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  1. This is awesome. I wanted to ask is it possible to place the composition into the map such as under a mountain, which is technically hollow? This can give the illusion of being "inside" the map via GPS coordinates. Or is there a map limitation that requires the users and AI to be on "top" of the surface? I can see this as a great way to create tunnels and undergrounds inside the maps.
  2. So amazing but any female rest rooms? We have a few females mods now! Would love to see them get support as well.
  3. Valken

    ToH Characters

    @Jove Chiere Great to hear your ideas. I think you can use the Max Women as your reference. It is still a stronger body than the ones on the left, but still realistic in terms of sizing. It is also nearly 100% compatible with standard ARMA male gear. You can switch between Zee and Max's for it. The others on the left are definitely more "feminine" as in in TV and movies, but they look great in civilian or security roles. Also, you being in Spain, I think you know what good looking strong women are. ;) Appreciate you are looking at the hands...
  4. Valken

    ToH Characters

    Really good looking females and I do have some comments on the body proportions: Please make the shoulders, biceps and hands more proportional (slightly slender) Those male hands are distracting without gloves. Legs look great and could taper the thighs so it looks a bit more slender. Here is a screenshot of current female bodies for your reference (left to right) Zabb's Enforcer, ZEPHIK Females, Max Women @ Work (NEW), Max Women, Zee's Fifty Shades of Female, ARMA lonely beggar With Enforcer Dragon Female vest, and male vest for dude (slightly different but almost the same size): With tweaked vests, the smaller frames look great. Note the two models on the right technically are using male bodies so looks perfect with Vanilla ARMA sized gear. Do your own thing and no need to look exactly like other models. But those exposed arms and hands could really use some work... Lastly, maybe some cool female tattoo skins... Even cool emo girl tats. Variety is the spice of life.
  5. @Groove_CTrue. Also to wait for BIOS and RAM frequencies to stabilize. Good idea to wait for XT variations. I wanted to ask how is your performance with any of the DLC maps? On Tanoa, I drop down to the 40FPS range. Wonder if GM or Contact hits that hard. Also CUP Chernarus and Chernarus 2020 are HEAVY maps.
  6. I am in the same position as Groove C. My system is good enough but GPU wise getting a little slow for newer games. Plus many are 8 core now. I hope ARMA 4 will have RTRT with better visuals than UE engine so will plan for a system to balance that. Waiting for Zen 3 benchmarks, and maybe 6900XT.
  7. Valken


    Not another original idea: Seeing a working Camo mod (RE:CAMO sys) on Steam Workshop made me think a bit while watching Fear and The Walking Dead series: Zombie Blood Camo... Players can chop up, hit, kick, or shoot up zombies and "paint" themselves with zombie blood to camo up so they can walk among the "dead". Just "use" a dead zombie body, menu or ace interaction to "paint" / "camo" oneself. The effect can just be a bloodied user, but with NO damage (can run, walk, crawl, etc... at full speed + stamina). Or even better, swap a random Ravage zombie face + skin to the user temporarily as zombie skin camo like the Whisperers, but no zombie walk or damages... Just a cosmetic thing... It should wash off in rain or water of course. Or if another user tossed a water bottle at the user. Or a time limited use before the blood infects the user...
  8. Very cool... I've played briefly on some Russian servers, but get kicked off once the Admins log in. :D So cannot spend too much time on it. Can only play in true stalker sense by sneaking onto the server when the locals are sleep. We need an international server so if you find one, let us know.
  9. Valken

