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  1. major_barnes1987

    Conspiracies: Origins

    This is looking sick.I was waiting for a good mod using stalker assets for a long time.Cheers and good luck!
  2. It's ok.Forget i ever asked.
  3. Sometimes the AI won't heal you in singleplayer making this big part of the mod useless.And the script: "allowDamage false" doesn't work,i still die. And i can't play the East Wind campaign because of medical and exlosives.I remember ace medical breaks the mission 4 in bootcamp because you can't heal the AAF survivor and you stuck.And ace exlosives breaks the first mission in Survive episode where you must destroy the blackfoot wreck and you stuck there too.Maybe this happens to other missions and campaigns i don't know.I want to experience the campaigns with ace.Is this too much to ask?
  4. Hello and thank you guys for ruining my game every time.I won't even bother tell you about medical and explosives+singleplayer because i think it's alredy been discussed far too many times.Every time something doesn't work in my editing or just playing,ace is 90% resposinble.I don't expect neither answer nor a solution.I just wanted to say it's a HUGH pity.Such a great mod not to be working correctly and after so many updates.
  5. major_barnes1987

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    ArmA franshise must not die.Cause there isn't any other game like it in the whole gaming industry.We know BI is working on a big project we all think is ArmA 4.A confirmation is all we need.
  6. major_barnes1987

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    They're everywhere! 😮
  7. major_barnes1987

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    I have the radio multiplier problem too.Just 2 radios atm,i need to kill them before they lay eggs! 😂😂😂And the vehicle radio won't stop playing.I can change stations but i can't switch it off. Also the "Support Attack" missions are bugged too,i started one and the insurgents never came to this place..and i was waiting for a long time. Despite all the bugs the scenario is well thought and smart.There's always something to do and that something always makes sense.
  8. major_barnes1987

    Future plans to continue "The legacy"

    We still don't know if this "major project will be ArmA 4,it could be something totally new.So i don't wanna get hyped just yet.But it needs to be ArmA 4 for many reasons.There are a few ideas about what i want to see in the next game but we'll discuss this if they offiacially anounce it.But that was some good news allright!
  9. major_barnes1987

    [WIP] ZEPHIK Female Characters

    Nice of you to provide the base mesh for other creators. Good luck mate!
  10. major_barnes1987

    Having Trouble With Contact

    I think you need to use static at the order of signal appearance.For example when there are 2 new signals you need to pay attention to witch signal you saw first....that's the one you need to use static first.I'm not 100% sure if this is the right way in every encounter but i think that's how i did it.It's worth a try anyway.
  11. major_barnes1987

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    Just finished the Campaign and i have to say,i'm really suprised by how good it was.Decent writing and voice acting and proper use of all the new assets.BI is getting better at making great campaigns again and i'm really looking forward for what they will achive next.I didn't have any major issues,it was playing smoothly.Just a few small glitches here and there.
  12. major_barnes1987

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Thanks all of you guys for the feedback on the new island.Really appreciate it!
  13. major_barnes1987

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Aliens...count me in! As long as it remains true to the ArmA philosophy..combined arms gameplay,then there is no problem for me.I will wait further details and see how it goes. 😉
  14. major_barnes1987

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    What if it's neither a dlc nor an expansion...What if this is a sneaky way of anouncing ArmA 4.... Ok don't shoot...it was a joke...😂....But what if it's not?
  15. major_barnes1987

    FPS Problem

    After 1400 hours of play i think i finally figured out why FPS drops in ArmA 3.But i need to make sure and i don't have the game installed at the moment.I will be back with the answer in this topic or another.I hope...