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  1. You can try to ADD dkvk to convert DirectX 9 to OpenGL for more speed, not sure if possible. https://github.com/doitsujin/dxvk/releases Just copy the d3d9.dll into the same folder as d3d8.dll. It will pass from Direct X 8 to 9, from Direct X 9 to Vulkan. I tried it in Arma 3 single player, much smoother and give it a minute to create the shader cache folder, so give it a shot. But unsure if it is battleeye compatible so no MP games tested.
  2. I was going to upgrade to 5600X or 5800X here from the good old Haswell I7-4970K but thanks to scalpers, I had to put it off. Let's see if 2021 will bring mortal prices back inline or if Intel pulls a magic rabbit out with their short to live next gen system before DDR5 system hits the market at the end of this year.
  3. I understand this. Perhaps better for MP that we can have "fake" vertical levels where one "level"'s stairwell leading up or down would teleport the group of players to another "level's" stairwell which are actually just 2 completely seperate sections on the same horizontal plane, but cannot be seen by players inside of each section. Like multiple sheets of paper laid out on a big desk with each stair or doorway can be connected by teleporters. Then for each "level" randomly spawn in enemies and lock them to only move around on those sections. That may give the illusion of multiple "levels". Would need to make sure that any sign or decoration that says "Level X" match up correctly. 😄 I think this was how level designers do it to create new DOOM 1/2 levels as that does not allow placement of paths directly above another path. They just teleport to another level when going up or down instead of "exiting" and "loading" the next level. The Build Engine (Duke Nukem, Shadow Warrior, Blood and Redneck Rampage) allowed floor over floor. Same for the Quake and newer engines like Half Life, Source and etc... Anyways, hope the old school techniques may give some inspiration.
  4. For ARMA 3, the CPU's IPC, frequency, and RAM's latency and frequency matters the most. The new AMD APU (CPU + GPU) chips are really good. Wait for the new 5000 series APU and check the IPC against whatever you are looking at now. The IPC of the AMD 5000 series CPU are amazing. The GPU inside the APU needs VERY fast RAM to run well. The 4000 series APU can OC the RAM up to 4800 MHZ (!!!!!!!) and it really improves the system performance. It will only get better with the AMD 5000 series APU. I have no idea on Intel but do not expect them to have comparable IPC on a laptop format until next year. Their power consumption is very high and matters for a portable device. If on a desktop, it won't matter. Whatever gets the most performance is more important. Any GPU above an Nvidia 1060 GTX would be good enough for 1080p Ultra performance.
  5. I love the new videos. I wanted to ask: Are the objects placable? Any chance for a random map generator so a run through will be different? Such as cutting sections into prefabricated blocks that can be stitched together? Any chance to go VERTICAL? Like (a lot) more than 1 level? I am seeing GTFO vibes from this. So amazing...
  6. Also RAM speed. I had a DDR3-1600 kit, still have it in a box, but once I upgraded to DDR3-2400CL10, I gained more minimum FPS. It runs very good now on SSD with a 1060 GTX. It matters to ARMA and some CPU intensive games more than a GPU upgrade, but that your friend has a good GPU. Just bad memory performance holding back the full potential of the CPU.
  7. Valken

    Ragdoll Physics Plus+ v1.0

    There is also BloodLust Redux here with some bug fixes: https://github.com/TheWreckingCrewUK/bloodlust_redux I also use BloodLust, but using BloodLust Lite from SWS. I think the older versions in terms of blood splatter were way better. If you can advise the version number, I might have an older copy lying around.
  8. I've played on this server when the admin's group is on, went on my own and ZERO problems. In fact, they gave me the keys to their heli for use as well!!! Really friendly. To the admin, you should install random CCTV and script patrol drones to monitor players. Since we do that in the "matrix" - real world, it would help to confirm disputes. You can put all the funny videos online as Jackazz ARMA TV... Would be hilarious and have tribal court to clarify or vilify players.
  9. Valken

    You've played to much Arma when:

