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    Arma 4 a look to the future

    edited women characters for fair representation into my suggestion list above in post
  2. CertainDeath7

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    First i wanna Thank all bohemia Devs for bringing us the biggest and best combined warfare series that is existing! Arma is simply the best game in this nieshe, well done! @ Dear Moderator. Thank you for pulling my thread into the right forum subsection. But i rather would not want to have it as a page 7 comment on someones proposal to make arma 4 ww2, but i wanna suggest/discuss features almost exclusively from a PvP Perspective. I could not delete the posts in the thread you merged it, sry for inconveniance In Short my Background to Arma: I play it now for years in a german Team vs Team Community "Operation Pandora Trigger", we organize combined warfare battles every 10 days in campaigns that ongo half a year, the community is active since ofp, and will stay true for many years to come! Even now in times when playerbase is dwindling, we fight battles with around 60+ people every time. Our community also was engaged in a few different user made competitive tournements (ctf and more) On top of that i have played a lot of EUTW, even more KOTH, and i think i have not finished a single one of the single player missions from the game, and played in 3 user made pve missions, so as you can see, for me only the multiplayer experience matters, the singleplayer experience bores me. Arma 3 is the best game there is for such TvT combined warfare. But there could be some improvements. This features would improve TvT, tactics, and combined warfare: Multicore enhancment: we lost so many players, some with competitive background, which liked the principlies what we are doing, but they could not bare the fps. we have a slim mission, but still, best you can get is 60 fps when you have high end + overclocked computer. A future Iteration of the game must allow a medicore quad core computer to have around 60 fps minimum, and a high end pc must reach 144+ fps! Future improvments in computing will be by stacking more cores, cause with speeds we reached limits, and even smaller production processes will make it even harder to maintain the speeds gamers wish. So multicore enhancment cant just be "this core makes this", and after 8 cores theres no significant improvment anymore, cause it will create the next dead end in 5-10 years. input lag: there is a big input lag from clicking the mouse to triggering the shot ingame on your own screen (!), and the time till enemy receives a hit lasts even longer, often up to a second delay! this must be adressed and drastically improved! guerilla warfare is near impossible. in real life i am pretty good in a tactic we call "camouflage and deceive" in arma 3 you only have poor possibilities to practice this. Ideas to adress this: 1.) a soldier could have options to use his enviroment. to take some branches of bush and place it somewhere, or to camouflage his silouette, or a vehicle. and it should take time. 2.) the soldier should be able to terraform terrain with proper tools (dig a guard hole f.e., or a trench, which would use much more time, and require a pickaxe on asphalt on top of the shovel or stronger machinery) 3.) Sewers should definitely be a thing in cities! It adds a whole new tactical layer onto attacking and defending areas.🙂 4.) it should be possible to make and place underground structures in editor, and to a certain point also ingame. we would be first to play a asymetric campaign with a numerical superior enemy to a technological superior, but in open enviroment without use of underground and camouflage it would be a joke, so we never did a asymetric campaign in arma 3, which is a shame, for a game that is often used for milsim 5.) a way to easily readjust camouflage patterns and colours of vehicles and clothing in mission editor or somewhere else. f.e. our csat fraction on tanoa is moaning about the bad camouflage pattern and colours while fighting a nato jungle camo that has excellent colour sheme 6.) to turn shadows off should at client side not be an option. hiding in the (semi)shadows is a key point of camouflage, especially at night. If shadows on distance are to ressource hungry, there may be auto generated LOD for the shadows? does not have to be perfect? Just ideas, i dont decide whats possible. more interaction with "stuff". ability to move f.e. furniture, f.e. to allow for creating barriers, but you also can cut trees and you will have a trunk and some braches, or a power pole, whatever. If you have the right tools. would allow for a new class in the game, the army engineer with its own tools/machines/vehicles. you could also move stuff to make a building climbable. more accurate destruction of buildings: - while an apfsds makes a hole into a building, with some bricks missing on all walls it hits in its way through, a HE shell can blow parts out of whole buildings. how you do it is not that important, but there should be more buildings states, then just intact and destroyed, and it should have impact on the battlefield and make it more dynamic. - possibility of creating loopholes and foxholes in buildings interior and exterior walls (with the right tools depending on what wall you have there, a mud wall can be penetrated by salvos of heavy mg fire or crowbar, while a concrete wall needs a LOT of time with crowbar, so you wanna bring a jackhammer for a fast solution. - possibility to remove whole wall sections of a building, f.e. to create covered stall for military vehicle inside a family houses living room. good luck they made its exterior surface mostly glass, so it was not necessary to call the engeniers, we simply backward drove the tank in. Vehicle modernisation: As the foot soldier gets many more opportunieties, so should the armoured force as well: 1.) more modern shell types: if the infantry has the ability to dig in deeper, the vehicles should have fancy stuff like airburst shells, to fight covered inf, or proximity fuse air targets. 