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  1. The irony is thick with this one. I truly wonder though, if these heads looked at how Cyberpunk 2077 fiasco went and the only thing they were capable of concluding is how much profit it made, or these new developers don't know wtf they are doing. From BioWare to R*, long time veterans are leaving for various reasons and output keeps getting worse and worse. It's probably both and a lot more but this here... well, there is bad and then there is whatever this is supposed to be. Also note the PC requirements, especially CPU and then think about the fact that this is GTA San Andreas guys! San Andreas with a "HD" texture pack and a ReShade filter.
  2. Janez

    Battlefield 2042

    Oh no, it's a shitshow! What a surpise, no one seen this coming...
  3. What do you mean? 'Report post' in top right corner of every post. Alternatively, you don't even have to open the thread. If you have JavaScript enabled, you can just hover over the thread for a sec or two for it to load up and then select 'Report post' once again. Oh yeah, some of them were pretty hardcore, from various "lotions", all the way up to hard drugs and stolen/fake documents. I wonder if authorities were contacted about some of them. I'm not sure what you mean by recent though, I've been tagging spam pretty much daily for the past couple of years. Sometimes it takes a bit for it to be cleaned up but I am generally very impressed by admin response times. Not sure what @Dedmen is up to these days, but he is usually on it pretty much immediately. 👍 Heroes you never see and all that, so thank you guys for keeping order around here all this time. Forza BIF! 💪
  4. Janez

    Cyberpunk 2077

    I came across Mr. Varoufakis today, explaining what he refers to as technofeudalism and I remembered our convos here. One can also refer to City of London and that sort of thing. Cyberpunk 2077 features quite a bit of these soft of topics, albeit mostly only in form of hints. I distinctly remember one almost random scene in the game. I'm going down the street and at some really trashy food stall, a rather plain looking guy is explaining the latest public scandal to this business type woman and she eventually commented something along the lines of "well you know what man on the street would say, if I were in their shoes (of those in power), I would've done the same". First, I was quite pleasantly surprised of the fact that that was recorded for some random pedestrians, even though it is rather lost in bombardment of commercials on screens everywhere, these kind of things are quite heavily featured. For example, right after first mission when you're on elevator to your apartment, there was a discussion between Catholic priest, a "doctor" and the show host. The elevator stopped long ago, while I was still there, captivated, following the discussion towards its ridiculous conclusion. Secondly, an acquaintance also said something like that a couple of years ago. Needless to say, I reevaluate who I am associated with but it also concerned me greatly that a highly educated person entertains such destructive ideas. Was it not said in 1 Kings 3,1-15? All "barriers" were removed long ago, we practically have no morals left, art made sure of that. Working man has no money to spend on products he doesn't need either, while the latest special edition Porsche, Ferrari or Lamborghini is sold out even before it is released. Perhaps it is time for art to start doing what it is really supposed to do. I wonder if anyone will ever take a gamble and ask questions that truly put ones or companies' values to the test in form of a medium we love around here that is video games, instead being stuck-on-stupid, easy, woke, versus territories that only serve to occupy the masses, seed hate and prolong or even degrade status quo.
  5. Current Release Date: 11. November 2021 Platforms: Windows 10, Play Station 4, Play Station 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch
  6. After stint like that, much appreciated buddy! Yeah, it was good, I approve. I mean the fact that you are using light theme for Firefox and forums is quite a shocking contrast compared to dark theme + dark reader that I use but my eyes weren't that tired yet today so all good. Btw, since topic at hand is lists and compilations 🙂 , if you want to look into more, I've put some links together in offtopic section. This one's kinda related and can be useful as well.
  7. Despite bright color theme, for some reason I really enjoyed seeing that video, it was rather relaxing somehow. You have quite soothing voice. 🙂 👍
  8. Janez

    Battlefield 2042

    Yeah! Really? Well that is very interesting take indeed. Assault rifles seem to be rather useless beyond, I dunno, 50m? so if you find yourself between points without a vehicle and proceed to it on foot, you can find yourself in this incredibly awkward firefights with some guy 100m away. TTK is quite long so you are both taking pot shots at each other and scoring hits mind you, it just does nothing. That lasts for few mags, empty burst empty your mag, go back in your hole, heal, next mag and then you're out of ammo. 😄 But really, gameplay feels very floaty and arcady compared to BF 3 or 4, which was rather... streamlined as it was. You know those curse guns on YT? That's kinda how various AK-24s and M4A5s look and feel in this game. I could go on and on about how stupid it looks when your whole squad is the same guy with a hat (enemy squad can also be that same guy with the hat!) or how unfinished UI is but quite frankly, I cannot be bothered. Bad performance aside, I went in with no expectations whatsoever and I'm left utterly apathetic. Depending on how they execute Portal, some fun may be found there but I wont hold my breath. I have a feeling it's somehow gonna be completely half arsed though. Just the other day, they announced release date for Hazard Zone trailer (yes, that is where we are at now) and it's supposed to be some sort of squad based Tarkov thing with loadout insurance and such BR nonsense, which... well they are welcome to try and change my mind but currently have no interest in that sort of thing. I may seem harsh but this ain't my first DICE rodeo. If you like it, pick this up in 12 to 18 months I reckon. I thought, you know... bots, so maybe? But this beta wasn't about any of that. What it was about though, didn't impress me at all.
  9. Janez

    Who is Still playing Arma CWA? (2021 Oct)

    I mean you can always use your favorite search engine to browse the web... Other then that, unPBO the mods and adjust configs and whatnot?
  10. Janez

    Who is Still playing Arma CWA? (2021 Oct)

    And Resistance is not included?! Original OFP Resistance, GOTY etc are not sold anymore for long time now, perhaps you can find a disc on ebay, amazon or smt like that. If any store exists in your area that still sells hard copies, you may find it there. I've seen GOTY in my local walmart/tesco equivalent few years ago.
  11. Janez

    Who is Still playing Arma CWA? (2021 Oct)

    I mean there is CUP and Cold War Rearmed III so... 🤷‍♂️🙂 But welcome to the forums nonetheless, so enjoy your stay, have fun and good luck!
  12. Rockstar Games Newswire: https://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/article/3933o7ko43o839/grand-theft-auto-the-trilogy-the-definitive-edition-and-more-coming-so
  13. Janez

    Arma 3 Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting

    Updated for 2.06: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nyMqHp3zBANQdRzoJL5bexY5lArLT6eD/view?usp=sharing 07. October 2021 ChangeLog: - added: scripting commands and functions introduced with Arma 3 update 2.06 - removed: dead links from ReadMe
  14. Janez

    Battlefield 2042

    There will be an open "beta" soon: More info here: https://www.ea.com/games/battlefield/battlefield-2042/faq
  15. @GEORGE FLOROS GR keep faith my man, go with Jesus Christ and it will be alright! You are in our hearts and our prayers, may God be with you forever brother!