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  1. (PAID) Looking for coder for new GUI (PAID) Looking for coder for new GUI, to create and implement a new GUI that will replace scroll menu (Very ergonomic, simple, and flowy), deadline is a comfortable way away from now, please get in touch ASAP.
  2. Looking for a guy (config/coder) for animations import job Looking for a guy (config/coder) who can move complete RTM file Animations to Arma 3 (NO CBA) in either: 1. Animations into arma 3 (triggered via keyboard button) 2. Animations into arma 3 (triggered by actions, e.g pressing i for inventory) 3. Animations into arma 3 (Desired, but not essential) (More/Other replace dynamic walk/run cycles) As part of a CDLC. Please message me to talk :slight_smile:
  3. how do i implement zone restriction module into coop mission? (video link)
  4. How to spawn AI via module with a patrol route? (with no script docs) (video link) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=if5Rkoqe30w&feature=emb_title