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  1. Arma 3 Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting

    Sure thing! I agree, same here.
  2. Arma 3 Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting

    Done, thanks for report. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1qVdZ2eAklcDRoKBVRyllX-qo5FVfLUgo
  3. [MP] co40 Domination!

    Brilliant, will try it out. Thanks man!
  4. [MP] co40 Domination!

    Can I play this on player hosted server (not dedicated) and have progress saved to extdb? If possible, are there any special installation procedures for extdb?
  5. EH stands for Event Handler. In this case, when you fire a weapon, relevant information you are looking for, such as classname will be copied to clipboard. He meant, you can use either the code I poster or the one he posted. If you use player instead of this, then you can insert his code into init.sqf instead, for example. To learn what init.sqf is and a lot more, go trough Basic SQF-Scripting guide for example. The guide is for Arma 2 and it's 2D editor but same principles apply. As I posted already Eden Editor page has most of the information, from Scripting Commands to Functions. Here is also a list of vanilla Arma 3 Assets, from weapons to vehicles. So, go carefully trough all these links I posted and you will start connecting the dots. Be sure to search YouTube for relevant videos, such as this Arma Scripting Tutorials. Finally, if you are going to spend any amount of time with scripts, I would strongly recommend Notepad++ and SQF Syntax Highlighting and Auto Completion plugin for it.
  6. And it copies it to clipboard, so you just open Notepad (preferably Notepad++) and press CTRL + V. Just brilliant. Another one added to the compilation. :)
  7. Yeah just make sure that unit is player, meaning you (attributes >> object: control >> tick player - red circle appears around unit on map). @Harzach, the ones you posted are probably even more appropriate. These are basics but I still have a compilation of @w0lle old one liners, just like yours. :)
  8. As Mr H. suggested, use config viewer in 3d editor. Of course, you have to have relevant addons loaded. Alternatively, in editor, place down a unit, right click on it and Edit Loadout. Equip desired gear and click OK. Then right click on unit, select Attributes and insert the following into unit's init field. You will get a hint about weapons and magazines carried when you preview scenario in editor. hint format ["%1 \n\n %2",weapons this,magazines this]
  9. key bindings

    I'm not familiar with your hardware but you may need to tweak some game specific driver settings for your mouse. I'm using Logitech G203 and both thumb buttons (#4 and #5) work fine in Arma 3. In any case, you could set up macros so you can activate keyboard keys with mouse buttons. Well, of course. There is hardly any other game that represents so many aspects of warfare and more. From commanding your squad, drones or even platoons, to flying jets and smashing things with tanks. That said, there could have been some streamlining done, that's for sure.
  10. key bindings

    Regarding not saving settings, as stanhope pointed out, are you sure you are actually confirming changes and not just pressing esc or cancel? First click OK to confirm specific binding and then click OK to confirm all bindings and close controls menu. If that is not the problem then your configuration file might be read-only or something like that (by default: "My Documents\Arma 3\" or My Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\ProfileName\". More on profiles here. Now, first thing you want to do when setting controls is open 3d editor, place down a unit (make sure player is ticked: Right click on unit >> Attributes... >> Object: Control >> Player) and press Play Scenario. Next press esc >> options >> controls >> presets and select a preset. If you hover the cursor over one you can read the description. Once you are satisfied with base preset, customize rest of keybindings from here. You can try out what specific actions do, hence why you are in editor. Remember that you do NOT need to bind all actions. Most are duplicates for toggle or hold options and whatnot.
  11. Arma 3 Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting

    Yes I know, poor wording on my part. I meant I tried it, and auto-completion works fine for those functions you mentioned. I was running 32-bit but I just installed 64-bit and it works fine as well. In XML files, everything is sorted alphabetically as is displaying in N++ while typing. So there has to be an issue on your part. Have you tried tinkering with points 2-5 from ReadMe? If nothing works, you can try doing a complete uninstall of N++. Meaning deleting all configs, registry entries, rebooting your system and then installing N++ again. Just make sure to backup your configs, especially if you have any special themes going on or something like that. :)
  12. Arma 3 Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting

    I don't know what you are looking at but everything is sorted alphabetically. Auto-completion works fine as well. - Make sure you are using latest version of Notepad++ (enable auto-updating if you want). - Download latest SQF plugin. - Re-install SQF highlighting (Language >> Define your language... >> User language: select SQF >> Remove). Import "Language and Theme\SQF.xml". - Copy "Auto Completion\SQF.xml" into "Notepad++\plugins\APIs\". Default path: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\plugins\APIs\SQF.xml". Be careful with paths, it's very easy to make a mistake.
  13. Arma 3 Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting

    Hi, absolutely, just link source/list of functions that are missing but both you listed so far are implemented already.
  14. In 3den you can only tick Enable Dynamic Simulation for groups or objects, not units. For units you can tick Wake-Up Dynamic Simulation. So maybe it need to be group in the script as well?
  15. Verify game cache just in case. You could go trough each video setting in game and see which one gives you artifacts. You could also try to do clean driver reinstall via Display Driver Uninstaller. Or try older drivers using same method.