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  1. Valken

    APU AMD VRAM problem

    As long as you can play, you should be OK. If I set everything to LOW, I get 70-80 FPS but looks terrible. So use low or normal until you get a dedicated GPU.
  2. Valken

    APU AMD VRAM problem

    Assign 3-4GB to your GPU on the APU, and leave the rest to the system. Set everything to LOW or NORMAL. Then try it. Adjust the object and terrain distance down to 1800 or less and see if that helps.
  3. Valken

    APU AMD VRAM problem

    You DO NOT have enough RAM! APU uses CPU System RAM as VRAM. I have 32 GB of DDR3 RAM plus 3GB on the 1060 GTX. I do not have your problems. Get at least 16 GB of RAM, ideally 24 GB or more and assign 3-4 GB of VRAM to the APU. Or set everything to low and just accept the ugly textures.
  4. Valken

    General CDLC compatibility

    Yes, they can log into your server, with these DLC Compatibility DATA mods loaded and can still play, so long as your server does not loaded or use any of the DLC maps: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1776428269 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2477276806 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2503886780 Apex Tanoa and Contact Livonia ASSETS are built into the game. You can use those ASSETS, but not loaded the maps onto the server, and everyone will be able to log in. Non DLC owners cannot USE any DLC gear, weapons, uniforms or drive the vehicles, but they can sit inside of it as passengers. AI and DLC OWNERS can USE everything. The HOUSES and terrain models from Tanoa, Livonia, Cam Lao Nam, Weferlingen, and Gebreta can be used by anyone in ANY of your missions, on other free mod maps such as CUP or the default vanilla maps (Stratis, Altis, Malden). If you mean do players need to BUY thec DLC? No! No need to BUY it. But whoever owns the full paid DLC can use all the gear, weapons, uniforms and any DLC vehicles if you included it your server or mission.
  5. I think the storyline topic is interesting NOW due to geopolitics but by 2035, it might be way different (if keeping it somewhat realistic or plausible). I believe it will be another false flag operation where radical fundamental insurgents in PI would trigger issues in various hot spots, covertly funded by those fed up of a strong CSAT + APAC neighboring alliance (not taking sides, just survival plausibility with CSAT including Russia's Naval Power and economic benefits for APAC neighbors). Then you can go up and down the coast, model other Pacific Island nations including NATO friendly ones, and add some twists such as PI rebels try to break free of colonization (real world on going political issue). Then you have NATO coming in... I mean it is kinda hilarious NATO is involved in the Pacific as the A in NATO stands for Atlantic. Probably better create the NATO allied Quad inspired factor to counter CSAT (Japan, India, Australia and USA + some APAC nations) as more plausible. Hey look, history just wrote itself... CSAT + PI Rebels vs Quad vs Insurgents. Done, done and done...
  6. I had a quick run with the latest update on CUP Chernarus 2020 Beta version! Performance with everything enabled except for zombies was amazing! It was better than some of my online experiences in terms of raw performance!!! After driving to Tisy, IN ARMA 3, I wanted to remind TPW to look at the zombie script for Ravage compatibility again. I have been playing DayZ SA with a few other ARMA 3 players on random servers, and I think we are getting there build a similar experience with this and Ravage mod! I need to figure out how to designate specific population or patrols by area... Probably another mod as both Ravage and TPW mod spawns patrol based X perimeter or radius from the players, not by terrain coordinates. I cannot wait for the CSLA cDLC team to update their audio system too so I can finally purchase without feeling something is wrong with it... I think Gabreta with TPW would make a great sandbox scenario. Can tie it to GM cDLC and CWR3 mod together for 80s style fun!
  7. 2035 - Check new Vehicles - Check new Ships - Check Spratly Islands?! That is really SMALL in terms of terrain design... We already have user made terrains like that - Kerama and Wake Island in the workshop! If you proceed, you should model some anti-ship defense and sea to land bombardment systems... That is probably a more likely requirement by that time ... no one is going to allow some "freedom of navigation" rule to get close to their territorial range if they have the ballistic muscles to back it up. You can keep it interesting with land to sea or low earth orbit hypersonic drones or cruise missile system a la Reagan's Star Wars program. Heck, even that low orbit steel rain system (Project Thor) would be interesting to see modeled since we now have militarized space. Would be interesting but Amphibious assaults ships are so WW2. Those guys would be useful for a clean up operation, AFTER softening up the LZ.
  8. Valken

    co10 Escape

    @ Patpgtips @ Neoarmageddon I will try to record a video clip next time this happens. It happened on Chernarus cities and forest. Both Normal and Winter versions. After the first firefight with a group, as we are leaving, we get mobbed by a squad or squads around us. We know it is not another AI squad running towards us because we can see or hear them as we scout out our perimeter.
  9. Valken

