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  1. Dude, code and spoiler tags! inputAction in while loop or maybe event handler could help with binding a key, User1-20 for example. I imagine you want a textured mini map like full sized one over vanilla GPS? Because map markers show on GPS.
  2. Janez

    GOG Rerelease Mission Pack

    https://www.gog.com/game/arma_gold_edition Probably meaning Hamachi, GameRanger or similar if those are not a thing anymore.
  3. You could activate the script via inputAction command and create a toggle through User1-20 keybinds for example.
  4. Janez

    [SP/MP][COOP] LMS 1-8 CAAS

    Well, that just shows how like minded this community is! 🙂 So, I get you regarding loadouts and this is not meant to be pestering, even though it kinda is... Among other things, it comes down to how switching weapons work in Arma. While its A LOT better then ever before, its still clunky when there is at least 3 different missiles for the class, etc. For me its more about interface convenience, to get rid of weapons I don't need, rather then ability to exploit. I think GOMs script has some black/white listing options to limit flying tanks scenarios, however, would that be so bad? I mean its SP/Coop after all. But, I understand the desire for simplicity, absolutely and I wish you reconsider while also completely understand if not. In later case perhaps there is an addon version of GOM like script that I can use with your scenario. Maybe I would just like to add that, Arma 3's flying and air combat is actually pretty good. Few months ago I 100% turned single player portion of Ace Combat 7 on PC and while it was a blast, its flying model and weapon systems are far simpler then Arma 3. My point being, that Arma 3 is in a serious need of high quality aircraft combat missions and I think this one has huge potential. Sound foundations are already there with dynamic mission spawning and you could build some long(er) term fun on top of it. Perhaps some sort of scoring progression system, with vehicle and weapon system unlocks behind it, i.e. DAR >> DAGR. Or even some form of CTI, like neutralizing strategic sectors across the map, thinning out enemy defenses and progress towards some sort of end goal. Anyway, enough with my rambling, this is just some food for thought to possibly inspire an alternate scenario one day. Thanks and take care!
  5. Janez

    [SP/MP][COOP] LMS 1-8 CAAS

    Hi, just gave it a try in SP and have couple of requests/suggestions: - Ability to recruit one AI or to spawn in a heli with an AI gunner would be nice. - While loadout presets are OK, something like GOM - Aircraft Loadout would be great. - Convoy vehicles tend to get stuck in towns, though not sure if you can do anything about that. - Perhaps some weather settings for sake of replayability? Thanks!
  6. Janez

    [SP/MP][COOP] LMS 1-8 CAAS

    Hah, I was just looking for an aircraft oriented mission last month or so, when I got stuck in Old Man due to a bug. So thanks for this, will try it out soon.
  7. Janez

    Arma 3 Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting

    Done. That one wasn't missing. For me, its highlighting as per global default style like the rest of operators. I'm expecting some Old Man fixes then! Alright, here's the link, take care buddy! https://drive.google.com/file/d/186JOucZFAqQtKHHKmnRrRc9gUIpEtRp9/view?usp=sharing 27. August 2020 ChangeLog: - added: scripting commands introduced up to 2020-08-20, EXE rev. 146606 dev branch - added: \ operator - updated: ReadMe.txt with additional information
  8. Janez

    USA General

    Oh, the irony that Call of Duty marketing material is sparking tangible discourse and inspiring people to do some research on their own. On the other hand, that's what art is supposed to do, right? Its just weird, because of the fact that there is a multibillion company with all sorts of interests and benefactors behind that art. Lets see where this goes.
  9. That's always appreciated for sure. Take care!
  10. Thanks for the update buddy! Out of curiosity, why don't you release new versions under releases on Git rather then/in conjunction with GDrive? Although one can just download the master.
  11. Janez

    Ride Where You Look

    Hah, I was meaning to ask about that but tried it ingame on infamous triple stacked doors and it turns out triggers are improved over early A3 releases to a degree where I can say its... fine. Although those door within another warehouse door types can still be pretty wonky. Some ladders too, when trying to climb down.
  12. Janez

    Ride Where You Look

    Wtf, how am I only seeing this now. Fu*king amazing dude, this is what we were talking about even in A2 days and is exactly the kind of stuff we need for A4. See BI, add some fancy seat outline highlighting and vehicle nightmare for A4 is no more. Its amazing how much more intuitive this is, compared to F1-F(X) key switching from Battlefield games for example, even if it can be slower in hectic situations. Thank you and also for git relz, not Steam only!
  13. In recent OPREP they talked about Old Man development and various modules associated with it but it's not really of much comfort. @Dedmen said he'll look into it and while I have faith in him, it's taking a while and will likely continue so. Therefore, until then
  14. Janez

    USA General

    I was amused to see at least one guy exploring beyond ones nose, even if it is just scratching the surface. No wonder he was banned from YouTube. A bit of a caution for unseasoned, a sound understanding of The Holy Bible is advised before jumping to conclusions. https://www.bitchute.com/video/JkY6HTdaHSpf/ Bottom line, it is a matter of theology rather then one of race or political affiliation and everyone is being played for a fool, including the author of this "White Noise".