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  1. I have no idea if you guys have any liaisons or such connected to the Arma Cold Warriors hub discord but there's a variety of capable hands that hang out there. Your project would be welcomed in there.
  2. Jagdgeschwader

    ZEPHIK Female Characters

    Good lord I jumped out of my seat at first sight of the old eyes lol This is awesome, godspeed to you!
  3. Jagdgeschwader

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    This has updated a lot recently so I may be late in the game. Is there any possible way to make it so that suppressive fire doesn't use ammo? The functionality is amazing but a side effect of this is that the AI can run out of ammo in one engagement, even a small one! I'm currently working around this in my missions with more ammo bearers, but it's not a perfect solution.
  4. Jagdgeschwader

    AI Driving Control

    An amazing example of a modder doing BIs work. Why the AI has been allowed to deteriorate over the years is beyond me.
  5. Jagdgeschwader

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Certainly something can be done in that department. I see your turrets mod was released, I'm glad you find such value in this task. The AI are important to every person's experience. While many disregard AI changes as unimportant, when I've introduced friends to great projects, they generally agree the new experience brought new life. Your mods have created that as well in their opinion. I'm especially interested to see what you can do about tank and helicopter AI. If formation AI for tanks can be renovated, you will bring so many more mission possibilities that weren't viable before. Your work is great. Keep it up, we're rooting for you.
  6. Jagdgeschwader

    Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    I think that definitely catches the spirit of the PCML without having it subjected to the duties of cheaper, but none the less efficient AT weapons. It always felt like a hole in NATO's arsenal which was odd given that 20 years earlier, it didn't exist.
  7. Jagdgeschwader

    Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    If anything, M72s should be given to regular troops. It was for this reason that the M72 was created, to space out the AT power within a rifle squad. At the time of its creation it was not the principle tank killer. It was never meant to be. The M67 Recoilless Rifle was. It has continued to exist in this matter. The M47 Dragon and later Dragon II replaced the M67. Then the M47 Dragon was of course replaced by the FGM-148 Javelin. Since we tried to replace the M72 with the M136, we ended up doubling back to the M72 because an infantryman could carry two of them and the M136's firepower was too much for urban combat. At least, the additional power didn't overpower the need to be able to carry more than one. Why am I going into this in so much depth? Well I guess if we want to pertain to authenticity, we have to know why these weapons exist and why they're deployed like they are. As is, the M72 is deployed like an overpowered grenade launcher, useful for light bunker busting, urban combat, and destroying technicals and damaging armored cars/MRAPs and in this regard it would best be used in the hands of infantry regulars. The MAAWS on the other hand, or the Carl Gustav, has had a very speckled past in the US Army. It's essentially been pulled into service when it was needed. Mostly as a reloadable bunker buster, but with new ammunitions, also a potential anti-tank weapon. The most recent reintroduction of the Carl Gustav is for special forces teams in Afghanistan who get jumped by insurgents with RPG-7s who engage at 1000 meters, out of range of small arms, and use the rocket's self destruction feature to make improvised airburst munitions. Long story short, my advice is to just make an infantryman for each anti-tank weapon. Basically Rifleman - LAW, Rifleman - PCML, Rifleman - MAAWS, etc. etc. All these weapons can coexist with each other, and if we go into the Marine Corps arsenal, the list only gets longer, so having seemingly redundant weapon systems isn't necessarily a bad thing.
  8. Jagdgeschwader

    Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    The LAW shouldn't replace the PCML, but it should be prevalent. The reason why it has persisted is because it's cheap rocket launcher firepower.
  9. We're ready to fight Communists on this front.
  10. I'll just be here, waiting to raise hell.
  11. Apologies, when I mentioned "high quality equipment" that many mod authors don't even bother with, I was referring to the fact that the PLA here is represented as a complete faction with supporting assets, armor, aircraft, and a wide variety of infantry. Many mods skimp out on the vehicle aspect, where as the VME mod seems to be going the extra mile here.
  12. Jagdgeschwader

    Enhanced Trenches

    Now this is the shit.
  13. Just made an account but I've been following this mod's progress for quite a while now. Now correct me if I'm wrong @hcpookie, but is a release in the near future? It's almost become unbearable to see what looks like some high quality equipment that a lot of faction mods don't even bother with, and if I'm not mistaken, they're not available anywhere! D: Don't keep us waiting too long! We're itching to put China in their full glory on the field. And great work by the way to everybody on the VME team, this is some work to be proud of.
  14. Jagdgeschwader

    Project OPFOR

    You guys have a mod that makes ArmA 3 that much more playable for a lot of us.
  15. Jagdgeschwader

    3CB BAF Units

    As they say, long time listener, first time caller. Or in this case, long time lurker, first time poster. Support Question: We (my small group) seem to have an incompatibility between your (quite fantastic if I do say so myself) mod and RHS. They for the most part work perfectly fine, but a minor issue is present in that the players' voiceovers will be reverted back to American English when taking control of any RHS faction (AI are not affected by this). This doesn't happen with any other faction in game. The issue is consistently replicable and happens when 3CB is installed onto the client, and persists even after complete reinstallation of both 3CB and the RHS mods and can only be fixed by complete reinstallation. We can say with certainty that this issue is related to RHS and 3CB. I have also filed a support ticket with the RHS Mod team about the issue. Thank you in advance, and have a pleasant day!