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  1. I understand your point @mickeymen, but I'm with @Zakuaz on this one. I'm sure both situations would be pretty unpleasant to be in, although I wouldn't say either one is worse. Both cause the suppression inducing "stress" in different ways. In my understanding the way the script handles the suppression covers both instances already. If I am not mistaken the enemy's bullet just has to hit an invisible box within 5m around the player. So if the bullets hit an object within this box the trigger should work as well, doesn't it? Regarding your last example I have to disagree. Shooting an obstacle right in front of you may be stupid, annoying and actually dangerous (shrapnel, ricochets) - but it wouldn't suppress you the same as being shot at by the enemy. Even less so if you're shooting at the ground in front of you. The same goes for the shots of your teammates. Yes, you wouldn't be able to distinguish by the bullet snaps alone if the fire comes from your side or the enemy's, but you would know that your mates are shooting. (Although the effect would be the same: you wouldn't want to raise your head too much either way.)
  2. We didn't shut down the server manually but it automatically restarts every day at around 4 am. So it did restart after we saved and logged out. Everything else was saved correctly (sitrep, credits).
  3. Bonsoir Gemini, I am happy to report that we played again yesterday and everything went pretty smooth. It was kind of odd that the server/mission somehow reset my personal loadout. My friend's loadout was still the one he used the last time he played but mine was reset to the default one for the role I picked. It wasn't that big a deal though, that's what the armory is for, right? Today I logged in to test a few more things and the first thing I've noticed is the armory being pretty much fucked. All the crates were reset to their vanilla contents, so they just contained vanilla weapons, uniforms and ammo. Server restart did not help. Sadly, I can't look into the logs for error messages since we've disabled them. 💩
  4. See, as my trainer in school used to say: Everyone is useful, even if just as a bad example. I'd be glad if this mess of a logfile leads to something good.
  5. You know what? That seemed to work. I am not sure if it is helpful in the long run to just disable the logs but for now, we might keep it that way. I did some testing, run the resupply task and jailed a random criminal and everythin seemed to work fine. Server performance didn't drop at all. I could imagine two things happening in addition to the performance dropping through message spam: One might be the restart after the version update didn't work properly and something freaked out. Second might be us using C2 - Command & Control. As useful as it is to keep the herd of sheep you call AI squadmates in control, it is a bug infested mess and prone to causing havoc. We used the beta version from the author Mad_Cheese's discord at first which just randomly caused the server to crash. We might just dump it altogether, if that means we can play your beautiful mission without any more hiccups. One thing I did notice now was the Resupply task failing barely five seconds after creating it. It just randomly failed and cost me 1k credits. I have no idea what might have caused this, the goods were still in the delivery area. I hadn't even moved in the tacOps centre, just opened the map to check where to go. 🤔 The other thing is the repair bay. Repairing vehicles at the truck works now (thanks again!) but the actual repair bay script still doesn't trigger. At least it didn't when I shot a wheel off a quad bike and drove it to the spot between the truck and the hunter. But since the truck works, this isn't actually a problem. Just a shame that your script doesn't seem to work. One other thing: Could you make any sense out of all the error messages? I am sure that we're not missing any mods so where do they come from?
  6. Arfour

    Combat Den

    Hi @ottaviodp, I've just played a couple of rounds of your mission (on Chernarus with RHS) and I am happy to tell you that everything went smooth and without any issues. I had a few intense firefights but managed to complete both tasks. Simple, yet great mission!
  7. Here you go, this is the complete rpt from before the restart. It starts right after the daily automatic reboot and ends with me forcing a server restart at 22:24:54. The rpt I provided in my previous post is after said restart. I hope you're able to find something. For me it is a bit confusing to be honest.
