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  1. nikiforos

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    Excellent hopefully my interest for the game will be at the same level when it's released in 2028 😁😂
  2. You seem honest and probably understood that cheating is wrong so hopefully they will grant you a second chance.
  3. I tried to run the specific malloc that you mentioned but I can't see any difference. Probably because I'm getting this but not sure. I'm using Win 10 Home and I can't change the sec policy. Btw can you provide a direct link to the malloc? Config: User is admin: yes tSeLockMemoryPrivilege: failed Using normal pages I have large pages enabled in the Steam Launcher for Arma 3. Large pages seem to work with default mallocs but not with custom.
  4. nikiforos

    F-16 Falcon CAS Module

    That would be great!
  5. Any vehicles available on this mod?
  6. nikiforos

    Sangin WIP

    Excellent news !! The terrain I love the most when it comes to Afghanistan.
  7. Hello and thanks for a great update. Any idea why I'm getting this error message every time I fire the tank gun https://prnt.sc/s88n7x
  8. nikiforos

    Kunduz, Afghanistan [10km] v1.20

    Finally I can play on this map again!
  9. nikiforos

    Masked Civilians

    It's quite clear I am the only voice that finds this mod inappropriate so please disregard my request and let it be online for those who want to download and play with it. Just remember I just expressed my opinion and in no way demanded anything.
  10. nikiforos

    Masked Civilians

    Look man I really like your mods and everything but I think this a little too soon. People still dying in masses so maybe we show them some respect. Just my opinion
  11. I suggest some of you people go out for a little fresh air , quarantine due to coronavirus might cause other problems 😂
  12. nikiforos

    ETS - Enemy Tagging System

    Thank you! I will certainly use this mod for single player and scenarios created with editor!
  13. Better performance? I don' think so! The creator didn't even mention that you get better performance by using this mod .
  14. nikiforos

    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    This is how it looks when I place a unit on the map and then checking the map https://prnt.sc/racalm UPDATE: Reason for map not showing is that unit didn't have a map in the inventory.
  15. nikiforos

    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    Is there a way to see my units using the map? As soon as I use units from this mod , map is not showing units. Thank you!