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  1. Yes, I am. Running 1.98.146373 at the moment via Steam. I'll have a go with just AIO and CBA loaded, maybe it is one of the other mods interfering. [Edit] I tried again, this time only CBA and AIO loaded. First try Livonia, second and third in VR. Livonia: Same experience as before. Soldiers refuse to get in vehicles by other means as vanilla command. If they are seated, they step out and run off to the south when ordered to open inventory "on self". In VR, first time the "Get in" worked. It seems that if you try to give them an invalid order (i. e. to get three people in as passengers if the target only has two passenger seats) the script breaks. Afterwards they refuse the order or - this was new in VR - just run off in the opposite direction. This is what the RPT loks like:
  2. Hi Leopard, Thank you for your detailed reply. I'll try to get through it. I can replicate it. These are the mods used: CBA, Enhanced Movement + Walkable moving objects, Advanced Rappelling Reworked, Shack Tac UI, JSRS and your AIO Commands. I tried this on Livonia, using these choppers: M-900, AH-9 Pawnee, WY-55 Czapla, IDAP EH302. It worked once, but then never. Using both "on self" and "on vehicle" makes them dismount (while on the ground) and run off to the southwest. They don't stop running. It happened on Livonia, close northeast to the village of Brena, coordinates 066-113. I can't replicate it though. Now they correctly start up the helicopter. They don't seem to notice the power lines though when they try to land ... Other things I noticed while playing around: Landing helicopters makes them touch down, lift up again and then land again. They always do that. The "get in" command seems to be broken, too. I tried to let three guys mount the M-900 as passengers and got an error message once. Otherwise they aren't doing anything. They just don't react to the "get in" command at all, they just turn to "stop" in the unit bar. Vanilla command works fine.
  3. Hi Leopard, I tried your mod yesterday and it really is a godsend for managing AI in arma. I was really impressed by how easy it is to give out tasks to the AI that with the vanilla system were either impossible or guaranteed to cause (hilarious) disaster. Especially sling loading is really, really impressive. I did encounter some minor issues though. I noticed that this feature didn't work though. I tried various ways to para-drop troops from helicopters and encountered this issue. Naturally, they only jump when they are wearing a chute. But giving them one by opening their inventory while already mounted in the helicopter only works with the vanilla action. Using your mod always made them dismount the heli and run around a bit before opening the helicopters inventory. I also noticed that units sometimes get bunched up if they are moving along waypoints. I send two dudes on a round around the street and at the end point they stood at the very same position, glitching inside each other. It seems to me that they are losing formation at the end. There also was an error message while trying the taxi feature with a helicopter. But I don't really understand what that does anyway. If I can replicate it, I'll try to screenshot the error for you. When I issued waypoints to one of my guys sitting in a landed helicopter with its engine off, he did not lift off but was rather dragged along the path of the waypoints on the ground, resulting in an unscheduled rapid disassembly after hitting some trees on the way. I tried most of this in the Eden Editor on Livonia, but had a go at KP Liberation Malden later. I noticed that the medic does revive you, but something seems to clash with the mission's own medic scripts. After revival I was stuck in third person and couldn't use any commands or the scope of my gun. After a little while I just dropped dead and had to respawn. I guess the revive wasn't registered completely and I died after the bleedout-timer ran out. Normal healing works fine though. That looks like a lot now. But rest assured: Your mod is still great and makes giving out tasks to the AI a lot less frustrating. Thank you for your efforts!
  4. Arfour

    Combat Den

    The mission is already compatible to a lot of factions, take a look at the wiki. You should be able to access the arsenal at mission start. Are there no bipods available?
  5. Arfour


    Hi Gemini, we liked playing on Kunduz (note the version with fixed doors!) since it isn't too big a map. We'd try Malden for the same reason. The bigger maps aren't really feasible for our small squad as the transport to the AO often takes way too long and we don't have designated pilots. Aside from that, some european maps would be nice I guess but I can't name one out of my head. I just know that Taunus looks amazing but is a huge fps killer. 😞 Edit: I had a look into my workshop. In general, User @Temppa has some pretty amazing maps.
  6. Arfour


    Quick question before I start downloading: Which parts of the CUP mods would be needed for the additional factions - especially Germany?
  7. Arfour


    Hell yeah, amazing news! Just yesterday we noticed the tiny update to your small Items mod and started speculating how far you are in developing the update. We'd happily test the new version on our server. I'll send you a message!
  8. Arfour

    [SP] Warping Plague

    I just restarted with the new wip2 version. So far everything seems to work fine. On day 2 I stumbled upon an orange box in a field near the closest hamlet (somthing with an L, due northwest-ish). I immediately took fire from Marcus, who kept shooting my poor atv. After killing two raiders I checked the box which gave me the option take the contents - but nothing happended. The box was just empty. Is this intentional?
  9. Yes, that did the trick. Thank you again! The thread can be closed now.
  10. Shit. I may or may not have deleted that while clearing out some older mod bikeys. Can I find this key somewhere?
  11. Arfour

    [SP] Warping Plague

    Hi @Rydygier! I recently came back to your mission and I'm really enjoying how it has evolved over time. The world feels more alive and immersive, there really is a constant feeling of dread and danger around. I also welcome the additional vehicles one can find around the island. This caused me to gimp myself quite fast though. If you find another vehicle somewhere and use it to fast travel back to your village it spawns right on top of the atv if you have left it in the usual spot. The vehicles get merged together and fireworks ensue. It helps to park the vehicles around town, but if you forget you're gimped. Do you have a solution for this?
  12. Hi everyone, I am having massive trouble joining our server (hosted on Nitrado.de). Every time I try to connect I am getting a weird error message about seemingly not signed files. Files "dta\bin.pbo", "dta\core.pbo", "dta\languagecorde_f.pbo", "S:\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\enoch\addons\air_f_enoch.ebo", "S:\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\enoch\addons\anims_f_enoch.ebo", "S:\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\enoch\addons\armor_f_enoch.ebo", ... are not signed by a key accepted by this server. To play on this server, remove listed files or install additional accepted keys. I then get kicked from the server. The thing is, I did not change anything about these files. Their file dates go back to 2019. I did not change anything on the server either, except that I uploaded some new missions yesterday and updated the server.cfg to add them to the mission rotation. Does one need any bikey-files to play on a vanilla arma server? We do use mods, but all bikeys for the used mods are up to date and uploaded to the server. Thanks in advance for any help.
  13. Steam just informed me that they removed the reported item.
  14. It's sad really. Since we can't file a DMCA notice I at least reported it to steam.