2.) more forms of vehicle sensors for vehicles. fe. usually u know when you are laser paintet when in a 2030 vehicle^^ 3.) modern countermeasures in variety for vehicles (flare, chaff, soft kill and hard kill APS, reactive plating etc) and some possibility of automation through computing (server settings) 4.) improvments in vehicle damage models. way more detailed models with hard and weaksposts and different forms of armor reacting different to different projectiles. Terrain modification: Freedom! I thinks its basically the same feature as listed in terraform terrains. would not only allow for shaping maps, f.e. to make balancing in tvt or creating missions for pve and tvt, or simply making a crater in terrain, when artillery hits, or beeing able to create a hull down position for an armoured vehicle, given enough time and manpower to dig the hole (or having a caterpillar^^) Soldiers mobility: Depending on stances and obstacles there should be different ways to overcome obstacles. there are fences where you dont have to jump over, maybe you crawl under? Or hatch between the bars while crounching? While the only way to get over a 2.5m wall is to make a jump and grab the top, or maybe your comrade can give you a robber leader for a faster approach? (or just place explosives^^) - possibility to climb (depending on your loadout, weight, and the object you wanna climb, you have to holster weapon etc). f.e. climb some trees, walls, pylons. (its recommended to storm enemy occupied buildings from above - if you can) Melee Weapons and unarmed melee further improvments on how different vehicles interact with different terrains enhancment of weather features and seasons , and weather interacting with terrain, like snow falling and accumulating on surfaces, or a dirt road getting muddy and hard to drive when its raining, or heavy tracked vehicle creating dirt traces when driving through rain soacked meadow, or different sea states with different wheater types (and a pond behaves different then the pacific) moon phases resulting different lighting on different times and calendar dates (or settings) modern screens have functions like black tuner, which gives the player who owns such a device a big advantage in night battles (thats why we dont play night battles anymore). when playing in night time, the game should not render colours outside illuminated areas to suppress this feature to make night time pvp more balanced, and as a human barely cant see colours even in the shiniest full moon night it wont be missed ;). Smoother Terrain especially around ridges, and more terrain details. Pre-Made Instruction Sets and User Interfaces for customizeable PvP Missions, such as a easy to use ingame soldiers loadout manager, or different types of objectives, everything scaleable and possibility to remove and add or edit stuff i dont know how practical this is, i am not a modder. just an idea. Balance: Shikra is King. Neo is King. T140k is King (the others are good too, but after t140 there is t100 because of its exceptional mobility, then kuma, good mobility with better gun, and then those pity nato in their slow things with a mediocre gun). Tigris is way better then cheetah (because of mobility meta). Indie doesnt even have such thing. List can continue... There should be a technical power balance. Not everything has to be the same, but the introduced factions should in sum be en par to each other, when placing them in PvP enviroment. Especially in the Air you should either have competitive hardware, or you have the options on the ground to contest the air space effectively, or f.e. if your top speed and acceleration is inferior to enemies jet, you may have the edge in AA rocketry or something. A certain startup mmo company even made a pvp gamemode which was on open beta for pledgers only for balancing their stuff for the main game. One can dream, can he? This features are really good, make arma good and definitely should stay: big variety on combat stances. when you port it to console, just let it in there as it is, but pls dont remove such great feature from pc anytime, just because the kiddies cant use it! Its so much better then in every other game, and if you practice its even useful in TvT! Maybe there is headroom to impove this element even further? big variety of actions and commands. Hell i have binded my page down page up, home and end keys. in none other game i need that, and its good. a big variety of options, that can make combat less foreseeable, and keep the game interesting. Command Roses could get a thing on top of that, if needed, but really should not be commands nested into menues to make command rose a fast interaction. I only have to use my mousewheel to switch vehicle seats, or interact with static objects, cause i double and triple assigned keys, so for me this is not really an issue (loocking at JR^^) big variety of vehicles and vehicles types: I am 100% sure, if you do half of the things listed above and just implement vehicles from older arma with all the stats and visuals, 100% of players of my 300people arma community will buy the game. you can add new stuff on top of that whenever you want, we really wish, you focus on the core features, to make the game as versatile as possible! Then bring us the armies of different timeframes and so on as dlc, we will buy them all 🙂It just would be a shame, if a new arma 4 had less stuff, then arma 3, thats why i would support a move, that saves some ressources by reusing as much as needed, to save development time for additional content on top of that. good modability: i do not fear, that we will have downgrades here. we can hope for improvments, BI is making a good job in supporting modability of the game, and this art can be cultivated and polished to make it even deeper. Then arma 4 can be, what arma 3 was: an incubator for many ideas and many nieshes and playstyles. This features are not really needed: Dont make a mistake with going WW12 or similar, cause modern timeframe has the most tactical bandwidth. f.e. a korea war mission with 3 new armies could be a big dlc with a map and a own storyline rather then the base game, which is best placed with all modern means of warfare. ( i would love a korean war mission for dlc. korea war was a time in history, when jets became good, but not goodlike. air to air missiles and air to ground missiles have been in their kids shoes at this time, would be pretty good multiplayer balancing i guess) Nice to have, but not PvP: More and more diverse enviromental Audio FX - yeah, i love my bush cricket. it follows me. in every bush the same cricket, and its in every bush, it also never needs a brake.😄 Just an example for a broad variety of possibilities. it may be, that i edit this thread, maybe someone has more very good ideas, i would love to discuss this, and we are all waiting for arma 4 related news. we really are. -------------------------------------------------------- Edit 10.09.2020: women characters: give em a fair representation in this game too. There are women in service and in this game all over the world.
  3. CertainDeath7

