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  1. It's only me getting error at 0.19 ->updated to 0.21 while any artillery presence on the map (or squad carried mortars -on-backpacks) and player group is "known"? or it's been already mentionaed somewhere previously which i missed?? oO *added* As added information ASR_AI (no error) groups react as usual (no Arty reaction) VCOM AI (no error) enemy deploys mortars or uses far arty untis and rains hell
  2. I just wanted to use the mods i already have as client-that's why (as client) i exported an .xml from my ArmA-launcher to (i.e.) desktop and imported it afterwards to FAST2. (for my intended server use..it's considered overkill to re-download 30-40 gigs with my available bandwidth and HDD space) Mod list was properly recognised..but the mods status was not-installed (because FAST2 didn't knew WHERE the mods was located) ..what brings another confusion because FAST2 NEVER gave me the option to manually select the exact folder location i want my new server (which it might have been my MAIN ArmA3 folder..
  3. Sorry guys but this is confusing. I just want to run ONE instance of dedicated server (pretty much what TADST does..but due to it's UI size restrictions i can't use it anymore). I dont want separate server folder -neither to re-download any addon i already have (i tried importing an exported .xml of my addons which are commented as "not installed"). Is it possible? In case anyone responds to my call..please take the time to explain the steps with simplicity. As i m getting older -i m getting dumber
  4. Hi guys. I have win7 and DPI settings on 125% (100% doesn't work for my eyes) ..but the lower portion of TADST (with Profiles and save buttons) it's unreachable. I tried 3rd party application to "size it" differently but doesn't help. Any other magic?
  5. @SavageCDN Here 's the Pastebin link of the error i mentioned (line 2683) : 2:32:40 Error in expression < = getpos _object}; }; _objectPosition inArea _marker;> 2:32:40 Error position: <inArea _marker;> 2:32:40 Error 0 elements provided, 3 expected 2:32:40 File x\alive\addons\x_lib\functions\markers\fnc_inArea.sqf, line 41 2:32:40 Error in expression < = getpos _object}; The mission was set just running CBA,ALiVE,CUP_terrains_Core,CUP_Terrains_maps,CLAfghan_A3_fix to setup an "indexing-supplementary-test-run" mission we talk about with HeroesandvillainsOS. The error was encountered when i tried to preview the mission (in SP) from within Eden editor..and was just frustrated to move further..as i m literally butchering for 2 weeks the original mission i m working on to get rid of this error.. :/
  6. I will do the test you propose (with the approved ingredients of course) although there wasn't any "critical" script error or clickable one-only radio chat. Sorry..i haven't got a screenshot right now (even my screenshots apps failing lol) ..but i ll be able to do the test either some hours from now (*now 00:12)-either tommorow. I had already today my ~6 hours spend in ArmA as monkey-with-a-wrench in a nuclear missile silo :D
  7. I don't want to discourage you in any way...but i got some warnings in side chat (nothing more "lethal") and i didn't actually got to location myself to see the created assets (really sorry) BUT!.... the mission port i m working on it's pretty much mutilated by me and i m still running a large collection of addon with CBA,ALiVE,ACE,ProjectOPFOR,RHSx2..so the warnings might be unrelated. I WILL test more the system because i loved CLAfghan like no other map (official and not) and i want it to be as trouble-free can be. Hats off for your work already-and keep up- but for more solid answers we (players) should test more :)
  8. @HeroesandvillainsOS Unfortunately i haven't got the time to FULLY explore the *new indexing as now. I tried 3 auto-generated missions though..and the AI-selected locations was pretty "solid". Although i WILL explore more in depth the system and the indexing the following days..there was at least 2 *minor issues more related to tasks system than the Indexing i believe.. 1. "Destroy Location" tasked me to destroy an (allied) guard post 30m West from me inside my declared A.O. 2. "Clear Town" wanted to send me in a town with 2 buildings (i dont know if there is way to seperate bigger AO's from smaller) More to come..
  9. Hey SavageCDN !! I m using CLafghan-the so called *A3_fix version. Although i 've read the ALiVE mission generator wasn't among the priority features..using it on this map is a hell-on-earth. Missions ~90% of times ending up creating assets on SW of map (the presumable 0,0,0 it is?..) :) *added* I 'll make sure ASAP to clean the mission of possible extra-unrelated errors so i can provide an *.rpt with as-much-less clutter possible.
  10. @HeroesandvillainsOS ..and @spyderblack723 ...thank you guys for your speed :) I should inform you 1st that the mentioned error occurred in Hosted MP environment (due to ease of access and less time consuming within Eden editor) ..and as i said..after 10 minutes wait time (until the 2 errors show)..the mission started ok. Loading the same mission in a *dedicated server environment (via TADST) was total fail due to other error No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgPatches.cup_terrains. Yes..i m running lots of addons but my configuration should have being ok (unless i remove from the equation the CLAfghan for A3 i m running-which i believe it doesn't collaborate at all with ALiVE) If you insist...i could send you an .rpt ..but i think there are other problems i should try to solve first...
  11. Can you assist guys? I m getting beaten by fnc_InArea.sqf error (twice per mission initialization) just before player spawns on map (MP) +10 minutes wait time...everytime Tried to google it further to no avail...
  12. giorgygr

    RSO Buildings pack

    @spookygnu I hope this doesn't mean APEX will be required for the building pack..
  13. RIP Paul legendary "Bushlurker". I m shocked-i just can't deal with that kind of news...It's always f@kin "fresh".. :(
  14. giorgygr

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Hi guys. I m looking for (requesting) a small client side addon that automatically reverts player to "normal-jogging" speed the moment he will use "sprint"(W+Shift for x reason) -while he 's already toggled to "walk" mode aka Force player to "default" movement mode (jogging) whenever i press W+Shift (or "2xW") *added* If none is interested-at least help me in a way to approach the problem. i.e. i was looking for scripting commands like OnKeypress(or similar) etc to no avail..
  15. giorgygr

    ASR AI 3

    Hmm..i was having the impression of ONLY the owner of AI (ie server) was needed to run the mod in a scenario type Group-of-players VS server-guided-enemy. I was wrong all the time or something has been changed on the road?? ^^