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  1. Yeah, I remember some issues with that. I went scouting first, 3 side ops and then it worked. I don't know what exactly "fixed" it but after scouting missions I was able to adjust my gear. But if you already did scouting missions and it still doesn't work, then I dunno.
  2. Hi, so it would be nice to export the mission to SP/MP in eden editor and upload PBO rather then just a folder. And try not to use spacebar in mission names since it displays as %. File version would also be nice.
  3. Can a limit be set for bipod to be max lets say 10 or 20cm from surface? Because that last pic looks ridiculous.
  4. Yeah, I noticed some interesting behaviour with groups. I haven't found a reliable to keep them in place and not turn immediately on mission preview, other then disableAI "MOVE". However that, naturally, also prevents them from engaging anything outside los. BIS_fnc_ambientAnimCombat, STAND_IA is pretty much default standing anim iirc. So one can, for example, combine this disableAI "PATH"; and [this, "STAND_IA", "ASIS"] call BIS_fnc_ambientAnimCombat; to keep them in place, make them face desired direction and react to combat. EDIT: actually, disableAI may not even be necessary if you use BIS_fnc_ambientAnimCombat. So, maybe something like: {if (local _x) then {[_x, "STAND_IA", "ASIS"] call BIS_fnc_ambientAnimCombat};} forEach (units (group this));
  5. On first page of this thread course, bottom of their official website and literally previous page but here you go buddy: https://dev.cup-arma3.org/.
  6. Oh wow, that's some seriously impressive texture work as well.
  7. The icons you speak of are called markers. Therefore you need createMarker scripting command. Use setMarkerType to set it's shape. So, insert something like this into trigger on activation field: marker1 = createMarker ["Marker1", position player]; "Marker1" setMarkerType "hd_pickup"; "Marker1" setMarkerColor "colorBLUFOR"; This will create marker, named "Marker1" on player's position, change it's type to "pickup" and set it's color to Blufor blue. If you want to set custom position, see setPos with the rest of Arma 3 Scripting Commands.
  8. Changealbe magazine models for ArmA 3 weapons

    This and also SPAR-16 variants and beta c-mag.
  9. What is your AI settings?

    I turned the campaign and all showcases couple of times before "AI refactoring" grumpy mentioned and I have it by now with first shot, headshot on 300m. So, now that global skill slider affects AI a lot more linearly I'm running these, forgiving values. class CustomAILevel { skillAI=0.75; precisionAI=0.25; };
  10. Arma 3 Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting

    It wasn't present but it is now. Thanks! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jpazG6ouZIN9d2hEmp7BU8q29Q6Wfov7
  11. Arma 3 Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting

    Of course it was. https://drive.google.com/open?id=16r6v1NklVrw1JR3OyD7tUS9BeVXwZmjQ
  12. Disturb current version: 1.0.1 Description Stratis is under complete AAF lockdown and while politicians discuss how to spin the story to justify yet another "intervention", an alternative is appointed for the time being. You are to take the role of some generic, ex-spec op, PMC goon and clean up the situation. Or if you prefer some sort of illusion, a glorious commando has been dispatched to aid oppressed people of Altis in liberating their land and spreading democracy. F*ck yeah. No significant support is available since this is a black op after all. However, you did go through various vigorous training programs, so amongst other things, you can treat wounds and fix vehicles if you acquire a Medikit or a Toolkit respectively. Besides, AAF can't shoot straight when *insert your favorite trashing line* anyway. Look, it's AI so what do you expect but if they do go all T-800, you can always lower the difficulty. Save scumming is also recommended to waste the least amount of time possible. Notes / Features - Singleplayer mission over whole map of Stratis. - Opposite of dynamic. This mission is totally... static? Every unit, vehicle, loot or prop has been hand placed. Well clicked on... you know what I mean. - DLC assets are used if you own any but no DLC is required (at least I don't think so but let me know if you encounter problems). - Briefing, description, tasks, all that jazz. - Autosaves on completed objectives. - Dynamic Simulation used and limited by view distance. I did my best to avoid awkward situations. Recommended Mods / Addons - @R3vo's Quick- & Autosave - @vbawol's Enhanced Arma 3 Inventory Installation - Extract the .pbo file using your favorite archive manager. - Copy the .pbo file into "Arma 3 root directory\Missions". Credits The usual suspects over at editing section, Biki, Armaholic, OFPEC, KillzoneKid's Blog and probably other sources that I forgot. Downloads Google Drive Armaholic ChangeLog
  13. Arma 3 Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting

    Added . Thanks for the report! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pcK_jSYjZKHPNAGYRNSfii8Kj5Hfrbkb