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    Monster Survival Course

    Looking forward to this. If anyone has a server up, please share the IP address!
  2. Valken

    Monster Survival Course

    SO looking forward to this... Let us know when a test server comes up. Would love to beta test for you.
  3. How much RAM do you have? If less than 16GB, then you may have problems with mods.
  4. It is an out of memory issue. Your C drive or HD that has the swap file is running low. Free up like 4-8GB and you should be fine.
  5. Valken

    co10 Escape

    I had a question about editing Escape. I see there are groups defined for Blu, Red and Greenfor. So can I simply create replacement groups to replace each side or is there a better way in the editor? I am thinking about a Half Life escape mission for example? Black Mesa team escapes from the Combine invaded maps. If someone can point to a tutorial, that would be great.
  6. @GEORGE FLOROS GR how do I use the script? Another request for kids to learn to play ARMA: It is possible to create an AI "teacher" like those game to follow you around, and have the player do tasks: The reason is have something fun for kids to get into ARMA.
  7. I was playing escape with the peeps on outkasts and wondering if it is possible to create a "dead man's switch" mod? It would be added to a C4 or satchel charge, and activated then press FIRE to trigger it. If the player is shot or dead and "lets go" of the mouse button, it blows up. Basically player based suicide bomber. It would be cool to have a slow blinking red light and or beep but not necessarily.
  8. Hey Froggy, no you don't! Do this to fix it: Logout of STEAM and ARMA 3 Launcher Goto your X:\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\107410\ folder where X is the local HDD/SSD RENAME the 107410 to mods or something DO NOT DELETE IT Log back into STEAM ONLY Goto the ARMA 3 WORKSHOP and click on Your Workshop Files near the middle right side of the STEAM client. Click on SUBSCRIBED ITEMS Click on Unsubscribe From All Close STEAM client after it does its update. It THINKS it deleted all your ARMA 3 mods, but it is still there if you renamed the folder. Now rename 107410 back to 107410 Load Steam Load ARMA 3 client In ARMA 3 Client, click on ...More, then ADD WATCHED FOLDER point it to the 107410 folder It will show up all of your mods. Now anytime one of the mods has been updated, goto Workshop and resubscribe to it. It will download and patch up the existing files. No need to resubscribe and waste bandwidth until the mod has been updated or corrupted. You can use ARMAholic to check for updates or these forums. I've done this many times now to fix the STUPID steam workshop issues. They need to fix it on their backend to deal with all the mods, especially the mods that have been deleted off the workshop but users still had it subscribed.
  9. So I had recently fixed ARMA on my computer and was able to play the basic game, no mods. I've had many Steam update issues with ARMA 3 only in the past, just check this sub forum and BIS Wizard has helped me a lot. Thank you. I don't have any issue with other games such as Killing Floor, any of the Valve games, BF, or etc... its mainly ARMA 3 and Steam Workhop, not Steam with ARMA 3. I then attempted to fix my Steam Workshop collection by unsubscribing and deleting some mods off the SSD as I suspect it was a free space issue. I uninstalled the bigger collection of mods like RHS, CUP, IFA, and etc... I free up about 100+ GB off my 960 GB SSD. I kept some smaller mods as I didn't think it would be an issue or the mission files. Then Steam seems to update fix all the smaller mods, even though I had to RIGHT CLICK on the the mods in the ARMA LAUNCHER to repair it. It worked for all the mods that were listed but the launcher is still missing a bunch of mods, even though I checked and the files are physically on my SSD. Edit - I look at ARMA 3 Launcher and it lists 300+ mods from Steam Workshop. I physically goto my !workshop folder to take a peek and it shows 2500+ folders! It may be a Steam Workshop Subscription Limit?! So I tried to reinstall some of the bigger mods such as CUP. I subscribe to it and Steam client says there is 29.7 GB to download and update. Fine, click UPDATE. Then I watch my SSD free space shrink down from 100+ GB to ~ 15 GB (!!!) then Steam Client indicates it is validating the ARMA 3 Workshop Content... for the past 23 hours... Then it stops, and indicates update needed. Then I see 100+ GB free on the SSD, and have to re-download the 29.7 GB all over again, and validate it again... WTF.... I don't know what to do other than systematically go through the ARMA Launcher, manually uninstall the mods, then delete the files, then redownload it from somewhere else because it appears Steam Workshop is going into some kind of update/validation loop on my computer. I don't want it to kill my SSD as I know there is a life cycle to how many read and writes it can handle - Intel 960 GB SSD. I don't think my SSD is going bad but I don't have the funds to buy another SSD to test. And no, I don't want to move ARMA over to a HDD because it is so freaking slow loading large mod or terrain content during gaming. Is there way I can just move all my mods to another folder, unsubscribe off steam, then have another 3rd party update client actually update the mods?! Any advice? I don't mind going back to the old ARMA 2 manual mode now since I cannot play on servers with RHS or CUP unless I figure out how to install those mods... Should we setup a gofundme for ARMAHOLIC for example to have this auto mod update function? Appreciate any advice...
  10. Valken

