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  1. I upgraded from a 4790K and a 1060 gb/1080 to my 12900K with a 3060Ti It gets you 90 FPS more than before. (from 48 to 140 FPS) in the YAAB benchmark.
  2. Intel 12th gen 140 FPS Intel 11th gen 115 FPS Ryzen 5th gen 100 FPS → So yes, since Ryzen 5th Gen you get a good experience in Arma 3. To all you guys: 5800X3D test in YAAB still would be great!
  3. Sorry for answering late, I am not following the forum as much as before. You need to ensure that your Windows Version has the ability to secure/to lock pages for the mallocs to work. My Advice: If you alerady have a working version with invoice of W7, I would buy an upgrade to W11 from an e-tailer, W10 is also an option that you could definitely use, W7 idk. Why W 11 - there will cetrainly be some general performance improvements with future updates that MS will keep W11 exclusive and those might even help in Arma 3.
  4. the extra 40 bucks are totally worth it in ARMA 3 - latency is everythign with a 12900K or similar in the CPU limit. I didn t play antistasi I just missed a Liberation but it is nice to play in huge COOPs 40-90 participants and 60-100 fps average around 85 fps everyday P.S.: capped at 100 FPS due to my monitor 3440x1440@100hz
  5. MY point of view: -12700KF FTW (budget) 12900KF (every last %) -fast RAM (latency! not just frequency) -and a gpu better than 3060TI
  6. NEW FPS: 140.7 AVG - 102 MIN (This value is the bigger story, passed the 100 Min fps wall) Just a logical result. I think 145 maybe possible. GJK Ampersand Edition MALLOC: https://github.com/GoldJohnKing/oneTBB/releases/tag/Arma-3-v2021.5.0-20211230 https://github.com/GoldJohnKing/one...mpersand_Edition_Tbbmalloc_v202150_AVX512.dll Testsystem: CPU 12900K@5.4 Ghz, Cache Frequency@5.0 Ghz, E-Cores and HT-off, Battle Eye off , nologs=on, RAM 4000 CL14-15-15-30-Real:1N, Gear 1, RTX 3060 TI non-OC, G-Sync/V-Sync off, Arma 3 Full HD Standard Settings, Windows 11 w AVX512
  7. 12700K emulation - my results in 121-122, Thx for testing!
  8. dadax

    Arma 3 performance improvement

    Simulated your settings. Very close. And thanx again for your testing. It helps a lot to inform the community.
  9. Great news! That is a very good result, your CPU frequency is a little bit lower etc. -Which mainboard did you use? -Are you 100% sure AVX512 is really on - sometimes you can enable it in the mainboard settings but it is turned off in your AIDA64 screenshot or in CPU-Z ? This happended to a friend of mine. Just asking to be 100% sure, from my estimate of you values I think it is on. Will try to emulate your settings with my system.
  10. THX for the link @Horus https://www.igorslab.de/en/intel-deactivated-avx-512-on-alder-lake-but-fully-questionable-interpretation-of-efficiency-news-editorial/ This article also adresses the question - should you update your z690 board, probably very likely with a DDR5 board. I dont see the need for update right now - it works very fine with AVX512 and DDR4. If I had a DDR5 board I believe i could profit from future updates, will follow the patchnotes. Addition: I just checked the MSI website and its support section. The same BIOS update is offerd, that I installed. I also compared the file size, it is identical. This is the BIOS version that enabled the AVX512 option in the BIOS after disabling the E-Cores.
  11. dadax

    Arma 3 performance improvement

    AVX 512 has a wide base. Intel 11th Gen. desktop PC has it, Intel 10th Gen. HEDT has it , also Intel 12th Gen. HEDT as stated in the article you linked will have it. Zen 4 is very likely to have it. So we - as the ARMA3 Community - can and will hopefully profit from this MALLOC now and in the future. You have a point about Intel 12th Gen. desktop, but with DDR4 memory the need for updates is not so high, I installed the last BIOS from late December and it works fine even with very demanding RAM timings. Does your system allow to use AVX512 - are you interested in running benchmarks for comparison? Your feedback would be very valuable.
  12. dadax

    You've played to much Arma when:

    You've played to much Arma when you know every scene in the YAAB benchmark inside and out.
  13. NEW FPS in: 138.1 (Please be informed: System settings substantially lowered in comparison to the previous test runs) CPU 12900K@5.3 Ghz, Cache Frequency@4.8 Ghz, E-Cores, AVX512 offest=0, Guardband Voltage=128, HT-off, Battle Eye off , nologs on, RAM 3866 CL14-14-14-30-1N Gear 1, RTX 3060 TI non-OC, G-Sync/V-Sync off, Arma 3 Full HD Standard Settings, Windows 11. The 10% performance improvement to the default MALLOC can be seen in this chart. Details on the NEW MALLOC with AVX512 go beyond the topic of this thread and can be found here: