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Arma 4 a look to the future

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I assume all this has been mentioned before in the thread, but regarding the recent comments: 

Their new flagship engine does dynamic shadows already, has (seemingly) much more efficient resource usage, and does expose a lot more of the previously engine-side functionality to modders. 

Arma 3, on the other hand, won't see any major changes or official content anymore. I mean, the downsized team first came up two years ago already, and just the other day BI said there's only a few guys left keeping eye on the life support.

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Should there be Arma 4 (or "a new milsim with some name" from BI) and it's made with Enfusion then I hope they will include as much of the tech that they've been creating for DayZ all this time. I especially mean the tech that affects character status in many different ways (hunger, thirst, temperature and so on, basically everything that can today be read about in the DayZ wiki, see: Character Status). Would be nice if the next game offered such functionalities from the get-go and those could also be available for mission makers as placeable modules or something the like in the (possible) mission editor.

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Maybe I missed it as I skimmed through this thread but I didn't see anyone including server admin tasks on their wishlists.  For example:


  • Role based authentication so I, as a server owner, can set limited privileges for some users.  Allow them to kick, ban, etc. 
    • The original Half-Life engine had a mod called Admin Mod that made this a relatively simple task.  It was the best way that I've ever seen to make sure that your server has near 24/7 protection to protect against griefers.  I've never seen anything like it as a mod for any of the ArmA engines, which is a real shame.
  • Make it easy to report player abuse to a server owner via an in-game mod. 
    • Even if it's just a quick email sent via a quick button selection, at least it becomes possible to find the right timestamps in the server logs.
  • Keep the ability to run a local dedicated server for LAN play. 
    • Too many games these days have either stripped out this function from existing engines (I'm looking at you, Insurgency:Sandstorm) or don't include it at all.  It's silly to do this.  It restricts the ability to do local testing of MP mods, for example.  Not to mention, makes it a lot harder run a LAN party.  😉
  • Consider how to best modularize the game engine. 
    • This is already done via the headless client option, for example, to improve AI performance.  It's still a pain to get configured correctly, though.  You still need to buy an additional license to run it, too, which has never thrilled me.
    • I would love to see this extended to the back end.  There's been some talk in this thread of moving away from a single global lock which is definitely a step in the right direction.  I keep wondering if it would make sense to extend that thinking to consider breaking up the game engine to run in microservices inside containers.  Done right, it would make it a lot easier to scale performance up as object and player counts go up. 


What do you think?  Do these kinds of features make sense to people?

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