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  1. @SavageCDN Here 's the Pastebin link of the error i mentioned (line 2683) : 2:32:40 Error in expression < = getpos _object}; }; _objectPosition inArea _marker;> 2:32:40 Error position: <inArea _marker;> 2:32:40 Error 0 elements provided, 3 expected 2:32:40 File x\alive\addons\x_lib\functions\markers\fnc_inArea.sqf, line 41 2:32:40 Error in expression < = getpos _object}; The mission was set just running CBA,ALiVE,CUP_terrains_Core,CUP_Terrains_maps,CLAfghan_A3_fix to setup an "indexing-supplementary-test-run" mission we talk about with HeroesandvillainsOS. The error was encountered when i tried to preview the mission (in SP) from within Eden editor..and was just frustrated to move further..as i m literally butchering for 2 weeks the original mission i m working on to get rid of this error.. :/
  2. I will do the test you propose (with the approved ingredients of course) although there wasn't any "critical" script error or clickable one-only radio chat. Sorry..i haven't got a screenshot right now (even my screenshots apps failing lol) ..but i ll be able to do the test either some hours from now (*now 00:12)-either tommorow. I had already today my ~6 hours spend in ArmA as monkey-with-a-wrench in a nuclear missile silo :D
  3. I don't want to discourage you in any way...but i got some warnings in side chat (nothing more "lethal") and i didn't actually got to location myself to see the created assets (really sorry) BUT!.... the mission port i m working on it's pretty much mutilated by me and i m still running a large collection of addon with CBA,ALiVE,ACE,ProjectOPFOR,RHSx2..so the warnings might be unrelated. I WILL test more the system because i loved CLAfghan like no other map (official and not) and i want it to be as trouble-free can be. Hats off for your work already-and keep up- but for more solid answers we (players) should test more :)
  4. @HeroesandvillainsOS Unfortunately i haven't got the time to FULLY explore the *new indexing as now. I tried 3 auto-generated missions though..and the AI-selected locations was pretty "solid". Although i WILL explore more in depth the system and the indexing the following days..there was at least 2 *minor issues more related to tasks system than the Indexing i believe.. 1. "Destroy Location" tasked me to destroy an (allied) guard post 30m West from me inside my declared A.O. 2. "Clear Town" wanted to send me in a town with 2 buildings (i dont know if there is way to seperate bigger AO's from smaller) More to come..
  5. Hey SavageCDN !! I m using CLafghan-the so called *A3_fix version. Although i 've read the ALiVE mission generator wasn't among the priority features..using it on this map is a hell-on-earth. Missions ~90% of times ending up creating assets on SW of map (the presumable 0,0,0 it is?..) :) *added* I 'll make sure ASAP to clean the mission of possible extra-unrelated errors so i can provide an *.rpt with as-much-less clutter possible.
  6. @HeroesandvillainsOS ..and @spyderblack723 ...thank you guys for your speed :) I should inform you 1st that the mentioned error occurred in Hosted MP environment (due to ease of access and less time consuming within Eden editor) ..and as i said..after 10 minutes wait time (until the 2 errors show)..the mission started ok. Loading the same mission in a *dedicated server environment (via TADST) was total fail due to other error No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgPatches.cup_terrains. Yes..i m running lots of addons but my configuration should have being ok (unless i remove from the equation the CLAfghan for A3 i m running-which i believe it doesn't collaborate at all with ALiVE) If you insist...i could send you an .rpt ..but i think there are other problems i should try to solve first...
  7. Can you assist guys? I m getting beaten by fnc_InArea.sqf error (twice per mission initialization) just before player spawns on map (MP) +10 minutes wait time...everytime Tried to google it further to no avail...
  8. RSO Buildings pack

    @spookygnu I hope this doesn't mean APEX will be required for the building pack..
  9. RIP Paul legendary "Bushlurker". I m shocked-i just can't deal with that kind of news...It's always f@kin "fresh".. :(
  10. ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Hi guys. I m looking for (requesting) a small client side addon that automatically reverts player to "normal-jogging" speed the moment he will use "sprint"(W+Shift for x reason) -while he 's already toggled to "walk" mode aka Force player to "default" movement mode (jogging) whenever i press W+Shift (or "2xW") *added* If none is interested-at least help me in a way to approach the problem. i.e. i was looking for scripting commands like OnKeypress(or similar) etc to no avail..
  11. ASR AI 3

    Hmm..i was having the impression of ONLY the owner of AI (ie server) was needed to run the mod in a scenario type Group-of-players VS server-guided-enemy. I was wrong all the time or something has been changed on the road?? ^^
  12. Ravage Mod

    Can't play nothing without ASR AI...from few ArmA titles back :D Bandits react like real players-and they will hunt you inside buildings. (I got instagibbed 1 hour ago in my rogue-like 3rd day-Ravage session @About driving Freshly tested the mod..i ve seen bandit drivers having serious difficulties moving on villages. Also i was testing a mission i m creating on CLafghan..and drivers there was crappy also. You should test VCOM driving AI again i think.There aren't that much of vehicles to clog the system in a way you ll notice...
  13. ...now if you only contact Rydygier and ask him if he is the mood to develop a more *specific variant of his Predator AI for a creature like yours...we can all climb a to new level of awesome-ness :) *ARTEMIS* Hunting Instinct AI mod >>
  14. I m not getting (normal bullets-not the boom-boom stuff!) impact sounds on surfaces -at least not noticeable ones.Is it something on my end? Also last time i ve checked PwS had the 1.5 version several days after 2.0 release. Can't confirm right now if its still an issue. *confirmed* (I m using both ES+DS) Cheers *edited again* Major confusion. As it looks on PwS today So...the DS latest version (v2.0) it's listed as Dynasound2 (inner version 0.1)?
  15. Hi guys. I was wondering if any of you is having problems with weapons "safe" mode using the RHS units (along with its corresponding compatibility mod) What i came across while trying to change fire mode (on RHS units) the safe mode *Stucks in (even after i made sure nothing is conflicting via "Configure addons keys" and default game controls) For Vanilla units everything works as expected (Change firemodes with "F" /Activate -deactivate "Safe mode" with "Shift+S") Check it out plz *Added* Done https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/issues/4771