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  1. xxgetbuck123

    Compositions broken

    You have to change the terrain snapping and elevation stuff in the tabs up the top.
  2. Bring this technology to all the Vanilla vehicles and you've got yourself a whole another gaming experience.
  3. xxgetbuck123

    Arma 3 Aegis

    I'd suggest chucking them into the recon part of your current Russian faction. I personally don't see the point in having a whole new faction just for Spetsnaz since they're just Russian SF. 1) Saves you from making another faction just for a small amount of units 2) Allows mission makers to use the one Russian faction which would include SF dudes, rather than have 2 factions. Also, an off topic suggestion. Q) Would it be possible to reskin all the vanilla NATO faction vehicles to the same tan colour as the Tanks DLC Rhino vehicle is? The inconsistency of the tan and the NATO grey doesnt look right and I reckon it would enhance your mod further. The reskinning of the CSAT to look Russian is awesome, so a texture touch up for NATO vehicles would make it stand out further.
  4. I know this is a 'cinematic' camera mod, however what are the chances of maybe having a version where we can still see all the HUD, crosshair, UI? etc etc. I love this mod but dont really have any cinematic use for it if that makes sense.
  5. Ghost Recon Future Soldier here we come! Loving it so far mate keep it up!
  6. xxgetbuck123

    Changealbe magazine models for ArmA 3 weapons

    Pretty much. Though tbh, there aren't that many mag varieties in Arma anyway, all the 5.56 stanags are the same, all the 6.5 mags (bar the 100 round version) all look the same, the Katiba mags only go into that weapon..
  7. Yea nah I'm still here. Been doing heaps of 3d modelling but also some IRL stuff. I kinda stopped for a while as I got sick of a lot of shit not working on the aircraft and not being able to find a way on how to fix it. Rest assured it is still slowly being worked on, tbh I'm not too sure how much is left before a release... I need to look at the to-do list.
  8. xxgetbuck123

    Advanced AI Command

    G'day Duda Brilliant mod! Absolutely love it! Though I have a query. When I link the commander module to another playerable player, said player is unable to issue any form of commands to any units. The units come up on the map, they can click on them and scroll through the options, but when clicked on, the order is not issued so nothing happens. I've had a look around and no idea why this would happen. Cheers
  9. Looks good however I doubt the flames would come out of the turret ring. I've heard most modern tanks have very strong rings to prevent stuff like this, plus from your video it looks as if the turret is just sitting on the hull and not connected (how else would the flames get out in such copious amounts) I'd suggest the usual roof hatches burn and barrel burn would be more acceptable than turret ring burn. Either way looks good though, I fuckin hate messing with particles.
  10. xxgetbuck123

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Lol I love the instant insinuation that @diabolical didn't make it himself hahaha Looking good mate keep it up!
  11. xxgetbuck123

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I've experienced that same issue, however it only has ever happened on the Mk18s and the Mk11 as old mate stated.
  12. xxgetbuck123

    LM_AAF, A greenback overhaul

    Yes! This is great! As much as I love the AAF their camo doesnt really suit any other terrain apart from Altis or Stratis, thus they always look out of place! This would make the AAF a viable faction to play outside of the Greek Islands.
  13. Some Promo looking screenshots I took. -Close -Closer -Close -Closer Mods-None
  14. xxgetbuck123

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    But like I said at the bottom, all the other additions from the changelog have taken place and are visible. Why would I need RC to see half of the Dev Branch changes when I can see the other half without RC? Makes no sense to how the update works.
  15. xxgetbuck123

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    @DnA @oukej I didnt know who to tag. Some feedback on the Dev Branch Change log, I've updated to the very latest and even double checked.. However a few issues I came across. Fixed: The Bobcat RCWS now correctly sports a 12.7mm HMG -The Bobcat still has the 6.5mm Fixed: HMG / GMG RCWS turrets now consistently use 200 / 96 ammo boxes -HMG Turrets still use 500 round boxes, while GMG is at the usual 96 Tweaked: Large vehicle magazines were split into smaller ones and their amount was adjusted -Still the same as before (pre update values) Tweaked: The magazine count on MRAPs and APCs has been doubled -Still the same as before (pre update values) Tweaked: The Marshall, Gorgon, Kamysh and Slammer coaxial guns have had their caliber changed to 7.62mm -They are all still using 6.5mm Tweaked: Slammer UP has its 120mm cannon back -Slammer UP has the 105mm, while the normal Slammer got the 120mm Tweaked: The shell count on tanks has been adjusted -Still exactly the same as before (pre update values) And that's all I found was inconsistent. I'm a tad confused though as some of the Dev Branch changes did come through, yet the above didn't.