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  1. Janez

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Ah, thank you for fascinatingly refreshing reading. Sigh. Yeah OK, the first Matrix was pretty special. Still pretty "wooden" though. 😄 That's exactly how we said it as well. Haha, oh yeah for sure, for better or for worse. While OPF evolved quite a bit, it was quite stable experience to begin with though. That is why I always try to save those confirmation emails. Damn PaySafe though, someone - either them in Miami or some regulators or both came up with idea that you need to create a PaySafe account when making a purchase above 50€ and account is not just email and password. Tax ID N0 is optional, for now... it wouldn't surprise me if they come up with PaySafe credit card next. Luckily you can make couple of smaller transfers to your Steam or GoG wallet. Not exactly sure about Steam but you set specific amounts on GoG, 49,99 for example. Anyway, good that you got your account back. Sigh.
  2. Janez

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    The tone is maybe a bit off here, my comment seemingly ignited a lot more then I intended. Perhaps because things have not been resolved over there at all. I never said, nor insinuated anything like: That is entirely your projection. You know, I played Insurgency Sandstorm recently. The game has a very authentic atmosphere, incredibly punchy sounds for explosions and support assets. A bit overdone tbh but they obviously put a lot of effort into sound with intent to make it feel like a warzone or at least like an actual firefight is going down. Heavy emphasis is also on callouts, screams and other various sounds associated with movement and so on. The game also features female combat units, you can choose to play as a female unit for security faction. Naturally, this being a PC multiplayer game and despite the playerbase being rather modest in size and mature in nature compared to something like Call of Duty, this translates into around 25-30% or players using female units. At least 95% of those are actual guys though. So there can be quite a lot of female units in a match and if you play as insurgent then your goal is in turn to eliminate the opposition, obviously. I have to say, engagements and killing/dying aspect is particularly uncomfortable in this game. You hear horrific screams when characters are burning for example. That is all nothing though compared how all that sounds when a woman is on receiving end. I was profoundly unsettled by this, not to mention how gunning down a woman in such an authentic (at least compared to other games) situation felt just straight up wrong. Similarly, back in 1995 or something it didn't really matter what the game was about, it was just some blobs pixels you were shooting at. Doom, Quake, no big deal, right? But have you seen the new Doom games for example? This horrific, demonic entities rendered in explicit detail. Quite disgusting to look at, let alone model, texture and animate that. I truly feel sorry for those developers. And so your supposed to be fighting demons as this Doom guy, that's the premise, right but what you're really doing by playing such a game is homogenizing yourself to these abhorrent things. Therefore, like to demonic abominations, you eventually get also get used to killing women in such a horrific manner. Historically, real conflicts provoke the most extreme emotions and after prolonged periods of time, inevitably negative ones take over. Having women among combat units then only exacerbates mental issues for whole element. Never mind the material and logistical burdens it creates, all kinds of biologically driven emotions start to creep into minds that have to be 100% focused on doing something terrible to begin with, kill or be killed. If there are female combat units on both sides, then the act of killing can also become associated with indecent relations, inevitably leading to the worst kinds of irreversible mental conditions. It's not a joke, war! Look into the soul of this man, and ask yourself what you see, truly look at him. All of this and much, much more is known for thousands of years. It is also known by US military and should be know to you, considering PTSD epidemic and other kinds of chronic mental conditions veterans are suffering from. US military, as most other and rightly so, does not govern itself however, that is why it appears progressive. That is why men step up when motherland (or some king) calls, because we love our women, cherish them and want to protect them. So women can be women and ensure that our kind continues and not try to be men. Women are women, they are not men and vice versa. They are not anything less or more then men morally but biologically outcome of your statement below is simply not true. Do you have any idea what truly happens to a female body that undergoes some military training programs? I'll give you a hint, the ability to bear children goes first. As a society we should strive to promote utilizing each of us to our strength and some lines also have to be drawn, this anything goes mentality does not produce sound fruit. Truly, that may not be the case but your whole post seems to reflect this polar, versus mentality that is garnered through primarily media over there, at least judging by the type of shit you guys export all over the world through it. I'm sure that is not the case though for 90% of American population that actually work their ass off from 9 to 5 in order to feed their families and keep the repo away. Again, that's not necessarily the case but that's how it can appear but I digress. I could expand this a lot more, there is whole series of topics and demesne but this is an offtopic Arma 4 wishlist thread after all. So TL:DR Why am I saying all this? Because Arma is not some hunger-game-battle-royale normalizing psychopathy, it is in essence about regular military. I don't have a particular problem with female character models in game, don't have a problem with a bit shorter skirts for that matter (within reason). The opposite, some type of bodyslide thing for males and females would be welcome in game in order to offer different body types and subsequently broader range of scenarios, though wouldn't cry my eyes out if not. I do however, think that multiplayer should have female combat units gated behind an addon, not a scripted switch.
  3. Janez