    ToH Characters

    You can also use Natural Reader https://www.naturalreaders.com/online/ and SAVE it as a MP3 file, the cut it up into voice files, and save it as a PBO. If you guys want to try it, we can do it as a community thing where everyone does 1 or 2 a week to get it done. However, the TEXT must be grammatically correct in the TARGET language, even if the voice might sound robotic. I vote we get the DLC/cDLC voices done first, like Vietnamese, Chinese and etc... because it will apply universally, then followed by other popular languages based on requests.
  10. Valken

    co10 Escape

    I wanted to ask if the settings for the AI spawn are set by the server or locked in the mission files? We have been playing on Outkast's escape server. With a handful of players starting out 2-5, we notice the AI seems to POP out in front of us ~ 100-200 m out. Sometimes, it feels like they literally spawn on top of us less than 50 m away. We know this because we were facing a direction it appeared in front of us. I didn't know the AI had Star Trek type teleportation! Should have VAC and BE banned those AI hackers!!! I have been playing with the DayZ SA AI modded servers as well and they have set the AI to spawn OUTSIDE of the player's or the group radius so it appears the players or AI have naturally approached onto each other. Can you guys check this?
  11. Valken

    JBOY Napalm FX

  12. Going OT but I have this issue with Metis Tree mod and maybe CUP as well. If I use the ENHANCED VIDEO SETTINGS mod and max everything out to Ultra+ on object details, it helps to slow the lodding: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1223309664
  13. I think by default, video drivers will cache and load up as MUCH as possible into video ram to prevent stuttering and improve response time accessing video assets. For your crashing issue, are you sure you are running in 64-Bit mode so the Windows OS can manage memory properly? Most crashing is due to memory management, or overheating of CPU/GPU due to OC or summer times, or bad drivers. You can try to set ARMA to use 64-bit if you have not already by reading the last few posts here:
  14. I suggest you try it when DayZ has a free weekend. I purchased DayZ SA RECENTLY after playing Ravage with Enhanced Movement and Melee. I have to say DayZ SA is now on par yet different as those enhancements are built in but it does not have the advanced scripting or AI of ARMA 3. Animation is not Kludgy at all, not saying the ARMA 3 mods are kludgy but feels more smoother due to having resources directly from BIS to make it. In ARMA 3, I need to use the animation fix and REAL mod to speed up animations or it feels "slow". Melee is used for PVP combat when you run out of ammo. There are tons of melee weapons mod on Steam Workshop now for it as well. I feel way more "immersed" running DayZ Cherno than ARMA 3 Cherno for example. The development team really tuned it for being there. I think it is the nuances of the idle animations or the way the character bobs that make it feels more there. The DayZ TODAY is NOT the old 0.xx versions. That was basically DayZ mod ported with Cherno+ terrain. DayZ SA now is a work of love for what it is... Sound system is awesome. I love it over ARMA 3 default gun sounds. While the DayZ engine is a stripped ARMA 3 engine with new animation system and renderer, those enhancements are worthy of enhancing ARMA because of better techniques hence I am looking forward to what BIS will bring to the FULL FAT ENFUSION engine for ARMA 4. Lastly, it seems to run better for me but as I stated, I do not know if DayZ EXTREME is the same as ARMA 3 ULTRA settings. Same PC, no difference. BTW: DayZ is literally a COOP game to have a good time. I play with only 1 other player who had it and it is was incredibly fun. It is super hostile as a solo game due to PVP. ARMA 3 you at least had access to an AI squad as your backup or to draw enemy fire while you snipe at them so the "experience" is totally different. But we are not comparing that. Just the game engine enhancements and improvements we would like to see for ARMA 4 and competitive engines.
  15. I want the DayZ RENDERER and animations system ported to ARMA 3 engine so we can use it! It seems to be way smoother for some reason when I compared Chernarus from CUP in EDEN in ARMA 3 vs DayZ Chernarus+. It could be the actual FOV and quality settings as there do not seem to be corresponding rendering distance settings from DayZ to match ARMA 3 though. The DayZ animation improvements are great. I cannot wait for ARMA 4 sandbox engine with Enfusion improvements!