    ARMA 3 : Freezes !!!

    try an other memory memory allcoator then standard windows. had freezes too, using tbb4malloc_bi_x64 fixed the issues.
  4. Does someone know of a mod that removes the pixxelated stripes from turret optics? If there is none, is there a easy way to get rid of that? if you dont know what i am talking about, you can see in this picture
  5. CertainDeath7

    Ryzen 7 2700X performance?

    I went from an overclocked fx 8320 to overclocked i3 8350k when coffee lake came out. Tripled my FPS from 15-30 fps in TvT Multiplayer to 45-90 fps. FX Series is Pure Trash for Arma, very bad single core performance, slow DDR3 Ryzen is fine, way better then FX Series. Its not best. If you wanna get best Arma experience, get Intel, or wait for Zen3. An i3 or i5 8xxx or 9xxx will have 20-30% more Singlecore Performance then any current Ryzen, which results in 20-30% more fps. And you can overclock intel much better. 4,8-5,2 Ghz is what you can achieve with gen 8 and 9 intels and a somewhat decent cooler. Ryzen stops at 4,2ghz. Rumors say, that Zen3 will have comparable SC Performance.
  6. CertainDeath7

    Free Wekend. A Pamphlet.

    Pls. never do free weekends anymore. Arma PvP was always exiting, cheating was very very rarely seen. On free weekend there were dozens of cheaters... i suspect a lot of them were script kiddis to try out new cheats and sell them. A considerable time has past since last free weekend. cheating still happens on day to day basis since then. So as a player, wo bought all the dlc, and will buy every dlc you through at me, and every arma that will come out in future. i insist. Pls pls pls never a free weekend again. except, if its only for singleplayer missions.
  7. CertainDeath7

    Weapon tests

    Thanks for the answer oukej. On this i also want to point out, that the cheetah, even if it has a slammer chassis, and is much much less mobile then its csat counterpart, has about the same vulnerability to AT weapons. as a pvp player i feel it could need a buff on the armour side. at this moment, tigris is just better, because of high mobility, with no tradeoff.
  8. CertainDeath7

    Weapon tests

    A Hmg can shoot out people of AA Tanks, and even disable the gun, is that intended? Also it happens very regularly, that the cheetah engine is disabled, after hitting a little stone while driving. really annoying on hardcore servers, where you often cant even see this little rocks as driver.
  9. bought i3 8350k with 25€ aircooler in 2017. OC to 4,8 Ghz... i get about the same framerate as users with overclocked 8700k^^ :P single core performance matters. 3 more cores help a liiiitle bit. 2 extra cores and 8 exra threads are 0 performance impact for arma. so if you dont have a lot of money, but your main goal is good arma fps, then go with a z390 or z370 board with an 8350k, and learn to overclock. its about the same price as a ryzen cpu, but a good amount of more fps. and you can upgrade later. what matters mostly is clock speed (and effectiveness), ring speed (north bridge seems to have a greater performance impact in arma, then in many other games), ram speed, disc speed. 20+ cores and threads do nothing for you. or wait for ryzen 3 in about half a year. maybe they will get competitive in SC performance too.
  10. CertainDeath7