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    I don't think we should be fine with everything just because it's 2021 or 2077 for that matter. I've seen quite a few posts around in that line of thinking lately but yours is different since you're asking for female character models, not female soldiers per se.
  4. Janez

    Cyberpunk 2077

    I'm afraid that is actually the case. There was this article by Jason Schreier recently, summary and dev respons by YongYea. You can take the article and that summary for what you want, it's Schreier and Bloomberg after all. Some things are most likely true to a degree, some blown out of proportion, I'm not particularly interested in that. What I am more interested in is the response Adam Badowski gave, downplaying and hand picking what he likes to respond to and what not. It's kinda slav thing to sometimes have the need to defend yourself in a tactfully unsound manner but really, I think they should just STFU, hunker down and go to work. Marcin already gave out a statement, which was a lot more in line with what players want. Adam's response is more worrisome then reassuring in a sense that leadership is content on fixing the game, rather then fixing & improving - implementing cut/expanding underdeveloped features. Yeah, so I don't have a problem with looting bodies (in games, I guess that makes it sound less creepy) and one or couple of containers around the "boss" or objective but randomly scattered ashtrays and stress balls on most nonsensical locations is just bad design and incredibly annoying. On top of that, many objects are either slightly sunk or somehow blocked by something invisible and you cannot pick them up. This type of saturation is fine in games like Deus Ex, where you have smaller hubs and exploring every nook and cranny is feasible and actually interesting. Even something like Skyrim or Fallout, while the map is big it's very densely packed. Although, it was a bit much in Fallout 4 as well, when they turned every piece of junk into a resource. CP77's map is GTA like so imagine playing GTA grid searching for... fu*king ashtrays. That's not enough though, you then have to go into... for-controller-designed inventory screen and either deconstruct all the ashtrays and 10€$ drinks or find a vendor/drop point and sell it. Luckily there are already various plugin script mods on Nexus that do that either auto or via button press. There is a gigantic junkyard in CP77 for example, there could be a mechanic to get large volumes of resources in exchange for money or some sort of minigame/contracts/whatever. Haha, so I think this is actually his best performance like ever, not only compared to John Wick 3 where I'm pretty sure he doesn't say more then 10 sentences. Sure, not every conversation with him is exactly on same level but I was quite impressed by him so far. In some initial scenes he's a bit stiff but he gets the hang of it pretty quick. Most scenes I've seen with him so far are pretty spectacular tbh, either hilarious, grim or intentionally annoying. I also really dig this dynamic between fem V and Johnny, I'm role-playing her like she rolls her eyes but ultimately she puts up with him. So I guess, when he gets a good script he actually can act, who knew. 🙂 Yeah but now I'm flip-flopping on the negative. 🙂 No but seriously, nothing wrong with that, I've been waiting for "Complete Editions" for like a decade now and hey, a bit of positive mentality doesn't hurt. You know from the other thread that I was a bit heartbroken rather then purely angry per se with whole Old Man thing because, like CP77, I think it's really good mission just unfinished. I wanted to support CDPR though and all in all, while it's disappointing, I don't have that gut-wrenching feeling when you know you flushed 60+€ down the toilet. What? You can't leave it on a cliffhanger like that, you got me all curious now.
  5. Janez

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Oh absolutely, I'd estimate the game at the time of release needed at least 6 months of development under normal circumstances, lack of drive bandwidth however is contributing to the most jarring issue on last gen consoles - things simply not loading in. If one installs the game on regular HDD it's similar on PC as well. I would put it like, it feels like there is massive potential for next-gen gameplay but a lot of it is in quite an infant state. Therefore, at this time, not next-gen at all as you already described quite well across the board. Thank you very much for info on government subventions they received! If I'm getting this right, they got around 6 million EUR for R&D, plus 1,5 million EUR in relation to COVID? Also, I imagine Polish economy is not exactly on level of Germany lets say. Interesting you mention The Witcher, I suppose some systems are similar indeed, you can just loot everything once again, no stealing, no penalties. It actually deters from gameplay this whole looting thing, you often find yourself just frantically scanning (literally in CP77) everything and everywhere instead of actually playing and enjoying the game. Other most important part of TW is combat which... I tolerated and is the reason why I most likely will never play it again. Happy to report though that combat and gunplay is pretty good in CP77, weapons even have chambered reloads although you don't get an extra round on top of new magazine, which is a shame considering there is an ammo pool rather then spare magazines. Everything, from melee (Katanas are awesome) to quickhacking is viable though, albeit unpolished. Story wise, interacting with it, The Witcher 3 captured my attention like no other game before or since. No One Lives Forever and CWC/resistance comes close but not quite like that. I've never seen anything like that in video game before, maybe some scenes in first The Last of Us but I don't play on consoles, so 🤷‍♂️. You are correct, CP77 story, one can tell it could use some more love, it was packed up too soon and you can't just hotfix that anymore but most scenes so far (I'm just doing these side jobs for now and some really are jobs...) are incredibly emotional, relatable in a sense how an actual person would react and behave. I'm playing fem V and the voice actress truly did an exquisite job. I wont spoil stuff here, but some scenes... and everything is in first person you know. Touching, really! You said it buddy but one thing I'd still like point out is that statement and video like that is more then we've seen from pretty much any other company so far. Excuses sound or not, I can appreciate a man taking at least some responsibility. Despite everything, it takes guts to stand there and say you f'd up, something we're severely lacking in society for the past sixty or so years. Things are how they are because of moral degradation now that we decided we don't need God, not solely because of this or that -ism, but I digress. On the other hand, I can also understand your sentiment since, in a way, you actually payed for this and they binned it. Regardless, what we need now is for them to get a grip and actually finish this projekt. I haven't watched the review personally since I don't want any spoilers whatsoever. That's probably the most likely scenario but he doesn't seem to be under that impression the way he's talking, not only in this video but even this video he titled Cybergate. Maybe he's just playing on his strings a bit.
  6. Janez

