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  1. Janez

    Update 23/08/2022 Thermal

    @ohNeily, btw, you don't have to quote all that just to reply one sentence, especially if your post is under theirs. Use @ tag if you want to get someones attention or quote relevant parts of their post. If you have the need to quote their whole, long post, you can use the first and last sentence and <snip> the middle, for example.
  2. @ohNeily, you don't have to quote all that just to write one sentence, especially if yours is the next post. You can use @ to tag someone or quote relevant parts.
  3. Janez

    Drug Traffickers - (SP/Coop)

    Oh great, I'll give it a go once I get around to playing Arma again. Probably wont be soon but I've bookmarked the thread nonetheless. Thanks, bud and congrats on the release!
  4. Janez

    Uploading campaigns to Steam

    Best not to reply to such obvious credit building spam accounts in the future and just hit the report button in top right corner of the post/thread in question.
  5. "Negative mouse acceleration" and input lag in general combined with poor performance. 😄 I give you credit for all that poetic framing but for real, that kind of shit was intolerable and just an unfortunate reality of that time period. Except if you'd do that you wouldn't need sugar at all, you'd probably have had to dilute it with water but I forgive you for forgetting how real fruit tastes like in an age of great excess and at the same time inability to buy actual food in the stores. 😉 I suppose that would depend on how natural that Tang you speak of is. I imagine not very much, so I'm not sure if I agree with that sentiment. Might be that people are confusing the feelings of Arma 2's grey filter with all sorts of mechanics.
  6. Oh, I've been seeing this sentiment pop up every now and then around here since ~2007 and yet, here we are, still. A bit of a setup period at the moment but that's nothing new for us, right? We know that good things take time to achieve and hard work is always rewarded. Just look at the fanfare for that Cinematic & VFX Tutorial? Btw, kudos to that Vladimir fella presenting. That cool, older brother/uncle vibe worked pretty well and the cross was a refreshing nod to the one that makes it all happen. It came across genuine and slick ...in a Slavic way. 🙂 I wouldn't worry too much about that. DICE for example, went with "the world" and look where that got them. One disaster after another. People make these games, not some brand or corporation, so as long as they stay on the path and create for them and their customers, supporters and most importantly, friends. Is that not what we are? You have to look very hard to find this kind of relationship any more. Sure, the interaction is not as casual as it used to be say, 15 years ago but it's still there, just more on the listening side. Things tended to get blown out of proportion on some occasions and in the day of very aggressive social media and professional outrage, one needs to be more careful. For now. If you look at situation from perspective of what Reforger is and what it means for Arma 4, then same goes. It was explained what it serves for and where it's heading in terms of feature sets. Besides, by the time Arma 4 is showing it's form, I am more then certain we will let our opinion be very well known. We'll make it work. Together, like always. And if somehow, for some reason not, then see @Valken's reply. East Wind was simply exquisite though and a great leap in many aspects. I have a tough time imagining their next campaign will be anything short of spectacular. Just keep playing on your strengths, history and wisdom guys. After all, we've been around here for a while now, in terms of forums and otherwise. Therefore, Godspeed to you my Slavic brethren and friends around the globe!
  7. Hi and welcome, I mean, you could try... Besides that, you should probably check if the mission(s) you're referring to uses any scripts and if they are linked to sides/factions or specific units. The scripts may also spawn additional units that are not present in mission.sqm. There may be much more to this whole thing then it initially appears. Well, that would very much depend on what kind of tools and methods are used. If you have some clever technique in mind though, let us know.
  8. Janez

    Gunner, HEAT, PC!

    Yeah, I've seen Mack review this and at ~5:45 he shows some unedited combat. To me, this kind of delayed, sight following cursor aiming system look horrific. Granted, I don't play <insert Russian FTP title> so maybe I don't get it but still, just why? Regardless, I struggle to see what this would offer over Arma 3 tank combat, really.
  9. Janez

    Cyberpunk 2077

    New Edgerunners update is out and some info about Phantom Liberty expansion coming in 2023 for anyone interested.
  10. Janez

    Arma 3 Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting

    Updated for 2.10 Hotfix 1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-hnVUZx98BHKD8La5RePfoT47eHG0vfD/view?usp=sharing 06. September 2022 ChangeLog: - added: getTIParameters and setTIParameter scripting commands
  11. Janez

    Arma 3 Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting

    Updated for 2.10: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zAorgAGHq4wEvR8-AHdgLivqUfoptmX_/view?usp=sharing 30. August 2022 ChangeLog: - added: scripting commands and functions introduced with Arma 3 update 2.10
  12. Janez

    Is Discord the norms nowadays?

    There has been a global push for it, does not necessarily make it normal or the norm. Well, you said it yourself, it's basically a chat room. It has a function and it is fundamentally different to a forum. It can replace it but it wont be nearly as effective at what forum does, which is a platform to create detailed and expansive topics and then have the ability to conduct in-depth discussions about it, where large quantity of information can be presented in a single post, neatly organized. Naturally, the quality and quantity of that information is essentially dependent on how much energy the participants are willing to put into it. With the help of modern search engines, forum organization and moderation, the information itself is then relatively easy to find and access quickly and once found, very easy to use and store. The likes of Discord offer quick interactions between users that are currently present and can be beneficial to teach someone something via a lot of small steps, for example. The good things is that the one receiving the instructions by someone holding their hand, can progress fairly easy, however the discussion is practically useless to anyone seeking it later. So, depending on what you want, it can indeed be of benefit. But you said all that already, albeit in a briefer manner. So, what is it that you are asking here? Is everyone going to migrate there and one might get left behind? Didn't that already happen? 🙂 Therefore, why worry? Regardless, this thing we have here, this always was a marathon type of thing and Arma 4 is a long way ahead. Not even going into PP and ToS of Discord, personally, I have no need for such applications and will not use it as I do not use or consume other types of social media beyond the likes of YouTube, BitChute, Odysee, etc. I do not mind life, I have patience to allow good things to come my way. PS: this forum being kinda dead does not solely come down to "no Arma 4" or "people moving on" or whatever either. While I like BI and people here on BIF, technology wise, these forums are kinda lame. I wont name any but last couple of years I've been finding some incredibly advanced forums, offering very flexible search, viewing and exclusion parameters through clever tagging and naming. Next, all the important information you could ever ask for is either in forum header or footer at all times, regardless of where you are. Here you have: share on Twitter, Facebook, G... Google+? Does that even exist anymore? OK... What about Feedback Tracker for example? They look really good as well you know, things are slightly animated but not in an annoying, time wasting kinda way. Total joy to browse them. And yet, here we are, still randomly getting logged out, no plain text mode and you know, this very window I'm typing in right now is still bright white, burning through my eyes despite using dark theme. Sure, I use Dark Reader to get around that but not everyone knows about these things, nor can or are willing to jump through so many hoops. BI added this voting answers thing to AR troubleshooting section though which can be a double edged sword when forum population gets back on track. I guess we'll see but whatever, you get the point.
  13. Janez

    Zeus Enhanced

    This should get you started.