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  1. Arma 4 a look to the future

    I don't particularly care about next game's setting as long as modding weapons makes sense. What I am looking for is overall polish to the game. Recently I had an itch that needed scratching in form of an arcade-ish racing game so I bought NFS Payback on one of the sales. Unsurprisingly, that was a huge mistake but what really impressed me was, overall graphics sure, it is a frostbite game after all but more then that, subtle effects like dust on the car after you drive offroad and how it's wiped off from the windshield. Similar effects with dust and frost are in Mass Effect Andromeda as well. Now, Arma 3's textures and models are still great but lacking wetness effects and such really makes the game look dated by now. But alright, we "hardcore" long time players don't play Arma only for pretty graphics so I'll list some gameplay improvement that I consider to be essential for the next game. - Inconsistencies in assets and controls Two/three-step zoom for all weapon systems. 1st person weapon model sizes. Separate next and previous weapon bindings for infantry and vehicles. - Contextual AI commanding What a nightmare it is to get an AI to open inventory at a specific object or get into specific seat of a specific vehicle! Something like this would be much better: F2 >> point at object >> scroll trough options >> select action. Similar goes for player interactions with the world. Context sensitive action key and object highlighting. - Less retarded AI Well, just read trough countless pages of various threads piled up over past years but mainly your squad to require less babysitting and AI overall to navigate and use environment a lot better. Especially vehicles. - Gameplay Tactical reloads. Modding underbarrel attachments and paint. Changing vehicle loadouts and mods ingame. Larger inventory UI and weapon size in addition to weight. Repacking magazines. Explosives such as satchels and mines handled like weapons. Ability to accurately throw and attach them, manipulate tripmine wires, etc. Vaulting and climbing. Ability to climb ladders faster at the expense of stamina and sliding down them. - Campaign Small skirmishes in a large scenario like hub missions in East Wind were great. Make use of that. Couple of general notes: -commanding large squads is just annoying. 4-6 man teams work best. -fighting against more 2-4 man teams is a lot better then fighting less 8-12 man squads. Especially since TTK is a lot longer due to infantry armor improvements and fatigue/weapon sway. Also, fully flesh out gear saving and management. East Wind was a clusterfuck regarding that. First, crate size you stuff crap in needs to be unlimited. Second, Virtual Arsenal type interface for that would be a lot more useful. That may also thigh in with general inventory UI and pre-mission/briefing inventory management. - Other PROPER SAVE GAME MANAGEMENT! Save, load, DELETE and overwrite existing save. Unlimited save slots and option to name them. Small screenshot wouldn't go amiss either. Quick save and load keybinds. Also, handling saves for huge missions without freezing or crashing the game! Separate chat, kill feed and server notifications in MP. Separate videos settings config for 3DEN and ingame. Working 3DEN modules (zone restriction...). Separate grass and terrain detail settings. Make grass short so you can see while prone unless you find a way to make grass view distance X km. Mitigate floating or sunk objects due to terrain detail setting.
  2. Really? You could use D30 and M119 as both in Armed Assault iirc. Maybe that was only cleaver scripting in Warfare but it worked great with AI too. Animations worked as expected as well.
  3. Unfortunately Steam doesn't allow transferring games afaik. You can share games trough Steam Family Sharing if that is of any help to you. And to satisfy R0adki11's curious mind, that may not be OP's reason but for example, one may want to sell or return a rented game like we used to pre-steam/origin/rest-of-DRM-consolizing-garbage. ;)
  4. I would just like to point out that even huge developers such as once loved Crytek, almost went under with Ryse, which was Xbox exclusive. Worth taking a note of.
  5. Thank you BI [2018 Roadmap Update]

    Also SEAD!
  6. Cyberpunk 2077

    GameSpot E3 interview, some info about vehicles as well. :)
  7. Cyberpunk 2077

    You and me both but they likely still have long way to go.
  8. The third vid seems to sound the best.
  9. Unless mission requires a map you do not have. Tanoa from Apex expansion pack for example. Mission dictates assets required to play, not the server. If you need more info about server setups, check various sticky topics.
  10. For some reason everyone were doing that back in 2008-2011. Battlefield 3 also featured blue tint.
  11. Battlefield V

    Just what the f*ck is going on?
  12. Compedium prblem

    Damn, I just realized we are playing Arma for nearly 20 years. Time sure flies by.