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  1. nikiforos

    Sangin District Helmand Province.V4

    Hello and thank you for a great map. Regarding the lighting I would recommend this mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2070681304. According to the creator it's quite easy to just add any map to adapt to his custom lighting.
  2. 10700k cost almost 100 bucks less than 5800x and the results are similar. At least for this game.
  3. I consider to buy a new computer and my choice is between i7-10700k and AMD 5800X, what choice would be the most optimal for me? I usually build a new computer every 5 years so I want to buy a good CPU that will last some time. PS I only play single player. Thanks!
  4. nikiforos


    Bring back the old lighting and we are ready to go 😁
  5. nikiforos

    Sangin WIP

    Excellent map but I really prefered the map with old lighting.
  6. nikiforos

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    Excellent hopefully my interest for the game will be at the same level when it's released in 2028 😁😂
  7. You seem honest and probably understood that cheating is wrong so hopefully they will grant you a second chance.
  8. I tried to run the specific malloc that you mentioned but I can't see any difference. Probably because I'm getting this but not sure. I'm using Win 10 Home and I can't change the sec policy. Btw can you provide a direct link to the malloc? Config: User is admin: yes tSeLockMemoryPrivilege: failed Using normal pages I have large pages enabled in the Steam Launcher for Arma 3. Large pages seem to work with default mallocs but not with custom.
  9. nikiforos

    F-16 Falcon CAS Module

    That would be great!
  10. Any vehicles available on this mod?
  11. nikiforos

    Sangin WIP

    Excellent news !! The terrain I love the most when it comes to Afghanistan.
  12. Hello and thanks for a great update. Any idea why I'm getting this error message every time I fire the tank gun https://prnt.sc/s88n7x
  13. nikiforos

    Kunduz, Afghanistan [10km] v1.20

    Finally I can play on this map again!