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  1. AirplaneX physX challenge

    Looks interesting. May I ask what the actual challenge is? I'm guessing its getting a working setup that doesnt get thrown across the map?
  2. Maybe add a double-click function for inventory items like you see in some mods. Is that a vanilla feature or a modded one? So if you're a driver, you just open inventory, double click FAK, it disables your ability to do anything like when you do it on the ground, then once its done you can drive off like you normally would.
  3. General Discussion (dev branch)

    Arma 3s accelerated combat means that Jets are way too fast paced for guns to be of any real use in Air to Air. 1) Cannons usually have very low damage output thus no one really uses them. 2) The minimum engagement distance for ASRAAMs is pretty much gun range anyway so there is no real point wasting gun ammo when you can just wait for the perfect missile shot. 3) The manoeuvrability of ASRAAMs means that in dogfighting you can sling a missile at like 80 degrees bore sight from point blank and hit 50% of the time, thus the need for guns is negated once again. When you compared DCS dogfighting (of which yes they're 2 completely different games), you get this 1) DCS Cannons have very high damage output thus they're usually a prime weapon choice in dogfighting. 2) The minimum engagement range of the ASRAAMs is still quite larger or right on the edge of the gun lock range (which is still a quite a distance), meaning while dogfighting you only really resort to missiles if you have a perfect shot or the area of engagement gets too large. 3) The manoeuvrability of the missiles is high, as they are IRL, but they cannot do what they do in Arma, thus pilots usually save their missiles for the perfect shot or they just use the old reliable gun.
  4. General Discussion (dev branch)

    Having weapon dispersion is always good, arguably better than laser accuracy (unless of course your gun is soley for AT purposes). Better spread means better suppression and area of effect, nothing worse than trying to squirt down an enemy section with the coax and having every round land in like a 0.5cm grouping.
  5. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    The uniform is 100% RHS. However with the weapon system its hard to tell since there are so many similar models out there.
  6. General Discussion (dev branch)

    From what I gather that technology is in Enfusion Engine. I is definitely not apart of the A3 RV engine as I've never seen it happen, though it may come with tanks DLC who knows.. However you could do a script or something whereby if you drive on a dirt surface for like 30 seconds (or whatever time) it applys a texture. However when it comes to WarThunder style dirt etc, you might have to wait for A4 for that.
  7. General Discussion (dev branch)

    If its annoying in game.. just imagine dirt on your optics IRL. I like the idea, just needs to be tweaked.
  8. General Discussion (dev branch)

    Yea that's what I thought. I do agree though when in a tank and at low speed it can be really sensitive for some reason, until you come to a full stop then it kinda feels normal.
  9. From my quick but exciting testing the improvements are great! Feel a lot more natural, especially with tanks, as it feels as though the weight carrys through a turn rather than just turning in a nice circle. One question though, do these surfaces impact acceleration? I.e hard surface vs soft surface acceleration?
  10. My first guess was that it maybe makes surfaces actually behave more like the actual surface you're trying to portray, so a dirt road might be a little more slippery due to it being loose rocks compared to a sand surface which, well, would behave like if you drove through sand. But I have no idea really haha
  11. Nightvision needs light to work. Without it you cant see anything, sometimes its better to not even use it as its easier to see with your own eyes.
  12. Ravage Mod

    I've got 2 questions regarding time. 1) What time multiplier takes authority? The 3den editor time multiplier or the Ravage settings module time accelerator? i.e which one (or both) should I change to achieve time acceleration? 2) Does time acceleration affect the rate at which thirst and hunger diminish? i.e if they're on 1x diminish rate, but were on 2x time, does that mean the 1x diminish rate is now 2x diminish rate? Loving this mod so far! The boys are going wild haha
  13. [WIP] Flying Circus reloaded

    They look like some really nice HQ models! Keen to see this in game!
  14. Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    Most likely going to have to wait for A4 for that, since its already in DayZ. But I agree, Dynamic lighting and shadows is a must.
  15. Ravage Mod

    G'day mate Merry Christmas! However I've got 2 questions/inquiries. 1) Is there a way to change the audible distance that the zombies hear? I was testing it out yesterday with mates and we could be in a gunfight almost in rock throwing distance yet some zombies wont aggro, only the ones extremely close would. 2) How does ACE work with the vehicle repair, does ACE repair work just as well or do we maintain the Ravage repair? I haven't gotten around to testing with ACE yet with the boys however though I'd ask here if there's anything I should know. Found the mod only yesterday and absolutely loving it so far, took me like 10mins before I told all my mates to download it haha. Cheers