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    I just want to organize to give ArmA a new level in the gaming community...

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  1. VampyricTyrant

    Who is greek or cypriot in here?

    greek here
  2. Any chance the Green Side (Greek Army) will have this in-game? or maybe another fiction version, for instance with a new type ATGM or AA :) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ELBO_Kentaurus
  3. Like it or not it's the standard WCG,CPL,ESL system. You sound right, to be honest I don't have much expirience in CTF in ArmA, maybe with a good design it could work.
  4. The timer in CS 1.6 games was 1 Minute and 45 seconds, as its in WCG. But now with CS:GO having smaller maps it might be reduced. 3 mins it too long waiting time for a "dead player", a spectator. As I said above in games like Quake and UT you can grab the flag and with skill and cover by your team, you can acutally score, in ArmA every tournament with CTF ends up with half the team guarding the flag, having a boring and static game. In the Quake, UT verse they play only duels, there is no team-mode that ever worked its way in any serious tournament. Either way TD is a joke, its pointless to have fast shooters in a game in which speed dosent matter since ArmA doesn't revolve around skill, it would fail, plus it's not fun and wouldn't work as an e-sport. Still this doesn't make the official, might work for COOP but not for PvP. Chortles You don't know what PvP is, you never played, no worth to answer you. Apart for an automatch, if it would find you another clan with ranking. But we know this is not going to happen.
  5. The PvP Community of ArmA3 and how Bohemia should act From my big expirience in ArmA series, playing and organizing tournaments i have to say a few stuff about how the PVP multiplayer must be in order to succeed Many ppl Analise why ArmA fails to draw the PvP community. I believe the ArmA Arsenal is quite balanced. It doesn't need to be symmetrical, just both sides to have equivalent vehicles. I am pretty sure that very few people have played in tournaments (and NO two sided large battles don't count as tournaments). Trying your luck in unorganized public fights might be fun, but it has nothing to do with what PvP is. There have been huge talks in ArmA1 and ArmA2 threads about what the weapons should be on both sides etc. the real problem which is the lack of official maps and specific gaming modes. And that people here on the forums think that mods can be used in PvP. I personally don't want mod and I don't remember any game using third party software that managed to stay alive more than one year. The only game that managed to achieve it was CoD4 with "Promod", which is how they still play it. Like all games and sports you play both sides. The balance is playing two rounds with the assets of each side. It's up to the mission maker to balance the game. But BIS didn't bother to give us maps or gamemodes, that's the main problem the PvP community had to face since OFP. So the PvP communities entrenched themselves, and played on their own, without the rest of the ArmA players knowing about them or the opposite. Now the newcomers buy the damn game and have nothing to play, so they drop it, burn it or even feel deceived. Finally the PvP communities never get tired with the game content they keep playing the game because the become better with each match and this keeps them going. 1) The number of players is also a thing that has to be noted. In most games the competitive modes are never played with above 5 Counter-Strike, MOBA games, CoD, WoW. 2) Another thing is the type of PvP, the game mode they will and how it should be. To have a competitive league, tournament etc you have to own a fast-paced style in which teams will use strategy and skills, yeah ArmA does not revolve about skills since its way to easy to aim in contrast to Counter-Strike, Quake or CoD but on the other hand it offers a wide variety of tactics that can be used in each map. ArmA has the ability to offer many gaming-modes. 4) Have the same maps for competitive PvP and casual-public gaming. With no number restriction, in CS the same map can be played with 36 people or 10. 5) Anti-Cheat tools, you see what happened they day DayZ became mainstream 6) Replay tools! To create fan-base you have to provide them media and something to watch. Competition always has to do with spectators, look at MOBA games, Starcraft and Counter-Strike we live in the times of live-stream! Game-Mods that could work: Sector Control: as BIS mentions it (typical C&H in BF, Domination in World of Warcraft &Unreal Tournament (with no timer- reaching specific points ends the game), C&H in Tribes etc, the best implement in the ArmAverse is the re-spawn vehicles or mobile HQ or whatever, instead of instantly spawning in the objective like BF. Attack/Defend: of games like Enemy Territory, or Team Fortress 1/2, WoW King of the Hill: Delta Force, Team Fortess 1/2 Escort: Escort an object to a specific area Like in WoW or Team Fortress 1/2 VS Escort: both teams have to escort the same object to the same location whoever manages to grab it first wins Some objective race: Both teams struggle to complete different objectives in the same area like WoW Destory the enemy base: Not like CTI, like in C&C Renegade. MOBA: its a trend, we haven't really seen any real moba style game in an FPS environment. It could work in ArmA if you mix it with some CTI elements (bases placed from the begging, follow specific routs) Grifball: in Halo Reach is great, even it might be irrelevant to the ArmA sim attitude but still, it could be camouflaged. Multi-round fast paced objective games with 2 minute rounds tops: Objective: Plant/disarm bombs, Escort/Murder the VIP, Save the hostages Bomb: like in Counter-Strike Modes that would fail: CTF: it's kinda hard to have CTF when the game is not that fast like the Quake clones or the coordination of WoW. Most CTF games end up with half the team guarding the flag. TDM: kinda obvious. Spawning in random locations with the slower than quake clones arma style wont work. CTI: it's fun it's great, planning an attack and driving for 20 minutes won't work. Massive Battles in p resistant world: PlanetSide or like world war 2 online, i know its fun but its not competitive after some time people will drop it because it wont have any point. NOTE: I do NOT say in any way that the system that the game has now has to change! NO WAY! KEEP CTI, Coop or Editor, just pay attention to the above. I believe it's up to Bohemia to decide what they want, which gaming mode to promote and keep. They are a very creative company with a unique sale proposal, a game that has NO other to compete because it's very different on many aspects. PS: I am pretty sure that random people will come here and spam irrelevant stuff like: How real combat is, Or how realism works, Or how the PvP community has to develop it's own mods, Or how PvP has to be like other corridorial games, Or that the view distance must be limited, Or that only totally symmetrical chess like maps must be used, Or that ArmA is not made to be played that way, Or that we should go play BF, Or how a strategy must be performed an that I can take hours to fight a fight, Or that a side with faster vehicles will win, Or that we can open the editor add 10 playable airplanes and play in a tournament (because that's what they would do, or did with their friends and was fun). We have heard all this a lot of times about PvP, because in fact they don't care about PvP and PvPers they won't even bother to play PvP or form a clan to join a tournament, they don't have any experience in it. So please, if you are not going to play ArmA3 in a competitive basis or have nothing constructive to add, do not bother to post anything, its pointless and you sure don't help. COOPers, DayZers and Milsims you have the best game possible, let us have ours. PS2: There is no sarcasm in any of the above and no offense. I love the ArmA series and worked as hard as I could for the PvP communities with my pitiful knowledge of editing-scripting etc. would like to see the game have a good correspondence form more people.
  6. The Greek Community has a very expirienced modeler who can pull of models in very little time: Petross We want to create a Greek mod. The 3d Models can be ready in very little time So we need someone who could port the models into the game an make them playable. Contact him here or @ www.arma3.gr or at his email geromarkakis@gmail.com Some of his unfinished Work is here on his personal blog: http://limitedbiography6.blogspot.gr/search/label/Mods
  7. VampyricTyrant