  8. Bonsoir @Gemini! We just had a go at the new version. At first it looked as if everything was running smoothly. We started a "Supply the village" task, loaded up a truck and headed out. The problems started when we found a weapons cache on the way. We couldn't load or move it, the context menu option just didn't appear. We also failed to stop a civilian wandering around. He refused to listen to the "stop" command. In the end we blew up the cache and demolished a whole compound in the process. We also didn't get the credits. After a few minutes we arrived at the target designation. At this moment we got the message that we were given 500 credits for blowing up the cache. Now that's where the problems started. Any non-vanilla mousewheel menus weren't working any more. That meant, we couldn't unload the supplys. Or put the weapon on the back, or use the custom vehicle music player. We went back to the camp to abort and restart. On the way we noticed our frames dropping until the game was barely playable. At some point the vehicle audio menu randomly showed up. Again a rather long delay like after the destruction of the cache. The menues not reacting also meant we couldn't demobilize our troops or save the mission. We had to force a restart. We think there might be something wrong and a memory leak tanking the mission. All the other problems I issued before are solved though. And whatever you did to the jail door worked like a charm. I could open and close it just fine. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I copied some of the errors in our server's rpt below Full rpt after restart.
  9. Merci infiniment Gemini, this is more than what I could have asked for. We'll check the update on the weekend and I'll report back to you later!
  10. I am sorry, but I do not understand what you mean by "gives me .bin file". I do get an error message "missing weapons.bin cfg" or something like that too, but this is so common since ... idk, OFP maybe, that I simply ignore it. @Gemini I've noticed that you updated the "Gemini Items" mod. Did you change anything relevant? We've also come across another possible bug. If you buy a mortar from the delivery area you'll get a tube with exactly one round. We couldn't find out where to get more ammunition and ended up selling the thing again. At a rate of 500:48 this is a pretty expensive one-way-mortar. We've also did not notice an actual impact by the one round fired, but that could be on us just looking the wrong way. Who knows.
  11. Hello everyone! First: Danke @Psychobastard for this script, it is really immersive and far better than the basic vanilla medic-system. We're currently playing OPEX which uses AIS. We noticed that although it works in SP, AIS doesn't seem to affect AI units in MP. OPEX sets AIS_REVIVE_INIT_UNITS to "allPlayables" (which should work if I understand it correctly) but even after I've changed it to "allUnitsBLUFOR" our AI immediately dies all the time. AIS_REVIVE_GUARANTY is set to "true". They are just getting shot, no serious explosions or something like that. I highly doubt that every killed AI soldier so far has been shot to the head so I suspect something not working. Is there something else needed to make this work in MP?
  12. Hi @Twofacedtoast, welcome to the community! Please write your posts in English since per forum rules only English language is allowed. If google didn't fail me you're having issues with vehicles and arsenal loading? Have you tried downloading the mission via steam workshop as is recommended? Are all dependend mods correctly installed?
  13. Oh dear. Sorry, @Gemini, I've just read my post again and noticed what a convuluted mess it has become. It looks like I have just found a truckload of issues and problems to dump them on your plate. I have played quite a bit of your mission in the last couple of days and cannot stress enough how much I am in awe of your work. This truely is a masterpiece in every aspect. We managed to get it live on our server yesterday and had quite a blast in MP as well. So, again: Thank you very much for your amazing work. Merci infiniment pour toute la peine que vous vous êtes donnée! To clarify the points in my edited post above: Medics tend to have no medipack and are therefore useless. This is because the food rations take too much space in their backpack so the script fails to put in a medipack. I suspect this isn't the case with ACE since ACE medical items tend to be smaller/lighter than the vanilla medipack. Suggestion: Reduce the weight of the food rations. This is most likely the same reason why some users noticed AI having very little ammo in the past. I was not able to unload bodies of fallen AI from vehicles. Is this only possible near the medbay? If so, disregard this - I tried at the delivery area/in the field. Nevermind. It works. We tried again in MP and the issue persists. Sometimes bodies unload, sometimes they just disappear after unloading, sometimes they seem to be stuck in the vehicle. The Repair Bay doesn't seem to work in MP. At all. We tried a few combinations and maps but it just doesn't trigger the repair script. Rearm and refuel work as intended. Since vehicles are repaired after server restart this doesn't cause major issues. We see it as the needed downtime for major repairs. Additionaly: The repair truck doesn't seem to have any function at all. Same goes for the ammo truck. The fuel one works just fine. (This makes rearming/repairing in the field or for choppers/aircraft rather difficult.) Also: Shouldn't you be able to buy supply trucks? The armory is restocked after every server restart. This isn't a big deal but it makes looting weapon caches and resupply obsolete since everything in there is basically infinite. Psychobastard's AIS isn't working for your AI squad in MP. It works in SP. In MP the AI is always instantly dead and I highly doubt they always suffer headshots. I tried changing the script setting to "allunitsBLUFOR" but this doesn't change anything. If the loadouts define EOD vests as possible items (e. g. for the sapper or HMG gunner) the AI sometimes spawns without vest at all. This is because the EDO vest variable tries to pick between two vests. One of them doesn't exist though, there is only one EOD vest in R3F. Removing the faulty one solves this issue. Rather curiously: The jail door on Kunduz isn't working in MP. It works fine in SP but refuses to open in MP. We tried on the original Kunduz map (the one with the bugged doors) and the one with fixed doors and fixed multiplayer. The integrated door fix by Badbenson doesn't work either. Our workaround is to set the door to always open in the editor. Overall the mission works like a charm though. I've so far tested Altis, Tanoa and Kunduz and the above points are everything I've encountered. I had a look into the loadout scripts and edited them for our MP server. We won't use the Needs System so I simply removed all the food rations. This already solved the medic issue. I will take another look though because we noticed that the machinegunner has no first aid kits in his standard loadout. Thank you very much for your effort.
