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  1. ChlckenWlng


    Are there any active public mulityplayer servers?
  2. ChlckenWlng

    Need help making AI not move

    Well now I did but didnt find anything useful tho
  3. So I have a little problem here. I want that a zombie from the ravage adddon doesnt move. However I cant do it I tried: zombie disableAI "MOVE"; zombie enableSimulation false; doStop zombie; zombie disableAI "MOVE"; in combination with zombie disableAI "TARGET" and zombie disableAI "AUTOTARGET"; zombie disableAI "FSM"; zombie disableAI "AUTOCOMBAT"; zomibe disableAI "PATH"; and a combination of this all together but nothing worked. Anyone got a idea how I can make him stop moving?
  4. I dont know what I am doing wrong: (nearestTerrainObjects [thisTrigger,["House","Building"],10] #0) setHit ["glass_1", 1, true]; I just cant fix it
  5. Can you explain me how to do this getAllHitPointsDamage? I dont get it how to do it.
  6. So I want to hide the sidechat on trigger. Example when I have a unit talking in sidechat and the player just walks away (leaves the trigger) I dont want the unit to keep talking in sidechannel. I tried showChat false; but it just hides all channels. Maybe something that can kill the script and stol the talking or something like that idk. I tried looking for a solution but I didnt find anything. termniatescript isnt working too. Once the script actived it wont stop till it finished
  7. So what I want to do is when a player walks into a trigger the window of the building breaks
  8. ChlckenWlng


    Nevermind just had to put like 300 down but do you know why when I put it on 2 its like 30m not 2m?
  9. ChlckenWlng


    Didnt work
  10. ChlckenWlng


    How to increase the radiation with the radiatio active zone placement? Edit: So I am trying to do is: I want like a 8m radius radioacitv zone but in the middle I get like 60 on the muller geiger and when I walk out of the 8m I 0.
  11. I love you thank you very much