    ... when your family of friends asked if was you are watching the new ARMA TV series while binge watching Strike Back (up to season 6 now). Every fire fight that comes up reminds of ARMA. Especially when Stonebridge tilts and shifts in and out of the scenes when he is moving through them. Someone should seriously crib and create a coop series based on the TV show.
  10. I would like to see more vertical buildings such as Blade Runner or even those inside the Matrix. Screw airlines flying over the city. They can circle around like how they do it in Oz.
  11. You may have not enough voltage to your CPU and RAM if you have OC'ed it. When I OC, I do test with Prime95 for stability and WATCH the temperatures when you do this. My CPU goes up to 100C but I am using an older Corsair H50. For normal gaming, it gets up to 70 which is fine. It gets hot, but stable due to voltages, which increases heat ... never ending cycle... Your CPU handles heat way better now as it can OC with less voltages. You can safely bump RAM voltage by 0.05 for Samsung B-dies if you are OCing and tightening the timings... they have been tested up to 2.x voltages but I would not run it like that for daily use. Normal is between 1.35-1.65. Try to keep it as low as possible for stability and heat. Have a fan or air blowing over the RAM heat sinks to help stability. Remember to run different tests. CPU, RAM and GPU to test for stability. Lastly, if you any M2 NVME drives, they get HOT on full read and writes... make sure to have the MB heatsinks for it installed or a thirdparty. Known issue with high speed NVME drives.
  12. Did your regional temperature go up? If so, Check your PSU if the fan is working, and if you are not sure, open your case and put a fan next to it. If it is stable, it is heat related somewhere else. Then point the fan at different parts, such as the PSU, motherboard VRM heatsinks, motherboard chipset, and so on until you find a problem or none. Last thing if not power or heat related, your HDD or SDD is going bad... it happens but more rare for SSD. It can completely lockup your system for no reason. Probably HDD more than SSD.
  13. @scruffy@oldbear I just thought of something. Can you guys set ARMA affinity to 2 cores, 4 threads MAX to test Ryzen 5000 boosting? Does it get nearly up to 5GHZ or does it sit at 4.5-4.6 GHZ? Just curious how Ryzen 5000 does on heavy few core loads.
  14. Valken

    APNA Mod Project

    I have never seen anyone age discriminate here, unlike other 3D FPS game communities, but if you need help, you need to recruit people who want to work with you. I would like to see Algerian forces as well... good topic actually. Also, maybe you want to work on your project for the COLD WAR 3 project for ARMA 3? That is a bigger audience and you can use RHS or CUP with new textures to speed up your creation. Good luck in anycase.
  15. @oldbear@scruffy Can you guys tighten your RAM times to CL 14-14-14-38 1 with a 0.05 voltage increase? I bet you will get more FPS just from that. Even better if you can get Infinity Fabric 1:1 at 1900 MHZ / DDR4-3800. @nikiforos per tested setttings: IIntel I7-9700K (8 core cpu @ 5+ GHZ ) with DDR4-4000CL15 RAM, should be similar for 10700K: vs AMD 5800X with DDR4-4000CL16 RAM There is over 14 MIN FPS and 18 AVERAGE FPS difference. Most of of us care about these in ARMA, and CSGO or competitive players would look for average to peak FPS. There is $100 USD difference but no way the Intel 9700K or 10700K can keep all core 5 GHZ without at least 120 USD AIO water cooler. The Ryzen does not require it. It works with STOCK AIR COOLER up to 5GHZ turbo and gives the above performance. So the price will be the same just for CPU, RAM and MB. Plus you get PCIE Gen4 for Direct Storage coming later, similar to the XBOX X and PS5 so when users upgrade to PCIE4 M.2 NVME drives, they will get even more performance for open world games. For users buying NEW or upgrading from old 4 core systems who have to replace CPU, MB and RAM at minimum, AMD Ryzen for ARMA players is the best choice now. For current Intel 6/7/8/9/10 series with 6+ cores K CPUs, if they can OC up to 5GHZ, just get faster RAM. No point to upgrade to Ryzen 5000 series for 20+ min FPS.