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  1. JBOY_BushCutter

    I logged in to approve "Bush Cutter". Should be done as much as possible. :D
  2. O M G... Was this the ARMA 3 that "could have been" : Developers forum: https://forums.unrealengine.com/community/work-in-progress/1533676-game-russia-2055
  3. Been a while but I was wondering has anyone ever tested with any of the Thread Ripper CPUs with QUAD CHANNEL RAM? Would love to see the FPS scaling with more RAM bandwidth. Those TR and Ryzen CPUs are incredible value these days.
  4. ATMT - Trava (4x4km terrain)

    Awesome trailer. I'm am looking forward to this! Looks like a great map like VT5! One suggestion: For the areas outside of the map, can you do a quick recolor so at least the ground matches nearly the same color? The two color differences breaks immersion at high altitude. That's one of my pet peeves with maps that have undeveloped boundaries.
  5. I love all of Max's works. There were Aliens, Predators and Colonial Marines mods since OpFor so things can be worked out.
  6. Jay Crowe now departing gate 8.

    Waht......... JC is leaving?
  7. I've been to Africa and Asia and the plants are totally different. Tanoa assets looks perfect to make maps from southern China all the way down to the SE Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines + everything in between) but the African foliage or trees look different. Actually, Berghoff did a REALLY good job of getting the feel of the trees. I have photos to compare from the "bush" if you wish but it is spot on. The only thing I would like to see are MORE polygons to detail it out but that would add a performance hit. Lets not go into an African wild life pack because I would totally pay for that... lions, panthers, hyenas, jackals, leopards, elephants, big boa snakes, etc... I think perhaps a community foliage pack that upgrades regional plants to Apex quality would be a better option. This way we can just load the mod to increase the details for existing maps through config replacements. I mean, we to admit, Apex is really BIS BEST asset pack yet. They really went all out and I can understand people wanting to upgrade maps to that quality because it does stick out.
  8. orllak32 Group Link 5 FX has an option to set buildings on fire but appears to work with Blastcore! I tried it a few times and it did work. but it also has an AI mod so I am not sure if you want to use that function. I THINK you can move the AI PBO into a folder to disable it but you need gl5_core and the fx pbo in the addons folder to work. You also need to copy the userconfig and set it correctly. I still use it for my squad AI vs other AI mods for opfor or infor ( :D ) but I have disabled the burning buildings effect because I found even shooting bullets into a building can set it on FIRE! Not sure what those Altians use as building materials! Give it test with CBA to see how it works out for you.
  9. Syria - What should we do if anything?

    Any videos of the counter missile defense at work?!
  10. User Mission Request Thread

    I'm looking for an ARCADE or beginner friendly Air Combat mission similar to this from Battlefield 3 but in ARMA: It could be with user mods but I have not found anything with this kind of on rails or hollywood type production... ACE COMBAT or ARCADE air combat would be OK to get to know flight characteristics of ARMA. Not sure if the below is Machinima or a real mission but this is what I'm looking for:
  11. [Official] Launcher Feedback

    Update... I am getting a lot of "STEAM IS OFFLINE" errors in ARMA 3 LAUNCHER even though Steam is connected to the internet clearly and can download and play other games. Seems there is something going on locally on my computer or if the launcher is trying to connect to the internet separately even though the local Steam client has connected successfully to Steam.
  12. Arma3 or APEX for singleplayer?

    Welcome to ARMA. APEX is basically an ADDON to ARMA 3. It includes a new map - Tanoa, and a bunch of new gear with a new sub faction - CSAT Pacific, which is an addition to CSAT. New Map New Weapons New Vehicals New Jets I play mostly in SP myself and I recommend you get at LEAST ARMA 3 + APEX. The Tanoa MAP alone is basically a huge playground and is the BEST map ever made by BIS, my personal opinion. It is a tropical island (Fiji) vs the default ARMA 3 maps which are Mediterranean (Greece). The other DLC you can get later as you get to know ARMA. Also, I understand you have a super high ping but you can try COOP missions as those request less fast connection but much more teamplay. Ravage and Escape missions are top notch for coop play. You DONT have to run and gun to win. Simply surviving can be enough. I play on Outkast's EU escape servers all the time. You can at least just ping Outkasts.eu to see if your response time is good enough ~ 300 ms or less. There is a wealth of single player missions and coop just takes it another step up. Good luck and welcome to ARMA.
  13. No worries. I can still point it to my ARMA 3 folder and have it updated the dedicated server exe and files which are the same as production. Can you add a feature to import the BIS ARMA 3 Launcher *.PRESET2 files in addition to the exported HTML file from the launcher? It would help to setup servers based a few mod presets already. Also add something like OK TO ALL option to deal with: "--------------------------- Flax's Arma Server Tool --------------------------- UpdateModGrid - An exception occurred: Conversion from string "Not Installed" to type 'Date' is not valid. --------------------------- OK ---------------------------" Errors since I have to click OK or press ENTER for each and every occurrence? This way we can just auto skip that error and let program continue parsing the HTML file and the add back manually added mods later.
  14. I just tried this mod for another reason, trying to see if it will help update my subscribed steam mods because ARMA 3 Launcher is acting up, but I noticed it does NOT load my ARMA 3 Launcher profiles. Or it does, but does not populate the list of mods to be checked for updating. A request - can we set this to use the default ARMA game installation? Because some of us play coop and MP hosting on our own machines and this looks like it easier to use than setting up a local dedicated server by scripting. We don't need to download steam dedicated server. We have the files. We just need to be able to setup a server on the same machine easily.