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  1. Been a long time, new work project tiring me down so no ARMA for a while, but I was thinking about this project and others, what about underground? With the new deformation tools, your can actually plan real underground paths under the ground floor. It could be sewers or tunnels or even hidden bases for corporate fascists...
  2. I use TPW (Fall OFF) and ACE with medical OFF! I use PIR on... It works so long as you disable all medical blood and use one or the other. Personally I use Bloodlust so I turn off all Blood/medical mods to enable it. But always good to have options and share info with everyone.
  3. What if the big mod teams or new mod teams popup and make Arma 4 amazing? Worst case - we still have ARMA 2 (yes) and ARMA 3 and maybe DayZ engine to play with... As long as the game engine is moddable, ANYTHING is possible. Look at how ARMA 3 become a great milsim but modders made great mods like RHS, Cup, Cytech, Ravage and incredible cDLC?! As long as the engine is open and has a great framework, it (eventually) can be wonderful!
  4. Valken

    ToH Characters

    Can I ask if you will consider this mod for DayZ SA since it is nearly the same engine? Or would configurations be different?
  5. My old system - 4790K, DDR3-2400CL10, 1060GTX, SSD - Reforger gets ~ 40 -60 FPS if I turn down the shadows and grass to low. Those kill my system and I do not know if that is GPU or CPU scaling since this old workhorse does not have enough room to test it further.
  6. Valken

    Chernarus and Livonia

    But Dayz is a full working game with those two terrains already. Did you want Reforger units, guns or gears in DayZ? There are tons of mods for DayZ now including Helis. Maybe port Reforger Everon to DayZ instead?
  7. Valken


    Maybe for DayZ SA since that game is more mature? or does Reforger have Enfusion Script which does not exists in DayZ SA?
  8. I'm still on the classic ARMA workhorse of 4790K + DDR3-2400CL10 + 1060 GTX. It works well at most online scenarios and when I review what is available to carry into the future, I am excited but also deflated when I look at today's or yesterdays pricing. I think a good budget buy is really a 5600X or 12600K with FAST DDR4 on a B series MB and call it day. Some OC must be done to get the max out of it. Or buy better like a 5800X3D with FAST RAM and good quality AIR cooler. This is one setup that really stands out in terms of HEAT output vs performance at NEAR 12900K levels in most games. Just amazing buy for the money actually with no need to worry about water cooling.
  9. Maybe you can assign another user to upload the mod for you to the Steam Workshop on your behalf. Hate to see everyone de-synced from this must have mod! PS: Wasn't there an edit of your mod that ONLY had blood spurts and blood splashes before? No gibs or etc...?
  10. He turned OFF the ecores as well so you can try it to see if it will boost your performance and Overclock.
  11. Until Nvidia and BattleEye fix their problems, play ARMA 3 off your PC, NOT Geforce NOW. Just set your settings to STANDARD if your PC is not fast enough to increase performance at the expense of graphics quality. You can raise the TEXTURE quality to high or very high and it will be nearly the same as Ultra visually but keeping much better performance.
  12. You can try to go back to the previous tier to play the game. But seriously, you can just buy the BASIC ARMA 3 for like $5 on sale. The Christmas sale is coming up so think about how much you play ARMA 3 vs the weird inconvenience of using a streaming service for such a complex game.
  13. There is a near complete asset migration path from RV to Enfusion to be made available, not counting upgrading any of the assets. So models, geometry, textures, sounds and maybe animations should still work as is. But developers do need to learn Enforce scripting but I am sure there will be samples to show how to do it. It does not mean there is no work to be done but we can look at the examples in DayZ SA and the related workshop to see examples now. Lastly, HOPEFULLY Reforger will be made available with asset samples as baseline so just "port" over only assets that do not exist in Enfusion/Reforger to kick start it. I know easier said than done, but it is a start and ARMA 4 will be based on Enfusion anyways so all that new skill will go towards that game when it comes. Hopefully before many of us retire! :P
  14. The AI has to be re-written from scratch or updated from DayZ or Carrier Command since the scripting is Enforce based, not SQF from ARMA 3 engine. The FAQ says it is more like C++ so all scripters will need to learn more organized coding techniques but the payoff is better code in the long run.
  15. You know that weird Geforce NOW stream gaming is actually a cloud server running ARMA and streaming the video over to your PC. BattleEye is probably detecting it is not running on its own PC, but in a software "virtual" PC as you stated and not allowing it. There is nothing BIS can do about it. You have to contact the BattleEye team to update their protection to allow running on Virtual Machines like GEFORCE NOW game streaming. I can understand if you have a FAST internet connection but relatively weak PC, but if you have a GOOD PC with FAST CPU and RAM with at least a 1060 GTX video card, you can run ARMA 3 on your own PC really well. On Sale ARMA 3 is like less than $10! Christmas sale is coming up so I recommend you consider this option.