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  1. Looking good, Ben, great variety of shrubbery and the forest seems more dense adding to a very realistic scene. Thanks for your work on this great map 😀
  2. Hi, thanks for the work on improving one of the best maps that BI ever made. There are many great elements, love the more varied buildings which you can enter. Haven't been into a town yet but looking forward to seeing that also. In my opinion, though, the shrubbery and forests are not yet up to the level of old Chernarus. There are ferns but they seem overused, like both within forests and outside. My memory of old Chernarus were that the forests had more variation in the undergrowth/shrubbery. The forests in the new version seem barren, like just a bunch of trunks. I think that is a shame as is takes away from the forest atmosphere. And like Muecke I could also drive an armoured vehicle through forests, so something has happened with the density. I have all settings almost at max, so should not be a setting issue. So my feedback would be to please look into improving the forests. Dayz (with all its flaws) is a great reference for forest shrubbery and atmosphere. Thx OP
  3. old_painless

    Orientation Callouts Completely Broken

    Hm, I have always wanted a bearings callout system, to remove all the confusion. Like all human players use in online games. Perhaps the skeleton crew that is in place now (which will listen to requests but only for very small tasks) could look into this. Actually, since you like "Front" as indicating West - i suppose that is because you know that your general direction is towards West? Then an attack from behind would be "Back/Behind Us" meaning East. In the Front=North scheme we were a bit closer to actual bearings. And I just think that if in general you get spun around and/or take cover and shortly lose sense of where the general direction is, a callout with bearings would be unambiguous. Something immediately useful with no need for compass math. It is of course all up to personal preference, would be fantastic if some talented coder could mod the callout system and make it possible to choose between a bearings system, a waypoint-relative system and perhaps even a third variant.
  4. old_painless

    Orientation Callouts Completely Broken

    Can't remember and too lazy to check right now - what is the compass direction for the Infantry Showcase where you move through the valley ? If North, then callout of "Front" really means "North", is that the correct interpretation of this finding ?
  5. old_painless

    AI can see through tree tops?

    That definitely looks off. In the first half the turret is not pointing towards you at all AND he is mostly behind the shed. So unless the APC moves away from the shed for a good LOS there is no way he locates you at that timespan, let alone takes a good shot. Can the spectator camera show the APC while you take the shot, that could be an interesting perspective? For the 2nd half where the APC starts out with a LOS: although there is clutter thru the LOS he could see you if using thermal vision. Does the APC you chose have that - when gunner just press the N key to toggle from VIS (natural image) to various other modes. If so, could be interesting to see the test with an APC with no thermal vision. I am definitely concerned about the first detection in your video, because even with thermal vision he should not be able to look thru the shed.
  6. old_painless

    Tactical Combat Link - TypeX

    Haha, they really unload on you. Nice stuff!
  7. old_painless


    Nice, bet there are crocs in those wetlands 🙂
  8. old_painless

    [Terrain]: Archipelago

    Wow looks really great, congratulations on the release 🙂
  9. old_painless


    Damn I can almost feel the mosquitos. Looks amazing
  10. This sounds really awesome and well thought through. Is your increased spotting distance configurable ?
  11. old_painless

    Tactical Combat Link - TypeX

    Yeah, thats true. After you get them to run or move even under fire, you need to remember to reset their brain back to being soldiers. This has to be done, what I did was AFAIR to run the same sequence of commands, but enabling instead of disabling. This is my script for restoring their brain after disableAI steps: private ["_selectedUnits"]; _selectedUnits = _this select 0; private _numberOfUnits=0; { _x enableAI "AUTOTARGET"; _x enableAI "TARGET"; _x enableAI "SUPPRESSION"; _x enableAI "AUTOCOMBAT"; _numberOfUnits=_numberOfUnits+1; } forEach _selectedUnits; hint format ["%1 unit(s) had their brain restored",_numberOfUnits];
  12. old_painless

    Tactical Combat Link - TypeX

    hey snkman, Back when they introduced the disableAI routines, I did some tests that I posted about on the development branch. Maybe my findings from back then could be useful. See this video (script in video description) and let me know if you want me to locate my old posts that are now buried somewhere on dev branch forum: here is the post from dev branch, some good debate above it:
  13. old_painless

    Mod Launcher/Manager?

    There is this one that I have used previously:
  14. old_painless

    Tactical Combat Link - TypeX

    Will TCL work in any mission as long as TCL is loaded as a mod? So if I play some SP mission where my squad encounters AI opposition, will that opposition be influenced by TCL? Thx, OP
  15. old_painless

    Tactical Combat Link - TypeX

    Thankyou so much, that is an impressive list of AI behaviour, will definitely try this out. Was a big fan of your old GL packages. As for the CBA warning, most other mods require CBA so I really hope that TCL eventually will do so as well, or at least play nice with it. Thanks again! -OP