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  1. I'm interested I can help with testing and screenshots
  2. Brett Staats

    Welsh Defence Force Mod (WDF)

    I like it gives me more leeway with missions
  3. Brett Staats

    BWI Addons - Aircraft & Vehicles

    Sweet one of my favorite aircraft
  4. Hey firewill what happened to the uh80r mod
  5. Brett Staats

    Lost Dragons - Total Modification Alpha

    Really excited for the mod especially the mechs can't wait to the release
  6. Brett Staats

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    ok because i know people upload them without permissions sometime
  7. Brett Staats

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Are the steam releases the team or someoneelse
  8. Brett Staats

    Enhanced Trenches

    Will there be any ha/ base commponts
  9. Brett Staats

    Arma 3 Aegis

    Hey just a quick question is jets dlc required? Btw great job so far and will the police be using old vehicles or new ones?
  10. Brett Staats

    Tunisian Armed Forces Mod Beta release

    I enjoyed your mod I really like that it's a smaller nation
  11. Brett Staats

    Star Wars mod, what is going on?

    This is just terrible bohemia shouldhave known this would happen honestly I think the workshop is great and stuff but it really does need to have either a curated workshop or something like that but more automatic
  12. Brett Staats


    Really good job dude
  13. Brett Staats

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Will we get like mutated zombies and any female infected