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  1. Exactly what I was talking about some months ago....amazing job.
  2. Private Evans

    Interiors for CUP buildings

    While I generally like the idea behind this mod I think especially for CUP Chernarus it would be better to place/replace those building per hand as well as maybe add some of the new buildings ( small health center, foodstore , police station etc ) to the small towns, villages and settlements..It also would be cool to swap some of the trees and stuff 🙂
  3. Private Evans

    MRB Brexit Insignia

    it probably will be more the other way round ....
  4. Sorry for being stupid and asking for stuff...spotted a church already on one of your screenshots... https://i.imgur.com/dWlhRiN.jpg and this is just perfect holy f.ck :) can't wait :)
  5. I remember us discussing buildings for Katya and I am more than happy to see that it begins to look more and more like the real thing especially when it comes to urban and industrial areas 🙂 Theses areas are simply still dominated by soviet style architecture while a lot of rural areas still sometimes look like from the last century. Would be nice to see a few of those small villages too. Another landmark that comes to mind are theses typical orthodox churches..would be super cool if you could get them in as well . However ... even now the map being still wip it looks amazing !! cheers
  6. Private Evans

    What was your Gateway Arma?

    Started with OFP on PC. At the time when Arma 2 was announced I was so hyped that I of course bought it on day one...at the end of day one it was so buggy that I in a complete rage removed the game from my hard drive and did not touch it again until DayZ came out...which brought me back to Arma. Played all campaigns including all addons in a row and never left since. Bought Arma 3 on day one being at over 3000h right now ...
  7. I really really hope devs are overhauling the lighting for the new engine. Imagine how amazing Arma3 would look with just up to date/ next gen lighting. Sadly they did not implement it for the current version of Enfusion. That's why DayZ lighting looks like absolute shit especially inside buildings. So hopefully we will see it for the next Arma title 🙂 Beside that.. I was thinking of Metro Exodus the whole time when watching your vid, especially the Ural bunker and the cannibals ...nice !!
  8. Private Evans

    Canadian Armed Forces 2035

    Nice..will test tomorrow after work :)
  9. Private Evans

    Having Trouble With Contact

    I am not sure but it could possible depend on how fast you react to new alien com signals that pop up ?? Worked fine for me ....
  10. Private Evans

    Contact DLC: Review and Tips

    Regarding the thermal map ...
  11. For me personally the best single player experience since years beside Metro Exodus ....thx a lot BI 🙂
  12. Private Evans

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    It really hurts to read some of the braindead comments and reviews especially on Steam ( not only)...when this dlc was announcd many people went bohoooo it has no soviet tanks and no taliban...this is not Arma...now people go...bohoooo I can not shoot aliens in the face...why is this not like Battlefield Los Angeles or Indepencence Day. For fuck sake why are people so simple minded !? This really is about how it could be and the devs in charge did an outstanding job showing this using a mix out of Arma 3 lore combined with a portion of our current political situation and classical sci fi elements. This is not about evil high tech lizzards attacking earth but about how we would react as human race if aliens would not just simple attack us, which would most likely unify all nations. This is about us fuck things up as always....I really like the way how the Amsterdam guys are telling stories that go beyond shooting everything and everyone in the face but instead give something to think about even when not playing the game....I also really enjoy the great amount of Arma 3 lore which frightening comes more and more closer to reality (or vice versa)
  13. Private Evans

    Contact DLC - stuck with bloody communications...

    worked for me with noise and music...make sure to disturb all the different Alien coms you will see more spikes appear on your device ...not only one...also it will take some time
  14. Private Evans

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    @ Glow hahaha exactly my thoughts about the intro...love it but I guess any complete new Arma player wil be lost after the first minutes 🙂 Also I absolutely agree about the terrain, again it feels like the real world thing...I guess this one contains a lot of Ivan Buchta magic. The main plotline of course is straight forward and scripted...and yes it is somekind of one man army missions supported by animated cutscenes BUT it comes with enough open world gameplay especially when it comes to stealth approaches. There is also a lot optional stuff to discover from hidden gear, background dialogues, news, notes and maps, small camps in the woods to even nice small firefights against the looters ( stuff that is completely optional and you probably will miss if you just rush through). As I said before...playing with eddy is super fun... ...still giggling about the screwdriver dialogue during the intro at Lousiana 🙂