act in a mature way and are team players. We don't have a minimum age or skill requirement. We also don't have rules in regards to the attendance, we understand that real life has priority. I want to join or have questions! If you are interested in joining or have any questions, please send a PM, or add me on steam; =BT=Albireo. You can also send an email to: blacktails.vfs@gmail.com Looking forward to meeting you. :)
  4. Hello everyone, I present to you my newest project which I've been working on for quite a while now. This mod is ment to create a new interesting possible scenario for Europe. When released the mod will contain several new models. The timeline will be set on 2027 and focuses on new European conflicts. New models: 5 tanks, 1 AFV, 1 plane, 1 submarine, 2 snipers, 1 heavy machine gun, 1 assault rifle. (+2 ships, post about this soon) Planned release: at this moment unknown Side: Opfor according to NATO Diplomacy: Hostile country You can read the story here: Prussian Empire Map Team: DreamRebel [Project lead – Textures & Configs] IndeedPete [ Textures & Future Missions] (Planned) Pinaz93 [All-round] Alex150201 [scripting] Terramesa [Texturing] Trooper A. [Modelling] Notable passive team member: Xorpane [Configs & scripting] M1lkm8n [All-round] + Other passive team members Special credits and thanks: Casper N. Christensen [CV-30, JAS-31 and Submarine model] DarkHeart1987 [Tiger 3, Hybrid MBT and Cheetah Model] Tim "SteamTank" Aletdinov [PzKpfw K75 Ausf. A, H&K MXR8 Sniper rifle, H&K SGS-99 Sniper rifle, H&K PAW Heavy machine gun model] G-Jenkins [Triton & MAAC ONE model] Xaotherion [sunda Assault Rifle Model] Shockwave9001 [sunda Assault Rifle Design] John_Spartan & Saul [NATO & Russian Air Weapons] Sabre_Dust [su-34 plane] EricJ [Weapon information & advise] PuFu [Advise & config information] Vilas [Advise & config information] Firewill [Advise] New Models: CV-30 MBT | Panzer 9A “Serval†| Panther 3 Tank CV-30 AFV | Panzer 9B “Serval†| Panther 3 AFV JAS-21 “Owl†| Fokker-21 Nuclear Submarine | Gojira Class MBT-14 “EuroPanzer†| Imperial Tiger | Tiger 3 Hybrid MBT | Leopard 3 Cheetah PzKpfw K75 Ausf. A | Löwe Sunda Assault Rifle | 7.62x35 mm caliber (.300BLK) H&K MXR8 Sniper rifle (Picture will be added later on) H&K SGS-99 Sniper rifle H&K PAW Heavy machine gun Permission is officially granted to me by the original authors Planned Models: CV-30 AA | Panzer 9C “Anti-Air†| Panther 3 AA CV-30 SPG | Panzer 9D “Artillery†| Panther 3 SPG More new infantry weapons (On the list) New attack helicopter (Just a wish for now) Modern Pickelhaube (Helmet) Camo preview Grassland Woodland Dessert Official testers: - [Community] At this moment I'm still looking for additional team members. You wanna get involved with this project and contribute? Feel free to send me a message! (Please note what you can or want to do) What can we use? Additional scripters Another modeller Additional Texture Artist Help with porting the finished models More news and pictures will follow. (At this moment the story is still not perfect and it may change) It is not my intension to offend people in anyway! This mod is not intended to create any kind of controversy. March 28, 2027 The 5th Stürm Corps moves towards "Bautzen" and peacefully takes over all border checkpoints.
  5. STAF - Private Military Company (Since 2013) Who we are: We are STAF - Private Military Company. Our group originated in 2013 playing ArmA 2 but switched to ArmA 3 in its Beta Phase. We are based in Europe. Due to that our Standard time Zone is: GMT+2 Summer Time or GMT+1 Winter Time. Missions are usually issued on Saturdays with Wednesday missions also being a possibility. As a Private Military Company fulfill contract in order to earn money for new equipment. That means we don't have access to a full arsenal and all assets in game but have to unlock these first. This gives us the opportunity to use assets that are usually left unused. Another hook: Assets that are destroyed or lost are no longer available to the company and needs to be re-bought. Aside from our PMC missions we also play other mission scenarios like: WW2, Vietnam, Star Wars and so on. Who we are looking for: Beginner which are new to the game get the chance to learn and feel the main parts of ArmA 3 in a friendly, helpful and patient environment. We try to show you how to play as tactical and immersive as possible in personal training and by taking you by the hand in our operations. Veterans are also always welcome to strengthen our squad and giving input on tactics. Nobody is perfect. Every member of STAF tries to constantly learn from the others. After all, every member in STAF gets the opportunity for criticism, feedback and suggestions. We are open for every input! What we offer: We offer a friendly and fun environment where we want to combine fun and immersion in our missions. Communication is done on our Forum and Discord Server. The Forum servers as a place to plan campaigns and have discussions about various topics - from suggestions, ideas to technical help. The Discord Server on the other hand acts as a way to bring everyone together to have conversations as a group of friends opposed to just some people playing a missions every now and then. Our own Teamspeak 3 Server is not only used for communication during missions but can be freely used by all member whenever they like. If you want to play another game with a fellow clan mate or friend - feel free to use it. Aside from that we also offer you two ArmA 3 Servers hosted on an professional root server. One server is used as a training server and the other one is mainly used for our weekly operations. Since this server offers us full access in can also be used for other stuff like additional Server for other games. Of course STAF also uses mods. With Arma3Sync you download the mods directly from our ftp server with no speed limit. That ensures that everybody is always up to date and all members use the same mods. (You can find a detailed tutorial about the usage of Arma3Sync on our forum)! And of course we are always there to help if you have any problems with mods. We do not charge a membership fee for any of these services! What do we expect from new recruits? The will to learn new things Dedication Friendly and Respectful behavior Be available during our main timezone (Summer: GMT+2 - Winter: GMT+1) (Missions usually happen on Saturday evening starting 8 PM) The will to download our Mods Participate in a "boot camp" to teach you about mod usage/check your knowledge with certain mods Requirements Mature behavior A legal copy of Arma 3* A Headset with microphone Teamspeak 3 installed * (While we don't force our members to buy any DLC/Add-ons it is highly recommended to at least own the APEX Add-on in order to take part in missions on Tanoa) Interested? Head straight to our forum and apply today. Problems or questions? Feel free to join our Discord Server, add one of our member manager on Steam or Contact STAF|Moony here on the forum. Member Management: STAF|Liffy & STAF|Jeromer Want to know more about STAF & our operations? Check out our official Youtube channel or the channels of our members which feature some of our missions: STAF|M.Hansen, STAF|IndeedPete and STAF|JustRico Hope to see you in the field! STAF|Moony