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  1. Refraction blast wave

    Nice ! How is the impact on FPS?
  2. I wonder if you guys know the best timings for memory DDR4 Vengeance 3000Mhz . I'm running them now at (15-17-17-35) but could I go any lower? Will that give some performance improvement?
  3. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.19.0114

    You are a King!
  4. Great job as always but the F-35 is detectable by enemy AA.. Maybe it’s not possible to make it stealth due to game engine limitations. And Happy Holidays to everyone!
  5. Soviet AF Pack

    Really like this mod but how can I lock-on a ground target? Even when I use a laser designator and turn it on I can't lock on targets.
  6. Blud's Terrain thread.

    Lythium and Neuville from IFA terrains you can cleary see the difference in the lighting in the video.
  7. Blud's Terrain thread.

    Looks amazing! Just a short request but not sure this is possible. Can you make lighting look more like pre 1.60 visual upgrade? I know some maps have managed that but not sure how it's done. Regardless I look forward to your release!
  8. Welcome back Katie!! Happy to see you returning , many good modders left the scene so it's always nice to have one very skilled person back :)
  9. Blud's Terrain thread.

    Looks amazing , looking forward to play on this map!
  10. [WIP] F-35F Standalone

    I'm interested mate would love to have this plane in game. To be honest I gave up on USAF mod it seems it will take at a year before a new update , been waiting sinced 2015 .. So your work will be more than welcome.
  11. Excellent map it looks realistic especially from the sky Good job!
  12. This mod inspired me to make this video about World War 2 .. Thank you guys for an amazing job!
  13. Arma3 Videos

    Hello guys , this is my latest video and it's about the Second World War. Please watch the whole thing even if it may be 10 minutes long . Special thanks to the great mod IFA3 and all the team behind it.