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  1. No way! You guys. You guys! 😍🤗😁
  2. My bad, I'm not on dev. branch these days any longer, and don't plan to. Not really. The question basically boils down to whether this: got fixed or not. And what we see here, are useless bounding boxes (red one is "real") blown up by things defined in the memory lod. "ClipVisual" or "ClipGeometry" sounded like it could, maybe, achieve such a thing. Probably not? Nevermind. We'll see soon enough.
  3. Wait, so what exactly is it? Are we finally able to retrieve exact bounding boxes (in particular without the memory lod, which doesn't make any sense) in a reliable way, or is this just another hack/approximation? More precise? In some cases? I don't like the sound of this...🤒 @R3vo See: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T81462
  4. Is this really what I think it is? Holy cow! 😬
  5. rübe

    Weird contact spotting...

    See: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/knowsAbout (and maybe: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/targetKnowledge). Units of the same side (i.e. allies), but not in the same group, still nead to "learn" about each other. The side of a newly spotted object starts with side "unknown", hence the unknown contact, which might be friend or foo at this point.
  6. Not exactly, but you can just do a switch(true) and have your cases evaluate to boolean, which should be nice enough anyways: switch (true) do { case ((_var select 0) isEqualTo "String"): { if ((_var select 1) isEqualTo 123) then { diag_log text "match both"; } else { diag_log text "match string"; }; }; case ((_var select 1) isEqualTo 123): { diag_log text "match number"; }; default { diag_log text "no match"; }; };
  7. @Dedmen I see, backwards compatibility is the actual problem here. Yeah, that's always nasty, and now is certainly not the time to do anything about this.
  8. @.kju sounds like fun times.
  9. @Tankbuster yep. unironically. If you're going to streamline array syntax, give us the usual C syntax already. array[i] Anyone is comfortable with this (and don't tell me the parser couldn't be improved to handle this, it's really no big deal). But this cryptic hashtag? Just because it's shorter than writing select? No, thanks.
  10. So... what's the point?
  11. very nice. Yet I wonder if that mini-game isn't misplaced. Once you're logged in, managing the generators should be straightforward. If you insist on having a mini-game, why not have it for hacking the thing?
  12. Even with doMove (or moveTo down on fsm level), making the AI run as long as known threats are around is a hard one. You'll probably have to experiment with disableAI (e.g. targeting) in an attempt to make them ignore enemies and concentrate on running, and even then... (maybe continously reseting/earsing knownTargets helps, since that's an option now?) I'm not sure if people ever managed to do this properly/in a satisfactory way.
  13. Could someone please either confirm, or deny that the following is still a problem on the devel branch? https://feedback.bistudio.com/T128002 1) doStop all units (with scripting) 2) try to make them follow you again with direct commanding (radio 1-1) Does it work/do AI units follow you again? For if not, this kind of AI direct command deadlocking seems to be pretty game breaking to me.
  14. oh... of course, it's Arma afterall. You do what you gotta do... sure, sure.
  15. Sure. For one duplication: if you actually go on and do translate your strings to multiple languages, you're going to duplicate all your styling, which is a mess to manage. And for two, flexibility: you might wanna use the very same string in a different context, maybe with, maybe without, or different styling alltogether. In the end, styling can be considered "code" and doesn't need to be translated. It's not "language" (or "data").