    Dark Zone Terrain WIP

    Perfect for a Purge type scenario...
  11. For those who have slower than desired RAM, there is an option and that is to downclock the RAM speed and latency. I saw a post where someone claimed 2400 CL11 RAM and dropped it to 1600 CL7 which ran faster: https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/gaming-benchmarks-ddr4-2133-mhz-vs-ddr4-3000-mhz-core-i7-6700k.231776/ Give this a try and benchmark to see but note other non-latency sensitive usage may suffer. Ideally there would a be program to temporary set the RAM speed and latency before launching ARMA and restoring it to default after exiting. This is a reason why I wonder about having Quad Channel RAM. If Ryzen 3 is limited to 1800 MHZ, then doubling this would improve performance using the same RAM at same low latency theoretically. I will wait for Thread Ripper 3 to see if this is the case.
  12. +1 to what Groove_C had said. He is absolutely correct in his assessment becuz my system is proof of it. Spend a bit more money on the CORRECT RAM with any CPU and you can nearly max out the efficiency for ARMA 3 and CPU bound games. There is no point in buying a FAST CPU with cheap ram. Its like buying a fast cars with cheap wheels + tires. Sure the engine will go over 200 MPH but the tires will hold back the total performance. It is probably better to buy MB + CPU + FAST RAM and upgrade that first, then SSD and GPU to push up ARMA performance.
  13. I wonder will if Thread Ripper 3 be will even faster with 1:1 RAM at 3600-4000 since it has Quad Channel RAM? I would buy an 8 Core TR just for the RAM channels if it can be sped up to that? Or just wait for old second hand 7700K and OC to 5+ GHZ and keep running until ARMA 4 comes out.
  14. I had to log in just to say how beautiful this is and I want to fly it around all ARMA maps!
  15. For fun with the new Contact cDLC coming, can someone port Howard the Alien into ARMA: Source files - free to use: https://mega.nz/#!sbB0BSpS!1uHZ-Y_5PN16RM6llg61THgkaSc-bEC8kKtZRUFOT28 https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/howardd-the-alien-3d-model-7c9e8675065d41dcbe2e2207e95ad616 Would be awesome to port the dance moves into ARMA under an ACE interactive animation or something... Song by Lil Uzi Vert - Money Longer
  16. @drebin052your PC system needs faster RAM. It has been proven that ARMA is RAM latency and bandwidth sensitive. I have an older i7-4790K with HT on, @ 4.5 MHZ OC all cores, with 32GB of DDR3 - 2400 - CL10 RAM. Note the CL10 rating. I use this with a 3GB - 1060 GTX and can run at Ultra settings at 1080p. Even on Tanoa I get solid 40-45 FPS online with no mods. With mods like Blastcore it drops down to 30s but it still fluid. That means very few drops down to 2X FPS. I found out a few things - if you go with an Nvidia GPU, you need HT ON. It uses the CPU to do some calculates and turning HT OFF to OC the CPU only 0.1 GHZ results in less FPS. It is possible the opposite on an AMD GPU where they do all their calculations on the GPU, so no "boosting or cheating" to say. But your CPU + RAM combo should be the fastest you can afford for ARMA because the game engine is very single thread, thus totally speed and latency sensitive. I agree with Oldbear you can consider the new AMD Ryzen CPUs. Ryzen 3 looks to be FASTER per MHZ than Intel CPUs now, but you still need DDR4-3000 or faster RAM to get the most out of it. AMD Cpus are even more dependent on faster RAM as their memory controller works at the fastest RAM speeds. So if you can afford really fast RAM, you can consider both Intel or AMD Ryzen Cpus.
  17. Valken

    Contact Starters

    Regarding Question 2: If the alien lifeform is intelligent, as defined by us, similar or even further along, then it could be: curiosity (scientific, exploration, etc...) contact (picked up old radio signals, tv signals, old probes, and etc...) symbiosis (seeking similar life forms or another planet to just live on) resource gathering (food, materials, water, energy and even consuming biomatter, including humans for nourishment). If the lifeform is sentient but more primitive or another type of body other than humanoid or animal, then it could be: luck (carried a ride on a meteor or small asteroid) basic survival - resource gathering, food, home, habitat.... weapon - to bioengineer earth for another more advance species!!! I will think about this more and add to it... great thread by the way...
  18. Valken

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Very cool... the fact that we can tune into different frequencies and do things with it...
  19. Valken

    co10 Escape

    Sure go here: Server name: Escape from Hell - edited escape co-op missions Address: Server version: 192145639 Required game version: 1.92.0 Map: Tanoa Mission: Escape Tanoa Not Very Vanilla 0.12 Players: 3/10 Server name: Inferno Escape | Zombie Tanoa | Attempts:2190+ | Successes:74 Address: Server version: 192145639 Required game version: 1.92.0 Map: Tanoa Mission: Escape Zombie Tanoa 1.9 Players: 1/10 Both are online right now. Both are running Tanoa but would like to play these modified Escape missions on other maps. Its a LOT harder than normal escape FYI.
  20. Valken

    co10 Escape

    Was playing on both the hell and zombie escape servers and wonder if Escape was ever ported to Namalsk: and Napf: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1425442364&searchtext=napf I could not find any premade escape missions.
  21. Valken

    Contact Starters

    First Contact should be with Super AI model with Robot body and humans watching / managing from the background. The AI would have the most active intelligence than any human group, combined and the ability to decipher or understand and react accordingly quicker... Hopefully establishing a meaningful bond or as at least accurate understanding. Also it would be programmed ahead to not create a situation to cause extinction to humans, unlike humans with their lack of intelligence or emotions. I believe this would be the safest methods, unless the aliens are hostile then by all means, send all the politicians first to their "glory".
  22. @ Tpw... no worries on updating Skirmish. I was probably exploiting a bug in the previous builds when I did not load a listed mod and it just skipped to the next listed mod. Don't waste bandwidth on this due to my laziness as I didn't want to edit twp_config.hpp each time I was testing mods. I just dumped a bunch of mods in there and added/dropped via the Arma 3 Launcher when I felt like it. Regarding the zombies, I mean twp_zombies was spawning ravage zombies in the pre-tank supported builds so long as I had loaded that mod. I don't mean for skirmish to load it. You should keep the zomb blacklist in skirmish as is. You can update twp_zombies to have any kind of zombs... Previous builds were successfully testing with Max Zombies, Ravage, Zombies and Demons and SMZombs... yes each one had different zombies which was nice for the variety but it does not work like that anymore.
  23. Valken


    What about using VR cubes for UFOs? It would look a bit TRON like...
  24. @ tpw - I found the problem with skirmish! If I set custom units and list out multiple mods such as ("a*", "b*", "c*") for any sides in twp_config, but DO NOT actually load any one or more of the mods, example - only load a and b, but not c, then when tpw_mod is spawning and does not find c, it will then load the "default" units for that side during that spawn cycle. Nato for Blufor, CSAT for redfor and AAF for Greenfor. If I set the custom units explicitly and load them, to match, then it works perfectly!!! This is crazy because in the previous versions before the tank unit support, it would SKIP the unloaded or missing mod strings and just goto the next one or cycle back to only listed mod strings a, then b and c. I hope you can use this to fix it or at least we know now how to minimize the unwanted effects. A side effect of this: In previous versions before tank skirmish support, if I also enabled zombies and loaded Max Zombies and ANY OTHER ZOMBIE mod such as RAVAGE, and so long as the units match the zombie string, it would load other zombie units automatically for the next spawn, slightly randomly. Now, if I make skirmish explicit and load all listed mods, it DOES NOT spawn ravage zombies and only max zombies even if I have ravage actually loaded. So can you add support for ravage zombies as well or just allow the *zombie* string or make it user configurable whitelist, and check it to cycle to the next zombie if one of the strings do not match or was not loaded, to get ahead of the load "default" unit if string not found bug? Also, it seems zombies still focus on player even set to 2, target anyone with skirmish on. I've seen all the zombies bunch up on me, while I was spectating. Good thing I put my civilian player onto the top of the house in the editor while I was testing the spawning. Lastly, during the airstrikes called in by the AI, I saw a bunch of very slow moving missiles flying BACKWARDS (flames towards the target with missile head facing the back). Its kinda cool to see the missiles but should orient it correctly so the missile is facing the targets. Lastly lastly... any possibility of a random NUKE or MOAB during called in airstrikes? maybe a very low probability? You can use Aliascartoons nuke effect... would be randomly "woah wtf cool"... :D