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  1. pokemon77


    Hi there, Any chances to make this mission compatible with UNSUNG (Vietnam mod), some of its terrains and factions?
  2. I've got 2 pictures of Alive Schematic Map Layout (probably from mod's wiki page) and CQB module is always synced to something (though I also use it not synced to anything): to Military AI Commander in case of asymmetric setup or to objectives modules (military, civilian,custom) in case of conventional warfare. Can anyone confirm this infinite loading screen when CQB is synced to asymmetric commander?.. And from what I know MACC module should also be synced to Military AI Commander. edit: I just made a simple test, basic mission on Stratis with only CBA and ALIVE running and yes, CQB synced to ass commander causes infinite loading screen in ALIVE latest pre-release 1.11.5. And when flying planes enemies on the ground are not spawned since ALIVE 1.11.4.
  3. Correct me if i'm wrong but in newest Alive Military CQB synced to Asymmetric AI Commander causes infinite loading screen... For some time I also have problems with MACC not spawning enemies when flying planes (helos work fine)...
  4. Oh man, my apologies, I didn't even realize this option already exists in your mod. Bro, you're my hero! ;) My fault, I should really spend at least one night playing with this mod and study carefully what features you've implemented. But it is also excited to discover these new features in such suprising way like now. I tell you one more thing - I really use ca 80 (almost 90!) mods in Arma 3 and THIS thing is in the forefront/on top on my list. That means something. Moreover, it still works great in this "mod heavy" environment, without causing any conflicts, from what I saw. That means it's well coded. Really, tiny great thing! Btw, this "high command menu" has more useful options (for me for sure), I'm very impressed.
  5. Another feature request maybe... An option to dismiss selected squad member (make him disappear e.g., because he stinks or tells lame jokes ;) ). I know, i know, some AI recruitment scripts have this, but I'm using Spyder's Addons Recruit Module and it doesn't have this option. :P
  6. pokemon77

    Advanced AI Command

    Nice mod, very useful, I also use it with ALIVE all the time, but I have a question: while using remote control, is there a way to revert to the original player only when you press Del key or controlled unit get killed? Currently every single hit to remote controlled unit, even grenade shrapnel hit or even getting to close to a campfire or burning vehicle reverts control back to original player... This is little annoying...
  7. Please help. For the first time I created my first custom faction with Orbat Tool to use it with ALIVE awesome mod, so groups are compatible with ALIVE, they are properly displayed in logistic tab when calling for player combat logistics in my mission and from what I saw faction works pretty good in ALIVE environment, even MACC module uses my aircrafts and pilots, etc. The problem is I cannot call for individual soldiers to join my squad for example - there are no soldiers from my faction in "individuals" tab. Also, and I don't know if this is connected, I can't recruit soldiers from my faction when using Spyder's Addons Recruit module - the whole field is blank/empty no matter how long I wait. Vehicle spawner works fine with my faction's name though. I don't know how to fix this. I'm not a noob when it comes to creating ALIVE missions, I did it the last couple of years for my own purposes, so all modules, factions names used, etc should be set up properly, but I just started creating my own faction with Orbat tool. I believe I did everything I should've done, exported data from ORBAT to autogen.hpp, units classes/names to CfgPatches, some code of custom crates to config file (and static data in my mission folder), packed into pbo file what should be packed... Sorry for my English, I'm not native speaker.
  8. Great news, now I can use only 75 other mods, instead of 76. :D But someone has to say to a guy from Armaholic that WW AI Menu is not a requirement anymore :P... Can you share more info? What kind of mod and when we can download and test this mission? But please, no zombies gameplay... ;P Will it be some CTI type mission?
  9. Leopard20 ---> I thought you're dead, KIA, I swear I saw your grave somewhere on Tanoa... ;) Thx for including my requests. I didn't have too much time to check if all is working ok, but it seems ok, though I'm using standard (basic) stances mostly. I LOVE these new and older features, retreat, all round defense and disembark non essentials and mounting/dismounting static weapons which let me save so much time and micromanagement! Got more suggestions: 1) What do you think about getting rid of WWAI dependency? It's not about stealing someone's intelectual property or taking away the merits from someone and taking all the credit, it's just about of shortening the list of mods people are running to these only really necessary. Also, WindWalking won't be forgotten as a creator of this mod, a person who started all of this, but your contribution to this mod is already significant and personally I don't have anything against, you can always give a credit to WindWalking as you do now. Is this possible to do, technically not difficult? 2) What do you think about adding fast rope and HALO jump, both with AI, to this mod? Currently I belive there are two mods which add fast rope to the game and allows you fast roping with AI, Duda's Advanced Rappeling and... I forgot the name of second mod ;P, Duda's one ( http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31254&highlight=ADVANCED%2BRAPPELLING ) is working pretty good I think but doesn't look as fast rope at all ;P, the second mod looks awesome but has some problems I think... And HALO/HAHO jump with AI could be activated only when your team is near some friendly airplane on the airfield for example, or both options (FR and HALO) activated when you're flying in a choper to AO... I belive it would be great to have these two in AIO, please think about it. Once again, thanks for your great work, please don't stop... :) edit: Name of the second fast rope mod is Lifter by Raven: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24753 Fast rope looks great in this one, but mod unfortunatelly doesn't work properly all the time I belive. :(
  10. Thx JD Wang, I'll try to check this map though I'm not sure if it meets my specific requirements ;).
  11. Hi, Is X-Cam-Taunus map supported by ALIVE? I guess not, cause I don't see it on the list... Looking for a nice west european terrain for ALIVE, would you recommend something?..
  12. pokemon77


