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  1. @Mahatma Gandhi You are pulling between 10 to 15+ FPS more than I do at 4.6 GHZ/4GHZ Core/2400CL10 DDR3 RAM with a 1060GTX @ standard... I am unsure if its because you have more cores or the RAM scaling is so good but fantastic system! Edit for reference - only goes to show how GOOD Ryzen really is... my next upgrade system for sure... Intel Haswell i7-4790k CPU ~ 4.5 GHZ, Cache 41x, CPU Multi 46x, 98MHZ bus speed due to OC RAM: G.Skill DDR3-2540 MHZ CL10 OC'ed, 32GB!!! 1.65 volts stock. 1060 3GB GTX Intel Haswell i7-4790k CPU ~4.6 GHZ/ 4.0 GHZ cache / 2400CL10 32GB / 100 MHZ FSB 1060 3GB GTX
  2. @tpwI've been playing with your mod in Ravage and have some ideas: For the Radio chatter, can it do a check to see if a player actually has a radio on them? I love it but would like it more if only the player had a radio or was near a radio. For animals - can we update the mod to detect and use the cows and boars from this mod if loaded: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=495749412 It should optional but I though having a better range of animals.
  3. @nikiforos I suggest you do a search for the best timings. There are websites that do tweak and OC RAM such as overclockers.net.
  4. JBOY_SpearGun

    Awesome! Does this work with the SHARKS from Feint and B@Co: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1231094504&searchtext=shark https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=911433699&searchtext=shark Would be awesome to capture those as well - finally! :D
  5. Ravage Mod

    @MuRaZorWitchKINGI like your ideas and there are already similar type online servers. I think the closes I played to DayZ and Ravage MP was Breaking Point Left Behind Mod (LBM) and the A2Origins remake on ARMA 3. The LBM seems to add a bunch of Ravage type play into Breaking Point. The A2Origins remake was basically Exile (PvE) + Ravage without the tradtional PvE elements or it was toned down since I literally saw squads of survivors playing together. You can find it in A3L and try it. My biggest gripe of DayZ, Breaking Point, Origins, Epoch and etc... was that there was no other objective other than to stay alive. It's a total masochist's psychotic Last Survivor standing game with nothing else to me. Like everybody builds their own bunkers and raid others. How come nobody teams up and take over a full town like Georgetown on Tanoa to be Zombie proof?! Everybody just kills everybody and takes everything. A total break down of society... Hmmm... might be a good graduate thesis paper topic here about online games and mental stability and perception... Even in the Walking Dead TV / Comic series, there were end goals such as trying to find a cure or finding a settlement to rebuild something. I think a Ravage MP or COOP mission framework would get things started. At the least we can tell stories or create different game play. I had posted in the mod request to have: A hunting mode like Hunted Showdown - Mercenaries or Survivors are tasked with hunting down monsters, get an artifact - say their heads or blood samples, and try to escape alive. All the while other hunters, hunting teams and AI are trying to do the same, Team vs Team, and with the AI monsters trying to kill you. Or any team coop survival scenario - look at Resident Evil for a lot of ideas - a bunch of civilians (you) who are immune to the virus, trying to escape. But black ops government forces are trying to capture and kill ALL of you to take your blood samples and to not leak out the epidemic to the rest of the world. There is one rebel network that will rescue you only if you contact them. Or go in and rescue an scientist... man this is tough. To go into game, find an unarmed AI and lead him out... that is very tough ... Or even add more anomalies in the future... Can add Stalker Zombies for example... Not sure will it work but Stalker was an awesome series and welcomed on the ARMA 3 or more modern engine. Many ways to tell the stories but we need a MP framework to allow this. Sorry, I can't code, draw, sing or dance. I can spit out washed up ideas all day. :D
  6. Machine learning / AI projects using ArmA?

    @ZackTactical34I am using SmartAI in ARMA2CO thanks to ChrisB but AFAIK there is nothing like this on ARMA 3 and VCOM is pretty close. And in heavy fights with lots of AI, it does bog down the CPU. If there was a mod that used compute (OpenCL) to calculate/model/determine AI behavior - making decisions on the fly based on terrain, enemy type, ammo count, teammate count, then I am all for it. That is one area where I would gladly invest money into such as a low or mid end GPU just dedicated to AI decision making. If you really watch team tactics on MP servers, it is a bunch of "AI" or players feeding information to work together. It is not a bunch of long term decision making but a LOT of short term decision making based weight - chance of success - in a conflict and the end goal to survive while taking out the enemy based on your team's force. I think an OpenCL type accelerator can do that easily or help - AI runs through a bunch of what ifs in real time and decides what do. The great thing about OpenCL is that it is hardware agnostic. It can run on CPU or GPU or any OpenCL compliant device and scale. Imagine a server using the onboard GPU as an OpenCL accelorator just to increase and / or improve AI behavior.
  7. @froggyluv- I have one 960GB SSD only for ARMA 3. But I hate to re-dl as it wears out the SSD... Sigh... looks like 450 GB done... about 150 to go.. maybe 2 more days if my PC does not crash... Sigh... If you remember the solution, let us know. I think I already know and its good old Armaholic and @folders. ;) Good luck brother!
  8. MP - Ravage [COOP - 6] The Escape