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Marcin Iwiński, CD Projekt's co-founder put out an official statement on what happened, a video and Q&A. It basically goes over last gen consoles having slow drives and streaming issues that come with that. He also explains what happened with console reviews. That's all fine and dandy for those who's head didn't boil for one reason or another but it doesn't explain why Mack's (Worth a Buy) PC review allegedly got censored/blacklisted/shadowbanned on YouTube. Regardless, their plan is to fix the issues over next few months and release more content down the line.
  7. So it seems there was quite a focus on gaming laptops at CET 2021. Here is a brief news video about it, there are links to source articles in description that you may wonna sift through.
  8. I wanted to limit the frame rate after driver update and profile inspector threw an error. Turns out Nvidia finally implemented long awaited feature to set Max Frame Rate for Control Panel. It supposedly produces next to no input lag unlike Vsync. Note that AMD also has a similar driver level solution for a while now as well.
  9. Janez

    32:9 Ratio UI problem

    You should create a ticket about it on Feedback Tracker. I think you can login with your BI account, not 100% sure though.
  10. Janez

    32:9 Ratio UI problem

    Is the actual render resolution 32:9 though? You can set custom aspect ratio in config file. See this post on that. There is a menu in options (you may need to be ingame to access it, so load up an empty map in 3DEN) to configure UI size and location on screen and while it wont do anything for main menu and 3DEN it may be useful ingame. Have you tried that?
  11. Janez

    Questions from a new user

    You can commands specific squad members via F (F1-F12) keys. For example if you want to select member 2, press F2 and then navigate through desired menus via number keys (1-0). If you want to select all squad members, press tilde ~ key, the one above tab and left of 1. Stuff like carrying wounded soldiers are not particularly supported in official scenarios but some mods or user made scenarios may offer similar functions. Yeah, that's just how AI works. Changing their awareness status may improve responsiveness to new orders (menu 7 >> safe, aware, combat and stealth). They are supposedly most responsive in safe but also most oblivious to danger. Ah the woods... I'm afraid there is no such feature in vanilla Arma 3. You can enable enemy tags in difficulty menu which supposedly display a tag when you aim at an enemy. Haven't tried it myself and not really what you're looking for but there's that. If difficulty settings permit it, there is also a thing called Tactical Ping that allows you to ping locations for yourself and other players. Again not what you're looking for but may be of use.
  12. Sure thing, for anyone with similar issue that stumbles upon this thread, what was the fix?
  13. I'm using custom profile path so not 100% sure about the location of default path on your hard drive but you can generally find your saved games in %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Arma 3 or Arma 3 - Other Profiles folder and back them up. If you're using your default profile (otherwise search for Arma 3 - Other Profiles folder in Documents) then full path should be something like (you can just copy this into windows file explorer address bar and see if it takes you there): %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Arma 3\Saved\A3\Missions_F_Oldman\Campaign\Missions\Oldman.Tanoa This way you never have to loose your saves to troubleshooting again. Next up, do you use any mods? Some mods may interfere with Old Man UI. Finally, there is a dedicated thread in Official Missions section. Developers likely wont see it but there may useful information there if you search through the thread and other players there may be able help you as well. If you want the developers to investigate the issue, consider creating a ticket on feedback tracker. See the following post and the one above it on how to do that properly.
  14. Janez

    Combat Mission (Realistic Wargaming Sim)

    Hah, yeah that is often the case with niche titles especially. There were times when attitude was pretty similar around here as well but I like to think that reason and good will always prevails eventually.
  15. Janez

    European Politics Thread.

    One of the greatest gifts to ever get yourself is to stop following the news. Supervened by avoiding various TV series, reality shows, late nights with _shill, movies and so on as much as possible.