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  1. nikiforos

    Project RACS

    Wish this mod made it to Arma 3 earlier so that many players could enjoy it . Did you get the point now?
  2. nikiforos

    Project RACS

    Great mod but way too late. Many left Arma 3 already.
  3. Tried out Arma 3 after a while with an upgraded Windows from Home to Pro but I can't really see taking advantage of Large pages or the Malloc CMA. In fact CMA returns always as normal pages instead of large pages.. Performance is worse than 5 months ago. Might be that I'm doing something wrong.
  4. nikiforos


    Looks absolutely amazing 😀
  5. nikiforos

    Orglandes, France 1944

    Wish you could implement the "old" lighting to this map would make the looks of the map even better.
  6. A bad attitude is like a flat tire you can't go anywhere until you change it
  7. Do you see any big difference in FPS and performance running Arma 3?
  8. nikiforos

    [WIP] French Army Mod : ArmaModFrance

    You are right, it's quite confusing to be honest.
  9. nikiforos

    Arma 3 with FidelityFX Super Resolution

    What about GTX 1070 any hope for better performance with this fix option?
  10. nikiforos

    Saros Tweak For Higher FPS On Maps

    Sorry but I get lower FPS than before. Probably I'm doing something wrong 🙄
  11. One of the best terrains ever made, top 5 IMO.
  12. Next Arma engine? 🧐😁
  13. Can you name some of the mods that got removed?
  14. nikiforos

    Naval Legends (WIP)

    Great stuff! 😀