    Arma3 Videos

  11. CertainDeath7


    maybe base income that increases over time... actually, if the enemy has captured all your fob, you are pretty much done, primarly because the enemy can afford everything, and you as looser can basically not afford to replace any losses. So at a point in the game the enemy is going to just steamroll with the better economy, and this is the point where it gets boring for both sides.
  12. CertainDeath7


    Feedback from Playtest: - Great Lack of Earplugs. It was f.e. not possible to understand anything what a mate said in TS while driving BTR-K - Group Menue/Squad System would be appreciated. Hard to find your handfull mates, if there are a dozen or more other markers in the same city. - my ai refused to fill an armoured vehicle, only one entered. - would be much appreciated, if i could lock my vehicle, or kick players out. bought a quilin at start for my guys, but i ended with 2 other OPT-C Members and some randoms in the car. - You can abuse Gear. I buy my stuff from arsenal (1000cr) give someone my stuff, and buy last gear and new ammo. Not done that, just thought its viable, actually did not check, what the price of ammo is. - I would like to get my last loadout filled, inclusive the ammo, mines, explosive, rockets etc, if i want to... of course for more then 50cr. i did not get the need to rearm my stuff, so i cant tell how usable the rearm is with existing features. - Big Mission: Way too much stuff around. Way too many flags. For bigger missions, it could be possible to attack 2 targets (32 players) or maybe 3 (64 players)? - The more players are there, the less AI should be spawnable for performance reasons. 32x8 or 64x8 is madness (? THIS IS WAAARLOOORDS!!!), from a gameplay and performance aspect, especially with one target each. I feel it should be possible to set possible AI Deployment in an Easy Accessible Server Setting, even down to 0-1, if you wish to play full pvp. I personally never play against ai, 99% of my 1500hours gameplay are pure PvP. humans are way better challenge. and i feel 64 players or even more would be viable with less ai. i personally would not play a gamemode centered about interaction with stupid and tidious to controll ai allies and enemies. - 3rd person... is kind a necessary, when you have an AI driver... cause you cant fix your turret position to hull, so its very hard to drive from first person as gunner or commander. But still... me personally i dont like 3rd person servers... it rewards camping behind objects and slows down the pace of a game. So if there would be an option to lock turret to hull, it would be apreciated to add possibility for hardcore settings. - thermals: we have banned them from our TvT for reasons... i dont tell you you have to... i would just have wished, that i could equip a ghillie or viper stealth uniform to stealth myself better... i mean people can equip evng and viper helmet... you can even use thermals in 3rd person, which is kind a ridicolous. when i play infantry, i am the sneaky flanker guy... cant do that when everybody runs around with thermals, and spots from behind cover. so either remove at least viper helmet and evng or add thermal coating uniforms. - vehicles: the dlc jets eat performance like the fat guy in monthy phytons meaning of life. And if there is a good csat pilot, the shikra wont loose. When i saw that we have it, i was pretty sure, that we are going to win the game. it is superior to every other aircraft. the amount of vehicles felt a bit ridicolous too. I prefere quality over quantity, especially with an engine like arma3... While i write, i realise, that maybe all of this is wanted. the gamemode wants to feel like a big war over an island. and it has done this job pretty good. so maybe some of my thoughts are not really needed. I did not went into faction and armed service branch balancing, cause there are a lot of issues in the game, and it would be a long discussion. Furthermore i still want to remind about the engine. near all pvp players which play somewhat decent care for framerate, and wont play this much. For me personally framerates under 60 are really really bad. Good is 120+. 40 would be the lowest acceptable for combined arms missions. It went down to 22-26 today. (i3 8350k OC 4,8ghz; 16gb ddr4 3ghz; gtx1060; 4,5km object and terrain). So there just has to be some tweaks to the mission to make it perform better. Less AI, more expensive vehicles (the attack chopper is to cheap btw, its hard to counter it with something else then jets, when pilot knows what he is doing) idk that artillery is out is a good thing. not only performance wise, also gameplay is better. same goes for mortars. performance impact might be less, but you can stealth it much much better. and from experience i can tell that a good organized mortar with infantry that works with the mortar guy can be a big big pain in the ass for the enemy in pvp. In our last campaign the enemy mortar made the most kills amongst our team, and we had to nerf it, cause it robbs the fun out of the PvP. Also for me personally i did not expect AI in the mission, when i signed up. I did not know the mission, i thought it would be pure PvP. I think, when i would have known about that earlier, i would not even have shown up. But luckily i did. edit: ah, and can someone make the ai shut up? i dont need the driver to tell me every move button i press^^
  13. CertainDeath7

