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  1. Cool, anything to ease the pain!👍 As far as I experienced throughout Arma series regarding whole AI rearming thing, main issues particularly in A3 seem to be: At some point, AI would really make sure they stock up on grenades even with magazines available. Not sure if this was ever looked at, I don't play much in recent days. Dropped weapon(s) are not necessarily part of its unit container, therefore it is often impossible to open inventory screen/rearm on specific fallen unit because of its weapon(s). As a result, among other reasons, the action list for selecting quickly becomes useless with couple of pages worth of entries and crates are prioritized last. Also, "5, rearm at random ass crate at 10 o'clock and better hope it's the right one"... yeah, not that great. It was fine in 2001 but surely there could be some selectable, object sensitive UI by now. Well, there is that quick command interface or whatever it's called but it has all the wrong actions. The nature of AI navigating/interacting with objects. They have to be about 5 to 10m from certain direction of object in question and then beeline to it. If there is an element preventing that from happening... then, oh well. Object's AI point for interaction in not always obvious or that uniform in 3DEN either. Figuring that out is a matter of trial end error, taking away from actually designing the scenario. So, that's the little rant on that from long suffering AI babysitter.
  2. It had mediocre although a lot more open campaign compared to BF3 and 4. There are supposedly some bot mods for MP. It seem like it wont necessarily be an option in core game. Bots will fill empty server slots up to 64 bots. Some maps support up to 128 players. Now interpret what exactly all that means however you like, it is unclear for now.
  3. That's right, in BF2 they were Counter-Strike like, waypoint based bots and PR had no support for that afair. BF3 and 4 campaign had completely scripted sequences with pop up targets, CoD like. Yep, sad days ever since but they'll be back now. Hopefully, core game doesn't suck ass.
  4. Hehe, OK I know it is exciting stuff but this is what is actually known so far: EA Play 2021 presentation Battlefield Briefing: Exploring Battlefield Portal In BF3 and 4 there were plugins for servers that allowed you to dictate settings like player health, vehicle respawn time, amount of spawn tickets, number of players and so on. There is a lot of ambiguous fluff in that blog post that sounds exciting but I'm afraid there is not going to be any plucking down nor modding here. Developer of Frosty Mod Suite works for EA now and does not maintain the project any more and VU for BF3 is generally alive because there is BF4. This will most likely be an expansion to previously mentioned options, substantial expansion that I welcome very much and is a great step forward but expansion non the less.
  5. In spinoff titles like Bad Company you couldn't go prone. BC1 was a console only game and BC2 was just a PC port but in all main titles you can. Movement in BF3 that came after BC2 was actually quite advanced and got even more so with each successive title but it is rather fast paced, not something you would call tactical in traditional sense.
  6. Now, now, lets not get our panties in a bunch. It's a game mode editor. To simplify it, they are basically expanding the list of variables you can tweak. There are still regular maps, albeit pretty big, not an open world and they're adding factions, weapons, vehicles and whatnot from some of the previous games into 2042, which you can then mix and mach as you please in sort of custom server setting. Though, there is still some kind of BR but not BR, that they haven't really revealed yet which may have a ~PUBG sized map or something, so we'll see. I mean, it's "competition" like, I dunno, SUVs are compared to trucks. Seems like it can do it and all soccer moms are buying them for their school runs but it's not it at all. As I said in, among other, in BF2042 thread. It's starting. YouTubers and hungry fanboys are getting overly excited and hype train is taking off once more.
  7. Janez

    Battlefield 2042

    Battlefield 2042 Portal Gotta say, this is quite a step up from usual cookie cutter formula. I still have this "but what's the catch feeling" and probably wont shake it until I see what's what after release but it does seem like they're trying. I'm not just going to just pretend like BF5 marketing and whole DICE and EA attitude towards history and people that actually play their games never happened but I do believe that each and every one of us can wake up one day and consider that perhaps there is a different path to walk. Therefore, I'm keeping an eye on this project in spirit of curiosity.
  8. Speaking of frying GPUs, Amazon's New World MMO is reportedly doing just that. It's suspected that it has to do with game not having any limitations on the power draw, letting GPUs run on max all the time, even in menus. Video exploring the situation below but I also wonder, why is this still not considered and taken into account to this day. It took AMD and NVIDIA something like I dunno, 15, 20 years? to come up with driver level FPS limit. Now there is also the fact that average Joe has no idea that they have those levers available to them and that they really should look into using them. I'm not sure we can expect that from users though, not this way, not at this level of attention. For now, this probably out to be up to developers to take preventative measures either on engine level or through warnings and perhaps enforcing/promoting different defaults. This also shows that making games is a bit beyond just throwing bunch of money into an office building and expect a game to be conjured up in return.
  9. PSA: if your GPU is being cooked recently, unusual high temps and usage, low FPS, stuttering, artifacts, BSODs, NO DC mark in top left corner, etc. chances are your GPU driver is being naughty. For some reason, Windows 10 Update is unfortunately ignoring preferences lately and keeps replacing NVIDIA drivers with DCH ones which are broken (for me at least). A solution trough Local Group Policy Editor seem to be working, although it is a bit of an inconvenience when updating manually. To get rid of broken drivers, use DDU in safe mode and clear out temp folder(s). Then, in case of NVIDIA (I imagine it's similar situation for AMD), download non-DCH (remove -dch from download link) and do a clean manual installation. Don't forget to (re)apply group policies after.
  10. CSAT Recon units have 5.8mm suppressors and Viper units have 6.5mm stealth variants. West of L'Ensemble's contact at the warehouse, up the hill, a fireteam of CSAT Recon units can spawn as reinforcements that carry regular 6.5mm suppressors. Vendor's inventory is random but their stock also depends on their type. Black market vendors (black marker on map) have the highest quality items. Some hidden caches also contain suppressors.
  11. Yep, that. Very well decrypted. Oh man, at first glance pCARS 3 (it was a mistake to call it that, should have called pCARS Something instead of 3) seems alright but there are some design decision that simply boggle the mind. Reaching higher speeds you notice that above ~220km/h, cars just kinda start freaking out. It's like handling switches to another "skid" mode and combined with forced camera shake it creates this idiotic artificial drama for no good reason. It reminds me of modern NFS where you control cars via series of minigames, like in some guitar hero or something rather then actually controlling the car. Cash flow is also tied to ranking up instead of winning races, so it gets pretty limited in higher classes and with no way to preview upgrades combined (there is no "checkout"), your just wasting money on upgrades you don't need. I could go on but it doesn't matter, they pumped out yet another thing before EA took over and that was that. I mean, after all, it was SMS who did that Fast & Furious game last year. Indeed. 1987 Mercedes-Benz AMG Hammer Coupe, 7.5L PDS supercharged racing V8 @ ~950kW swap and wide angle suspension kit. There is autobahn 🙂 but I wanted to showcase the control you have over your car in that game, hence a slide all the way through the entire sweeper on the outer lane. And best of all, chaining corners is not yet another minigame, you naturally transition using methods you would use in a real car. I have some more thoughts and rants on the game in FH5 thread if you're interested.
  12. Janez

