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  1. Janez

    Arma 3 Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting

    Just a bit of positive news this time, Lou confirmed that main Scripting Commands page is up to date so above post should contain everything up to version 2.14. New Scripting Commands page has also been updated. Seems we're set here for now, guys. Take care!
  2. Janez

    Error de carga

    You can start by posting in English language as per forum guidelines, that way only you need to use a translation tool instead of forcing everyone else to do so. In turn, your chances of getting the desired assistance will drastically increase.
  3. Janez


    You could start by typing your posts in English language as per forum guidelines.
  4. I suppose we all did some growing since then. Or things just grew sterile?
  5. Right, so reading that short description from their website above may very well have some of you rolling your eyes. Really, another one of those? Yet another survival game? I'd think that too reading just that but no, not quite. The reason for conjuring this post is that this project is developed by pretty much one guy and he recently managed to port the whole thing, in it's entirety, from Unity to Godot game engine due to recent fiasco Unity leadership prompted. As some of you may know, Godot is a free and open source game engine and the fact that this guy managed to port his entire project to it sets a very positive precedent worthy of respect in my book. You can do your own research on Road to Vostok and it's developer, his beginnings and inspirations, how he documented his work, Unity jeopardizing thousands of developers on account of their whims or Godot engine project. I leave you with some links and a few opinion pieces from some of more prominent YouTubers in this field. Take care, have a content and peaceful 2024. Road to Vostok Website: https://roadtovostok.com Steam Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1963610/Road_to_Vostok YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@roadtovostok Godot - Free and Open Source game engine: https://godotengine.org
  6. Janez

    Ready or not - new tactical shooter!

    Just came across this on YT, apparently this game's getting some welcome updates across the board. After years of very questionable game (maybe not only games) releases, I gotto say, I love the art style. May not have the best fidelity ever in terms of pixel count but it looks amazing, just the way it should be. I've hopped back into The Division 2 lately and I caught myself observing the other day; what more do you need? I play with most settings on low to preserve my components and it's just beautiful. EDIT: apparently this was 1.0 release of the game so it is now officially out of early access according to their Steam page.
  7. Janez

    Offline gaming

    Yeah, some game executables don't even require Steam to run, Baldur's Gate 3 for recent example and it's super successful. However, can you elaborate on that a bit more? Because in this reddit thread people are saying you can indeed run the game without internet connection. If that is the case, what does the game offer without one is then also a question I suppose. P.S.: I'm not sure Q&A section was meant for these types of questions though, maybe move this to general discussion? You can report your own thread in top right corner of OP if you concur and admins should see it at some point.
  8. Hmm, I dunno about whole DLC idea either but YU as independent faction could actually be pretty interesting in an East vs West Cold War Gone Hot(er) game. Obviously not because I would be biased or anything (that was a silly little joke) but because of political associations or lack of for time period and consequently diverse equipment that was used. A mix or Eastern, mostly Russian and Czech, and Western being chiefly French and some American, predominantly produced domestically, both licensed and original designs, from AKs to MBTs and even some serious stuff... Could also be flexible asset lore wise if that becomes a thing.
  9. Janez


    https://forums.bohemia.net/guidelines/ As for your question, you're probably going to have to be more specific.
  10. You need to create a shortcut of ArmaReforgerSteam.exe first. Right click on it and select create shortcut or select copy and then paste shortcut. Now edit that shortcut with desired parameters.
  11. OK, 1. how many players are on the server originally? 2. they get to be GM, who is left to play then, just them four? Because if it's like 32 players and it takes 4 votes to kick, then that's just bad system.
  12. Welp, welcome to the internet, getting a clean race in GTA or Forza has proven to be rather difficult, we just seem to be lacking basic respect for each other and also, like 12 year olds, you dig? For real? Wow, yeah, that's not great at all. I'm not one for global repressive measures but I'm all for giving players the tools to deal with that stuff. Good post.
  13. Janez

    Arma 3 Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting

    Ah, yes, nice find Pierre, how convoluted. I was looking for that page - Introduced with Arma 3 - that I had bookmarked in the past but at some point, things got shifted around a bit. I was using it to add only the corresponding commands in the past but at eventually with Leopard we figured that these version entries were missing a bunch of stuff for their very versions. So I stopped relying on that as well and started replacing everything with this for each new version which was the most complete up until now. There have been new entries over past few weeks and currently at 2606. But there is hardly a way to tell if that is it. On bottom of that page it states: "This page was last edited on 5 May 2021, at 08:37." which is clearly not the case or counts for different type of edits since few weeks ago, we were below 2600. Regardless, the list seems to contain all the commands from 2.14 entry so I updated the whole thing. There is also one new magic var, no new functions though. So, here you go: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19dbpqVyWBnxdvRzOa1GaNLkk-iWRPF1T/view?usp=sharing A while ago in another thread, some people have been wondering about Notepad++ Dark Theme/Mode and while I fixed these files to be dark background compatible back in 2016 or so, I'm happy to report that nowadays Notepad++ also has Dark Mode. To enable it, first you need to have at least version ~8.4, then navigate: Settings >> Preferences >> Dark Mode (tab) >> Select Dark Mode or Follow Windows if you're using Global Dark Theme on Windows 10 or newer. Here is an example of one of Pierre's many scripts with my custom N++ global theme:
  14. Janez

    Arma 3 Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting

    Hi guys, unfortunately this post is not a new version. As some of you might have been expecting an update for 2.14, I wanted to let you know that it is coming when Biki is updated with all the latest commands and functions. I contacted Lou about it a few weeks ago but he doesn't appear to be very active around here lately so if anyone is involved in updating Biki, I would appreciate a note somewhere when that process is complete, such as 2.14 entry in new commands section and perhaps a post about it in some thread here on forums. Do we even have an active, up to date related thread other then Offline Wiki? Various SPOTREPs have also proven to be incomplete in the past so I'm not relying on that much. If anyone has a reliable method of compiling all supported, newly added commands and functions though, please, feel free to share. Perhaps BI can just dump all the commands in plain text somewhere for uses such as this while Biki is being organized. That's about it, version above for 2.12 still works as intended though, naturally.
  15. Right, whatever one's opinion on Star Citizen is (I personally don't care that much nor do I have the budget for something like that but I gander at the progress every now and then), it took them like five or six years to develop this server meshing tech and it's still not done yet but there appears to be substantial progress. Quite incredible and perhaps something BI can look into.