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  1. Steam just informed me that they removed the reported item.
  2. It's sad really. Since we can't file a DMCA notice I at least reported it to steam.
  3. Arfour

    Fly Tanoa Air [FTA]

    Great, thanks! It's not that bad though. It does add to the immersion, which is great. I guess the frequent landing makes watching the fuel less relevant anyways since you get fueled every time, right? A switch would be nice though. It helps getting a good feeling for the chopper but makes estimating speed and elevation a bit vague. 😉 What do you mean by "touchscreen"?
  4. Arfour

    Fly Tanoa Air [FTA]

    Thank you for the hint about the radio codes. I was wondering how to use them, thinking it would be within the standard comm codes. Since they don't work I was confused. Turns out, I just have to press 0-0-0, even without the ~ (I was trying the ~ key without anything happening, which confused me even more.) 😄 One thing I did notice: My first fare registered as being dropped off at the right location but never actually left the chopper. He's still sitting in the back, enjoying the ride. I am wondering though why you are seated in the co-pilot seat. Has this something to do with the AI autopilot? Being the pilot of the chopper would be nice to use the HUD. I don't get that as co-pilot. Since I don't have a track AR system it is quite hard to read the instruments while flying.
  5. Arfour

    Fly Tanoa Air [FTA]

    Great job with the Helicopter option. Only problem is that I don't seem to get any missions. I can ferry people around and if I click the emergency scanner I get the "pursue car" mission - and nothing else. And I am always missing the car. Where should I look for it?
  6. Enhanced Movement works fine in MP. Source: Played on Saturday and had no issues with it. I can't say anything about TPW though.
  7. Arfour

    [SP] Warping Plague (wip)

    That's an interesting take on respawns. I can see your point about loading being a mechanic "outside" the actual game while respawning always feels like a weird hiccup in the game's timeline. There are interesting solutions for this. One is Shadow of Mordor, although the player's character is supposed to be undead and therefore technically immortal anyway. I've also come across games where an ingame narrator stopped the time when you died and said something like "No, no, no. That's not what happened." and time literally was rewound. It does feel weird if there are no consequences and the player just re-enters the game world and comes across his own corpse. In MP this works somehow but in SP it is indeed breaking the immersion. I can see your point about the APEX campaign. A knockout mechanic would be a way around that. Consequences might be that the player is brought back to his camp, while his vehicle stays where it was left. Time should be forwarded a couple of hours, maybe even till the next day. That way the player would indeed lose time to craft, explore and collect ressources while the threats outside the camp would continue to increase. That way the mission would actually become more difficult every time you die. With saving/loading enabled a player's death isn't really a mission failure criteria anyway. My biggest issue with saving and loading is the loss of time. If you haven't saved shortly before death you have to do everything again which quickly becomes laborious and grindy. For me at least this leads to me saving way too often, which breaks the game in a different manner. Adding to this, players should be able to chose. If you want to reload - fine. If you want to use the respawn mechanic - also fine. But it shouldn't be forced on players how they treat death and failure in a SP scenario. If somebody wants to reload to make every encounter as successful as possible, he should be able to. That's why I like optional "iron man" modes. I like the concept of rouge like games but sometimes I just don't have the time to start all over again every time I die. (Hello XCOM!) Huh. That got longer than expected. Consider it an opinion piece, not a request for features. I'm actually fine with your explanations. 👍
  8. I agree, the really borderline stupid reactions by the AI makes fighting armor even harder. 9 out of 10 times they try to fight MRAPs with their rifles (at least in RHS, something I've noticed in other missions as well) and get gunned to pieces in the process. Another time they fire their launchers at groups of infantry. Meh. Edit: We tried again on Altis in MP, 2 Player Coop. I went in and told my friend that we'll have lots of fun but it isn't really likely that we'll win the mission. We did though. 😄 🎉 Finished after establishing a chokepoint where we shot the incoming enemy until they were in disarray and fled. This was even after they uncovered our base. I was quite surprised since up until this point I didn't even know how to win the mission, to be honest. But to be fair, it was on easiest settings. But it was a blast nonetheless! Thanks for this mission!
  9. Thank you @madrussian for your detailed answer! First of all: Your mission might be hard as coffin nails, but it is also really great fun! It is just a little frustrating if you get mauled on the easiest settings by single tanks or APCs because you have nothing to fight them. I did a couple more missions yesterday and based on your explanations it might have been just plain old bad luck for all I know. It did get noticably better after I set everything to extra relaxed, disabled armored transports and fought against insurgents rather than the russian army (I am using RHS). I lost though. Every time. 😉 So I did misunderstand the rating. Good to know! After reading your posts about how the mission progresses made me focus more on conquering terrain. But I noticed that you can't take them first before the enemy. You can re-take them but that is considerably harder. And it makes it really hard to defend an objective. Is that intentional?
  10. I've just played a few rounds and had a lot of fun. The use of enemy armor is a bit much though. Even on "relaxed" I run into the first APCs or MBTs within the first 15 minutes. I've just captured the first town just to get the enemy to roll over me with two T-72 almost immediatly. Since you don't even get AT from the supply truck (I couldn't access the unloaded crates, where would I go to actually get the supplies?) your only real weapon against tanks are the support elements, but there is way too much armor rolling around to use those properly. Also I don't really understand the "danger meter". It rises really fast but I don't know how to effectively lower it. Even after my CAS Helo fucked up a tank patrol it didn't go down a bit. The number below went from 180+ to 160+ but it still said "MIGHTY". Am I misinterpreting it?
  11. Just a showerthought: Could you load up a truck and then slingload said truck to the island? 🤔
  12. Arfour

    Combat Den

    I played a couple of missions yesterday and everything seemed to be in order. I could board the helo and was always group leader. The only thing weird was when one of the AI dudes had no equipment at all. It happened only once though. Maybe some supply issues within the russian army.
  13. Arfour

    Combat Den

    Thanks for the update! We'll have a look and report back if there are still issues. Maybe something glitched out and it was a one time only error. Who knows? The work-around seems plausible.
  14. Arfour

    Combat Den

    Hi @ottaviodp, we tried your mission on our server and ran into some issues. We're using RHS and Chernarus and played with two people, I picked Team Leader, my friend Marksman. Playing as russians didn't seem to work at all. Most of the time I spawned glitched into the ship and couldn't get anywhere. If we were both on deck one time we couldn't board the helicopter. There just wasn't an option to take a seat. Also around 8/10 times I wasn't group leader even though I had picked team leader as a role. One of the remaining AI dudes was group leader. This is bad because they just don't do anything at all. They just stay at the LZ and issue "return to group" commands.
  15. Arfour

    [SP] Warping Plague (wip)

    I'd suggest more vehicles on the island. A destroyed ATV would be basically a reload or mission fail. I wouldn't want to walk around the whole island all the time. Besides, you can find survivors, food, guns, ammunition and enough materials to produce stuff, but the only working vehicle on the whole island is a single ATV? I wouldn't add military vehicles to not destroy the balancing. But some cars or pick ups here and there wouldn't be too bad I guess. If only for immersion. Besides, I get that driving the ATV makes you highly mobile while keeping you vulnerable at the same time. But personally I find driving it rather annoying, at least over long distances. 😏