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  1. Tiuhtukkainen

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    How to exactly make RHS Mi-24 use flare bursts / timed flares with a trigger? I have been looking into it almost the entire morning, but so far I haven't been able to figure it out. _veh action ["useWeapon", _veh, driver _veh, x]; Works otherwise, but fires only two flares. Same with forceWeaponFire. E: This seems like a vanilla feature so never mind. Looks like I need to learn some scripting or simply admit my defeat. E: The solution was actually incredible simple. Driver vehiclename forceWeaponFire ["CMFlareLauncher", "Burst"]; Sleep 1; Repeat those as many times as you want to fire flares and change the amount of sleep to decide the interval. Then simply call the script in game.
  2. Tiuhtukkainen

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    Just some feedback/wishes based on 1000+ hours of Arma 3 and at least as many hours of Armed Assault, Arma 2 and Operation Flashpoint. Improved vehicle AI - Ability to follow roads and traffic laws without crashing. - Ability to drive as a column without crashing. Improved AI pathfinding - Improvements to building navigation / room cleaning. - No more walking through each other. - If possible, some kind of support for custom compositions (creating custom paths in Eden editor?) Improved animations - More lifelike animations in general. No more unnatural animations such as the current ADS crouch walk / running. - AI shouldn't muzzle-sweep constantly. Command menu / system overhaul - Kind of self-explanatory. - No more scroll wheel. - Ability to deploy static weapons much more conveniently and precisely. Expanded unit capture feature - Expanded to ground vehicles and infantry. - Ability for AI to smoothly move into the position where the captured sequence starts. - Could be used to circumvent problems with AI pathfinding (custom compositions and such) or create room cleaning sequences. Performance tweaks - Self-explanatory As for features that would be nice, but that I feel are not as important to implement - Some kind of way to simulate deep snow and maybe even mud. Doesn't have to look perfect. - The ability to deform terrain in Eden editor to create realistic trench systems. - Low and high ready positions for weapons (very much like in Ground Branch) and AI support for those stances as well. - AI deploying bipods. - More animations with fluid transitions, so they could be used outside of cutscenes. - Improved stealth mode with handsignals and more realistic movement and behavior. Also, I know this is a bit unusual and weird suggestion, but considering not everyone records custom voice lines to their single-player missions, the game probably could benefit from easier and more streamlined way to make "visual novel" style dialogue windows with background images. / / / / Thank you for the great games. There's nothing quite like them on the market.
  3. Tiuhtukkainen

    Combat Animations Speed Tweak

    Oh my god, it almost looks and feels like a different game now. On paper it's such a minor thing, but it greatly affects what maneuvering and combat looks like. Thank you one more time!
  4. Tiuhtukkainen

    Combat Animations Speed Tweak

    Wow that's incredible! 🙂 Thank you very very much, seriously. Hopefully other people will find joy about the addition too, because this is quite awkward. I personally don't mind at all if players are affected as well – I simply put the emphasis on AI, because for some reason they love that animation a lot. However, as an AI squad leader it decreases my confidence towards the fighting unit when everyone is walking like they're ready to take it up in the bum. I mean, they are not entirely wrong about the most probable outcome, but I try to be more optimistic and not give up beforehand. 😄 With tactical / combat pace do you refer to the behavior AI uses when they are in combat / stealth mode? If so, then the answer is yes – at least I guess so. I trust your judgment on this one – if it looks more natural than the vanilla animation in that context and it does not require that much extra work, I'm certainly happy with it.
  5. Tiuhtukkainen

    Combat Animations Speed Tweak

    Great mod, I've been using this a lot. However, I've been wondering if it is possible to replace this animation https://imgur.com/arylrNr https://imgur.com/60I5d2k with this animation for AI https://imgur.com/vTKjm6w https://imgur.com/q8uB1y2 In other words change crouched slow walk + weapon ready -> crouched slow walk + weapon lowered for AI. I'm not entirely sure what the animators in Bohemia have been thinking with that, because that crouched run / walk with weapon raised barely looks physically possible, because the center of balance is so far off from the feet that support the character. It does not look that bad on pictures, but in motion it is probably the most immersion breaking thing in Arma III.
  6. Tiuhtukkainen

    Faces of War [WW2]

