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Found 56 results

  1. Alright, so here's my issue. Im using Eden Editor to try and make a Player controlled, zeus based mission. 1st portion of my time was spent making the Home Base that I will run my ops out of. Got everything set up for the most part and then tried to do a multiplayer play test Everything worked great for the most part, respawning was fine etc But then we tried to get into a vehicle together to leave the home base, for some reason We can't get into the vehicle at the same time It was an empty vehicle and we were on the same team. I googled this issue and didn't find much of substance till I came across about Player Ratings It stated that If a user team kills, or kills civilians that they wont be counted as being in the "Same team" anymore. Thus not letting them get into vehicles with their other BLUFOR members It makes sense, But is there anyway to bypass this or get rid of player rating entirely I dont want to have missions that are unable to be completed because of "Accidental" team killing Thank you for your time!
  2. Hello Community, I've downloaded the Arma 3 Development Build and the new Destroyer is great. My Problem is the following. My Idea was to take the interior parts from the destroyer and use them to create a new interior for the aircraft carrier but I got no idea how to do that and maybe one of you got a place where I can start. Thanks in Advance!
  3. Will we ever get the option to change key binds on Eden editor? it's not rocket science, we can customize key binds for literally everything apart from Eden which is a major part of the game, Bohemia please?
  4. Hello everyone, I need help for creat a simple module. Indeed, i need creat a addon as ALiVE. but i need edit config.sqf I need simple example module. (more information that bohemia) help plz ?
  5. Hi everyone. I´m working on a terrain, I've paked it and uploaded to steam. It´s working fine... but, with no objects in map, only roads. Why? I've edited the objects map in Eden Editor, but, when I import the objets to terrain builder, only a few of them appears on the map. When I created the templates library, I "Automatically renamed" the duplicated templates, could that change of names affect the objects importing?
  6. Hello Community, Since there is a new Method to animate Objects called Key Frame Animation I took a closer look at the TAC OPS Mission and for example in the First mission of the "Stepping Stone - Campaign" NATO Forces have CAS (Close Air Support) inbound and the jets appear in a pretty cool way. They fly in and one of them turns to the right and the other one to the left at the exact same time and I wanted to recreate this kind of Animation. Here is my Problem: I haven't found any good explanation how to use this Keyframe Animation. After experimenting several hours with this new Animation Process I started to google and found the following page: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Key_Frame_Animation . It is well explained here and also a GIF how this should look like but I still don't have a clue how to use this kind of animation because it is just explained in Theory how everything works. I am thankful for any kind of link related to this Topic! Best regards, Adams "Fucking Greenbacks!" ;)
  7. KEEP THIS IN MIND BEFORE READING BELOW: Here I am talking about the scenario editor, and the lacking features. And if you are just going to tell me that I should play the official gamemodes, I Would do that if not for the lack of multiplayer features (Like ranks to balance teams out & the ability to vote kick) and lack of CO-OP (me and my friend only, without random children spamming their microphone and not playing) features. Hello everyone at Argo forums! I was recently making a scenario to play with my friends using the Editor, and my god does it lack Everything. So here are some things that I Really Really want to be implemented into the editor and the game itself. Here's the list: Make it so you can open your inventory (Check 4th 5th statements) and equip items. Add civilians that we can spawn in. Add actually working ammo boxes into the Props spawn menu so we could re-supply mid-battle. There is no way to equip a different scope to your weapon when you pick a scope up from the ground Can't equip different armor/vests/headgear mid-battle I can't see myself and my friends on the map/minimap When starting a custom scenario, in the menu where you can select the team/character you want to be, There is no way of knowing which character has what loadout. This is the end of My list of things that break the scenario editor/scenarios for me. But feel free to add to this list in the comments below! I would really thank the Argo Developer Team if they were to read this and leave a comment! Thank you!
  8. Mister GTX

