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  1. @GEORGE FLOROS GR keep faith my man, go with Jesus Christ and it will be alright! You are in our hearts and our prayers, may God be with you forever brother!
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    Try Win + Print Screen, that should automatically make a high quality PNG in "Pictures\Screenshots".
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    Squad Feedback

    Oh yeah, beautiful presentation! Sleek logo, video, although starts a bit too murdererly epic, turns out somehow calming in addition to being informative. Great non-cluttered description with plenty of pics, simply excellent standard. I've always been impressed with just how thoughtful many people tend to be around here. Anyway yeah, that's the type of improvement we will need in official capacity for the next main installment in the series to enhance interaction with your squad, streamline the process, make it easier and quicker while improving functionality at the same time. Menus are also very vanilla like so, as I said, brilliant effort!
  4. You can use something like PBO Manager to unpack the mission and then you can edit it in editor. Obviously, once you unpack it you have to put the files in correct folder so editor can see it. I don't remember exactly but path goes something like: "Documents\Arma 2 OA\Users\<Your Profile Name>\Missions\<Unpacked Mission Name.Map Name (folder)\mission.sqm>".
  5. That may very well be the case. I've had some major issues, including BSODs, with post 20H2 versions of Windows 10 and DCH Nvidia drivers that were forcefully installed via windows update regardless of settings. And then it was fine and did you use DDU? And now everything is A-OK?
  6. Oh yeah, this sooo much man, I know exactly how you feel! Anyway, great to see you around again, Godspeed!
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    World Politics General

    but mostly just sad state of affairs?
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    Grand Theft Auto V

    Hi there friends, after what, six years, I revisited GTA Online on PC past couple of weeks and well, certainly a lot has been added! I've got most of the businesses, cars for most classes, weapons and whatnot. For sake of completion though, I've been trying to do apartment related heists and... the pain is real guys! The heists themselves are fine, pretty great actually. They're well structured and have some hilarious briefings. No, the issue is that they require four people to start, which can be... trying. Other thing is that chances are pretty high that out of four people, at least one thinks he's just gonna rush in there and take names. The missions themselves are really not difficult though, you just have to take it easy and do one thing at the time. Generally, most players are cool but there's quite a number that seem to have attention span of next to nil. So with newer assets having their prices... adjusted, I can see how R*/T2 are making a killing with those shark-cards. Anyway, if anyone around here is still playing or returning to GTA Online and doesn't mind helping me with those heists, slap a post in here or PM. No strings attached, all I ask for is a bit of patience. I'm up for whatever though, if anyone needs money, we can do Cayo Perico or just goof around, do races or missions, whatever, there's tons of things there. Take care!
  9. Yeah, I keep coming back to this as well. Kinda similarly for a while now, I've been playing with this idea to have my PC in a separate room from my desk and one of the headaches would be achieving max refresh rate @ max resolution due to cable and dock limitations. There are some optical cables (really expensive though!) these days but the whole powered dock situation is rather dodgy to say the least. Availability of those components is also, to a degree, limited to North America. Though, if anyone has some recommendations or insights on the matter, please share!
  10. @Tankbuster, congrats on your new 30xx card, hopefully you can still feed your family. 🙂 Yeah, so as I mentioned, there is number of factors at play. Check the cable situation first. GPU, even if new, can be faulty but what I would check first is the PCI-e if GPU is slotted properly. Motherboards have those pins on right hand side to hold it in place these days but it can still happen. So take it out and put it back in. Since your GPU is new I doubt this is the case but as a tip, if your PC has been sitting for a while, clean it with either vacuum cleaner or air compressor (be careful not to over spin the fans and damage the bearings) and use Isopropyl type alcohol to clean the connections, especially ones delivering power - to hard drives and whatnot. Obviously make sure power delivery to PC is disabled first! Flip the PSU switch, extension cord switch or just pull the power cable out. Be sure to check all those power related connections whether they are dusty or not though. Software, drivers and Windows. As we establish you're running NVidia, you can refer to some of my previous post like a page back in this thread about potential problems with DCH drivers and some Windows versions. Use DDU to do a clean sweep. You can also try older drivers and ultimately older versions of Windows 10. Cables, connectors and ports. Make sure those are all sitting properly. If you have other spare cables, try those and as Valken mentioned, make sure those cables are actually compatible. Monitor, difficult to troubleshoot, if you have a spare PC or compatible laptop, you can try that and isolate/narrow down the issue. Lastly, how is your power output situation? Is only your PC and peripherals going out of wall socket through extension cord or you have any other high power consuming device connected to that wall socket? So, if all seems well with the above and issue still persists, contact either monitor manufacturer tech support or take the whole setup to a shop/repair service. Hopefully you wont have to but please, if you find yourself in this situation again, state all this in your OP. I'm assuming a lot here and we're going back and forth more then necessary, when all this may very well be common knowledge to you and may have already done all that. You've been around for a long time, you know what's up, it's like the editing section. 🙂
  11. You don't, when in 2D/idle mode it's at a set refresh rate automatically. Those artifacts/flickering are typical of GPU problems. I've had some, to a degree similar issues with bad drivers in Cyberpunk 2077 (flickering, in other games the GPU was mostly just cooking even when near idle) but that's a game. So maybe drivers but likely a hardware issue. Do you have any more info, is it like that all the time or only sometime? If so, when, what were you doing? Does it happen in 3D apps? It might be a monitor issue though or connectivity perhaps? Check your cables and connectors. Also, have you installed any new hardware recently? Otherwise, alternative to Vsync in 3D environments is maximum driver level frame rate limit that you can set in your respective GPU control panels, be it AMD or NVidia. P.S.: children on the cleaning duty while you nerd on the PC, what a boss you are. I love it! 😄
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    Cold War Rearmed III

    Not sure what exactly the issue with weaponPool is but I assume it has a ticket assigned on feedback tracker? Most relevant seem to be marked as closed and resolved. This needs to be fixed whether there is a workaround to improvise 🙂 with or not.
  13. Janez

    Cold War Rearmed III

    @DnA, @razazel, @Dedmen, @Everybody, BI please!
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    ARMA still alive?