    Hi hate to bump this thread but can one of the authors review the mission packs as it seems there are compatibility issues with the newest build of ARMA? Would love for the community to support these missions again seeing how well escape is doing on Vanilla ARMA 3. Would love to play with a group of survivors trying to return back to Civilization! :D
  9. Hi Froggy, This happened to me a few days ago... No idea. Steam CS could not help me. I suggest you move or rename the mod workshop folder then try to validate ARMA if possible. I am literally reinstalling all my mods now... 600+ GB... eepp... been 2 days and counting... Its a steam issue not BIS but I don't know the solution other than to reinstall...everything... sigh....
  10. Tactical Wrist

    Thank you so much for sharing!
  11. [Official] Launcher Feedback

    Steam broke my ARMA 3 just now (says not installed, but it is) and I had to reinstall the game. No issues. Steam WIPED ALL of my workshop mods off the SSD! over 600 GB... almost had a heart attack!!! Steam is trying to reinstall mods... waiting... ARMA 3 Launcher still has bug that it cannot see / list some of the mods that I had already subscribed too - RHS and CUP for example. I checked my profile on STEAM and it says I have subscribed to 4941 entries (mods + missions)... I don't want to unsubscribe all as I cannot export a subscribed mods to a list from Steam Client or Workshop via browser. Arma 3 Launcher can export but it only shows ~ 300 out of 4941 mods... sigh... Both Steam Client and Internet Browser logged into Steam does show all subscribed mods... Any idea? Oh Great Wizard, are you back yet?!
  12. RIP Paul. You are always with us on every mission!
  13. @Groove_C I took your advice and reset my system to 4.6GHZ/4.0GHZ Cache/DDR3-2400CL10 The last run was on my custom Ultra setting - 3800/3800 distance and models with CMAA, no SMAA, no blur. It is almost the same as before vs lower CPU + higher DDR speeds. The good thing is I beat the: 7700K@5GHZ - 50 FPS avg. DDR4 2400 MHz CL11 4790K@4.6GHZ - 58.5 FPS avg DDR3-2400MHZ CL10 I want to try to OC the cpu further but my cooling is not that great so am happy with what I have. I have no idea how to stabilize OC the cache so left it at 4.0 GHZ. PS: the low - S preset is setting LOW in video, then pressing S before benchmark start. It creates a weird hybrid LOW - STANDARD setting but its there for reference. Everything else was set only via the video preset, no mods, all stock. Edit - GPU OC has NEGATIVE EFFECT on LOW + STANDARD. GPU OC + 9% @ Ultra - makes sense.
  14. Very cool but shouldn't the mosquitoes be more of a LOCUST SWARM? They eat almost everything in their path already and mutated versions could go after meat. You should also make the CROWS attack humans and animals since they are total meat eaters as well. Would be crazy to see a flock of zombie animals attack humans or other living animals as well... zombie dogs, zombie sheep!!!, zombie chicken... etc...
  15. @Groove_C I double checked my settings and it WAS set to DDR1333 in the BIOS! Slaps forehead! It must have reset during of the hot summers days! Thank your for pointing out! I went back and tweaked my system, ran YAAB with no mods, 64 bit. i7-4790k CPU ~ 4.5 GHZ, Cache 41x, CPU Multi 46x 98MHZ bus speed due to OC RAM: G.Skill DDR3-2540 MHZ CL10 OC'ed, 32GB!!! 1.65 volts stock. 1060 3GB GTX - I know, its only a temp GPU... I was looking for a 580 when I bought this but my country was sold out!!! So I will consider buying a better GPU in the future for 4K or more. Stock voltages for everything, no voltage OC, balanced settings - same as performance actually so left it to save energy when PC idles. The only thing I turned off in Ultra was the blur and SMAA to CMAA: Much better! At least 10 FPS gain on almost every setting. I will do some online testing now. Only issue is that I need to keep a FAN on top of the RAM Heatsinks to keep it cooler but that is much more economical compared to a new MB/CPU/RAM upgrade!