    Civilian Presence Module

    Hello Community, With the new Mission from the Tac Ops DLC, they have also introduced some new cool Modules for the Eden Editor and I have played around a wile but I still couldn't figure out how the Civilian Presence Modules work :( I would be really thankful if anybody could explain to me how those Modules work! Warm Regards, Lt. Halliwell, to be continued ...
  9. So I have been trying to get a column of tanks to patrol a set area yet for some reason they keep stopping short of the waypoints I had set down for them. They only continue moving along the set path when I go into Zues and bring the waypoint to them. I currently have them set as this: open fire, safe, normal (pace), and column formation.
  10. So with the introduction of the Jets DLC, it was shown that there are new animations for AI to play out while on the deck of the USS Freedom. My question is, where can I find these animations? I have looked at the functions viewer in the ambient animations and have found nothing.
  11. Hello, recently I stumbled over a quite difficult task, and never managed to figure it out. I've been trying to apply custom textures for my units,but they only seem to appear on my client side, whilst on other players they are completely invincible (No clothes, only vest). x This is from my point of view; https://imgur.com/a/MGcY7 x This is from my FRIENDS POV; https://imgur.com/a/gWKC4 This is my "Uniforms.sqf" script to run the textures. /* Custom uniforms for Civilians, Medics and Cops Created by: Stanley / Invision */ #define FETCH_CONST(var) (call var) if(side player == independent) then { if ((uniform player) == "U_B_CTRG_3") then { player setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "textures\MedicU6_co.paa"]; }; // When inependendt wear CTRG (rolled up), displays medic skin }; if(side player == west) then { if (uniform player == "U_B_CTRG_3") then { player setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "textures\cvgcop7_co.paa"]; // When blufor wear CTRG (rolled up), displays police skin }; }; if(side player == opfor) then { if ((uniform player) == "U_IG_Guerrilla_6_1") then { player setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "textures\guerilla_skull_co.paa"]; }; // When Opfor wear Guerilla Apparell , displays rebel skin }; if(side player == opfor) then { if ((uniform player) == "U_BG_Guerrilla_6_1") then { player setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "textures\guerilla_skull_co.paa"]; }; // same as above }; if(side player == opfor) then { if ((uniform player) == "U_OG_Guerrilla_6_1") then { player setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "textures\guerilla_skull_co.paa"]; };/ /same as above }; And i'm using an keyhandler to execute it again when texture bugs out. (works like a charm). I've tested out multiple stuff, by both using .JPG and .PAA files, but neither of them seems to work. Also setting Objecttexture to global, but has no impact on other players. I would REALLY appreciate if someone was able to help me Thanks! // AngryHerring
  12. I'm working on series of singleplayer scenarios and, inorder to make them more fluid I would like to be able to switch from the first character to the next one via a trigger. How do I do this? Or is even possible with the Eden Editor?
  13. i am a player from china with poor english and no computer script knowledge . but i want to make my own mission with arma 3 editor sincerely. how can i start the project. who can teach me.
  14. Hello everyone, i need some help. I am currently trying to make a mission and i want to trigger a Mission win when all 2 Tasks are completed, you (the Player) Needs to go to a specific Zone and then the escape should trigger... but how do i do this? Please help me. LG Pinky PS: please dont mind spelling mistakes, im german and my pc likes to autocorrect them.__.
  15. -UNiOnJaCk-

    Keep AI units in location

    Hi, First question here, i'm trying to work out how to get AI units to stay where i have placed them in the Eden Editor? At the moment, every time i launch my scenario, the AI units move from their positions, presumably to try and stay in formation? Is there anyway to disable this behaviour, or command the units to stay at the locations i have placed them? Where they are moving around freely at the moment is making it very difficult to set up my scenario in a way that i am happy with... Any help would be immensely appreciated! Regards.
  16. August One

