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  1. Pulau

    Hello and thanks for the update! I made a new video showing a flight over the updated Pulau. Hope you guys enjoy :)
  2. Pulau

    Uploaded this to show your beautiful island.. I will add more information and possible a download link to make it easier for people to find your island. Thanks really enjoy Pulau!
  3. Pulau

    Nice map , congratulations!
  4. Arma 3 performance upgrade

    Really you shouldn't upgrade for Arma 3 , the game is old. You should aim upgrading for the future and possible for Arma 4.
  5. Great will have a look into IFA3. Don't have so much time playing nowadays so maybe I missed some development . @crazy mike I'm not a modder so I usually don't check configs and tweaks .
  6. If we can manage to make lighting as it was before the visual update then yes it will be interesting. The only ones that managed that are the team behind the Spanish Mod but it seems they are not interested sharing how they did it.
  7. United States Air Force( 2015)

    I rarely visit this thread , the only thing your read nowadays are about people uploading USAF content without permission. I will check back here again in a few months hopefully with more interesting reading.
  8. [WIP] Sagarmāthā Zone

    Wow just wow! Reminds me of Far Cry 4
  9. HAFM Submarines V1.0

    Personally I have no issues and I have at least 30 mods activated .
  10. Thank you for effort see you in Arma 4!
  11. Excellent map especially for air combat!
  12. Jets DLC Terrains

    I think you need CUP to populate the map !
  13. United States Air Force( 2015)

    Last update was back in 2015 if I was you I would come back in 2019 and hopefully there will be an update . Problem is that nobody going to play with it since Arma 4 will be out by then :)
  14. United States Air Force( 2015)

    Keep asking questions and making requests, feel free to delay the update until 2020 People will never learn.