  14. Hi @Gemini I started to play your mission yesterday and I am really impressed by the amount of features and the level of detail that is visible in the mission hub alone. It took me a while to get the "complete" edition to work (turns out I forgot to activate Project OPFOR but only noticed that after downloading around 12 GB of maps ... doh.) but once working it is really immersive. The only thing I do not understand is the way you are supposed to use medics in SP. I had one in my squad and went on a small patrol to a nearby village. We found a squad of EI, engaged them and - naturally - I got shot. I was lying literally right next to my medic, who in turn did bugger all to help me. In the end I just bled out and died with my squadmates crouching around my corpse. Mission end. (Disclaimer: I am using C2 which is supposedly working fine with OPEX.) During this I noticed that my medic wasn't even listed as an actual medic in my C2 HUD overlay. He also did not have the action to "heal (insert name)" via the vanilla action menu. Is there a special mechanic in OPEX I did not use? Adding to this, is there even any real revive/respawn mechanic in the game? It does say so in the description, but I just died and had to reload from the last mission save. This is incredibly frustrating in SP, if you can't rely on your mates to revive/treat you if wounded. I am no expert in arma, I get shot a lot. If I always have to reload and start from the beginning (including loadout, enlisting AI, long travel times), I fear the mission isn't playable for me. On MP we are playing @barbolani's Antistasi at the moment. It uses a pretty good AI medic system where your AI actively tries to help you. They even drag you to safety and lay down smoke as cover. I think your mission would greatly profit from something like this, not only in SP. Another possibility would be to simply take over one of your AI buddies on death. I think KP Liberation used to do it this way. So long, thanks again for your great work! [Edit:] After a bit more testing I can confirm that medics tend to ignore me if I'm hit. In addition to that I noticed that the retrieval of bodies does not seem to work properly. I can load them into a vehicle but I cannot unload them. I get the context menu option but triggering this does nothing. I did find out eventually that I can use the vanilla save function. I am not used to this actually working so I ignored it at first. But I am not sure if it actually works as intended. I noticed two things after I tried to reload the game from the scenario selection (pressing "load" instead of "restart"). First my three AI dudes were all looking identical and had the same name, at least if I looked directly at them. In the squad selection bar the names were different. Second my funds were bugged out and just said "add amount" or something along the lines. Another thing: How are you supposed to manage the available roles in SP? You need an interpreter if you want to interact with civilians but then you can't help your AI if they are wounded, because you need to be a medic. If you encounter an IED, you have to be engineer to disarm it. [Edit 2:] After yet more testing I have found the reason why medics weren't doing anything: They don't have a medipack. If I take them to the medbay manually and give them a medipack they work just fine. I guess this is a bug or is this intentional? I wouldn't think so because it makes medics basically useless except for reanimating people - which only works via direct control anyways. [Edit 3:] It has to be unintentional. I found out that if you remove the food and drink from the loadout-script in the mission, everything works fine. I already noticed that the medipack is too large to fit into the medi-backpack, if it already contains the basic food ration everyone gets. I simply removed them, because we won't use the need system anyways.