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- DISCUSSION

    I feel like some love for dedicated PvP from the Studio would be great. There are some easy to implement possibilities, and some are much more work intensive. I just can give you what comes to my mind: Take the most popular game for (casual) combined warfare. Battlefield. you have a server browser, all game modes are in reach of a few clicks. In Arma new players have no clue what is out there, which gamemodes exists, what is still played and alive, and what is a half rotten fish on the beach. EUTW - for example - one of the jewels of hardcore pvp is in danger of dying from slowly dwindling numbers. and i dont think that it is because of game mode is not good. most of the people just dont know that its there. Just a possibility: add a tab for arma game modes in the main menue. official and unofficial. ask for standards. if a gamemode meets certain standards, it will be allowed to represent itself there with introduction, video and tutorial. Hell yeah thats some work. but you from bohemia are not the guys, which have to deliver the content there. you just have to check from time to time if the mode still meets the standards. You could also feature coop missions from different from time to time. When i open BF4 Battlelog, first i see is top story of the week. If i scroll down, i can see what my ingame friends were doing recently, and to the left i can see online players and search for every player out there. It should also be possible to reach to the Forum from Launcher and Start Menue. Also in Launcher there are no filters for gamemodes, full servers, empty servers etc pp. And maybe, only maybe, you even would want to cooperate with some of the modders, and offer aid in times of need... For my community f.e. everthing stands and falls with the coders. when our coders are active, we can push innovations, balances, bugfixes and everything into the mode. if they have private issues or something, then there is no progress. Our coder is active, and when one went inactive, we always found replacement, but for example AAW - a very promising game mode was a dead fetus delivery. not enough playtesters, not enough spare time to polish it up. EUTW Coders are inactive for a while now, with no replace. Player numbers are dwindling. For Mode Developers its a pain in the ass to get people to find you. A bit of kickstart help for promising projects maybe? Could also be done via a better launcher and game interface. I feel, if you people from bohemia, decide, that you want to stall a arma 4 on a timely modern engine (and hopefully with some of the feature of VBS like the underground stuff and ingame terrain modelling, which would make guerilla vs modern army much more viable), but want to keep a healthy sized playerbase apart from the small mil-sim nieshe, and not community contributing 80hours casual singleplayers, you gonna have to deliver something better then the new game mode + new PDW. There has to be an effort, which is felt in the still active communities, something which reaches the remaining playerbase as well as new players and closes the ranks. Arma is still the best Military Sandbox out there, has decent and convincing gunplay, decent netcode, a broad variety of possibilities in all directions. From game standards, its the best FPS out there, if you can look beside the awful framerates. But its not open to the average player... they may play the single player, are overwhelmed by ominous names in the server browser list, which they have no clue what is what, and what mods and mod versions are needed for what. Also a connection from menue to workshop would be desireable. if i click on a servers, it requires mods, i click and it gets downloaded. if i have the mods, but not launched the right ones, click on the server, arma says: restart. it restarts and you join. usability and openness. same for mod managment. should be easy, with options for more advanced staff, f.e. having 3 different tfar versions on the disc without them conflicting. Its already there... just make it better... the browser in the launcher lacks important features, to be usable. but also does the ingame server browser. Just soem thoughts. Take it or leave it.
  14. CertainDeath7

    Is combined arms PvP possible?

    It is possible, german OPT Community plays it since BF2, OFP, Arma2, Arma3. We make relatively fast paced events with respawn, budget and logistics and everything every ~10 days, bundled together in campaigns of about half an year each. we have fixed Teams (Armies), so there can be development of teamplay, there is Strategy and Training from both sides for every Event, and a lot around. We are no clan, but a community, also clanmembers or clans can participate. At moment OPT is only viable to join if you speak german, or if you are willing to work with google translator in our forum, and want to deal with a mission in german. But we plan to internationalise the Event in 2019. For all german speakers and all others, you can join our forum anytime at https://opt4.net/dashboard If you want to join an army, leave a short Hello Post in the dedicated thread. (First obstacle for non german speakers^^ we gonna fix that) all we want is that members, which join an army press the buttons in calendar, if you come to events, or maybe, or not, so that the Leaders have an easier time for planning the tactics for the next event. Then there is a russian community Tushino or something like that... its the same there, if you dont understand russian, you gonna have a hard time. I dont know about other similar Team vs Team Communities.