    Multiplayer Balancing - Will Arma3's MP be balanced?

    yeah comeptition, thats whay we need the game to get E-Sport. the basic problem with people is that they feel this way:
  8. VampyricTyrant

    Leopard 2a6 hel - wip

    right! etsi sas gamane aftoi pu sas xrostane
  9. VampyricTyrant

    Leopard 2a6 hel - wip

    Fantastic! Keep up the good work!
  10. VampyricTyrant

    Speech mod

    I am planning soon to release a simple re-skin mod for my national army because I was bored. And I thought if it would be a good idea to create a speach mod, so the bots will speak their native language. But I need help, If I manage to make the re-skin, what do I do afterwards? I know what to do with the .wws and .lip files, but can I config them to be used by for instance a blufor faction, is it possible? All in all it is i think 1300 words
  11. VampyricTyrant

    Greek Units & Vehicles MOD

    great stuff as always!
  12. VampyricTyrant


    i tried it. any chance i find out the right dimensions? doest have to be .paa? because the .jpg works with flags. thx
  13. so this file is the campaign or not?
  14. VampyricTyrant


    thx that was indeed helpful but this can be applied only to this kind of signs? http://img819.imageshack.us/img819/556/arma2oa2012060316032384.png is there any chance this could be used on these signs:http://img10.imageshack.us/img10/4751/arma2oa2012060316043233.png