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  1. Don't let him fool you he is working on Unreal Engine 5 😁
  2. nikiforos

    SOG AI

    * Never mind the question
  3. This will probably be the greatest final terrain for Arma 3.
  4. Wow love it already, would love to implement the same custom lighting in other terrains as well but not sure if it's possible
  5. Link is not working for me. However I'm happy you use your own custom lighting not a fan of Livonia one.
  6. Looks great, are you going to use Livonia lighting?
  7. I agree with you 100%.. I personally never play online I really enjoy creating my own small missions and playing different scenarios. Hopefully the editor will return, if not for Reforger, at least for Arma 4.
  8. nikiforos

    New informations or announcement soon?

    I lost my faith to BI long time ago, hopefully they can prove me wrong. Personally I would be more than happy with Arma 3 based on the new engine with far better optimization and some new features bringing technology into 2020s. Bad vibes, performance and graphics with new engine are still nothing to cheer about, sound is better.
  9. nikiforos

    Arma Reforger - Mission Editor

    When do you guys believe we can expect Arma 4 to be released?
  10. nikiforos

    New informations or announcement soon?

    No editor no buy for me and as much I would love to support the road to Arma 4 the price for this demo is way to much. Paying for a tech demo where you have to create all the content and do all the bug testing for them.
  11. nikiforos

    New informations or announcement soon?

    I thought that optimisation was the most important feature with new engine but I hear nothing about it 😞
  12. nikiforos

    New informations or announcement soon?

    Arma 4 without AI for me as a single player would be a huge disappointment and eventually the end of an era.
  13. Wow it looks like you have so many ongoing projects right now. Which one can we expect sooner? Yulakia, Pilanesberg or Lamubia? Thanks!
  14. Found it disregard my post The link for GJK Ampersand Edition MALLOC is not working anyone can give a link that leads to a download? Thanks!
  15. Any plans to do something about the terrain lighting? I know it's a personally taste but I didn't play on any of your terrains since you changed the lighting. Maps look not good all . Everything else is absolutely amazing.
  16. Do we need Unsung to be able to play with the A-6 Intruder? Not standalone?
  17. Do you know where I can find it? Do you have a link?
  18. nikiforos

    Project RACS

    Wish this mod made it to Arma 3 earlier so that many players could enjoy it . Did you get the point now?
  19. nikiforos

    Project RACS

    Great mod but way too late. Many left Arma 3 already.
  20. Tried out Arma 3 after a while with an upgraded Windows from Home to Pro but I can't really see taking advantage of Large pages or the Malloc CMA. In fact CMA returns always as normal pages instead of large pages.. Performance is worse than 5 months ago. Might be that I'm doing something wrong.
  21. nikiforos


    Looks absolutely amazing 😀
  22. nikiforos

    Orglandes, France 1944

    Wish you could implement the "old" lighting to this map would make the looks of the map even better.
  23. Do you see any big difference in FPS and performance running Arma 3?