    ToH Characters

    I would love to see some different female hairs as HATs or glasses so we can have variety but I don't want you to spent that much time modeling it. Zombie versions to match the sickness from OLD MAN and maybe to support Ravage, Max Zombies and Benson's Zombies and Demons mod. (Binge watching Fear the Walking Dead + Walking Dead series while stuck at home during the Pandemic). Or just some texture fun to create other non-normal types... PS: Can you share the samples so we can try to create variations textures?
  10. Hello GM team, I've been using ballistic mods since ARMA 2 + ACE days, and now ARMA 3 + ACE + Universal Ammo System ballistics, and I only just noticed this due to comments from others. So my general question is that within GM mod, have all the ballistics been adjusted relatively to each other based on real world performance? 9mm, 5.56, 7.68, etc... Were the ARMA 6.5 also recalibrated? I am an accuracy nut... I love to see how AKs tear up a car and brick and mortal obstacles with enemies behind it. Just wondering. I do see GM - recalibrated mods that detunes GM to vanilla ARMA ballistics. I would like to see the reverse where all the basic ARMA 3 ballistics inherit based on GM and referenced.
  11. Valken

    ToH Characters

    Awesome update! The CSAT uniforms with the tighen waist looks fairly good actually! But those "hands"! I would be a tad intimidated if those rested on my shoulders. LOL... Great work!
  12. I'm just going to say it. If people are asking for optional lite versions to test drive gear, no the current preview system does NOT allow this or just screen spams the crap out of MP games, and it converts even 1% of the total population of ARMA 3 users, that is still 90,000 x $xxx. How many other ways can you make that kind of money by throwing out free low res crappy textured models into a game? Not many people can claim that....
  13. @opus132 I am going to throw out some comments so feel free to fact check me: Both 1440p and 4K FPS shows less than 5% difference (min and average) between both CPUs. Intel CPU running at higher Mhz ~ 10% average faster (5GHz vs 4.5GHZ, per core). AMD 3950x is Zen 2, previous gen. with 2x dies. Each die has 4cores so there is some latency between the two dies. Zen 3 to be release on announced or released OCT 8th has increase in architecture, IPC and per core speed. Also Zen 3 will have up to 8 cores in one die (CCD) so there will be improved core to core performance across all cores. Lastly, ARMA cripples any CPU because it is barely multi-threaded, the main game and AI threads appears to be single core due to the scripting. So the faster CPU in terms of speed will matter the most while the GPU sits and waits. To get an idea how how well Zen 3 may be, checkout this CPU benchmark in game of a 4 core AMD 3300x 4.4 GHZ (4 cores in one die) vs Intel 7700K normal and OC to 5.1 GHZ (4 cores in one die) to get an idea of how Zen 3 might perform: Full review link: https://www.gamersnexus.net/hwreviews/3581-amd-ryzen-3-3300x-cpu-review-vs-3100-clock-for-clock#!/ccomment That CPU is faster than my Haswell 4790K @ 4.5 GHZ. The per core performance is good for 4.4 GHz. Wait for Zen 3. If AMD gets close to 4.9-5.0 Ghz on some cores, it will be the new king of CPUs as a better price.
  14. I agree with the lite version to generate more sales but if some of the content from DLC could be "shown" and not used like how ARMA 3 demos DLC, then it can work to generate sales. But a lite version of a map (sans high res details) would help to get others to pony up for the full content. Imagine a low definition Tanoa?! I would buy Apex just to see the beautiful detailed trees and forest instead of match sticks! I did, I bought APEX at launch just for the map and gear. Play the hell out of it online, still did not play the campaign yet. As long as good unique high quality content can be reused in different scenarios, I think more Armaholics would consider it. The lite version definitely gives a good demo to see the potential. Actually, I think BIS should do periodic FREE WEEK of all content unlocked so players can join online servers to try all the new gear and maps. Just lock out the SP campaigns. That would get more players to tryout the gear and learn to find something they have been missing from the general experience.
  15. @Flaux82 Your GPU will run ARMA 3 fine maxed out. Your CPU will get clobbered pushing a lot of objects as that appears to be a CPU loading issue. If you pull back the objects distance, start at 500 and move it up until you find the speed tolerable, then you should be OK. Here is me messing with fake 32:9 ratio at 1920x540 (half the resolution of 1920x1080) and wide screen looks incredible in ARMA: I am using 4790K and 1060 GTX with only 3GB ram. Waiting on Zen 3 and next RTRT GPU.