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  1. Can't wait for the complete pack on Steam. High quality map resources matching the Arma 3 standarts are so bittely needed 🙂 thx again for doing this !!!
  2. Private Evans

    SOF UNITS ADDONS by massi

    Absolute amazing !! Any chance of getting a Nato collection including all EU factions 🙂 ??
  3. Private Evans

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Since the STuG III was based on the Panzer III chassis...any chance to see this also being worked on 🙂 ?? Also I am a bit curious, seeing the Stuart Honey Desert Rats textures and now the Panzer III, which was the main BT in Africa during Rommels campaigns, should this be a hint that we will see Northern Africa theatre being worked on in FoW ?? I mean you showed us Italian light tank and gear also some time ago.... keep it up can`t wait for the next update 🙂
  4. Private Evans

    Blud's Terrain thread.

    F.cking green hell....I can not wait much longer xD Awesome work man !!!
  5. Regarding taking photograhs....would there be a way to use the screenshot function for this...have to take real screenshots..I remember Hidden and Dangerous 2 had this feature and it was very cool 🙂 just an idea
  6. Private Evans

    Blud's Terrain thread.

    Since this muddy road textures are custom made by you, it should be possible to add custom surface sounds for it ...not nagging just dreaming...would be the icing on the cake 🙂 beautiful pics !
  7. Private Evans

    The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

    There are some cool cool mods coming bringing not only other provinces of Tamriel but also a very promising mod making Skyrim playable in COOP/MP....so yeah
  8. I can feel the Metal Gear Solid vibes...
  9. Private Evans

    LM_OPFOR, A Generic OPFOR faction pack

    Nice...there is still a big need for more fictional Armaverse factions :)
  10. Yeah exactly :) Something completely different that I am thinking of also, is a WII conversion of this mod...Hidden and Dangerous style missions playing as an SAS team ( even more dreaming) cheers
  11. One major request ( getting greedy I know) ....could you add exfill points that one has to reach after doing the mission, maybe different ones...or safe houses :). I mean...there is always the chance to fuck things up and then have to escape somehow while every CSAT soldier their mother and their goat on Altis are trying to hunt you down...this could then include even checkpoints and stuff ... just dreaming :) btw...this mod really will bring me back to play more Arma again :)
  12. Assasin, Kill, Sniper, Sabotage, Destroy, Search and Destroy ( for example druglabs), Recon, Forward Air Controllers, Rescue ( hostage or downed pilots),, Gather Intel, Medivacs, Clearing EODs and mines, Evacuate and protect civilians, Protect ( for example UN or IDAP) , Support ( bringing supplies)
  13. Private Evans

    Blud's Terrain thread.

    Is there any more background about this new Port Yadi terrain :) ? Happy new Year and keep it up
  14. German Game Star :) https://www.gamestar.de/videos/arma-3-trifft-halo-mod-trailer-zeigt-sci-fi-schlacht-mit-warthogs-pelicans-erstmals-eliten,98107.html keep it up