    Community Kit

    I'm having difficulty with using the downloadable Community Kit. Where do I place the zip files / how do I import? And as a followup question to the above, is there a common place where people can upload/download player-made scenarios for the Eden Editor? Any assistance would be appreciated.
  17. Hello, So Peace has broken out in my ARMA 3! Units won't detect or fight other units. No mods. Using eden editor to create simple missions with High Command.
  18. So I'm finishing up a mission and the task modules have been a nightmare. I actually created this account to try and solve the problem. I have a chain of tasks which are all activated by trigger using :triggeractivated trg1 or which ever trigger it happens to be. What's happening is one of the tasks as soon as it's triggered pops up as assigned and then can't be found. When I check the task list it is marked as complete. There is no task completed message. The create task module is set to assigned just like the others, and like the others, the set task state module is set to completed. I have tried setting the create task to "created" and it works fine other than needing to manually assign the task. Im getting a headache trying to figure this out so any help I can get is appreciated
  19. So I'm finishing up a mission and the task modules have been a nightmare. I actually created this account to try and solve the problem. I have a chain of tasks which are all activated by trigger using :triggeractivated trg1 or which ever trigger it happens to be. What's happening is one of the tasks as soon as it's triggered pops up as assigned and then can't be found. When I check the task list it is marked as complete. There is no task completed message. The create task module is set to assigned just like the others, and like the others, the set task state module is set to completed. I have tried setting the create task to "created" and it works fine other than needing to manually assign the task. Im getting a headache trying to figure this out so any help I can get is appreciated
  20. Ever since the latest update (1.68) the drop downs in the Eden editor are bugged. Selecting it so that it should be default drop-down for selecting your required option does not work it makes the noise and flickers but does not drop down. I am experiencing this with using nothing more than the vanilla game with no mods etc selected.
  21. I'm having a problem with the idiot AI in my group. I have a path set for my tank platoon and I'm just trying to get them to conduct a normal movement to contact, but when we get to the waypoint, the leader drives through the waypoint, as normal, but the rest in my group try to converge on the exact waypoint, or drive in circles around it. I tried setting the completion radius to various values, depending on the terrain, but they constantly do this. It becomes a game of bumper tanks at almost every waypoint and usually a tank winds up upside down, totally borking the mission. Can someone shed some light on this situation for me? Is the AI this retarded by design, or am I doing something wrong?
  22. So, i'm pretty new in the Arma 3 Mission edeting and scripting, or at least for Multiplayer. My problem is, that in my Singleplayer Missions i could just use BIS_fnc_typeText2 and everything worked just fine, but now I'm trying to do this and other Stuff like Hints etc. in a Multiplayer Mission, but it only is Shown to Host or when i put it on my Linux Root Server, to no one. All the triggers Work just how I want them to, New Tasks get Assigned and everything that has to be done by Server (like let NPC eject via script and stuff like this) work also. Only Issue I have is that Hint's and BIS_fnc_typeText2 etc. are not shown to the Players except host if launched local. What i did is Adding eventhandlers that get active if you kill the Guy you have to Start the Actual Mission. this addEventHandler ["killed", {[] exec "Missionflow.sqs"}]; The Code below is executed, but hints and Stuff is only shown to host. <Missionflow.sqs> [[["Bluefor", "align = 'center' size = '0.7'", "#0000FF"], ["", "<br/>"], ["Im Anflug für ''Para-Drop''", "align = 'center' size = '1.0'"]]] spawn BIS_fnc_typeText2; ~30 [[["OPFOR", "align = 'center' size = '0.7'", "#FF0000"], ["", "<br/>"], ["Im Gebiet", "align = 'center' size = '1.0'"]]] spawn BIS_fnc_typeText2; ~110 [[["WARNUNG", "align = 'center' size = '0.7'", "#FF0000"], ["", "<br/>"], ["Jets im Anflug", "align = 'center' size = '1.0'"]]] spawn BIS_fnc_typeText2; ~120 [[["EVAC", "align = 'center' size = '0.7'", "#FF0000"], ["", "<br/>"], ["Ist unterwegs", "align = 'center' size = '1.0'"]]] spawn BIS_fnc_typeText2; hintSilent "Achten sie auf Feinde"; And all this is only shown to Host, i dont know what to do about this, how am I getting this to work in Multiplayer so all are seeing this. What I also tried is giving the Playable Characters Variable Names (a to d) and then did this: this addEventHandler ["killed", {[a] exec "Missionflow.sqs"}]; this addEventHandler ["killed", {[b] exec "Missionflow.sqs"}]; this addEventHandler ["killed", {[c] exec "Missionflow.sqs"}]; this addEventHandler ["killed", {[d] exec "Missionflow.sqs"}]; I also tried adding a trigger and set Trigger owner to the Guy you have to kill, and set Activation on not Present, which works for ingame modules to become active very good for me. And in "On Activation" i put: [] exec "Missionflow.sqs"; // and also again with the Player Variables [a] exec "Missionflow.sqs"; [b] exec "Missionflow.sqs"; [c] exec "Missionflow.sqs"; [d] exec "Missionflow.sqs"; Hope someone can Help me, didn't found anything that seems to work for me so I'm asking here now.
  23. Hello. I currently developing a coop mission with cutscenes and have 1 problem here. If camera change position, I want that all textures of objects were already loaded (houses, roads and etc..). I used this: preloadCamera. But looks like it doesn't work. Anybody know the solution how to preload the textures, before the camera change it's position..? This command, preloadCamera, there is no detailed description how it works. I don't know for how long it preloads textures and if they stay loaded even after camera change again it's position..? -_-
  24. Hi, I was trying to implement the LPD-29 static ship mod which was created for ARMA2 in a training mission I'm creating. While this mod "works" in ARMA3, it has a little bug. When the ship is placed in the 3d editor at a certain point, it actually spawns ~50m west of its original position - when previewing the mission (causing the helicopters on the landing deck to spawn in the middle of the ship- as it can only be oriented from west to east). Then, when getting back to the editor, the ship is located at its new location and when previewing again it jumps another 50m west and so on... anyone have any suggestion or experience with this kind of behavior? Thanks.
  25. Hello, from some time I really wanted to create public mod with custom compositions for Zeus and Eden Editor. I know how to save custom compositions using editor which then saves here : C:\Users\*******\Documents\Arma 3\compositions. Question is how to put the compositions file into a mod that can be loaded and used my editor and zeus. I tried using this this tutorial: https://www.reddit.com/r/arma/comments/2b2cef/creating_custom_zeus_compositions_in_arma_3_x39/ I'd like to create something like this: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=642912021&searchtext=composition What i Did: mod.cpp name = "Konkel's"; picture = "icon.paa"; actionName = "Website"; action = "http://armann.eu.org/"; tooltip = "Konkel's 0.9.0"; overview = "Public custom Composition/Templates for Zeus and Eden Editor, Enjoy"; author = "Konkel"; config.cpp (after conversion its KONKEL_COMP.pbo) I Get this error :