    I understand this comment was not directed to me, but I think I might be partially to blame for this.... While I said the very basics of 3D modeling are not that hard to learn, I intentionally did not mention how much time and effort it takes to actually model something especially when you are a beginner, because I didn't want to discourage anyone. When you request someone to make an "x" you are basically asking if the person is willing to sacrifice tens if not hundreds of hours their free time to a project they are not particularly interested in – just because the "x" is something what you want. It's not that bad if you feel motivated, because many people already spend 5 - 10 hours in a week on their computers watching cat videos, playing video games and being unproductive in general so it's more about reallocating the time. However, you need some kind of incentive to go through the process. With that model you would still need to model the interiors, add more detail to the exterior, write the configs and so on.
  7. Tiuhtukkainen

    Faces of War [WW2]

    You can buy low poly M26 Pershing from CGTrader for 12 dollars. Blender is free. BI wiki has tutorials how to create configs and such. Why not give it a go? It doesn't take that long to learn the basics of 3D modeling and you wouldn't need to start from the ground up with the model. Once you learn how to use the selection, move, scale and rotate tools, loop cuts, extrude, inset, knife, bridge edge loops and merge by distance you can model a lot of things.
  8. Tiuhtukkainen

    US Forces 2000s

    I'm still having the problem at least. Launchers are invisible in first person view when wearing the long-sleeved MOPP suit variant.
  9. Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to make "Move" or other commands given through GUI activate a trigger. I know you could do it with the radio channels et cetera, but it would be most intuitive if the trigger could be activated by selecting command like "Move" or "Regroup". Basically I just want AI teammates have ambient animations when the mission begins, then cancel them after I issue "Move" or "Regroup" command. //// E: Is there a way to check if unit B is following unit A? Because it seems that's what it boils down to, at least with my very limited understanding of the subject. When doStop command is placed on the init field the unit is not currently following the player (group leader). "Regroup" is apparently the same as CommandFollow (radio) or doFollow (not radio) command. If the condition for BIS_fnc_ambientAnim__terminate was if unit B follows unit A, wouldn't that do the trick?
  10. Tiuhtukkainen

    [Criticism] Arma 3 shouldnt exist?!

    There have been improvements. For example the Eden Editor, ability to change vests, headgear and such. The weapons feel and sound better than in previous titles. The animation system has been slightly improved and you can actually walk down stairs without dying. I don't care about the future setting, neither I do care about aliens (and if I did, there probably would be much better games to interact with them), but thanks to the modding community the present day military conflicts are also represented. With mods you can turn it into improved version of Arma II (minus the performance). There are many small but neat additions that enhance the experience, such as idle loops for various activities, ability to add ground decals and so on. That said, it has been almost 20 years since the Operation Flashpoint was released, but the franchise still shares many of the same issues: terrible animation engine, command system (voice acting included) and the AI's inability to drive on roads without crashing. Overall the artificial intelligence would be actually pretty good, but it kinda ruins immersion when they have sudden spasms and their head goes into an owl mode, not to mention the muzzle discipline – they will happily point the barrels at each other faces. Then again if you have the ability to walk through your comrades it probably decreases their perceived value... At this point I'm not really sure what to expect from the next Arma, because I'm not sure if we'll see improvements on those aspects. I have been waiting since the Operation Flashpoint, so I don't think I'm being too impatient or ungrateful in that regard. I love Bohemia and appreciate all the effort the developers put in their products, but at the same time as a customer you tend to spend money on things that fit to your needs and preferences, and I'm not sure if the franchise does that for me anymore. All I ever wanted was an immersive military sandbox (with a single-player), where you could experience combined arms operations on a modern battlefield and use real life tactics, logic and equipment to overcome the challenges, but after the success of DayZ it seems the focus started to shift to different concepts. However, I think more human like voice acting and animations, the addition of muzzle discipline and some kind of non-dynamic system to make AI stick to roads and obey traffic laws when in safe mode would greatly decrease the amount of cases when the suspension of disbelief is broken. There might not be need for overly complex solutions to improve the artificial intelligence. They can already function as an unit, use tactics and find their path on most environments. It might be better to focus on the illusion of intelligence.
  11. Tiuhtukkainen

    Veteran mod (VTN) - announcement and WIP

    Is there a way to make AI reload static weapons or at least have more ammo than one belt or projectile? E: I mean, is there something I'm missing or should I just use script commands because the reload system wasn't created AI in mind?