    Hi all, hi Gemini, Any updates? :) Awesome job and great mission, I like it very much, especially the task system you've implemented, I like it to the degree that I MUST ask: is there any chance to release these tasks as a standalone system? And make them compatible with ALIVE or Liberation for example?.. Just tasks with all needed scripts included, or even more (these "needs" (water, food) for example), but built with modular structure, so one can use what he wants in particular circumstances... With an option to add custom tasks... and with support for best known & most common mods like RHS, Project OPFOR, etc... Regards
  13. pokemon77

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    Great, but I forgot to mention about 2nd problem, I don't know if these two are interconnected and are You aware of 2nd also: first tab, individual soldiers (I've only checked this tab) - when selecting soldiers one by one I can purchase whole bunch of them, even if I don't have resources for it, tiil I close and reopen the menu (only then they become inactive).
  14. pokemon77

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    Is it only me or there is a bug in build menu/squads tab in the latest version 0.962? If I click on any of these squads available an error pops up related to script "F_kp_isClassUAV.sqf" located in scripts/shared/functions folder. I can recruit a squad but it is always not the one I want, in my case it is always AA team. And if I won't pick up any squad then other tabs become inactive, you can't open them. you have to first click such inactive tab, then close the menu and open it again in order to get to these other tabs.
  15. Hi, @ Leopard20 No problem, mate, it's only a game, real life is more important, so please continue your awesome work whenever you've got free time to do this. I'm happy enough that somebody "resuscitated" WW AI mod and I believe this "thing" is essential like ACE, especially now, when TacOps singleplayer mission pack was released. Thx for implementing features proposed by me. Some feedback from me. I didn't have much time to play Arma lately, but did some quick tests and it seems that "Fire on my lead" command still causes weird behaviour with subordinates, but this time when they are in formation with you. Funny. :) When they were stopped and your first shots were fired everything seems to work ok now, I belive you menaged to fix this, but when they're in formation and shots are fired they stop or start moving (probably returning to formation) - not everytime and not with all of them but it still happens. Tested with only CBA, WW AI Menu and AIO Command Menu installed. But as I said before these are only little issues which can be corrected quickly by ordering "return to formation" (now). I'm not even sure if fixing it is worth your time and work & nerves... Copy my stance. I use version 2.0.0 (latest) of VanZant's mod and in this version "copy my stance" command is located in the respective command submenu (combat & stances submenu in this case), so very intuitive, under 7-0 keys, and you apply this command only by tapping these keys. And the most important thing is that you can also apply this command only to the selected soldiers, so for example, you can have your marksman and MG laying down (7-8 keys) and providing some covering fire, while you advance with rest of your soldiers really copying your stance (7-0). I believe it would be great to have this implemented in AIO Command Menu also in this way, under 7 key submenu, but if You wish, also doubled in your menu, under Y-1 (infantry submenu) and 0 keys, for example. Maybe it's not a bad idea to just ask VanZant for his permission to use his code, again - just to save your time, work and nerves... :) And if You hesitate to add or not FHQ combat mode then maybe I should give You one more example of handy use of this feature (besides of crossing cleared area mentioned somewhere above). Let's say your squad is in the middle of firefight with Taliban on Takistan and there's an abandoned UAZ with Dshk MG 50 meters from your position. You want one soldier of your squad to man this MG to wreak havoc on these towelheads. But he's in danger/combat mode already (switching it to aware doesn't work, he stays in autodanger) and it will take ages for him to get to this UAZ, maybe even he will be shot on his way there. Here comes FHQ combat mode - with it you can turn off autodanger mode (for whole squad, but you can quickly order "combat" (7-2) again for all of your man except that one dude) and he should get to this UAZ much faster (of course he can still be killed on his way to it). I think I saw on YouTube a test video of some mods providing a possibility to turn off/on autodanger mode and FHQ was one of the best. Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't something like "force move" in WW AI Menu already also? It would be really great to have this feature in AIO Command Menu, but this time implemented like in FHQ, bound to some no more than two keys like Ctrl+C (for example), (toggle on/off), because in this case it's a lot more comfortable than issuing orders by command menu. Christmas is coming, dear Santa please make my dreams come true. ;)