    Forza Horizon 5

    Yep, same here. Love (as called in game) road racing, dirt (rally) can be great in A and B class. I truly hate street scene though, especially S2 winter. Cross country can be fun in A class for couple of races after release but that's about it and S1 offroad is just plain stupid. Overall, for a game that relies so heavily on online, it is surprisingly bad at online racing and matchmaking - never mind that it takes up to 15min to load a session or a race since Steam release. Every time M$ has some sort of presentation or something, servers revert to MySpace era. What I mean for one is that A and later B class was completely ruined by the likes of Bone Shaker. It wasn't OP, it was in a completely different class! So after like a year they banned it in online but then it was replaced by literally pay to win DLC hot rods that are again just as OP and hardly a real thing. Look, a tractor was dominating B class, yes a tractor. Then there is MP matchmaking which at release was just a chaotic mishmash. Later they added another mode which had way to many options and was in turn way to fragmented. So now, you can either do "adventures", which is just RNG mix of everything or... well that's it because specific disciplines are dead. Because of too many filters. Adventures have no map voting options between them or anything like that either. It is very bare bones. And don't even get me started on things like race car selection filters, if you have 800+ cars in your garage and 200 of them are eligible for the race you're about to enter, it gets pretty confusing in those 30-40s you have to select one. So I have quite a lot of gripes with this game, the tone deaf approach to MP, out of place expansions, OP and stupid DLC cars, wheelspins (lootboxes), MS Store and so on but car handling is simply the best for controller/keyboard type game and that is why I play it even now. Also, car tuning is simply unmatched. In other games you tune the car to be basically slightly stiffer (aggressive) or more loose (stable). Here, you can completely change how the car behaves, especially if you also consider upgrades, such as drivetrain swaps. Wanna turn your Civic into 500kW AWD beast? No problem. But also wide angle suspension kits and the like, so you can turn pretty much anything and everything into 900kW drift monster. 💪🙂 They said they are working on making the engine for FH5 and next Motorsport more modular and flexible so they'll be able to address feedback easier in the future but I'll believe when I see it. We'll see how this drop in/out thingy for matchmaking will work out. Also, this activity tracking AI sounds more like CIA profiling Skynet then "oh... what a cool feature *awkward smile*" they go on about.
  13. Yeah, I'll have to agree with your sentiment. They also said they want it to be some sort of MMO type thingy, so... At the end of the day though, what is most important is driving model and if it's bad, then it doesn't matter if the rest is the best ever. In past 10-12 years arcade and simcade handling was and is just atrocious, like not even mobile bad, even worse. With exception of The Run, NFS in past decade is simply not playable, that's how bad handling is. Codemasters and SMS was always wonky at best but really there was always something just off about their games. That floaty and inconsistent feeling. Like you see corner coming up and you're kinda winging it every time and hope for the best. And it's not only handling model, it's also important how your inputs are translated/interpreted by the game, especially keyboard. That's what the likes of Porsche 2000 and now Forza Horizon since 3 absolutely nailed. In FH4 cars behave and react like real car would, you're in complete control of your car, it does exactly what you want. Yes, who would have thought!?! I just realized that Mafia 1 and 2 had way better driving then most racing games! This is becoming a thing around here. 😄 Oh hey, I have something for you, I think you'll appreciate this. 🙂
  14. Janez

    Forza Horizon 5

    All good, we are all new somewhere at some point. But since we're talking about it, some capitalization wouldn't go amiss either. 🙂
  15. Janez

    Forza Horizon 5

    What do you mean? It's clips cut from some of these official FH5 videos and compared the same cars in FH4. For FH5 they are using technique called granular synthesis audio system to handle car audio, it's supposedly a lot more accurate, running at 90hz and works on acceleration and deceleration (reving up and down). Oh and btw, you don't need to quote the whole post every time to add one sentence. Quoting images and videos is not generally appreciated on forums. In this instance, when your post was just below mine, you could just add your comment and/or tag me if you want me to possibly get notified about it. You can tag users by typing @ + username and then selecting the user from drop down list. Only typing it out wont work, you have to select it from the list. This way we save a bit of mouse wheel life and keep form. 😉