    Out of curiosity, what kind of ping you're looking at on Asian or even western US servers?
  15. Janez

    Cyberpunk 2077

    First substantial patch fixing a bit beyond broken quests, crashes and getting console versions into shape has been released. Changelog below, it also includes free DLC in form of alternate skin for Johnny, some outfits and a vehicle. https://www.cyberpunk.net/en/news/39092/patch-1-3-list-of-changes
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    Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) Discussion

    Sigh... What, on like twitter or something? How come every twat is getting banned there but not ISIS? 😄 Sorry, couldn't help myself.
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    Battlefield 2042

    Battlefield 2042 | Exodus Short Film
  18. Well, I suppose at least there is no need to "educate" their customers about history this time around, albeit one never knows what those geniuses conjure up nowadays. Personally, I find these "only in Battlefield moments" in the trailer to be really forced, cringe big time but maybe that's just because I've been through these endless WIPs, also known as live services, one too many times. Hopefully they didn't burn the whole budged on game engine footage. We used to have these threads around here about upcoming games to collect info and discuss various aspects but at this point, I kinda feel like a chump creating this thread. Yet another free advertisement for yet another cycle of hype. I dunno, you tell me. I guess a "but maybe it will be really good this time" is in order to finish off. /c
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    Forza Horizon 5

    Here's some dirt (kinda rallycross type) racing they shown in latest stream. Not the best driving you'll ever see but at least he's not in the walls all the time. That Evo sounds rather good compared to FH4, where pretty much every sub 2.4L i4 sounds the same.
  20. Official Announce Trailer Xbox + Bethesda E3 2021 Full Presentation Current Release Date: 09 November 2021 Platforms: Xbox One (X Enhanced), Xbox Series X/S, Windows 10 PC (MS Store / Steam), Xbox Cloud Gaming
  21. Well that depends on what you mean by main game - what scenario are you playing. You mention Old Man, CDLC units, vehicles and equipment are obviously not just magically going to appear in the mission, however, some CDLC equipment may randomly appear at weapon vendors if you have the content loaded but don't quote me on that, you'll have to try that yourself if configs are read or not. Other official missions and campaigns like East Wind don't tend to make use of any equipment randomization systems in that sense and are even more rigid. Beyond aforementioned replacement configs/mods, if you want to use content from CDLC or other addons and mods in official scenarios you have pretty much two options: DePBO (if not encrypted) the scenario and manually edit things. This is possibly a lot of work and may brake things but obviously gives full control. Use debug console mod to spawn in the desired content. Assets already included in scenario wont change but you can make use of items you spawn in.
  22. Cool, anything to ease the pain!👍 As far as I experienced throughout Arma series regarding whole AI rearming thing, main issues particularly in A3 seem to be: At some point, AI would really make sure they stock up on grenades even with magazines available. Not sure if this was ever looked at, I don't play much in recent days. Dropped weapon(s) are not necessarily part of its unit container, therefore it is often impossible to open inventory screen/rearm on specific fallen unit because of its weapon(s). As a result, among other reasons, the action list for selecting quickly becomes useless with couple of pages worth of entries and crates are prioritized last. Also, "5, rearm at random ass crate at 10 o'clock and better hope it's the right one"... yeah, not that great. It was fine in 2001 but surely there could be some selectable, object sensitive UI by now. Well, there is that quick command interface or whatever it's called but it has all the wrong actions. The nature of AI navigating/interacting with objects. They have to be about 5 to 10m from certain direction of object in question and then beeline to it. If there is an element preventing that from happening... then, oh well. Object's AI point for interaction in not always obvious or that uniform in 3DEN either. Figuring that out is a matter of trial end error, taking away from actually designing the scenario. So, that's the little rant on that from long suffering AI babysitter.
  23. It had mediocre although a lot more open campaign compared to BF3 and 4. There are supposedly some bot mods for MP. It seem like it wont necessarily be an option in core game. Bots will fill empty server slots up to 64 bots. Some maps support up to 128 players. Now interpret what exactly all that means however you like, it is unclear for now.
  24. That's right, in BF2 they were Counter-Strike like, waypoint based bots and PR had no support for that afair. BF3 and 4 campaign had completely scripted sequences with pop up targets, CoD like. Yep, sad days ever since but they'll be back now. Hopefully, core game doesn't suck ass.
  25. Hehe, OK I know it is exciting stuff but this is what is actually known so far: EA Play 2021 presentation Battlefield Briefing: Exploring Battlefield Portal In BF3 and 4 there were plugins for servers that allowed you to dictate settings like player health, vehicle respawn time, amount of spawn tickets, number of players and so on. There is a lot of ambiguous fluff in that blog post that sounds exciting but I'm afraid there is not going to be any plucking down nor modding here. Developer of Frosty Mod Suite works for EA now and does not maintain the project any more and VU for BF3 is generally alive because there is BF4. This will most likely be an expansion to previously mentioned options, substantial expansion that I welcome very much and is a great step forward but expansion non the less.