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  1. Game mode ideas: Dreadnoughts: using attachto to frankenstein a yuge (trump speak) spaceship / destroyer (maybe at least 3 aircraft carriers long by 2 wide) that is set with an obnoxious amount of weapons but a vulnerability inside a part of it. Could be Aliens, robots, or any evil empire. Ship is on a path to destroy all living things on the map (pick a map) Simulated game time for its arrival (say 1 hour) by setting enemy craft at the edge outside of the map travelling slowly into the center. Players have to setup and defend their base. Options to build up last stand defenses and take flying vehicles loaded with assault team to board the "ship" if they make it, and fight CQB either enemy, AI or both defense to destroy the ship's core to stop it. Scavengers: same idea as above except player team are on assault, as pirates, scavengers and needs to board, attack and recover treasure or important piece of trinket and escape to win. Still needs to bypass defenses, or onboard lifeforms... may be a Space Hulk with aliens, or boarding a live military vessel ... could be at sea or "floating" in space. Need to get by ship defenses to board. Thought of these ideas while watching Guardians of the Galaxy and Banned Inc's incredible ARMA videos: If there is a tutorial for making crazy attachto vehicles that are AI usable, please point me the way.
  2. Checkout this video of an Intel i9-9900K + 2080Ti with ARMA 3 @ 1440p ... look at the CPU jump all over the place! Cannot wait to see the KFC with locked OC cores in this game.
  3. Use a fan to blow cold air onto your ram. Ideally a bigger fan with a lower RPM for silent. I did this to mine and it does improve the OC for example. Do the same for the power regulation on your mother board (the heatsinks near the CPU).
  4. Valken

    Low FPS 2080TI

    I suspect the other users have a faster CPU and/or FASTER RAM than you. Nvidia GPU offsets draw calls to the CPU between DX9-DX11 (but not DX 11.1 or 12.0), not sure about OpenGL or Vulkan, so it gets more FPS if you have a FASTER CPU. If you check other users with 4.8-5 GHZ CPU with FAST RAM, they will see more performance even up to SLI if the game is supported. Also ARMA is mostly CPU and the faster CPU + fast RAM makes the game run nearly the same for similar GPU... Weird but true...
  5. A map of the Mariana Trench? The reason is I want to simulate the descent to it in ARMA. It could be underwater and just for exploration to see how big it would be. Or without water so we can fly over it as well.
  6. Wow... 5GHZ, 8 Cores, 16 Thread AND EDRAM?! That might keep me from moving to Ryzen 3.... Might...
  7. RPK-16?!
  8. I love SciFi and all the Alien / UFO mods for ARMA. Looking forward to this. If someone can make a full blow X-Com + ARMA game, I would be in heaven and not buy any other game for a long time.
  9. Valken

    Italian Army units

    I LOVE the Italian Vegeta camo! Great to have this back in ARMA 3!
  10. Goto STEAM and download the Yet Another ARMA Benchmark and run that at STANDARD VIDEO settings to see how well you do.
  11. Old Bear is correct. His example above show that ARMA uses up to 13 GB RAM at its peak. I have witness out of memory error at 16 GB when I use mods. I use a TON of mods but its mostly ACE + addons + effects like Blastcore, Enhance Movement and etc... not really graphics mods... just functional mods. I now have 32 GB of RAM and have NO PROBLEMS so that means ARMA can exceed 16 GB of physical RAM for its own process. I am on Windows 7 - I don't play any DX12 game yet... does not even matter as my GPU can't handle it but it is good enough for ARMA in DX11 mode.
  12. @Mack.Good luck and get the fastest ram you can possibly afford to buy. OC the CPU if possible during gaming to maximize ARMA. @Boomerang Trotter Check your PSU. My last 2 major PC problems were PSU related. Blew a Corsair HX850 (I think lighting storm took it out) and RM1000 (have no idea)... I got a HX1000 and it handles all the OC. The PSU is the heart of your system... keeps the blood (electricity) flowing and the capacitors DO wear out over time. 6 years is a good run. Way beyond your warranty. What RAM speed do you have and how much? I upgraded RAM from DDR3-1600CL9 to DDR3-2400CL10 and that nearly increased my FPS by 20-30 (50-60 FPS), which is almost 70% from ~28-30 FPS average! You can go back a few post to see my RAM timings. I think your GPU is good enough at your settings, but if you want Ultra at 1440p, you probably want to look at Vega or 1070 Ti. Not sure if you want to put that much money there unless you play other games that needs it. Also, I think ARMA series, Fallout and Civilization are the only games that needs FAST CPU w FAST low latency high bandwidth RAM combos. Most games just wants more GPU power. Battlefield (Frostbite), Metro and Crysis/CryEngine are the few that needs a lot of cores. So it really depends on which game you play the most before you upgrade.
  13. @scotg I would love to help you but I don't understand ARMA code or config syntax. I am not an artist either but if there were some grunt work, you can post a job description and see if the community can pitch in whatever ways they can. Also, you should do more updates to get the Patreon support. It is a give and take, do an update, get more support, do more updates and such but you have to make the first move which you already done with the preview. I know this since I work in product development myself.
  14. That should run OK if it has FAST RAM. But its a laptop so I am unsure of the screen resolution and how much RAM you can fit into it. Also, checkout this graph about recent GPUs with an Intel i9-9900K @ 5 GHZ with DDR4-3400 memory: https://www.techspot.com/review/1789-amd-radeon-vii/ ARMA uses everything, CPU and GPU so even the mighty Nvidia 2080Ti runs within a few % of the AMD GPUs. That means the AMD GPUs are just as good with a good CPU and fast RAM. If you can find a used Vega, that may be a good way to get save money and put that into a faster CPU that you can OC.