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  1. ArmA3 is aging, shoud stop developing any new DLC or Expansion, focusing all energy on the ArmA4 pls.
  2. lao fei mao

    Road Runner is ENDEX

    DCS is indeed an alternative place to go for ArmAers.
  3. lao fei mao

    DCS 2.5.. outstanding!

    DCS 2.5 uses the "Speed Trees". Arma4 should use it too.
  4. BI may learn ED to treat the DCS world. No need to set up brand new islands for each generation Arma, just evolve the game engine and update old islands. Like dcs 1.0 to1.5 then 2.0 and then 2.5, and all dcs pilots were amazed at the 2.5 's big change upon 1.0. As the time gos by, the PC hardware performance improves vastly, we may use new engine to expand area of Chernarus /Takistan /Altis, or Improve their terrain details to GTA5 or Ghost Recon Wild's level.
  5. lao fei mao

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    ---------- Agree, ArmA4 should bring us real horizontal line instead of a circle viewdisance line. GTA5 had a good deal with it.
  6. lao fei mao

    Jets DLC Terrains

    If it's possible to improve the map size to 1000km X 1000km? Look at the viewdistance at 40KM, very beautiful !!!. Look a lot like the DCS Nevada.
  7. Great mod,but please upload it into steamwork.
  8. lao fei mao

    BloodLust (Version 2022.04.13)

    ----Sure,each ammo has its own hit value, and you may find many hit effects are correlated with the bullet hit value in the bis particle effect config.bin, such as " size[] = { "2*(hit/50 + 0.2)", "3*(hit/50 + 0.2)" };" So I think you may use only "hit" represents the hit value. I actually used such forumla to make a bloodmist addon 3years ago. But you did better, for the first time we can see the blood splashs on the wall or other objets.
  9. lao fei mao

    BloodLust (Version 2022.04.13)

    Would it be possible correlate the blood splash size on the wall with the ammo hitvalue?Such as the b_127x108_ball deserves much larger one then the b_556x45_ball
  10. lao fei mao

    Enhanced Movement

    And I've found a bug too. When you hold the pistol from stand to duck (Press "X"), the pistol gonna disappear for a second.
  11. Upload it again, please. Your PIP concecpt is great. You may included it in your AEM like the laser you did.
  12. lao fei mao

    POOK SAM PACK (May 2022)

    Wonderful SAM....But the tail smoke effect should really be improved, expecting the next update.And may you could use Steam as your mod distribution platform. Thanks your works.
  13. lao fei mao

    1.24 weapon exaggerated sway got fixed

    The mod is obsolete, discard it.And use this new one: https://mega.nz/#!SU4XxQqb!INEiE8Rb7D_P6kkpF0wtH7pDfiRPPUmL2ieG9ulXNh8,using BIS's new parameter, won't affect any of your avatar's anim
  14. lao fei mao

    [SP Campaign] Delta Force: Altis

    I like the mission type.But you shouldn't use the obsolete RHS:Escaltion, but the RHS:AFRF and RHS:USAF
  15. Well, the bottom reason is the memorypoint(name"pilot) of character's 3D model is not center, slightly left side. You may open the BI's character model template, and check the "pilot" memory point's coordination. I don't know if it is the intention of BI or not. But it really sucks. Beacuse of this, RHS's helicopter or jets has same issue. You may tweak this by revise rtm file, let the head slight turn right.