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  1. devildog

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    There is still people wanting WW2 gaming, a new game BATTALION 1944 is in early access and people cant wait to get it then of course COD WW2 version, not the same as arma 4 but thats why you should do it as it would be so much better and totally rule over everyone. Dont give up on this we need Arma4 in WW2 theatres.. european, russian, middle east, in the jungles of the pacific and asia.
  2. devildog

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    well another american vs russian conflict or desert conflict to drain my already bored senses. You know they have hit rock bottom when they are selling off maps of arma. Get some life into it and go into the ww2 area. Iron front was a good idea but was poorly executed with many bugs and it needed multiple things to make it work. Why cant they actually bring out a game that doesnt need a zillion mods to actually work !!!! Call of duty is doing well with its new ww2 installment, I think a WW2 installment of arma 4 would be excellent.
  3. devildog

    Arma 4 Poll

    1. Where do you want Arma to head toward in the next release(Arma 4)? To keep going retro from the cold war back to start in WW2, good guys and bad guys. Who are the good guys, you choose. Choose your armies English American Japanese Canadian Australian Indian French and French resistance ....with lots of DLC's for different armies, vehicles, aircraft, aircraft carriers. Canadian shermans in tank battles with german tigers. Russian tanks against German, Battle of Kursk Many famous historical battlegrounds and tank battle grounds can be created in maps with different weather conditions. Gamers love WW2 gaming, and Desert play is very tiresome. Divers can be used and minisubs.
  4. devildog

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    i cant believe you guys, all you can think about is russia vs america in the cold war, over and over again. think outside the box. Its been done before. youve been playing it with BI so long you dont know any different. The axis and allies armies, navies and air forces lend enough to be able to develop a full new arma4. Get a new vision for a change. Arma is just tired now, over done and and just grasping for ideas for dlc's that only bring in a few different vehicles that are already in the game. I mean really ?? The fact that zombies have taken it over says it all. Having arma4 set in WW2 in this way something new and refreshing would be done. Sure, maps for all seasons would be great.
  5. devildog

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    interesting comment but totally factually incorrect for the "bestest" era and interesting political developments with really only two main players and thats what I would call umm totally boring . Besides the cold war has already been done before with operation flashpoint: Cold War Crisis (2001), Resistance (2002), Red Hammer (2002), Dragon Rising (2009), and Armed Assault. Something new is needed. Looking back in the 30s and forties, Germany was overtaken by Nazis and invaded europe and every invaded European country they had to defend themselves against them. Even those not part of land based Europe. England came under siege and blockade from Germany and faces starvation, Germany also was developing a nuclear weapon with an eye to strike on new york in 1946. Russia was in revolution and was invaded by Germany after making a peace treaty with them. India was in turmoil seeking independence from the British yet they still fought against the axis powers and the Japanese captured and turned the Indian's against their own people. If it wasn't for the Indian soldiers we would have either lost the north african campaign or it would have taken years longer and the axis germans would have met up with the japanese in India. Indian army ww2 bbc doco the japanese had invaded korea and china at manchuria and forced a second war with china but this time they were getting their asses kicked. Japan's supplies of rubber, iron, and oil were pushed to the breaking point, and it didn't have any allies in the region. An attack on a U.S. gunboat on the Yangtze River alienated the U.S., as did widespread Japanese atrocities against the Chinese civilian population. Eventually, this led to embargoes on trade with Japan. So the Japanese lead simultaneous attacks on Pearl Harbor, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Malaya to stall an allies response. Then Americans came into the war 3 years after it started. The Japanese didn't want the Americans or the British to resist the Japanese scramble for rubber and oil. So one of the main reasons Japan entered the war was over oil and resources. sound familiar. The Italians were in fascism and linking with the Nazis as rouge power state allies and in Africa Bedouin tribes were fighting each other and the British and sided with both the Germans and the British. Denmark was invaded and fought with the Germans in aircraft and Norway was also invaded. The rest of the major commonwealth countries, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand were also fighting on three different theatres of war at least. So if that's not enough for a new Arma 4 with a wide range of new maps and terrain from europe to pacific to desert I dont know. Quite frankly im tired and bored stiff of Americans fighting Russians and spetznaz, really fair suck of the sav (slang for its over done) So what you need is a fresh approach, new scenario ideas in different conflict situations instead of rehashed DLC's that throw in 3 or 4 new vehicles and some different uniforms but basically done for getting cash and not worth thinking about. DLC Jets, REAlly??? This new approach is what an arma with WW2 will give you, something different. You might not want to admit it now, but later you will love it. Not everyone needs a .50cal Barrett to make their day. Not to mention the never ending stream of "terrorist" scenarios terrorists with bombs, terrorists wearing bombs, terrorists with car bombs , terrorist IUD's. borrrrring.... So Bistudio, Arma 4 WW2 this is a vision to build on.
  6. devildog

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    you can do mods for napolionic era as soldiers and cannons and horses are simple to do, like mount and blade, and not have the complexity of ww2 . this is where many new types of maps could be created and bombed out cities like in battlefield 1942. An arma version of Battlefield 1942 would be just awesome with the maps to go w ith it I would say going retro would be a first step to go ww2 first then later ww1.
  7. devildog

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    if you want that then get elite dangerous or star citizen
  8. devildog

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    Thats the whole point to get rid of the mods and put them all on one new arma for ww2 and have different dlc's for different theatres.
  9. devildog

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    vietnam never had the scope of weapons that other eras had as the viet cong were just a mercinary civil war civilian army with no real weapons. Thats why vietnam and korean games have always been a failure except for falcon 4.0 in korea, that was a hit due to the fact that it was such a ground breaking flight sim at the time. But full on axis and allies armies navies and airforces are the way to go . depth and variety
  10. Given in the past we had operation flashpoint and armed assault on the cold war, then arma 2 on modern warfare and then arma 3 for more modern than that or futuristic warfare machines and gear so its gone as far as it can go in that way. We saw how successful commercially and mod wise a simple zombie map idea from operation flashpoint came to become a genre. Then in arma 2 we also so how successful the 1944 mod was and how virtual communities sprung up around it as the popularity of ww2 is still there and now COD brings out there next version of WW2 when their own COD 2 version is still popular. So what im suggesting is that I would like to see Arma 4 go back retro and have an arma for World War 2. with all it contains. Some of the bugs from the 1944 mod can be ironed out and all vehicles can be made workable and realistic. A world war would include soldiers from the allies british american french australian russian indian polish and also french resistance etc, and the axis of german, japanese, italian etc. The market is there, its financially viable and the player base is there. So just as arma started at the cold war, now we step back to the beginning of the second world war. It would also bring maps to use in all terrain, forests, jungle, open plain, and desert warfare. Even being ww2 aircraft carriers can be used in the atlantic and the pacific, german, american, british, canadian, . German and American, british and allied paratroopers. All other major and minor armies. All the rest of any ww2 major engagements can be used, and realistic maps can be created and not worry about offending current day countries as its history so accuracy is the key. Aircraft from America, uk, russia japan just to start will keep things busy. So I put it out there to the arma team, are you up to the challenge as i know the gaming community has been waiting for this since the collapse of the 2 x ww2 mods that were created in arma but the stopped to the teams unable to continue but I know that you can do this. And as much as i hate zombies, as but people would love nazi zombies to kill in arma. But going back to having a military realism group in ww2 supported by an official arma 4 for ww2 would be totally awesome. I want to see conquerer, tiger, and sherman tanks , german bombers, b17's and lancasters, spitfires, and me 109's mustangs and me 262's , parachute drops and ai banzia charges (done in another ww2 mod.) get back to basics and yet that can be fun to. something new and exciting for arma if its fully supported. Instead of having, iron front mod and faces of war mod together or invasion 1944 mod or hell in the pacific mod.. 4 different ww2 mods, doesnt that tell you that people really want this sort of play that they make the ,mods themselves. IN the 1944 mod 82nd Airborne arma 2 version their domination servers were always full while other arma servers were empty or playing zombies. people love this ww2 stuff so how about it ? :) With all the vehicles , soldiers and aircraft from the axis and allied powers there is more than enough to make an arma for it , and also DLC's for various theatres so its also financially viable !!!! Disclaimer: The below vids are just examples and are in no way there for recruiting for any units
  11. devildog


    For those of us that bought the more expensive Developer copy of Arma3 in the beginning which was supposed to automatically included all dlc and official addons, why are we being asked to now pay for Apex ?
  12. addking drug enforcement agency clothing and caps would be good also
  13. devildog

    carrier mission

    Id like to suggest or if anyone has made a carrier mission, or could make, that has 4 f-14 or 4 fa-18 jets with possibly 2 helicopter gunships to support a carrier chinook launched ground forces team to go in and destroy a number of ground based objectives , ammo dumps , secure an airfield , etc , aircraft can defend carrier, provide combat air patrol over land and cas support to ground, eliminate aa threat and bomb specific ground targets as well as cas on demand looking at around co-40
  14. arma3 steam game wont start after upgrade, previous to upgrade it worked fine. I get error messages like its looking for mod components listed below. but before i tried to start the game i deleted all steam cache files for arma 3 rebooted and downloaded again and restarted and same response . vanilla game starts up and i get error messages 1. fata_fix requires praa_sound 2. include file userconfig\vts_weaponresting\vts_weaponresting_config.hpp then it crashes to desktop what is wrong and what do i need to do ? processor intel I7 @3.5 ghz ram 16 gig nvidia 780ti
  15. i find i have a problem in that since the lateste ts3 update when acre is enabled, press to talk no longer works? ideas ?